• May 26, 2022

My Thoughts Eagles/Packers

We’ve got a lot to talk about, don’t we? I’m not even sure where to start. You look at all the awful things that happened to the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday against the Green Bay Packers and then see that they somehow still had a chance to be a superior opponent. I don’t get it. But, let’s look at the game:

What I liked…

-I’m not a Michael Vick fan and I don’t think he’s the key to consistent, winning football. But, I give him credit. He went into a game that was tailored made for him (absolutely no protection and the team in need of a guy who can create his own plays on the fly), and did a decent job. His decision making and overall QB play leave something to be desired, but he’s really good at making chicken salad with whatever is on the table. Overall, he did a good job in bringing the Eagles back in the game.

-LeSean McCoy has some burst to him. He seems quicker this year. I still don’t like how he holds the ball, but he’s definitely a weapon that should be used more.

-Chad Clifton should not be trying to block Trent Cole. Cole was great yesterday in putting heat on Aaron Rodgers and defending the run.

-Brandon Graham is showing me something. I like the kid. Did you notice how often he was lined up inside at tackle?

-This defense looks like a pretty good one (Stewart Bradley injury aside). The biggest problem is the fact that they were out there the entire time. They were getting gassed. Notice how easily the Packers started to run on them. Missing Bradley had a lot to do with that, but still, they were out there a while.

-Sav Rocca has been good so far in the preseason and yesterday.

-Jason Avant makes sliding, on-the-ground catches as well as anyone in the NFL.

-I’m digging Nate Allen. It’s early, but the kid is around the ball.

-Good job of the defense for not letting Rodgers get too comfortable. They forced him in to several errant throws.

…and not so much…

-Ok, let’s start with the concussions. I’ll first say that I don’t think Andy Reid or the medical staff would intentionally put guys back out on the field with concussions. They claim they did the tests and I believe that. But not one person on the staff saw Stewart Bradley stumbling along like a rickety newborn water buffalo? Maybe the did whiff on Kolb’s symptoms, but Stevie Wonder could see that Bradley had something seriously wrong.

Don’t forget that the Eagles haven’t been stellar with concussions. Brian Westbrook came back too soon last year and quickly got another one. They said the two weren’t related, but I have a real tough time believing that.

And how has this quote not been re-hashed today? DeSean Jackson talking about last year:

“I can remember we went up to New York (Week 14) – that was a huge game for us,” Jackson said. “The week before, [the Giants had] beaten Dallas and I didn’t play (at Atlanta) because I had a concussion. It was iffy if I’d come back and play. Our offensive coordinator, Marty Mornhinweg, said some things, trying to question my toughness. I was like, ‘Coach, I just got a concussion. This [is] my brain. If it’s anything else, my shoulder, whatever, I’m going to play.’”

Has anyone ever heard someone from the Eagles address these comments? I’m not sure I have. If you have, please let me know. I’d be curious what their response was.

-The offensive line is putrid. I don’t know what else to say? The interior is a mess and teams are going to send heat all year. I know I would. And now Jamaal Jackson is out. Maybe Vick should be the starter because he can at least run from the bad guys and make something happen.

-Jason Peters annoys the ever-loving…..I can’t write what I’m thinking. He and Alex Barron should start a bowling team.

-So you have a young QB making his first ever start as the guy. So what do you do? Sub in your gadget guy every other play! I could not believe how much Michael Vick was in the game when Kolb was still healthy. Please explain to me how that makes a lick of sense. Shouldn’t you want Kolb to get comfortable? Get in a rhythm maybe? When was the last time someone one the Super Bowl with an offense even remotely resembling what they tried to do in that first half? Andy, you are smarter than this. Knock it off.

-While I’m on Andy, that was a brilliant 4th and 1 play call. Sure, it was a dumb call because it didn’t work. If it worked, it would have been brilliant. But, you ran an undersized guy directly into the middle of a line that’s beyond soft. They hadn’t moved anybody all day, but they were going to come through there? Okay. And I didn’t see anyone catching Vick to the edge yesterday. Maybe try using his speed? No? Just a suggestion.

