• May 17, 2022

Reid Calls Out DeSean Jackson In Front Of Team After The Loss

According to numerous reports, DeSean Jackson was called out by Andy Reid in front of the team after the Birds 31-26 loss to the Bears.  Reid may have been angry that for the second week in a row Jackson failed to give an all out effort in trying to come down with a throw by Michael Vick to him in the end zone.

I told you before the season started that not paying Jackson was going to be a problem at some point during the season.  I can’t say that the money is the number one thing, but it’s part of it.

Vick couldn’t get the ball to Jackson deep yesterday because the Bears played a two-deep zone and stopped the deep throws.  Still I think Jackson thought he was open deep and that Vick should have tried to get the ball to him.

You can tell by what Vick said after the game, that Jackson was angry about not being throw the ball deep.  He might have been pointing some fingers and Reid and the coaching staff for not designing a way to get him the ball.

“We’ll get him going again,” Vick said. “He just can’t get frustrated. He has to understand that there are professionals on the other side of the ball, too. And we have some pretty good coaches, some damn good coaches, and we’re going to make it work.”

The diminutive wide receiver knows that he earns his money by making big plays downfield. This is the first game in which Vick and Jackson have played together that the quarterback hasn’t put the ball up to Jackson.

Remember the little guy has suffered concussions the last couple of years from getting hit while crossing the middle of the field after a football.  It’s obvious that he’s made a decision that he’s not going to let it happen again before he gets paid.

After the game, Jackson was seen staring at the floor with his headphones on, his head in his hands, sitting in front of his locker staring at the floor. He refused to talk to the media after the game and I can understand why.

He might have said something that he would have regretted.  I could imagine what Jackson was thinking.  He might be tiring of being expected to be Superman even thought he’s suffered two concussions the last couple of years and he weighs only 165 pounds.

According to Geoff Moesher of DelawareOnline.com the Eagles quarterback tried to talk to Jackson after the game after Andy Reid had called Jackson out.

“C’mon, D-Jax, you’re my boy. I would never tell you nothin’ wrong”, Vick said to Jackson as the quarterback walked away from him in the locker room.

Normally Reid protects his team after losses.  He usually takes all of the blame but he didn’t seem willing to do it last night and he pointed at the Birds failures in the red zone.

“We’ve got to make sure we score when we’re given an opportunity,” coach Reid said. “There are going to be games when you don’t have a turnover, you have to keep battling and fighting … When you’re in the red zone you have to score touchdowns against a good team.”


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  • Good. He needs to be called out. He wants to be payed like a number one but doesn’t want to catch like one? One trick pony is what he’s becoming.

  • out of daily news

    CHICAGO – DeSean Jackson sat there in his locker, with his head buried in his hands, for about 10 or 15 minutes after reporters were allowed into the Eagles’ dressing room. Every once in a while, a teammate would walk over and lean down and say something, but the pose remained fixed. Nearby, a club official stood watch.

    Around Jackson was the normal swirl: interviews conducted, showers taken, equipment packed, cliches ladled generously. It was only one game, after all, a 31-26 loss to the Chicago Bears. The Eagles did not play well but nothing about the day was any different from a half-dozen days in every NFL team’s season. They lost. They will play again Thursday. The page will turn quickly.

    Jackson, though, seemed unusually shaken by the defeat, transfixed by his disappointment.

    Eventually, he sat up and began fiddling with headphones and his various digital devices. More players came over and shared a word or two. The locker room would eventually be closed before Jackson could be interviewed. But while reporters were still in the room, he and Michael Vick had a discussion from about 20 feet apart. It was hard to hear the exact words that they shared but Jackson’s frustration was as unmistakable as Vick’s attempt to calm things down.

    The strain was visible, at least this day, when Jackson had only two catches for 26 yards. Whether it is something deep-seated and concerning, or just the emotions of a disappointing evening that were quick to bubble over and will be just as quick to recede, is an issue that obviously bears watching.

    But everybody could see what Jackson was doing in that locker room, the statement he was making and the attention that he was drawing to himself without saying a word.

    “We’ll get him going again,” Vick said. “He just can’t get frustrated. He has to understand that there are professionals on the other side of the ball, too. And we have some pretty good coaches, some damn good coaches, and we’re going to make it work.”

    Asked if he had spoken to Jackson, Vick said, “Yeah, I’ll get the young guy together.”

  • Well yes D-Jax has been playing scared ball…… I can admit that…….. The hit the man took just a month ago I think he just hasn’t got over it…..

    We as fans can judge……… But we will never know what type of effect a hit like that can cause……… He dropped some catch able balls and would made a big difference in the game……..

    I said this last time we have no drama this season…….. I wish that this is not the time to start it now…….. PLEASE NO………. AR should take the blame for the horrible offensive play calling……… Not being more balanced…….. He has no faith in the O-LINE……. So what does that mean….. YOU fire your Offensive Line Coach Juan Castillo………

  • I hope that Big Red also called out the defense. They made Jay Cutler and the pathetic Bears offense look like world beaters.

    DJax is not the only player on that field that had a poor game. If Reid only called DJax out, that is wrong, but if he called out other players too, then DJax has to be man enough to take it.

