• July 3, 2022

Not A Good Day For Bird’s Offensive LIne

The game turned on a play which occurred in the red zone with the Birds about to take the lead.  Michael Vick attempted a pass down the middle to Jeremy Maclin who was running an inside route.  The pass had no chance of getting there because the Bears inside pass rushers got penetration deep in the backfield and in Vick’s face.

“They did a great job with their scheme”, Vick said afterward. “I felt like we had our opportunities and didn’t take advantage of it. The turning point of the game was the turnover on the 2-yard line. We make that play, it’s a different ballgame … We definitely have to play better, starting with me.”

Vick had veteran defensive tackle Tommie Harris in his face on that play.  Harris was two or three yards into the backfield, when Vick let the ball go. Do the Eagles offensive linemen know the snap count when they come out of the huddle?

Motivation is always a big part of playing football.  The Bears defensive line were answering questions all week about how they would have any chance of stopping Vick.  They showed up ready to play.

The Eagles offensive line was getting patted on the back all week and told how great they were.  One group showed up playing like their careers were on the line and one group showed up sleep walking.

The Eagles offensive line was beaten off the ball again and again and they allowed penetration all game long.  It seemed that Harris and his buddies on the Bears defensive line spent the entire game in the Eagles backfield.

The only criticism of Vick on the play was that he should have just taken the sack, rather than throw a ball that had no chance of getting to the receiver.   A field goal would have given the Eagles a lead, but the pass was tipped and intercepted.

The Eagles defense didn’t show up and play well, and the same thing can be said about the offensive line, especially the interior. On one play in the first half, the Bears sacked Vick on two defensive end and defensive tackle twists and their entire front four was unblocked.

I think the Birds offensive line may be relying on Vick’s mobility too much because they didn’t put up much of a fight.  Were it not for their quarterback’s athleticism, the game would have been a blowout.  They must play better.

That right guard spot with Nick Cole and Max Jean-Gilles is becoming a serious problem.  Center Mike McGlynn has played well most of the time this season, but he has trouble with quickness.

They have to give their tackles help on good defensive ends, which limits the production of their tight ends and running backs in the passing game.

Vick was able to extend plays and elude Bears defenders in order to get the ball down field.  That allowed the Eagles to make a game of it, but they couldn’t overcome that big lead the Bears grabbed.

The Bears showed that they may have the best defensive line in the game.  The Eagles were able to block the Giants defensive front when they weren’t blitzing last week, but the Bears were able to line up with only their front four rushing and beat the Birds consistently.

This game wasn’t a good one for Juan Castillo and his offensive line.  The Eagles couldn’t run the football with any consistency and they couldn’t protect Vick.

I don’ t think this can win a title with some of the weaknesses they have upfront.


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  • i thought the eagles offensive linemen were wearing blue today

  • Stop your whining G, there were a lot of NFC teams that played sunday that can’t win a title based on how they played that day whether they won or lost. So based on the bears game you are to throw other games where the o-line played well and held their blocks. Don’t over hype a big win but also don’t over hype a lose.

    We lose lets get over it we have a competitive team, that is why I am not in a funk. last week the giants were on the down slide becasue they lost two in a row, now they win a game and they are the cream of the NFC again. Give me a damn break is there anyone with hard analysis that will stand on their views. Ahnever mindlets go Eagles.

  • Now our team sucks, the personnel suck, we stand no chance, blah blah blah. If you say they didn’t play a solid game or something I can respect that, but don’t feed me a load of animal dumpings about the team personnel. Don’t wait to we lose a game to march down the road of enlightenment and proclaim we are not good, or don’t have what it takes. If we man handle the Texans don’t come back on here and talk about the road to the superbowl, or the offense can expploit any defense like past posts, be consistant and say what you say now. Know one will becasue they don’t want to look foolish saying the offense sucks when they score plus 30 points.

    We are a top five offense with the same issues as the packers, falcons, giants, bears, bucs and everyone else. Let the dang games being.

  • On the previous post you guys made great points on the game, and how the Eagles played good honest assesments and point on. Then there were the gloomers who measured the Eagles season thus far on a single game……huh get real duds, really.

  • Monolith, thanks for trying to level-set. Far too many media and fans on this site are either leading the parade down Broad Street with a baton or the first in the life boat waving to everyone to jump.

  • A few things.

    Lindley should be cut.

    Vick is starting to look like his old self. 6 fumbles in 2 games. Get rid of the ball and stop trying to get on ESPN on every play.

    Mikel sucks. He got blasted on (I believe) the WR screen to Hester. The only time I see him he’s getting burned or blowing a tackle.