-Back to Kolb: he doesn’t seem very good. G. cautioned us not to make any snap judgments, but I think it’s amazing how all these people knew how much better Kolb was than Donovan McNabb. This is why you don’t make assumptions based on two games from last year. This kid is making terrible decisions right now. I saw Donovan skip a few passes last night when he was under pressure. No one intercepted them. I miss the skips already. These floaters into triple coverage aren’t doing it for me.

-Anyone concerned that they couldn’t really get DeSean involved yesterday?

-Ellis Hobbs is not a starting corner. Still don’t understand why Sheldon Brown had to go. He’s not elite, but he’s markedly better than Hobbs. Greg Jennings tore him a new one just two plays after Hobbs should have been called for elbowing him in the face. Would have preferred the penalty. Jennings’ punishment was far more severe.

-How about that kick return coverage? Wow, that’s something else. So, our inferior offense is supposed to go 80 yards to start every drive, and their high-flying offense only has to go 50-60 yards each time. One could guess how that might work out.

It’s a good thing Matt Stafford won’t be playing for the Lions next week, maybe the Eagles will have a chance.

Micah Warren

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  • Gotta agree with every thing in this column

    How many years has it been with the horrible kickoff return coverage

    Kolb looks stunned and looked that way in preseason

  • this is ALL on andy. i dont care either way for kolb but i dont think he could do much with what he has been handed.

    1) The Oline has been bad for 2 years. This is what may get AR fired in the end.
    2) The play calling was bad…as almost always.
    3) Vick in, vick out. give me a break.
    4) Where was the quick passes? Where were the screens?

    I think Kolb SHOULD start as soon as he can BECAUSE….. this is the baskett we’ve placed all our eggs in. BUT….. thank you thank you thank you Mr. Vick for saving our cans….oh wait…. we still lost. Well…… thank you for TRYING to save us. You busted your can.

    Moving forward…… I hope i was wrong about moving on without….you know who….. i am rooting for kolb. I didnt want this but i sure support him. All eyes are on andy….. he might NOT have the 2 years to pull this off like i said he did.

  • One question for you G…..

    a few years ago it was clear that the FO/Andy felt unsure about Kolb. He did not look very good in camp, preseason or in practice. It SEEMED that this caused them to grab vick. BUT…. somewhere along things flipped and they fell in love with the kid. Im not a “hater” or a “lover” when it comes to kolb. As youve read on many of my posts…. “i didnt want this but ill support it with a questioning eye”. BUT…… when did this change?

  • sorry…..Micah…. you wrote this…. maybe you have an answer?

  • I’ve always said this..even w/ McNabb..and this is true for every team. If you find a good to great QB, you’ll always find a better OLine in front of him. It all starts up front. If they fail, the team fails.

  • Stevo, I’m not sure exactly what you are asking. When did what change?

  • I think StevO wants to know when the eagles went from “I’m not too sure” to “Kolb’s the #1 undisputed QB of the Eagles”

  • Micah…very spot on about ST coverages..I though BA was the best in the biz…

  • I just don’t get the Eagles version of the wildcat. The wildcat replaces the QB with an additional blocker, direct snaps to a running back who usually runs in the 1,2,3 or 4 hole. Every now and again the rb throws an option. The dolphins do a good job with Ronnie Brown. The Eagles are running the wildcat with either Vick or Jackson who aren’t running backs. They’re small and not used to running up through the interior. Sure Vick has big run plays but they are usually on a broken pass play when the defense is spread around the whole field. They should just stop it or run it as designed with McCoy.

  • It seems that each year Reid misses the obvious, i.e., receivers, linebackers, running backs, kick returner, safety, and now offensive linemen.

    Not having a secure interior line may be his worst blunder to date. No one knew if Jamal Jackson would return this season, yet Reid didn’t secure a quality center. I don’t think anything could be worse for a new staring QB than to have the middle of the line broken down. Unfortunately, that’s what Kolb will now face. He didn’t look good with his line intact, and now, with his center gone, we can only pray that Kolb is one tough cookie.