  • well im personally glad to see players take losses hard so if thats the case i like it
    i think this is a combination of his individual production and the tough loss
    i just wonder if he had 7 rec 180 yards and 2 tds and we still loss would he be so down
    i hope so anyway

  • green he didnt call out djax for a poor game
    he called him out for effort
    coaches can live with poor games but not poor effort
    our secondary stunk all game but i personally didnt question any1’s effort

  • 25 points would have beaten the Bears….. Period……… It was the coaches not making adjustments at the right time…….. Alot of players out of position……. And just not stopping the run……. I’m telling you teams who struggle all season long figure out to turn it around against the BIRDZ some how…….. Every Year so what does that tell you…….. It’s the COACHING……… NOT the PLAYERS…… COACHING….. WE have a totally different players playing now………. NO excuse……

  • This is why many people see Maclin projected as a better receiver in the future. The problem with Jackson is that if he’s not getting the ball deep then he’s just a decoy. He can’t catch too many short passes because he’s liable to get hurt after being tackled by a linebacker. Either that or he’s out there falling around on the field to avoid a hit. Maclin just has the skills as size to be a complete receiver to hurt you anywhere on the field. And Maclin doesn’t have the ego (knock on wood) that Jackson has. I love jackson’s emotion and the chip he has on his shoulder because of his size but at the same time, he has to be mature and understand that defenses are trying to take him out the game. So he either has to be able to absorbed hits or shorter routes or live with getting shut down sometimes. But he definitely has to fix his attitude.

  • green I agree with you but the it depends on what Jackson was called out for. It seems he gets mad and thinks it’s everyone else’s fault when they play bad but most other guys, hold themselves accountable. Jackson can’t go out their short-arming passes and then pout like a baby when he doesn’t have a good night. I’m pretty sure everyone on that defense is holding themselves accountable and not acting like it’s someone’s else fault they had a bad night.

    I have no problem with what Andy did. One thing we can all agree on is that he can get his team to play well in december. If this is something that he felt needed to be done, then so be it. Hopefully it will light a fire under the entire team and they go on a tear. I wouldn’t be surprised if we blew the doors off Houston on Thursday.

  • @Scorp….. Your right that Maclin will be the better receiver future wise……. When the Eagles drafted Jackson they were expecting a guy for mainly the return game…… But he proved everyone wrong…….. Everyone was asking to get Malcolm Kelly or Devin Thomas for the Birdz to draft and where are they now……. He’s a guy who is young and will get his head on straight……. But Reid shouldn’t have called the guy out……. It should have been reid under the bus more than him…….

  • I can’t agree with you on that JROC,
    The Coaches aren’t the one missing blocks and tackles and assignment and not catching the ball,etc,etc, This Eagle team is young and a little immature which showed up yesterday…
    They need to put the papers,media ,talk radio away and focus on the task at hand

    As far as D-Jax, I think I have mentioned for a few weeks now that he has not gone all out on many of his routes and seems to be playing at 3/4 speed instead of 100% I am glad the Coach called him out on it for it’s been pretty obvious that when he’s not the primary WR or doesn’t get many balls his way early, that he begins to sulk and give up on a lot of plays. He’s afraid of getting hurt and is an extremely dynamic WR/Returnman, but if he doesn’t play at full speed, then he’s just another small fast guy to me and actually hurts you in other areas since he doesn’t block, doesn’t sell routes, etc,etc. I will go on the record again that he is not a #1 Type of WR and I would never pay him as such, now he is even going wimpy on Punt Returns..

  • jroc, in my opinion, Reid can do whatever he thinks is necessary to get his team ready for the next game. We know how careful Reid is when protecting his players so if he did this, then we gotta trust him. He gets his players to play hard especially at the end of the year so I have no problem. One of the reason is because he knows how to get full effort out of his players and if he’s in any way feeling that someone isn’t giving him full effort then he can do what he wants. He did this in the locker room and not on the podium. DJack just acts like a baby and wants to be pampered instead of treated like a man. He wants to be paid like a number 1 receiver then he better start catch balls like one.

  • @Paulman…….. The special teams have been horrible this year what do you mean……. #2 Deshawn is the most double covered receiver in the league right or wrong……. Theres always a corner and safety on him almost at all times……… When have we seen Pinkston and Thrash getting double coverages….. UMMMM NEVER………. Everyone has there own flaws…….. Strengths and weakness…….. Other than that this guy gave us the best overall receiver the birdz have seen in years……. His youth is in question yes it is….. He’ll get better……. It’s his 3rd year…… The guy is young……..

  • Just keep getting stronger Maclin. You’re about to take over as the face of this WR corps.

  • paulman, I agree with you. Yesterday was more about the players than coaching. I do question a couple things Reid did yesterday like the 1st timeout in the 2nd half and the field goal when you still need 2 touchdowns either way but that’s normal with Andy to give us some questionable coaching decisions. Yesterday the players did not executed. Period.

  • One thing that looked obvious yesterday was the speed their WRs had over our secondary. It was a combination of the field and their speed. Their receivers aren’t that good but they are fast. They would catch the ball 10 yards and make one cut and be gone. Our secondary was clearly overmatched yesterday and Mikell continues to look bad in big games.