  • Yeah the o-line didn’t have a bad game. We have to see how they rebound. The Bears were able to get consistent pressure up the middle with 4 down lineman and drop 7. That kind of pressure is hard for any QB as there is almost nowhere to go. The truth of the matter is no one played a real good game but hopefully they use this as motivation to get better and that they haven’t “arrived” yet. The offense has to score in the redzone and the defense can’t give up so many big plays. Neither side of the ball helped the other out.

  • mugzy, well he is staying in the pocket trying to get the ball down the field. So when your line isn’t protecting and you’re in the throwing position and they are swatting at the ball, that’s going to happen. The old vick fumbles the ball because he’s trying to scramble and run every play. I think that’s a big difference.

  • scorp…exactly. Both the Giants and Bears got decent pressure with just the 4 down linemen. It appeared to me that Vick was trying to be patient and go through his reads, but that he had pretty constant pressure in his face. I believe that they (the O-line) has gotten used to Vick bailing them out of jams with his pure atheletic skill, but they MUST do a better job if we are looking to advance in the playoffs.

  • Not a good day for the Oline? How about simplify that and just say, “Not a good Offensive line”? The only thing VIck brings to the table that helps at all is his ability to evade and take fewer sacks, but that just prevents everybody from actually seeing how bad this group is on the scoresheet. The Oline is flawed, they cannot run block. Therefore we shall throw, but the safeties play 20 yards deep and do not let the speedy munchkin get behind them, and he is afraid to go over the middle. Now, they rush 4, drop and zone it all up, and force the Qback to drop passes into the space between the LB and DBs. But our rocket armed spaceship driver does not throw that pass so well, and two of our 2 starting wide outs are afraid to make that catch, due to the hit that is inevitably on the way. Yeah, te Birds are legitmate contenders, Super Bowl baby!!!!

  • green I agree. I think when we are playing against good d-lines Vick has to make them pay and run the ball. There were opportunities where he could have gain some yards and he went on with his reads. Not big runs but some for positive yards. I commend him for that but he also has to find the happy medium to when it’s time to run and time to just find a receiver. I think is good for him though. He’ll look at the tape and see that there are things he could have done. I mean just run for the 4 yards so you’re at 2nd and 6. I think those plays were there last night which would have caused Chicago to change up their defense. But Vick is still learning as well and we will see how he does going forward when teams are able to get pressure with just for down lineman.

  • This Eagle team is like most other NFL teams, they are up and down and inconsistent.
    They played a bad game against a team (Bears) that was hitting on all cylandirs..
    They again left points on the board after bogging down in the Red-Zone, Their Defense could not stop the bubble routes,quick slants or adjust to the crappy field conditions. SPecial tyeams gave the Bears great field position most of the game where the Bears were able to utilize their playbook and keep the Eagles D on their heels for most of game.The Eagles played poorly in loss at TEnn when the fell apart in the 2nd half after that fumble and kind of struggled after Vick’s Int when it appeared they would go in and get some points. This team needs to learn to shake off these negative plays
    and stop the other team after a Turnover.. This game Thursday is the Season I believe, they win and get back into good shape for the final 4 games, they lose and this season falls apart I am afraid..

  • Paul

    Now I’m really confused. After having watched the “video” repeatedly, you swore that the pass was thrown to Jackson, who was triple covered. After I pointed out how ridiculous it was. You told me to “watch the video.” After I pointed out how ridiculous it was to assume that Jackson was triple covered, you later retracted and said that Jackson was only double covered, but that it was a poor read.

    As it turns out, Jackson was not the intended target. Should I go back and watch the video again?

    When you post the most ridiculous statements, with absolutely no evidence, and based on bias and pure conjecture, you lose credibility.

    November 28, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    Not a good game by VIck,

    that Int before the half was a killer and though it was deflected,he eas throwing in triple coverage to D-Jax

    paulman says:

    November 28, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    more liked double covered with the LB dropping back also in that passing lane, the bottome line, it was a poor read and the ball dhould have never been thrown to D-Jax

  • Speaking of the Red Zone problems, has anyone noticed that Red Zone problems have been an issue with the Eagles every year at about the 3/4 mark? It’s happened since ’05 (when the season was pretty much done at this point anyway).

    The line played a bad game in pass protection, but McCoy averaged 5.2yds/carry on his few runs. Maybe a little better run/pass ratio in order to keep safties closer to the line of scrimmage when they’re playing back like they did? Maybe some runs right up the middle when the D is crumbling the line (just like the Bears did to us in the first half)? Um, duh?

  • Grifft

    I can’t say that I knew “when” our red zone problems occur. I only know that we’ve had them for years.

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