• May 17, 2022

Can The Eagles Win Six Of Their Last Nine And Make The Playoffs?

The Eagles find themselves 4-3 going into their bye week.  They’re tied for second place in the NFC East with the Washington Redskins while the New York Giants are sitting atop the division at 5-2.

The Dallas Cowboys find themselves trapped in the basement at 1-5 with quarterback Tony Romo nursing a broken clavicle.

Can the Eagles win six of the last nine games and make the playoffs?  That’s the question on the docket this week.

They have to find at least six wins in games against the following teams: Indianapolis Colts, Washington Redskins, Houston Texans, Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, two battles with the Giants and two battles with the Cowboys.

That Colts game will be a tough one, but they will have the benefit of playing them after Indy plays a Monday night game.

We know they’re capable of beating the Redskins, but it won’t be a gimme.

The Texans are beatable, but the defense is going to be tested.  The Bears are starting to show us they were what we thought they were, “Garbage”.

The Cowboys won’t have anything to play for and they may not have Tony Romo, so those games will be there for the taking.

It looks like the Giants games will be the toughest part of that schedule.

I don’t know how many of you saw the Giants last night against the Cowboys, but their pass rush is starting look like the same one that paved the way to a Super Bowl title, a few years back.

What happened to that dominating pass rush the Birds were supposed to have acquired during the off season?  Trent Cole continues to be a factor, but Brandon Graham and Darryl Tapp aren’t doing much.

Reid said Graham has been slowed down by an ankle injury as well as coming down with a bug last week.  He’s got to show in the second half of the season.  They moved up 11 places to get him and the young man has to be a factor down the stretch.

You’ve got to have that dominating pass rush step up at the end of games and say, “Okay, this is over”.

Third-round pick Daniel Te’o Nesheim can’t even dress for the games.  What happened to all that nonsense about him being quiet off the field like Pittsburgh’s great safety Troy Polamalu?  Look at all the players the Birds are deciding to play ahead of him.

I had to get that out, but going ahead this week we will take a close look at how each player has done so far.


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  • against the bad nfc teams yes, but any NFC team will get crushed by a good AFC team

  • We don’t have a good D or a good consistent O-line so completed passes is our next best variable and Vick only is 19th passing % against bad teams(Kolb is not much better)…we are so screwed

  • I think it’s possible to win 6 with Vick as the QB especially with Dallas being as bad as they are and now without Romo. I thought we would split with them, it’s very possible to sweep them with either Kolb or Vick. And I think we split with the Giants and Redskins. So that’s at least 3 wins. I also think by the time Minny gets here, their season will be about over and Jackson may be the starter. So it’s not a gimme because sometimes a change like that could jumpstart a team but I think this would be an easier game especially with Vick right now. And Chicago will probably be tough on the road as most of our games are with them even though Cutler is an INT machine. I think it will heavily depend on the play of the defense. Some of these teams are capable of putting up huge numbers and it doesn’t matter if we score 35 if the other team scores 40. Vick is capable of putting a team on his back but the defense has to be ready to play. Here are the 6 wins I believe with Vick at the QB spot:

    Indy (yes we finally beat these guys)

    Not sure about Houston. I have a feeling their offense is going to chew up our defense. Just a feeling.
    Dallas may win the last one because I don’t think it will matter
    I think Chicago wins a very tight game.

    But I do think somewhere in where we get 6 with Vick.

  • I say no, for the Eagles Defense will have a hard time stopping the Good QB’s and Good WR’s that are left on the schedule … I am still not convinced that the Pass Rush is that much better than years before.. T Cole is going to bring it every game, but PArker appears to have slowed down after a quick start and Graham/Tapp/Laws are still so inconsistent where some weeks they look good, other weeks not so good.. With a lack of a consistent pass rush, this Secondary will not hold up to the WR corps & Qb”s that they will face..
    IS anything thinking that the Combo of COwboys Kinta and D Bryant or M Austin won’t torched this secondary.. Unless pass rush gets Kinta moving and on the ground, he will pick them aprat like K Collins just did which is another reason the Eagles to run the ball more to shorten the games and keep their Defense fresher late in the games, but Coach AR won’t do that, he’ll throw it 40-45 times and get caught in shootouts with these teams