  • @Scorp your right……… It’s just the Eagles have alot of young guys and there youths show……. Young guys dont have thick skin and he just has to get over the fact that he had a terrible game…….. AR always had veteran guys to either get players right……. Its a young team and AR needs to take some of the blame as well as D-Jax………. Passing the ball like crazy only leads to losses…… Look at the Colts now………. No balance……. But your right Scorp…… Deshawn needs to get it together……

  • @Paulman……. Yes the players didnt execute…… But what coach call for a shotgun pass 2nd and goal on the 4 yard line???????? Can you please answer that one for me………. It just puzzles me?????? The coaches have to take blame as well as the players…….. You have safeteys for the bears playing 20yards back and you dont run the ball??????? Just doesnt make since to me……… They played so far back it looked like the last play of the game hail mary pass they were expecting……

  • thats because djax is a slot wr
    a great slot wr
    and i can understand him in the game with some 2 wr sets but for the most part we have to switch it up put him where he is best suited in the slot especially on passing situations
    put avant or cooper oustide put djax in the slot
    the 1 big play we hit on the outside yesterday was cooper cause he didnt have to outrun his man he was able to use his body to adjust to a perfect throw
    djax is unabe to make these type plays because of size
    also i noticed djax is fine on the outside when we have a running game and the playaction helps him
    when we have no running gm djax struggles outside

  • Phillywill YOU said it BEST BRO!!!!! NO running game…… Didnt use Harrison enough…….. No balance leads to this……. COACHING>>>>>>>>>

  • another thing every time the bears lined up with a slot wr they threw a slant to the wideout on that same side
    im so pissed im sitting at home like our slot cb is bump and run and our outside cb is 15 yards down the field for a free release so when the wr’s cross its creating a natural pick
    we got beat with it 4 or 5 times 3 times or 3rd down
    im just a regular fan a nobody if u will
    i see this with my naked eye y tf cant trained professional coaches (mcdermot) and starting nfl corners see this
    if anything switch up bump the outside give free release to inside
    dont just do the same thing all game its annoying im no1 and can see this

  • Problem is as I have been posting Vick is only 6 ft and doesn’t throw the quick 3 step drop over the middle –this allows teams to play the safeties deep and in some cases Vick waits too long waiting for them to get open giving the D a chance to get to him

    Whatever the Saints do to make up for Drew Brees being only 6 ft the Eagles need to do

    Notice how the D fell apart after that Int cost the Eagles a TD and the Bears went right down for a TD

    Same thing happened against the Titans with the fumble on the 3 –a FG and 3 quick TDs

  • yes rcp the d was great before that point lol

  • Maybe DeSean should only be used on Kickoff and Punt Returns and start Avant and Maclin and bring Hall in off the PS

  • All I ever hear out of Paulman’s mouth is some negative BS even after victories…All he does is criticize, as if he is the professor of football, and each game is an exam…Because of yesterday’s game now he predicts that the Eagles will go 3 -2 the rest of the way…Lets not give up hopes on this team just yet, because of a game that was very winnable..The Eagles as a team did not play well, but still stayed in it…for a young immature team, that says alot! This loss was a good loss…if there is a such thing. There are definitely things that can be learned players and coaches.

  • Mickell has played 2 very poor games back to back after a pretty godo start of the Season
    Maybe it’s time for the Allen & Coleman tandem to start..
    Most teams #1 WR’s are double teamed a lot and they still perform and help teams out in other ways by being a decoy, blocking downfield,etc,etc, D-Jax hangs his head too much and doesn’t want to get hurt and you cannot play that way. On those last 2 fair-catches on Punts yesterday in the 4th Quarter. The team needs a spark, a big play or something and he calls for “Fair Catch” on both of them when he had some room to manuver.. He is not playing at a All-Pro level at either the WR/Return man positions in my opinion and really hasn’t for most of the season

  • Desean Jackson is the most exciting player on the Eagles, along with Vick. Don’t turn on Desean. He loves to play. He’s young… and spoiled like the rest of the wide receivers in the NFL. But not a jerk like many.

  • @RCP the defense had already given up 2 TD’s, do you watch the games?…the interception had absolutely nothing to do with the defense! That drive should have actually helped the defense…They should have been a little rested up considering how long the O kept them on the sideline

  • rcp, we heard you the first 100 times. You don’t have to keep talking about Vick’s height. Last time you couldn’t stop posting about completion percentage and now Vick has maintained a percentage over 60% you harp on something else. It’s not his height as much as the interior part of the line not holding up. You get that close to any QBs face ball will get tipped and their view will be obstructed. Sure a guy that’s 6’4 would have a better view is some cases but the heart of the problem is with the interior line. Just stop it.

  • jroc, Andy takes the blame every game even when it’s clear that players did things wrong. If he want’s to tear into a guy, I do not care. Let him do it. Desean has been around for 3 years and he thinks it’s all fun and games with Andy. Well Andy has to set him straight and we will see how he responds.

