• August 14, 2022

Titans could be without Britt as well

G. noted earlier that the Tennessee Titans could be without their starting QB Vince Young this week. He’s got the bum knee and he didn’t practice today for the third straight day. It’s looking like Kerry Collins will start for Titans against the Birds this week.

They could also be without their favorite knucklehead receiver too. Kenny Britt has a touchdown in each of his last four games, but he lacks the general life intelligence to keep himself from doing stupid things.

At 1:45 AM Friday morning, police were called to club Karma where there was an altercation. Apparently, Harold Pointer, 26 (who I’m guessing was 100% innocent in all of this. Not a chance he did anything to provoke anyone….ever), was sitting at the bar drinking when Bradford Miser, 29, punched him. The two men went to the ground and were going at it.

Britt knew that Jeff Fisher would think he was a punk if he didn’t get involved and start throwing punches at Pointer, so he went ahead and got on that project. Britt made the right choice here. Even if he suffered a broken hand and had to miss a lot of time on the football field, at least his coaches and teammates would know that he’s nobody’s punk. Well done, Kenny.

So the cops showed up and Britt had already taken off (good move!). Pointer declined to press charges at this time. He could still decide to do that and Britt could be facing some degree of assault charges.

Fisher, meanwhile, said he doesn’t know if Britt will play this week.

“This is what I know,” Fisher said. “I’m still of course gathering facts. He did participate in practice. I excused him from practice while I’m still trying to obtain information. My understanding is that this point is that he was at the wrong place at the wrong time, that there was an altercation and that he was one of those that was trying to break it up. That’s my understanding right now, and I’m still gathering facts.”

If you aren’t familiar with the Titans passing attack even with Britt, it’s pretty deplorable. This is a run-first team who can’t afford to even lose a practice squad WR. Hopefully, Britt at least had his license on him this time when he drove home (I don’t know that he drove. I’m just taking a shot at him getting in trouble for driving without a license).

Micah Warren

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  • Good. I hope he doesn’t play. I’m not proud, if they are missing good players it is easier to beat them. I just want wins.

  • Didn’t K Britt go to Rutgers…

  • 5-2 going into the bye sounds good to me.

  • Yup PMan, Britt was from the school of the “scarlet knights.”

  • Rutgers is my Alma Mater but I went to the Camden Campus..
    I bet old AD Pony WIlson wouldn’t have put up w/Britt if he acted like that while in College..

  • Kolb fined 5,000. for horsecollar tackle. Maybe he can play both ways. He’s vicious.

  • Kolb was fined $5,000? If I was him I’d pay double that for the frame to mount it!!

  • Coach Fisher says not enough information to discipline Britt at this time, so he will play (he will not start) but he will play.. I am sure that the other WR Justin Gage sore hamstring has something to do with it, for Cage my not be able to play which leaves the Titans very thin at WR position

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