  • Teo & Harbor & Sapp were reaches to begin with and are just not physically strong enough to play at an NFL level. It will be year 2 before we see if they were worth selecting when they did..
    I think all 3 are long shots to ever make any impact at the NFL Level
    I think Graham,Allen,Cooper, are solid NFL players right now who will only get better as they get more experience and learn the nuances of the Pro Game.
    It’s still way to early on Players like Lindley,Clayon,Cheney & Kafka who appear to be good pick-ups for depth and have upside and especially for where they were chosen.

  • Yeah Paul, that’s what I’m worried about the most…. the defense. The offense will stall occasionally regardless of who’s QB but I’m not as worried about the as I am about the defense. The offense will score more touchdowns when Vick plays but the defense will have it’s hands full for most of the games trying to stop good passing attacks. This is why it’s so important that Vick is back. Yes, he is not the best QB but he can change a game and put a team on his back and just flat out put points on the board. Right now, Kolb isn’t going to win a shootout or come from behind down by 10 points in the 4th. But this defense scares me.

  • Not sure if anyone heard or read this but here is Andy’s response (posted on BGN) as to why they didn’t put Asante on Britt:

    “I know Sean already talked to you about that. Sean had thought about that. There’s more to it than that. In the middle of the game, you just don’t start flopping guys around. It’s not as easy just to go say ‘you’re playing man coverage over here.’ That’s not how you do it. There are a lot of different schemes involved, so it’s a tough thing to do. And listen, going in we had full trust that the guys who were covering him, would cover him. You get into a game like that you can’t just switch another guy over.”

    So my question is, if that wasn’t a good time to change your coverage, when is? I understand his point which is I didn’t agree when people suggested to put another rookie on Britt but at the same time, what adjustments did they make? I would not have put Asante on Britt for different reasons e.g. He leaves his man too often and not physical enough. But do you just sit back there and watch your defense get shredded or do you do something differernt even if it’s not something you’re used to do to at least show that you are trying to adjust? Lastly, is it scheme or personnel? From Andy’s answer it would seem like you don’t have personnel to be flexible out there when your scheme is failing. Any thoughts?

  • yo if this guys mentions qb % 1 more time g ban him

  • Feel me PW. You don’t have to post the same thing in the last 6 threads. God, we get it and one cares.

  • u would think every article is about qb’s and their percentages

  • How many Polish QB ‘s does it take to correctly figure out the QB Completion Passing %…

  • Paulmans Top # Polish QB’s of All-Time

    #1) R Jaworski
    #2) S Bartkowski
    #3) B Gradkowski
    #4) T Tebowski
    #5) B Bristerski

  • hahhaha tebowski

  • I think their combined completion percentage is below 60%

  • Phuck it I say we run the table on these bums and tell Jerry Jones to leave the lights on for us

  • I don’t think this team can win 6 of their last 9. I hope to God I’m wrong. The Bears have given us fits every year, even when they’re bad. If our defense can’t get constant pressure on Manning, he is going to slice and dice this secondary. The Redskins are another team who always play us well and we play them down in Washington. Even when we played the Vikings in the playoffs a couple years ago, they had Tavaris and that game was close so you can’t call that game a gimme either. It’s gonna be one hell of a stretch but lets see what these Birds can do.

  • I can’t predict. It’s still all about injuries.

  • With 13 picks spent primarily on defense, and more specifically, the pass rush, I had hoped for more QB pressure. But rookies are rookies and they have to learn how to play in the NFL. This aint’ the Big 10.

  • The Giants’ D looks good, but Sheli looks scared and confused.

    If Reid calls a balanced and diversified game, we can beat anyone.

  • If nothing else, this season has been completely unpredictable. Birds are in the running and that’s cause for hope.

  • Agreed drummer. 3 of the teams that were suppose to be the teams to beat are either playing poorly or not making the playoffs. And I still don’t get why some still want this to be a “growing” year. Just try to win now. We are far from a perfect team but is there any? In the NFC? Nope. All can be beaten. So take a shot and go for it now.