  • PW, the problem is that Avant isn’t fast enough to play on the outside. Cooper can play their but if you put Jackson in the slot too much, he’s liable to get more contact either from hits after catches or LBs getting in his face within 5 yards after he comes off the line. I do think they have to move him around more but he’s doesn’t have the strength to consistently play the slot.

  • yes real we had already been gashed by a 60 yard run and like a 50 yard pass at that point
    after the int we just gave up a 3rd big play lol
    and to think we had the big play o
    look no such thing as a good lost but we played pretty lousy and still could have easily won
    im not on this the season is over crap
    im still feeling good
    i feel good about our players taking losses to heart
    im feeling good about our qb playing defenses that he will see in the offs and they r preety much playing the schemes he’s gonna see
    these r the blueprint schemes for vick 29-44 300+ yards and he has plenty to improve on
    u guys know im not even a positve dude but im feeling very positive and i pray we get to play that team again come playoff time

  • Sometimes when they are calling the plays, I feel like I’m watching 2 people play madden and we are the guys that keep passing the ball because we see something there but just can’t execute it. We don’t run the ball enough at times. I know we weren’t that successful but it’s hard when you barely do it. You have to keep trying to run it. I think we got away from it too early but that’s typical of Andy. I’m not surprised by that at all.

  • @Scorp……. Young guys need this……… What ever he said it is what it is…….. He’ll respond grealty i beleive………. AR takes alot of the blame as a coach for years…….. But adjustments AR is a big question mark on him……. Thats all i’m saying…… Good point tho…..

  • i dont think wes welker has the strength either scorp
    djax better get his ass on the phone asap
    how r u doing this ?
    should be his 1st ques

  • I think that the eagles will be a great arena league team……. The’ll win it every year with all this passing…….

    I play my season in Madden and even I have balance……. McCoy is the leading candidate for MVP in my season LOL!!!!! @ SCORP

  • No rcp. DJack is not only for punt returns.And how many kickoff returns have you seen in run in his NFL career? Avant is too slow for the outside and you lose your speed and then coverage rolls Maclin’s way. The getting the ball to Jackson starts with having a good running game. The safeties can just sit back deep when they know you aren’t going to run it or you can’t. We didn’t have a good rushing game against the Giants until McCoy broke off those 2 long runs at the end of the game. When the running game is good, it opens up things downfield. And in this game we went away from it too early.

  • but our runs are like gadget runs wtf
    seems like half our runs come from shotgun
    get vick under center run some roll out plays bootlegs misdirections then we can hand the ball off under center and when we wanna do our andy”s fav play (roll the pocket play action) (1st play vs skins) it will actually work
    u wont roll the pocket into a sack on the 4 yardline and end up with a fg

  • The Bears basically ran out the whole 3rd quarter………. They had a good scheme and Mike Marts deserves the credit…… He out played mcdermott with the quick passes and with our corners not bumping and playing physical…….. WE JUST GOT FLAT OUT EXPOSED!!!!!

  • The problem with djax is his strength, the vertical game, doesn’t mesh with Reid’s and MM’s O philosophy of short pass, yards after catch, the passing game really a running game. He will always be somewhat limited in this system, and look for Maclin to assume bigger role, Cooper as well. Poor attitude doesn’t help. To me, not a philly guy.

  • jroc, yeah I agree. Adjustments have always been a problem with Andy but I don’t think that was a problem here as much as the players not getting it done. He doesn’t call defense so it’s not his fault if his defense can’t tackle and getting gashed by Forte. he can’t help that Desean short armed a pass or Vick didn’t run when he could have or the INT. Yes, I agree Reid doesn’t always do everything right. Believe me, I am one of the first to criticize him, but on this I’m siding with him because our guys didn’t play well on the field.

  • Phillywill your right……… It just opens up alot more things……… Gadget runs only work when needed….. NOT this BS…… FLICK THE BALL HERE AND THERE>>>>>> What happen to good old regular SMASH MOUTH!!!!!!!!

  • Bad game all around….. O-line, 2ndary, playcalling…. Everything. Thats why i told you guys to settle down about playing the falcons at home in Jan. Worry about THIS GAME ONLY!!! We lost to the bears… oh well…. now we are onto the TEXANS. Beat the texans… they might even be without their star WR. My brother said it best…..”we are not as good as we think when they win….we are not as bad as we think when they dont win”.

    it was 1 game. just like the skins game was 1 game (ok… actually 2 but you know what i mean). Lets go birds…. kill the texans!!

  • PW, LOL. Yeah but Welker has a little more bulk on him and frankly, he’s not as scared as Jackson. Jackson will get beat up in the inside if he was in there consistently.

  • jake, I agree and disagree at the same time. I do agree that Jackson is as well suited for the short passing game of a true WCO offense BUT this hasn’t been a short passing team or offense for almost a decade. Andy likes big plays down the field. We cannot sit here and say this offense is a short passing offense. Since when? Surely not with McNabb who has troubles throwing slants and quick outs. This is an explosive big play offense and Reid has made it like that since 2004.

  • @Scorp……. Your right the players did play terrible maybe because of the field IDK….. Which was terrible……… But the Birdz have to get things done no excuse…….

