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Dimitri Patterson Has Done More Than Enough To Be A Starter

Is it crazy to think that Dimitri Patterson has flown beneath the radar for this long. The 27 year old Patterson has been a straight-up stud since drawing the start for an injured Ellis Hobbs two weeks ago against the Indianapolis Colts.

In his first start Patterson was solid. He ostensibly shut down Wide Receiver Reggie Wayne, while setting a defensive tone with his sure tackling and heady play.

If Patterson’s solid performance against Indy was the steak, than Monday’s game against the Washington Redskins was when he brought the sizzle.

He showcased his solid, sure-tackling early by stopping Keiland Williams short of the 1st down on the ‘Skins first drive, which was just a prelude for what was to come. Soon after, Patterson’s precise route reading of Redskins receiver Joey Galloway provided his first of two interceptions that evening. His second came as he intelligently squatting on a route during an ‘a-gap blitz’ by the front seven that netted him a high-stepping gallop to pay dirt for his second interception of the night, third of the season, and first for a touchdown.

Sure it’s early, but Patterson’s play warrants these accolades. This is what the Eagles fan base has been clamoring for since the Birds traded cornerback Sheldon Brown to the Cleveland Browns this off-season.

Patterson is the sure tackling corner who plays with intensity and fire that this defense needs. It’s ironic that Ellis Hobbs, the man that was supposed to replace Brown, is now on the cusp of losing his starting position to a player who brings a very similar skill set both mentally and physically.

It’s not that Hobbs has been terrible this season. In fact, with the notable exception of the Tennessee Titans meltdown, where wide receiver Kenny Britt abused Hobbs unmercifully, he’s been good. The simple fact of the matter is that, in addition to Patterson’s outstanding play, he has the fire that Hobbs doesn’t. The kid is on defense, but he is playing like he is still on special teams, that cannot be measured.

To that end it’s very interesting how back-ups like Patterson and defensive tackle Antonio Dixon have made such an impact in such a short amount of time. They have outplayed the guy ahead of them on the depth chart through sheer hustle, hunger and drive and the team is thriving on it. These upstarts are setting the tone on defense by being hungry, and they are making those around them better by doing so.

When looking at Dimitri Patterson’s resume you would be more inclined to label him as a journeyman than a starter. However his play in the past two weeks has flipped the script on that mentality. If his play continues to rise, and he does not get complacent with his new found attention, Patterson could quickly become a household name in the city.

Andrew Lazaunikas

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Paul Mancini
Paul Mancini
November 18, 2010 8:56 am

Dmitiri Patterson has been playing very well last 2 weeks and will have his tough assisgnment playing opposite of H Nicks for probably most of the Game vs the Giants. There is no doubt that he brings more physicality and better positioning that E Hobbs who is probably best suited to play in the slot as a 3rd/4th CB. PAtterson plays with a confidence and swagger that you love to see in a DB and he and Samuel now are looking like a pretty solid pair moving forward.. As teams prepare for the Eagles, they will now probably have to attempt to go at Samuel more often since PAtterson is making plays,INT’s whcih should create more chances for Sammuel to do his thing.. (the Colts/Redskins rearely threw Samuels way)
I also think Safety Coleman played a solid game and even new pick-up Colt Anderson looked pretty good in a back-up role at Safety and played great on Special teams..This Secondary is coming together and it’s a credit to Coach D Jauron and Defensive Coahes and the scouting,drafting and development of such players as Allen,Coleman,Lindley along with veterans Patterson,Hanson,Hobbs, Samuel and Mikell.
Going into the Season, the Secondary was probably the biggest question mark on this Eagle Defense and quietly and under the radar, they are quickly becoming a strength and one of the better secondaries in the NFC. Look around the NFL and check out some of these other teams Secondaries,the Cowboys,Giants,Redskins,Falcons,Texans,Colts,49ers,Jaguars,Lions, etc,etc
I likes the Eagles group more so than most teams in the NFL..
One obvious area of improvement is the tackling, which is a 100% improved over the past 2 seasons where it was getting sloppy, they are more physical (even Samuel) and appear to be better prepared and in better postion to make plays..
At this point of the Season Defensively, the D/Line has improved quite a bit, the Secondary is much better than probably what most thought going in and the LB have been steadily improving..Put this young,aggressive,hungry Defense along with a high potent Offense led by QB Vick and who knows,
this 2010 Team can compete and play with anyone in the NFC and the NFL…

November 18, 2010 9:40 am

This roster has flipped so much and often, I can’t keep up.

Patterson stood out in the Indy game. In fact, Peyton Manning made mention his cover skills afterward.

Thanks for bringing me up to speed., G.

November 18, 2010 10:08 am

Well he hasn’t played against Kenny Britte yet LOL. Naw I’m kidding. Many of us has been calling Hobbs a bum since last year. The only thing I wanted to see him do was return kickoffs because he was one of the best in the league at that. But he is not a NFL starting CB. I like the fact that he’s not scared to tackle but he’s not that big and his coverage technique is questionable at times. I would like to see Patterson against a bigger physical receiver. I know he covered a good one in Wayne but he isn’t physical. I want to see him against a Miles Austin, Andre Johnson to see how he matches up against both size and speed. But so far so good and so long Ellis Hobbs.

November 18, 2010 10:29 am

Talent inspires talent. We’ve got a mediocre offensive line playing like pro-bowlers because they’re digging deep and want to play at there best. When there’s a beast at the helm, sky’s the limit.

Dr. Bridge
Dr. Bridge
November 18, 2010 11:21 am

sorry hobbs, you lost your jobs son!!!