  • btc, I feel you but it’s not the same Vikings team. Defense isn’t as good and they would be on the road going against and entirely different Eagles team. Can’t really compare Vikings 2008 where they played against McNabb and Westbrook to the 2010 where they would most likely play Vick, Jackson, Maclin, McCoy and Celek. Sure our defense isn’t as good as it was that year but I definitely wouldn’t base anything in 2008 vs right now.

  • Can Favre play with a fractured ankle? Should he? I think Tavaris Jackson will be taking over. He went through the exact same thing as Kolb. Jackson was the young starter, then along came Brett Favre and everything changed.

  • It’s a crapshoot for sure fellas, but if Vick stays healthy we have a chance to win em all, we won’t but hell it should be a fun ride.

  • G – lets not worry about the future! Lets take it game by game! Scenario’s will change from week to week! As long as our defense starts playing consistent, we’ll be fine!

  • According to MAdden ’10 1/2 Simulator
    I have run all possible scenarios and it kind of goes like this over their last 9 games in which they finish 5-4 and end the Season with an overall Record of 9-7 and miss the playoffs

    1) Eagles 31 – Colts 30
    2) Redskins 23- Eagles 17 in OT (Vick sacked, fumbled and picked up by Orapko for 88 yd TD)
    3) Giants 34 – Eagles 26 (Kafka leads a 4th Quarter comeback after being down by 31-9)
    4) Eagles 20- Bears 16 (Early Wintry weather hits Chicago, Vick does’t play well in the cold)
    5) Texans 28- Eagles 27 (Shaub hits K Walters with a 30 yd TD pass over Hobbs as time expires)
    6) Eagles 21 – Cowboys 17 (Both Vick and Kolb injured, Kafka gets his 1st NFL Win)
    7) Giants 26- Eagles 23 in OT (Eagles blow 13 point lead in the 4th Quarter, AR punches McDermott and gets Assault Charges ans suspended by Owner J Lurie for remainder of season)
    8) Eagles 24 – Vikings 16 ( Marty Mohernwig gets his first Eagle win as Coach)
    9) Eagles 26- Cowboys 13 (MM to hungover from MUmmers Day parade and Dick Jauron acts as the Head Coach to get his 1st Win as Head Coach starting a NFL record of 34 straight wins as the Eagles don’t lose another game until 2013 (which happens after Owner J Laurie sells and moves team to Los Angeles to some Social Networking Billionaire)

  • I meant to state thru my”Paulmandomis Simulator” and not Madden ’10 1/2

  • yes we can win and possibly the rest of the way out. with all this drama with injuries and coaches putting players under the bus…. Why not!!! Colts have a ton of injuries….. Maybe we can finally beat them and give O’L Jim Johnson to smile about!! We’ll get the redskins on the rebound and Dallas we should man handle those douche bags!!!! And guess what fellas nooooo TONY HOOOOMOOOO! He’s not there to do that stupid ass pump fake and hand off draw play that We cant seem to stop! Unless Romo is a great magician agaist the Eagles and other teams seem to figure out the trick!!!! Another is Ellis Slob on My Knob HOBBS can go back to being a basic corner and just cover…. PERIOD>>> He shouldn’t get the start and I’ll dial up Demitri Patterson’s# and make him the starting #2 corner…. I have faith in Vick he’s been there and done it….. Kolb sit on the sideline and do what the Cleveland Cav fans have been doing for the past 7years………JUST WITNESS LOL

  • This bye couldn’t come at a better time!!! A few of our players can lick there wounds and get ready at home for the Colts….. No Dallas Clark and no Austin Collie that sounds great to me… But watch someone like Donald Brown get like 180 all purpose yards against us… It never fails…. I beleive the eagles lead the record books for the most no name guys who make a name for them selves….. LOL We’ll shut down a teams best weapon but DONG JOHNSON from William and Mary university has a career game against us!!! IT NEVER FAILS

  • TO Jroc
    Try 3rd String RB Mike Hart (from Michigan) for Colts rumbling for all those yards
    D Brown is also hurt for the Colts and probably won’t play

  • Well thats great news but Mike Hart is no push over neither. So Mancini you really think we can atleast win 6 games!!! I mean the Vikings are going through an emotional rollercoaster who’s the coach and who’s the player and with the redskins with all this Luck bullshit games they been having and with the G-Men who looked pretty good but not solid and then you got Jay Cutler who is looking worse then Rex Groooooosss-MANNNN did, I know they wish they kept Orton. I beleive we can win these games but the Texans is a toss up!