    It seems that when our penalties are up we play better…….. But when we have less penalties…… We dont play well WTF!!!! LOL……… JUST DOESN’T ADD UP

  • Stevo you are correct. It’s never as bad as people make it seem when you lost and never as good when you win. People overreact. We just talked last week about how a team can look great one week and bad the next week. That’s what happens in the NFL. Losing yesterday doesn’t make us a bad team. It shows us that the team still had to improve like most other teams in the league.

  • jroc that is funny and true. We get over 100 yards of penalties when everything is rolling and penalties aren’t a factor when we’re getting beat. If that’s the case, I need a couple more false starts from Peters and pass interferences from Mikell.

  • And as weather gets colder, defenses get better, the O must rely less on big strike play, keep the undersized D off the field, D was gassed yesterday, ball controlled, sustained drives, can be pass happy with this, but hey must be short throws, incorporate the bigger guys, especially Celek over the middle, kind of like the play against the Giants.

  • Scorp, I don’t know, Reid always favored the WC timing throws, even with TO, who had size to go over the middle, big yac, I think Reid in a liitle bit of conflict: personnel v. system, although I think Vick can run the WC system, conflict more with DJAX

  • jroc i must confess
    im a huge hippocrit
    i talk all this do this and do that
    but on madden u wont see a run outta me unless im on the 1 lol fb dive
    clearly andy reid would be watching my game like Jesus run the ball
    but unlike the birds im a beast lol

    and i swear i should print screen my madden nano’s on d and fwd them to mcdummit

  • Eagles won TOP in yesterday’s game……That 3rd quarter defense is on of the things that hurt us…not the fact the Bears scored, but like Jroc said, the fact the Bears ate up damn near the entire 3rd quarter clock…I think the Eagles have shown they can produce without the big strike play…

  • Jake, but that’s not what this Eagles offense has been. It has not been strictly about short timing routes. It’s been about getting the ball down field. Sure they was some here throws here and there but that’s not core of this offense. It hasn’t been like that in a long time. It’s a big play offense that is built to check down when the big play isn’t there and loosen things us with screen plays and misdirection. Not a 3 step get the ball out offense. It’s just not.

  • Yeah PW, sometimes watching is like watching Madden. All passing, and blitzing on defense. But the most frustrating players on madden are the well balanced ones who don’t mind rushing for 3 or 4 yards every other down.

  • No comparison between Welker and D-Jax,
    Welker is one tough dude who plays reckless and has since his College days at Texas Tech
    He has no fear and actually has a lot more strength in his upper & lower body than most would think and definitely has moure strength and toughness than D-Jax does who has crazy flat out speed but very little strength in the small,thin frame of his…

  • Good point Real, if red zone wasn’t so bad a different story

  • Thought you guys might find it interesting to see what people are saying on yardbarker

    www. yardbarker. com/forum/3/57

  • most frustrating maybe scorp
    but the killers as we call them
    no1 runs (besides 3rd and shorts and goaline plays very limited running)
    madden is to easy
    if any1 bets on madden let me know
    i have a circle of dudes who bet and pretty much play for any amount
    and im dead serious

  • wes welker
    1 good game since the departure of moss
    maybe 1 and a half

  • realtalk….have the eagles produced without the big strike?

    From the Daily News:

    “Take out the Washington game and they’re a lousy 6-for-23 in the red zone in their last five games.”

  • nba 2k 11 as well please if u bet please let me know

  • The coaches have to do more to get the ball in his hands. Call some WR screens or reverses. Those seam to work in the the playoff game against Dallas last year but it was too late to recover. Just get the ball in Djax’s hands!!

  • LOL PHILLYWILL! Im balanced on my madden game……… I feel you on that bro!!! Mcdermott needs some of those Nanos…….. Please send it to him LOL!!!!

    To Vinniethevictor!!!! We dont need any of your Tragic Julius Caesar stories…… The Birds lost a game are you happy!!!!!!! MAN its tough to have a so call Eagles Fan post so much negative comments on almost every post……….. JUST SAD!!!!

  • PHILLY WILL I run with the MAGIC on 2K11…….. I have PS3 what do you have? I’m good on 2k11……. MY man…… Madden is my thing tho!!!!!!

  • PW, LOL. I don’t want to talk to much about Madden but the best players in the world that play it are more balanced in their play calling. Sure not 50/50 but definitely not 90/10 LOL.

  • It just makes me laugh that guys on this site agree and disagree on things and people just look at all the negatives……. We are mourning this loss and someone has to drop an atom bomb to add insult to injury……….. Just doesn’t add up!!!!!!!

  • PW, you play on xbox or ps3?

  • D-Jax,
    No good games in about 3-4 weeks himself..
    Red-Zone woes, If Vick doesn’t scramble in for a TD, then it will be lots of FG’s for he doesn’t make his reads quick enough on the short routes where space on the field is limited and open lanes to passthe ball don’t last long.. Unless the play is broke down completely and VIck runs out of the pocket and the receivers scramble around,he & the Eagles will have problems scoring TD’s versus the better Defenses. If facing him, I would rush 3 and drop back 8 Defenders and make him throw into tight windows and have the D/Line get their hands up to deflect

  • The Eagles have produced 398 yards of total offense against Chicago Bears defense, isnt bad if you ask me…Yes, Vinnie, the Eagles need to score touchdowns instead of kicking field goals! That is obvious, especially if the defense is going to allow teams to march down the field like the Bears did…

    *****you do realize “last 5 games” means it dates back to the Tennessee game, in which your boy started, so he has a hand in those stats…so watch whatever your trying to get at..