  • McNabb wasnt the problem, he did more with less than any QB in his eleven years and never got the proper credit being in Philadelphia.

    Kolb is not the problem, he steps into the shoes of Rivers/Shaub/Rodgers with a non-existant o-line and terrible play-calling.

    Vick could be our best option THIS year to win football games. He displayed his speed and some touch in a Superman effort,. Like anybody else he has flaws, but that’s a different debate.

    QBs will get too much love or too much hate no matter what they do. Andy Reid has had a stable formula that has kept us competitive and contenders. But Reid fails to correct his own mistakes, and I’m not talking about timeouts (although I disagree when he used them I understand why).

    He wants to be like his mentor Mike Holgrem and has done a great job in his Eagles’ tenure. He has an unorthodox/finesse style. The last thing I wanted him to see was that the Colts made the Superbowl after ranking dead last all season in rushing, but it is possible and he believes that whole-heartedly.

    His say with the personnel has changed to speed and youth recently. We have always been cheap with the cash and Roseman will keep this philosophy, but acquiring injured players because they are cheap does nothing for us when the end result is the same thing every time.

    I’m not going to get carried away on one game in 2010, but it is the consistent approach, reluctance to adapt, and personnel decisions. Reid has this passing philosophy in mind, that is fine I’m not here to try and change his ways. But, we are always one of the worst 2-minute drill/no-huddles teams year in and year out, I don’t understand why for the amount of passing that we do. Why not play to our strengths and personnel and dedicate to being a passing team by going Spread Offense?

    Of course I would like to run the ball more, have balance on offense, etc. Instead of fooling ourselves pretending to run the ball and giving up on it after a couple nice gains, our runs should be sparse and unpredictable in a Spread Formation with draws/screens/bootlegs.

    The defense did it’s thing yesterday despite losing Bradley and being on the field most of the day. If we had ball control on offense I think our defense would have looked and played better. The special teams was disappointing but Bobby April is one of the best and lost Washington/White (which doesnt make any sense). But I am drifting again onto other topics for debate.

    I hate watching Celek stay home to block because we have no o-line. People think Tony Gonzalez and Jason Witten fell off a bit, but they are/went through the same issues. Celek did not come into the league as a blocker, but I give him credit being a team player.

    It’s a players game to an extent, you have to be put in a position to succeed or at least somewhere on the field that’s close enough to maximize your talents. Our team issues are deeper than the off-season or Sunday’s loss to GB and like with everything else, it starts at the top.

    I agree with Kolb getting his opportunity, because that is why we traded the best QB in the history of our franchise. We put time and effort into Kolb now is his time to take the lead (when healthy).

    On the other hand, Vick has been a backup and trying to improve his skills while picking up the offense. A former Pro bowler that has a chance to start with Kolb out should also be given consideration (Trent Green/Kurt Warner). We don’t have NE’s luxury to trade one after the season (Brady/Cassel), but we did set ourselves up to choose the best QB for the job.

    Regardless, Suh had 2 sacks last week and he will be troubling. I expect our defense to have another good performance, even without Bradley. Capers and his GB defense are one of the best, but I would bet on our Eagles (whether impressive or ugly) to beat a team we should beat (even if they had Stafford).

    This is long but hope it was a good read for you fellas, I just love our Eagles as much as you do.

  • Good heavens Micah, Vick has won a bunch of games in the league. Just because Vick doesn’t play the position like Drew Bledsoe or Ryan Leaf does not mean he’s not a QB. The guy makes plays with his arm, legs, whatever. When the Falcons struggled, he wasn’t in the game. Matt Ryan certainly hasn’t had the same success as Vick, with better players around him.

    Vick can still win a bunch of games in this league and I don’t think it’s out of the question he could win a Super Bowl. Just because a player with his skill set hasn’t doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Do you think Vince Lombardi would think a team passing 70% of the time could win a Super Bowl? Probably not but it happened.