  • To Jroc,
    If Vick plays at the high level he did earlier in the Season, then they have a shot, but only if Eagles D comes together and play more sound Football aswell as SPecial Teams needs to get better.
    The Teams the Eagles don’t match up well with are the Giants and Texans, I think they can win every other game out there. The Vikings will go with Tavris Jackson and get back to basics and run AP left,Run AP right and then lull you to sleep and then go deep with Moss.

  • Hell if it wasn’t for 2 plays the Eagles would be 5 and 1

  • Doesn’t Babin look better than anything we have thrown on the bookend opposite of Cole?

    When Babin was given opportunity last year he shined yet out team let him go and trade up 11 picks for Graham? Our taalent evaluators are really suspect..let’s examine their moves and you’ll see this team shoots it’s own self in the foot. Draft Graham with Babin on the Roster when you need a top Corner to replace Sheldon Brown..Babin is now with Tennessee and because we failed to address the corner position we lose To Tennesee. The margin of error is hair thin in the NFL and little mistakes like this is the difference between wins and losses. If you’re going to get rid of a player….make sure his replacement is at the same level or better. Is that too much to ask? No one on the planet believed Hobbs was better than Brown yet this team went with Hobbs. Let an ace special teams player like Washington go then a few weeks later cut Baskett who should have been cut in his place…The Andrews, and Peters debacle etc.etc. Now we have a bunch of picks that falls into the same categories with the Abimiri’s and Gocong’s experiments. Every draft we waste defensive picks on guys who don’t see the light of day. not just any picks ..We’re talking about picks in the 1st three rounds which have players that should have the pedigree to stabilize your foundation for years to come. What’s wrong with our scouting and decision makers who get paid to put the best talent on the field?

  • hey fellas before you start concentrating on next year the eagles under andy reid are 62-36-1 with nine games to play in the season. Only twice did they finish with worse then .500 and that was 99, the first year of don and reid, and 2005, the year don got hurt, west got the lis franc, and T.O. had his meltdown. if you discount those 2 years which had legit reason to be failures they are 57-21-1. So when they walk in to the last 9 games of a season with no real complications they are 71% of the time gonna win. 63% percent if you count 99 and 05. Another interesting stat, Reid has never lost after a bye week and thats including playoffs.
    The eagles will beat the colts, giants once, dallas twice, redskins, bears and maybe the texans to win the division at 11-5.
    The main reasons i see the eagles beating the colts is because they have no receivers outside of wayne and their defense will not have an answer for vicks legs which will open up the run game for mccoy which will keeping manning off the field.

  • yea songs babin is balln
    seems like we pulled another derrick burgess
    let a guy go and he ends up leading the league in sacks
    very sad

  • LB Will Witherspoon looked pertty good too, didn’t he..(He shut down TE Celek)
    I think Eagles need to revamp the entire Def Staff from DC/DL/LB Coaches and Schemes
    I will give Secondary Coach Jauron a full seasom before forming an opinion…
    But AR should seriously consider relieving McDermontt, Segrest and Shuey of their positions after this season if they don’t show improvement.. Giving up way too many points…

  • Pman, add Joe Piscarcik. I have no clue if i spelled that right, the guy who blew the handoff in the Miracle of the Meadowlands game. Also, no, this team probably cannot win 6 of 9. I already sold my tickets for the Redskins game on MNF at FedEx. I am not going all the way down there to get heckled senseless. Not worth the time or effort. I do not believe that this secondary can beat Peyton Manning, regardless of who is catching his passes. We still do not have the guys in the tenches to be a factor. Its that simple.

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