  • Yeah PW, I don’t think anyone is saying that Welker is better than Jackson and yes he has had really one good game since Moss left, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a better slot receiver than DJack could ever bee. DJack is like Moss. A deep threat who has no direct impact on the game if he’s not catching the ball deep. But at the same time opens up for his teammates because defenses fear his speed. This is why we see Avant having some nice games as well as Maclin. Avant is our Welker. DJack is too scared to play the slot. He wouldn’t be able to consistently handle getting hit and jammed by LBs.

  • Aye SCORPIDSU……. I run till the wheels fall off on madden……. LOL! Yea I get a few passes here in there when needed…… But I focus on more running out of the shotgun…… And I-formation……… Singleback as well……… Even Third and short I run also!!!! THROW GUYS OFF LOL! I do have clock management skills tho!!!!! LOL

  • I think we need to go a lot more 2 TE set in the red zone with Cooper and Maclin out there. Take DJack out and put some bigger physical guys out there who if all else fails can at least block somebody. To help Vick or McCoy get around a corner or something. DJack just doesn’t need to be in a much in those small areas. Just too hard to get his little body the ball.

  • jroc, I like to think I’m around 60/40 for the most part. I do pretty well. If I am playing someone who blitzes all the time then I’ll throw until my man’s arm falls off. But for the most part I try to keep the other person off balanced. Anyone play on 360, hit me up scorpdsu

  • Aye realtalk777……… Heres my slogan for VINNIE,………….. VINNIE SAYS PLENTY but DONT TALK ANY……….. ANY nonsense from him is just like explaining color to a man that is born BLIND!!!! YOUR NOT GONNA GET ANY WHERE!!!!!!

  • They got an article on profootballtalk saying that Andy was mad at jackson for not taking pregame drills seriously and combine that with looking like not giving full effort all the time and you get chewed out.

  • Aye Scorp……. Remember the birds put Herramans in at goal line and he was the TE and caught a TD for the BIRDZZZZ!!!!!! What happen to that?????? plays like that need to be open…….. But shotgun and 2nd and goal…………. I just scream at the T.V. LIKE “WHAT ARE THEY DOING”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DJAX no good games in 3 -4 weeks?

    Against the Colts – he had 7 receptions for 109 yards, not a good game?
    Against the Skins 3 weeks back – he had 2 receptions for 98 yards (really didnt need to do much else in this game, you seen it, not a good game?)
    Against the Gaints – he had 5 receptions for 50 yards, some key 3rd down catches…Maclin had 120 yards that game…

    Ease up on the DJAX talk…he is doing fine!
    Yesterday, he only had 2 catches for 26 yards…didnt play well yesterday, but he had played well the previous weeks…

    damn, you guys are quick to crucify someone..

    Hello Philly faithful! you guys are ridicolous!

  • Excuse me WHAT ARE WE DOING>>>>>>> LOL!!!!!!!

  • im not comparing who is better or anything between welker and djax
    but i do think djax should be used more out of the slot and im not saying for short quick routes
    if u have avant outside let him come over the middle send djax on corner routes post rotues whatever but do it from the slot
    and i have both systems but i play on xbox
    but i have dudes that bet on both ps3 and xbox on madden
    for 2k11 its strictly xbox as of right now

  • Sorry, last comment was meant for PMAN and others that share his view

  • ONE BAD Game……. Guys will turn like quickly…….. I just dont understand….. LOL its comical…. D-Jax is the best receiver we had in Philly in YEARS……. Since Fred Barnett and Calvin Williams……. Other than Terrel OWENS and Westbrook (lol not a receiver but yall get the point what i mean) This shouldn’t be a discussion!!!!! LET the guy live!!!!

  • Realtalk, sometimes paulman just says stuff without the facts.

  • And this season alone….. We havn’t had alot of 3 and outs which is good……. So for anyone to say we have issues…… YES we do……. Alot of teams have even worse issues such as fumbles, INT…… ETC…. But just this one thing and guys are jumping all over this topic…… Points are points…………….. this is just something the birds have had for years…. We’ll get it right…….

  • He says 3-4 weeks. Well 3 weeks ago he did all that was needed in the skins game. Big game against the Colts. And before that he didn’t play against the Titans but was having a pretty good game before he got injured against the Falcons. So he’s not playing nearly as bad Paulman wants to make it seem. But defenses are taking away the deep ball. In order to get him going, we need the running game going. If that’s not going, it’s easier to stop him.

  • @Scorp your are right…. Teams are letting Vick’s arm beat them……. And if you dont have the right director (AR+MM) with poor quality camera’s and terrible green screen…….. Good Actors……… What type of movie is that going to be……. LIFE Time movie…… OR a Big movie that I can watch and eat POPCORN at the same time……. LOL!!! IT was a poor game all around…. But when safeties play back so far and you dont witness that……. Then theres something wrong……..