  • vick never had weapons in atlanta except for alge crumpler and warrick dunn!! he has a ton of weapons in philly can you f***ing imagine what kind of fire power we can have as a team with him in the lineup!!! i just dont understand andy reid is a “SMOKEY THE BEAR LOOKIN” let me stop!!! But seriously vick didnt have the whole playbook and if he looks good against the lions next week the eagles should take consideration of him being if…… maybe he is the guy 2 get us some wins!!!! kolb looked scared, confused, and was like a oneway street!!! Reid should just look in the mirrior as a man and just say im a FAT ASS i put my best defender #55 back into the game after a concussion… who does that…. that just shows that he’s desperate…. Desperate 2 be wrong as an individual!!!! did you see how fired up the offense was when vick was out there making plays like the vick of old!!!!!! com on andy reid do whats right and be a man and just say i screwed up and i will make vick the starter…. just do right for the philly fans who have supported your decision makeing for the past 11yrs good or horrible!!!!!! another 1yrd loss i cant take it!!!!!!!!! im sorry

  • I want BILL COWER next year!!! i want a guy who has a killer instinct!!!!!!!!!!!!!! andy reid you lack all killer instinct!! im sorry but thats what it is !!! we have equal talent with teams such as the packers,giants,cowboys,and colts,saints etc. but andy reid cant make adjustments and get 1yard every year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE SHOULD BE FIRED im serious!!!!! even ESPN anaylst are trashing his decision making for the past years!!!! I just dont get it why we sign mike bell and not use him but instead you put eldra buckley out there who fumbles on a pass from vick but bell who is a superbowl winner and a guy who is more experienced and played for a great organization with the saints but nooooo you put eldra buckley out there………. get andy out of there!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB Sean Mcdermott you prepared for GB except andy reid and Marty MORNINGWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • They told us this team would not miss a step moving away from McNabb and they were absolutely correct. This team looked exactly the same as it did last year offensively at the end of the year. The QB was rushed to the point of ineffectiveness.

    I will refrain from all judgments for 16 games if I can but early indications are that Andy and Marty are not capable of preparing to face a good 3-4 defense. Maybe it makes them afraid to run the short and intermediate slants and in routes because of the unpredictability of where the LB’s will be but what ever it is they better fix it or lose their jobs.

    I was hoping that a different QB would expose Reid and Marty or Prove them so far they are in a glass phone booth. OH and Vick is a totally different animal because he is all x-factor all the time making playbooks less relevant. I am not a Vick fan and still believe in Kolb going forward for now but I respect what the X factor can do.

  • your right regaleagle i just dont understand and as a fan ive been waiting for this FO to do whats right for the fans, and for the team!!!!! the defense looked good aganist a team who everyone predicted to go to the superbowl!! vick is the x factor and as far as the guy is playing hard making first downs and doing some of the most impossible plays i’ve ever seen in my 28years on this earth…. you know what why not use the lebron james of football!!!!! he’s explosive, can get you points, and will play hard on every down!!!

  • I feel ya Jroc, we need some “nasty-jawwed” Cower power on this team. Nasty ferocious attitudes who kick a%# and never take names period. If it was any other tough-minded, grind it out coach, Vick would be the starter. Reid doesnt have the killer instinct J, so we might have to sit through a season of bs. He’s to stubborn to put firepower like vick in because he’s to worried about critics of vick, and the fact that he traded his best weapon away for garbage One question I have for all the “give Kolb another try” supporters, would you rather have Kolb in and continue to lose games (just to see if he’s the future Qb), or would you rather have the x-factor Vick in, who would win now and could possibly take us to the playoffs?

  • Rocko- I would rather have Kolb Cutting his teeth. Even if it meant 0-16 which it won’t the D is too good for that. WHY? you ask.

    BECAUSE EITHER KOLB IS THE MAN OR WE WILL DRAFT HIM NEXT YEAR. So we need to get a high draft pick or find out what we have in 4. Vick may win games but that would piss away draft position. Vick may be able to improvise but I do not believe anyone will stake their franchise on him ever again.

    A NEW HEAD COACH and OC will want “Their Guy” so losing is the stage setter.

    Of course as a fan I still want this team to succeed but not at the cost of TRUE SUCCESS.

