• August 8, 2022

If You Thought Britt Was Bad, Look At The Rest Of The Eagles Schedule

If the Eagles problems with Tennessee’s Kenny Britt was an indication that they can’t handle big talented receivers, they’re going to get torched for the rest of the season.

Did you see the Giants wide receivers work over the Dallas Cowboys secondary last night?  Each of their top three wide receivers caught a touchdown pass.  They’ve developed an outstanding corps of wide receivers, if you haven’t noticed.

Hakeem Nicks is a beast, who already has 8 touchdown catches.  He does drop passes at times, which have caused quite a few interceptions for Eli Manning, but you don’t want to face Nicks in the red zone.

They also have Pro Bowler Steve Smith, who is one of the best route runners in the league right now.  Manning might trust him more than any of the other receivers.

Up in New York they used to say, “third and Smith”, meaning Manning was going to Smith on nearly every third down throw and completing a high percentage of them.  Smith was able to win Manning’s trust as a rookie when he made a large of number of third passes in their march to the Super Bowl.

In addition to Nicks and Smith, the Giants have Mario Manningham, who is quite a playmaker in his own right.  He’s the third receiver with great run after the catch ability.  He’s capable of making eye-popping plays by making tacklers miss out in the open field.

That’s the Giants who the Eagles will play twice down the stretch.

They’ll also play the Cowboys who have Pro Bowler Miles Austin, rejuvenated Roy Williams and rookie sensation Dez Bryant.  All of their receivers are at least 6’3″ and 225 pounds.  If you can’t cover big athletic receivers, then don’t play the Cowboys.

Of course Reggie Wayne plays with the Indianapolis Colts and he’s been considered one of the best receivers in the league for a while now.  One of Peyton Manning’s favorite receivers, Dallas Clark, is done for the season, so you could probably expect him to be going to Wayne more often than usual, which could mean more problems for the Eagles secondary.

The Eagles will play the guy who is considered the best receiver in football, when they try to deal with Houston’s Andre Johnson.  If Britt is unstoppable, what will Johnson do to them.  If you’re a fantasy league player, you’re going to be happy about his stats against the Eagles.

Bottomline, the Birds will have to come with a strategy to combat a receiver, that’s beating their coverages consistently.  They’ve got to put Asante Samuel on him, or let Ellis Hobbs get up in his face.

They can’t utilize the option which they used last weekend of keeping the same players on him, playing the same coverages and hoping it will stop.


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  • I had hoped that the Eagles would draft/acquire bigger receivers. I love Jackson, but I don’t see him as a No. 1 because of his size. And Maclin, as far as I’m concerned, doesn’t have the big-play ability of a No. 1. In my opinion, he’s a GREAT No. 2, but I don’t think he can break tackles like a No. 1.

    I do believe that Avant is a great slot receiver and I also feel that McCoy’s ability as both a pass-receiver and runner makes our offense as potent as anyone’s.

    Reid did an outstanding job of keeping Abraham (and others) off balance with is play calling. If he continues to mix reverses, screens, dives, flea-flickers, intermediate routes (3 and 5-step drops), and the occasional down-field strike, we can score on anyone.

  • We also held Roddy White and Calvin Johnson (for most of the game) in check. So what are you saying? The defense has been anything other than consistent….but for the most part, I like what I see. McDermott needs to find a way to get these guys to finish games, that’s all. Kenny Britt was an abberration and I don’t see something like that happening again. Will we give up big plays sometimes? of course……this defense just needs to learn to bounce back after giving up those big plays.

  • YES G! Why can’t they stick Samuel on the big dog like at least some other teams do with a “shut down” corner… Is it the coaches that don’t want to do this, or Samuel who refuses to get off of that side?

  • I would like to see D Patterson/Lindley on the field and match up with these bigger WR’s too.
    Hobbs is too small and simply gets pushed around by these bigger WR’s. Hobbs plays too aggressiive in coverage and takes the front coverage which allows these guys to run right past him and then get behnd them

  • Paulman’s List of WR’s for Eagles to watch out for (and not the obvious big names)

    Colts — Watch for Pierre Garcon who has the speed to go deep on any route
    Redskins – A Armstrong
    Giants – R Barsden
    Bears – J Knox and D Aromashodu
    Texans – K Walters and D Anderson
    Cowboys – S Hurd
    Vikings – G Camarillo and B Berrian

  • A SAMS is not a traditional ” shut down corner ” meaning he’s just not going to blanket the other teams best WR and follow him wherever he’s at on the field..A Sams is a great route recognition recvr his film work is crazy which is why QB’s avoid his side…If the other teams #1 is on his side he’s cool but once you start moving him around it negates his skill which is read and react…If you notice at times he’s not even looking at the WR he’s looking at the QB..while it may drive us fans nuts …he does get INT’s which is why he’s here…His motto is… If I INT ..I ain’t got to tackle…CB’s get burned it’s the inevitable..They need to tell Nate not to worry so much about run support and just focus on being the deepest man and not to let anyone get behind you…You knew the rookie would get schooled somewhere this season and the Tenn game was that lesson now we just have to hope he’s learned his lesson

  • Gotta luv, Exactly.

  • We all know Hobbs is awful and Samuel cannot switch sides…
    but the biggest problem with this team is the defensive coordinators adjustment during the game.
    We all know that if Jim Johnson was still alive ,Britt would not have torched the Birds Sunday.
    This is a game of matchups and adjustments and the Eagles coaching staff is just plain awful at game time adjustments

  • I believe it will happen after the Season is over..
    I also think they should replace DL Coach Segrest and LB Coach Shuey change schemes and philosohphies about getting bigger players at the DL/LB spots

  • JJ wouldn’t have pulled a starter in the middle of a game if he wasn’t injured and he also probably wouldn’t have started Lindley or Hanson over there so I suspect the result would have been the same. As much as people like to blast Sheldon Brown about his lack of “Big Play” ability I know Kenny Britt wouldn’t have had a big game if Brown was playing corner or safety.

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