  • AR+MM have been A+ through the winning streak……. THey just have gotten away from whats been winning……. And for Bobby April……. Your done…… NO MORE APRIL….. NO MORE APRIL…… NO MORE APRIL…… NO MORE APRIL>………………

  • @scorps

    true indeed! the running game has to be utlized better and in different ways..I think we tried to establish a running game early on…but then we were down by two possessions…Somehow we have to do a better job running the ball in the redzone, (overall) not just the passing game…We were very limited in running last week, against the Giants, if McCoy didnt have those two big runs, the running game would have been damn near non existant..AR doesn’t have faith in the running game and with our O line who could blame him, they can’t even protect the QB how we expect them to open up running lanes consistently?

  • According to Ike Reese, Jackson is the lowest paid starter on offense. After getting his head knocked off, you can’t blame him for throttling back a bit.

    At the same token, he’s dropped 3 TDs in the last two games.

    I still have a problem with play-calling. We are known as a screen team, but we haven’t run many screens since the Atlanta game, despite having enjoyed great success when we’ve done so.

  • Dude dropped 2 TD passed last night. Why should he get a free pass? Why does the coach always have to coddle these guys? If you ask me, he should be owning how bad he played. Yes he is the biggest deep threat they have, but how does that change last night?

    And yes he wasn’t the reason why they lost last night. That falls squarely on the shoulders of the defense and special teams. If you want to fire anyone, fire the Special Teams coach.

  • Bugsy

    I like Jackson, but I agree with you. He dropped a sure TD on a quick slant yesterday and he dropped two potential TDs against the Giants.

    On the other hand, Jackson contributes more to this offense than meets the eye. Because of his speed, Chicago’s safeties were playing 20 yards off the ball. Reid should have been able to exploit that.

  • man let owen schmitt plow in there a la mike alstott sometimes
    i feel like our run plays are like mostly gadgets
    im not about to complain about passing cause i love andy for this passing but at the same time we have to pick and choose better spots to run the ball
    1 of them being 3rd and 3 from the 3
    y not run at worse case u prob set urself up with a tough call a 4th and 1 with 1 of the best qb sneak qb bootleg qbs ever
    i dont understand #7 poses a problem to defeneses but if we r gonna make #7 brett favre whats the point of having him
    the redzone should be a problem at all
    andy stop helping defenses
    mike vick stop helping the defense
    use all our strengths in this area
    especially ur legs vick im not saying run it in but lets get him on the move run pass option type plays down there wtf seems like common sense u just let the man run the dam wildcat a whole yr call 1 of those plays lol

  • Also, play-calling in the red zone continues to be an issue. Who calls a screen from the 10-yard line?

    Our scoring from the red zone is horrendous, and were it not for Vick’s draw plays, our scoring from the red zone would be even worse.

    This is not a new issue. It’s been ongoing for years, now.

  • No drummer. I gotta disagree with you there. Your effort is not based on your pay. You should always give full effort, always. The business side is different that the game. If you take care of the field then the business side would take care of itself. He does not get a pass for “throttling it down” because of his pay. Nope. Sorry. Not playing 100% is the quickest way to not get the money you think you deserve.

  • bugsy, you are right on point. I don’t care how much he contributes, HE DOES NOT GET TO TAKE PLAYS OFF. Period. You go hard or sit your butt down. Go ahead and be a slouch like Randy Moss and wonder why teams don’t want you.

  • If there is one thing Philly fans cannot stand when it comes to our athletes is not giving 100% all the time. And like all of our other athletes he is treated the same way. He does not get any special treatment when the plays he is “half-steppin” could win us games. That just doesn’t fly for me. This city wanted to run McNabb out for years because they thought he wasn’t serious enough and you mean to tell me it’s ok for DJack to not go hard? Hell naw!

  • Vinnie

    Both you and Paul said that Vick made a bad read and threw into triple coverage on the interception. Turns out the pass was intended for Maclin.

    How did you guys arrive at the conclusion that a tipped pass was thrown into triple coverage. Guesswork, wishful thinking or just hate?

    Vinnie, you’ve gone on record about your dislike for Vick as a QB. I can respect that and I understand your biased posts, but Paul, you “act” one way, and feel another.

    You try to hide it, but your words betray you. Just man up and say you don’t like Vick. There’s no shame in being you.

  • Last week on the Andy Reid /Merill/Howard Eskin Show Reid called Jackson out for not holding on to a TD catch in the End Zone –That was the first time I heard him criticize an individual player–He must have really been getting frustrated with DeSean and yesterday pushed him over the top

  • Preach on Drummer Preach on…….. TELL EM TELL EM like it is………. I just dont understand……. If you hate the man than JOIN PETA……….. But this is Football criticize his game on the field…… Being prodigios gets you no where/////// @VINNIE

  • Scorp

    I respect your view. Ideally, it would be great if money never was an issue, but, as we all know, it is. People respond to money issues in different ways. T.O. wreaked havoc and Jackson may have become unwilling to risk injury.

    When you play in the NFL, you risk a great deal. One of the reasons the NFL is fining people for vicious hits is because of their fear of lawsuits. Many NFL players are dying young and some of their deaths are being linked to their play in the NFL.