  • Yeah Regal, that is something to think about. But if that were to happen would you rather Ar and Marty be coaches here to continue to run the same nonsense with a new high draft pick, or go for the gusto now? i believe with AR at the helm we’ll never win the big one. It’s hard to digest waiting and losing in hopes of getting a high draft who could potentially be another bust. Me personally, I want to win now. I look forward to it every year.

  • ive been hoping for bill cowher for awhile now, he is waiting for his hometown job out in carolina tho (so ive heard)

  • ROCKO my brother i choose vick he can take us further!!! He’s been to a championship game with limited talent on offense! vick plays hard and honestly as a eagle fan i dont care about stats or fantasy numbers i just want to win that chip!!!! VIck can get us the CHIP!! He’s weapon…. Deadly i may add… you seen the throws he made last nite…. they were beautiful… andy reid doest see that cuz hes a real douche bag and realizes that “my GOD this is guy is too good, but he doesnt fit our scheme”! (ANDY REID)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All andy reid wants is a guy with a clean face and andy has been scouting this kid when played for houston!!! Reid was high off kolb!! is it me but does kevin kolb look stoned all the time like he’s does some type of serious drug!!! maybe thats why andy reid likes him so much because his son’s do enough bloww at home lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andy reid has been bailed out for years!!! JIM JOHNSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is the reason why andy reid has been successful for 11yrs. if you ask me it seems like mcdermott will do the same because he coached well against the GB offense!! If you ask me andy reid does not deserve a ton of credit on why he’s been successful as a head coach!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Regal..you said no team can put their franchise on Vick? What was the falcons worth before Vick?

    Kold is wore than Bobby Hoying,,,,He’s frachise material?:

  • The Eagle fans with winning attitudes want Vick…..will the organization listen?

    doubt it….they’ll lose their way and give lame excuses..PaULMAN ans schill will be sniffing the FO’s sacks…excusing a losing attitude.

  • Wmonell, thank you! What a well-thought, perfectly articulated post. I agree with at least 99% of what you posted. I’ll have to re-read to make a determination about the other 1%. I hope you post more often.

  • I thought you real Eagles fans would like some insightful perspectives outside of the delaware valley.

    Jason Whitlock of FoxSports.com calls for Vick to start and rips Reid in the process:

    Andy Reid coaches like he’s won three Super Bowls. And we, the media, talk about him like he’s won four. What’s the difference between Andy Reid and Marty Schottenheimer? A hundred pounds, Ernest Byner’s fumble and different coaching specialties.

    Andy Reid would be a fool to enter the Eagles locker room and tell 53 players Kolb is the starting quarterback. Reid had the guts to permanently dump McNabb. Why not bench Kolb (or use his concussion as an excuse) and let the Vick situation play out for at least another week?

  • Songs- I said no one is willing to stake their franchise on Vick NOW! The falcons are irrelevant to that statement as they predate Now. Learn your English tenses and sense of time and maybe you will be able to understand basic concepts like Past (falcons prior to arrest) Present (Now where 7 is 4’s Back up) and Future (the Unknown).

    If I thought Vick could bring a Superbowl win I would support the move to 7. I DO NOT BELIEVE he can WIN A SUPERBOWL.

    I think that we saw one game with A-Lot of Penalties (Coaching) Terrible Play Calls (Coaching) A Young Inexperienced QB that came on and off the field every other play so the mad scientist could dabble (Coaching) A complete inability to plan pass protections vs a 3-4 defense (coaching). I would say that while Kolb may turn out to be a bust 10 passes is far too few to judge his whole career on. He may still bust but at least let him get into a groove and throw some screens and slants.

    That said I believe that 4 has lost all confidence in his line to buy him time and is playing scared and the game is too fast for him right now.

    Vick could care less about the play call because it is look look RUN LIKE Hell. Yeah he is exciting but he does not run the offense called. IF THIS WERE THE SANDLOT he would have multiple championships.

  • a little more

    ESPN.com’s Gene Wojciechowski says Reid’s decision is easy: start Vick:

    “I think we all had a piece of this [defeat],” Reid said. “And like I mentioned before, I need to make sure that I put all of them in the right position.”

