• July 1, 2022

It’s No Time For Phillies To Panic

It’s do or die tonight for the Phillies as they try to comeback from a 3-2 deficit against San Francisco.  They’ve got Roy Oswalt taking the ball and trying to extend the series, so that Cole Hamels can lead the Phils to the World Series.

Chase Utley and Ryan Howard are being singled out as the guys who need to step up tonight. A blind man can see that the Phils need more production out of both of them.

Is it time to sit either of these guys down or shake up the lineup with a major move?

I wouldn’t panic like that, but it is time to step up and the bats have got to wake up.  The Phils have been beneficiaries of gifts so far. I’m talking about errors.  Still, if they can win another game by letting the Giants give it away then that’s fine.

I think it’s very obvious that these guys aren’t seeing the ball well and they’re not having good at bats.  They seem to be totally overwhelmed by the pitchers they’re facing at times.  You say to yourself, these can’t be the same Phillies that we’ve been watching for the last four years.

But Charlie Manuel has this team here right now, because he has refused to stop believing in these guys.  He has stuck with them through thick and thin.  He’s handed the ball to Brad Lidge when he struggled and he’s put Utley, Howard, Jimmy Rollins and the rest of them.

Manuel believes in these guys and will continue believing in them.  He made here with them and he’s going to sink with them if they don’t come through.

The Phils don’t have their best game right now, especially concerning the bats in the lineup, but championship teams can win despite not having their best games.

Hopefully Oswalt will have his best stuff with him tonight.

What moves if any do you think Manuel should make tonight?


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  • Phils need a fast start off LHP Sanchez who did not pitch well in his earlier outing.
    They need to jump out to a lead and play Phillie ball, If they find themselves down after the
    first couple of innings and let him settle in, then I think the Fat Lady is en route to Broad & Pattison
    after her flight from Texas comes in…

  • I do think Cahrlie shoudl put J-Ro back at the leadoff spot and move Victorino down to 6th
    For tonights game I would have the following line-up vesrs the LHP Sanchez

    #1) Rollins
    #2) Utley
    #3) Polanco (who has been their most consistent player this series)
    #4) Howard
    #5) Werth
    #6) Victorino
    #7) Francisco (play for Ibanez against the LHP)
    #8) Ruiz
    #9) Oswalt

    I would even mind seeing Werth moved to 4th and Howard dropped to 5th givebn the way that Howard has not come thru with RISP…
    #9) Oswalt

  • I like your lineup but Howard was 2-3 against Sanchez last game. Keep him where he is.

  • I would put Howard in the 5th or maybe even 6th spot. I would keep Vic at leadoff but I wouldn’t complain about seeing Jimmy in the 1-spot. He seems to be feeling a little better out there and maybe he’ll be able to reignite some postseason magic.

  • Definitely no time to panic, a good time to get the Golf Clubs out and lower that handicap though..
    They lost to a better team who outhustled,out-hit,out-pitched and out-managed the Phils all Series.

  • I wonder if Cliff Lee laughed tonight. I know I would have.

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