• August 17, 2022

Ernie Sims: “Put pressure on Peyton Manning…. Even better put him out of the game”

I don’t know if Ernie Sims realized what he said today, but if you’re a defensive player in the league and you start talking about putting Peyton Manning out of a game, the NFL league office’s ears perk up.

Sims didn’t say he was going to try to put Manning out of the game, but he made that comment while talking about what they needed to do to stop the talented signal caller and the Indy offense.

“Put pressure on Peyton Manning”, Sims said.  “He’s the key to their offense.  You put pressure on him, get him on the ground.  Get him moving round in the pocket, get him nervous back there.  EVEN BETTER PUT HIM OUT OF THE GAME. That will be our main goal.  Put pressure on Peyton Manning and it will trickle down to their whole offense.”

There was time when Sims’ statement could be taken innocently, but nowadays a statement like that before a game which included a helmet to helmet hit could get the veteran linebacker in some major trouble.  Those are some of the changes which have been made in the NFL.

In what I’ve seen of Sims he plays hard but he’s not dirty.  He plays like a linebacker and will lay the hammer down on you, if the opening is there.

I’m sure Manning has no intentions of giving Sims the opportunity, but remember Eagles defensive coordinator Sean McDermott said told us when they traded for Sims, that he was “the shark in the water”.

– I just learned that Sims was fined by the league office $50,000 for a hit on Titans running back Chris Johnson.


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  • Our front line needs to get pressure on Manning without else commiting too much of our pass defense at risk of getting sliced up all day.

  • @XHorusx
    I agree 100%…
    LOL…some things are just better left unsaid! If it were T Cole, I’d respect the talk a hell of alot more…only way we can pressure Peyton is if our pass coverage is tight enough to make him hold the ball for a little longer than he’d like…if pass coverage is not good, our defense will be in for a long day

  • What is the average time of possession for the eagle’s offense with Vick at quarterback?
    because this sunday we are going to need him to hold the ball at least 5 or 6 minutes a possession.

  • I’d say about 3 mins or so….looking at the play by play stats with his starts…

    First half against the lions the first drive we had the ball for 2:30 mins TD score…next possession we punted after having the ball close to 3 mins…Next drive we had the ball for 4:23 mins TD score…Last drive of the half that game we scored within 59 seconds TD score…

    he had one drive against the Jag’s that lasted over 5 mins, but we didnt get any points…

    Its hard to say, with Vick we are very explosive. we can’t pass up on a TD just because we are trying to milk the clock…With Vick every play can be a TD…I think our offense just needs to do what it does and we have to count on the defense to make plays…if we get ahead, then we need to do a better job running the ball…

  • Does anybody know where I can find more in depth stats on players?
    Like the worst red zone QB’s?
    Worst 2 minute offense QB’s?
    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    I can not find this information anywhere.. I Need Help! 🙂

  • Vick is one of the most effecient QB’s in the league in the red zone…you have no worries with Vick in that area..Vick has also led the team to 2 TD’s in both of his starts, in the final two minutes!

  • final two minutes of the half

  • I just want to know The colts red zone offense stats, and on average how much do they run the ball.
    Like on Madden they give you Pass to Run average and favorite formation.
    I am trying to do a scouting report of these guys and see where their weaknesses and strengths are.

    Red Zone Offense
    Ball Control
    Pass to Run average
    Average time of possession

    Because I believe we are in for a long night if we can not stop these guys and get off the field against these guys.

  • COLTS on the Road:

    3rd Down: Made/Att 20/46
    3rd Down Pct. 43.5
    4th Down: Made/Att 2/2
    4th Down Pct. 100.0
    Avg. Rush Yards Per Game 78.0
    Total Rushes 80
    Avg. Passing Yard Per Game : 347.8

  • To XHorusx.

    Just ask PW or Songas and they will say Kolb is the worst QB

    On Ernie SIms…. I wonder waht his “Wonderlic” score was coming out of College…any guesses out there???..

  • Colts Opponents when Colts on the Road
    09/12 Lost 24-34 at Houston(G)
    09/26 Won 27-13 at Denver(G)
    10/03 Lost 28-31 at Jacksonville(G)
    10/17 Won 27-24 at Washington(G)

    Colts are giving up 27 Points a game of the road.
    Colts are giving up 386.5 Total yards a game on the road
    Colts are giving up 238.8 Passing yards a game on the road
    Colts are giving up 147.8 Rushing yards a game on the road
    Colts are giving up 30:45 of possesion time a game on the road

    Eagles at Home
    09/12 L 20-27 Green Bay(G)
    10/03 L 12-17 Washington(G)
    10/17 W 31-17 Atlanta(G)

    Eagles are averaging 21 Points a game at home.
    Eagles are averaging 382.3 Total yards a game at home.
    Eagles are averaging 244.7 Passing yards a game at home.
    Eagles are averaging 137.7 Rushing yards a game at home.
    Eagles are averaging 31:42 of possesion time a game at home.

    Based on the Stats If the defense can hold up.
    We will have this game in the bag 27-17

    Eagles: 27

    E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!

  • Thank you Ernie. Knock Manning into another Space Time Continuem. Hit him so hard he’s breathing through his helmet’s earhole.



    You gonna pay Sims $100,000 for him if that happens

  • I’d respect the talk more if this defense didn’t just get torched by back-up QB Kerry Collins.

  • Paulman… laughing at the stats suggestion.

    All I know about Wonderlic scores if that if one of the questions was “Should you publicly call for injuring a superstar?”, Ernie Sims got that one wrong for sure.

  • rcp1936 Ernie Will do it within the rules of the game and not get fined. Neither Ernie nor myself advocates cheap shots, but make no mistake, all of the Colts defenders are going to be going after Vick to test those Ribs. That’s Football!!! Every time there is an INT defenders start looking for a QB to legally hit.

  • PS – Robert Craft gladly paid Bellichecks fine for cheating and getting him a Superbowl, buy giving him a raise that covered the fine. I am sure Luries pockets are deep enough to pay Sims should he ensure an Eagles victory. It’s just business.

  • hahaha i love the comment
    i hate how the players bs everything for the reporters
    and horus i dont know the worse redzone qb but sportscenter flashed a stat after mcnabb got benched they showed bottom 5 qbs in 2 min drill num 1 kolb #2 delhome #3 d5 #4 max hall

  • @horus

    cold hard football facts .com is a great resource.

    Paulman…stole the words outta my mouth, just ask songs or dizzy.

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