    Here’s an idea for the Week 2 game at Detroit: Put Vick in the starting quarterback position. After watching him Sunday, it’s the only right thing to do.

  • How many NFL Games has Gene Wojciechowski coached to wins??????

    Back up your points a little stronger. I have wanted Reid gone for years but I thought maybe Things would change with Donovan Gone.

    Guess what!!! Even with Vick in Andy still called an stupid ass play on 4th and 1 with 2 minutes to go. He wasted a time out when he could have just called for a measurement. Same shit different players = Close but not good enough and Andy Reid May just be the problem.

    Now Having bashed Reid I still trust him more than Gene whatchmacallme who writes/talks about a sport not coaches it.

    Ever notice that most of these ESPN / News types care more about eyeballs and assholes than they do about the ramifications their stories can have? The more it starts controversy the more money these jack asses get because of advertising dollars drawn to the eyeballs their stories bring.

    That does not mean they know a lick about what they are talking about.

  • Pat Kirwan of NFL.com says Vick gives the Eagles the better chance to win now:

    Vick, a three-time Pro Bowl QB with the Falcons, looks like he gives the Eagles a better chance to win than Kolb at this time. The concussion Kolb incurred against the Packers probably means Vick starts next week against Detroit and maybe even the following week against the Jaguars. If he wins both games and generates the kind of offense he did on a limited basis against the Packers, maybe Vick is the realistic choice when the Redskins and McNabb come to town in Week 4. No doubt, Kolb is the future in Philadelphia, but after I saw Vick go 16-for-24 for 175 yards and eclipse 100 yards on the ground, I think he might be the present.

  • The thing that’s annoying to me now is that the media postmortem of this seems to consistently be that Vick basically ran the ball every down, when in fact he didn’t. 90% of the time Vick stood tall in the pocket and was delivering strikes. It freakin astonished me, but that’s what I saw with a few scrambles peppered in there.

    The defense is too small. Too many times in the second half I saw the elephant patrol of two O-Linemen and a Full back traget one D-Tackle and basically trample them over leaving a LB and safety on an O-Line and FB that outweighed them by 100 lbs. EASILY, no D-Ends could really get involved whichever side the run was on, because they were just too small and worn out in the second half.

    I understand the emphasis on speed, but every team in the NFL, playing the Eagles this year, is going to watch this game and rightly assume that they are a team that can be ran on, especially in the second half of games because they are so small playing against offenses that are significantly bigger. The Eagles need to call back Pannel Egbo (6’6″/276+) I tell you right now that dude will not have to standby and watch Patterson get bowled over in the lane.

  • SI.com’s Don Banks doesn’t expect Vick to quietly accept a backup role when Kolb returns:

    Reid’s artful dodge of the quarterback controversy topic is understandable. This was Week 1, and the Eagles have invested three years developing Kolb and his game. You can’t throw it all out the window when he struggles in the first half of his first game as the team’s new starter. But having had a real taste of playing time again, you wonder if Vick’s patience will allow him to revert back to his modest role as the team’s Wildcat quarterback? My hunch is he won’t go as quietly as he did in 2009.




  • Michael vick is the better qb hands down he has what it takes to win and look at last year!!!! limited snaps against dallas and what happens the only td against dallas in the playoffs! but andy reid doesnt see that if you ask me he might resign koy detmer and make him the second qb and make vick the 4th string after kafka!!! get reid out of here!!!!!!!!

  • Reid’s best shot at a SB is going to to be for him to start burning Donovan’s personal line up apologizing and trying unofficially talk to Randy Moss. Bottom line is if the Eagles are serious about winning championships, which won’t happen this season anyway they could certainly draft a young QB, put McNabb together with Moss, Jackson on the outside next year and Maclin in the slot.

    The O-Line wasn’t great, but they were good enough to give Vick time to deliver quite a few strikes in the second half, so I think that some people’s estimation of the O-Line being pathetic is a little out of line with reality.

  • and omar gaither he is ass!!! im sorry, he was soooo outta place in that game and the packers o-line exposed it!! why is he still on the team…. and also April hasnt produced since preseason!! i mean come on he is suppose 2 be the best ST coach in the leauge!!! and jason peters cant block a incomming call if you ask me!!! hes looks like he’s spaced out all the time..

  • Reids not that good at head COACHING!!!!! JIM JOHNSON BAILED him out for yearssssss!!!

  • V.I.C.K.
    i cant take it with andy reid this guy has failed us fans for 11 years now and what no chip!!! the only chip is the piece of chip on his mustache after eating doritos on the sideline!!! BILL COWER “andy” body with me!!!! LOL

  • Here is the thing. This FO has been blowing smoke up all of our asses (as usual) in saying that we are not rebuilding by going with Kolb. In my eyes then they must feel we are good enough to make the playoffs and make a run. Then the best players must play. Those dumb empty suits are caught in a lie again. By the way i have been listening to Reid tell us that he must put players in better positions to make plays….how come he has never done it?

  • schill will say injuries
    pman will say vick cant win sb game as if kolb can win a regular season game or even pre season game
    very sad

  • Right now after the frustration,anger and disappointment has subsided and as a an Eagle Fan,
    I am getting behind VIck to support him (for Kolb is out of Action at least 1 to maybe 2 weeks)
    The NFL is a week to week thing, there is no time for crying,complaiing or what could,should,would been’s…This week the Eagle go up to Detroit to play a team who is improved and lost a tough divisional game on the road with a controversay play at the end.. Again, there no sympathy from anyone. The Lion are without their franchise QB in M Stafford, but the Eagles cannot take this team lightly, chances are it’s another ugly game and will come down the 4th Quarter to see who wins.
    This week’s match-up has 2 teams facing early season adversity and will test the Coaches leadership and repsect in the lockeroom, does Lions Coach J Schwartz or Eagles AR have the edge.. I believe this is a must win for both teams if they want to compete and have decent seasons and whoever comes out a winner can look back at this game as a turning point in their seasons..
    who will be better prespred,better coached and want it more….
    (I think the outcome will surprise some folks)

  • the eagles need a win this week

    kolb can’t practice even if he were cleared for the game

    no brainer- start vick and win the game….deal with the rest next week, but get the win first

    the defense needs to find a better replacement for bradley than gaither. the guy cannot stop the run up the middle or cover a tight end, plain and simple.

  • Ozzman, forget what the FO says. I can’t believe you hate them, yet you trust their words and care so much about what they say.

  • PW – What do you mean I will say injuries? I say we lost that game because of three factors – 1) injuries – HELL YEAH, are you trying to say the didn’t happen? Are you suggesting that Weaver, Jackson, Bradley and Kolb weren’t key to the Eagles winning the game? 2) Bad playcalling – I think it’s Marty more than Andy, and I’ve never like Marty at all AND 3) Vick didn’t get that TD when he could have run it in for the tie, who knows what would have happened after that….

    if you think the injuries are minor, you’re a fool. If you think all I care about is injuries, you’re a fool.

  • thanks drummer i will, as long as there is eagles football

  • SCHILL….Kolb injury didn’t hurt the birds…it helped the birds….look at the game again..anyway

    Clay Matthews’ teammates gave him a hard time when the Packers linebacker knocked Kevin Kolb out of Sunday’s game and they had to face Michael Vick, according to Jason Wilde of ESPN Milwaukee.

    “We said, ‘What are you doing man?’ We’d rather have (Kolb) in there,” defensive lineman Ryan Pickett said with a laugh. “Vick, he’s a headache for anybody who plays him. We came out (of college) together, and I think I’ve played him every other year and he’s a headache to stop every year for a defense. He just showed he’s back in form. But our defense answered the call.”

    Defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins agreed.

    “(Vick) he changed (the game) a whole lot,” Jenkins said. “You were almost wishing they put the other quarterback back in. Chasing him around is not fun at all.”

    The other quarterback . Jenkins didn’t even mention Kolb by name. Those are quotes Kolb should stash away for the next time the Eagles and Green Bay face each other.

    Kolb is a boy in a man’s game

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