    With that in mind, being severely underpaid can be an issue. When the top receiver in the NFL makes 18 times more than I do, and I’ve been to the pro bowl (at two positions), I’d have some concerns. When everyone on the offense earned more that I, I’d have a problem. That’s just me.

  • Jroc

    “Prodigious?” I’m impressed.!!! LOL!

  • Damn my bad Drummer I missed a “U”!!!!!! LOL

  • Philly Will

    The Eagles D sacked Cutler 3 times on the two series before the Vick INT and were reving it up and then collapsed after the INT letting the Bears score a quick TD

  • I’m not defending Jackson’s play. I’ve been critical of his play in my posts.

    I’m only saying that I understand where he “might” be coming from and, if that’s the case, I don’t blame him.

  • A guy with the screen name JROC…… People think “ohhhhhh heres a post from a guy called JROC”! LOL……. ITs just funny……. USER NAME………. ITS just funny!!!!! HAAAA JOKES>>>>>>

  • @Drummer

    I agree!
    Paulman, should man up and say he doesn’t like the man…If any other QB had the type of game Vick did stats wise, he wouldnt say anything about it…From looking at the game chat yesterday, I see he was one of the first to compare Vick checking down to Kolb checking down…why even bring Kolb up? unless you have a motive….

  • Andre johnson 6’5 230-235lbs. solid……. courtland finnagan 5’11 185-190 maybe! I bet is on JOHNSON!!!! I bet you Finnagan will think AGAIN about that mistake…….. Whats up with his hair lol!

  • @Real…… I think Paulman must work for KOLB’s Agent or something…… LOL IDK……… He feels he’s on the hotseat about his job LOL! IDK…….. Why is KOLB in this anyway…….

  • Scorp is correct, I said it before, he is not a philly guy, can’t warm up to his antics, at least TO wanted to win, always laid it out there, this pay thing is crap, play like a beast and you will get paid, Ryan Howard was underpaid for years and he flat out played and got paid. Besides, what the hell is up the Nationals cap, I see alot of brothers hoodn it w/ Phillies stuff

  • I feel you drummer but I’m still not giving anyone any passes because of their contract. There’s nothing anyone could ever say to make me feel that it’s ok for a player to not give 100%. Nothing at all. He and everyone else is supposed to play hard all the time. If not, you get chewed out just like he did.

  • We tend to give players passes in this city if we like them but mistreat other players because we don’t like their personalities even if the 1st player doesn’t do all the things necessary to win. But in Philly, that’s ok as long as we like him. The 2nd guy can try his hardest but if we don’t like him, bench him, cut him or trade him. And that’s crap. Jackson can get criticize just like anyone else. If you are on the field, you play at 100% all the time. Period.

    I can name several TRUE #1 WRs I’d take over him. And I’m a Jackson fan but there’s no excuse for that. None whatsoever.

  • Hell my bosses chew me and everyone else on the job……. LOL! why is Football any different……. And they get paid Alot more…… If I was getting some of these contracts….. I’ll do 100% at any position……. Im a Buck 85 if you want me to play guard….. Hell I’ll try……. Might not do you any good but i’ll give 100% LOL!!!

  • Oh, yea!

    He deserved to get chewed out. It’s the coach’s job to motivate. Realistically, because of his size, Jackson’s a one-trick pony. Like I’ve always said, he’s Todd Pinkston on steroids, but he’s still Todd Pinkston. When Pinkston went to the pro bowl, he was able to do so because of T.O.

    T.O. was a threat from anywhere on the field. Because of his size and strength, he could turn a quick slant into a 60-yard TD. We don’t have that type of threat at receiver.

    Yesterday would have been a perfect opportunity for a receiver who can break tackles. The middle of the field was open. We were able to exploit that, but no one could take it to the house.

  • I agree Drummer but we caught TO in the prime of his career. Our entire WRs corps is young. I could see Maclin being a playmaker after he catches the ball but it’s only his second year. He still needs to get better and build more strength and that will happen over time. Avant just isn’t explosive enough. he can break tackles but he can’t run away from anyone. I think our WRs compliment each other very well at the end of the day. We just have to be smarter about personnel and play selection in the redzone. For instance, Vick missed that shovel pass to Celek when he hit the o-lineman in the back. He threw it too far out in front. Celek would have walked in. I’d like to see a lot more double TE, Avant and Maclin down there. Not so much of Jackson.

  • Scorp


    You made some good points. Better execution is necessary. The shuttle pass requires timing. That’s the advantage of practicing with your starting QB during training camp. Of course, Vick was not our starter during camp.

    No one’s mentioned this, but our offense was built for a right-hander. So many things are affected when you go to a left hander.

    I also agree that Jackson may need to be replaced at certain times during the game. I suggested it yesterday. Hey, if you can’t stand the heat . . .

  • I would have been happy if D-Jax would have at least attempted to run one of the Punts back in the 4th Quarter, your team is down 2 scores and needs a big play and you fair catch the ball, that’s chicken-shit if you ask me and I guarantee Coach AR was not happy about either of those and it appears he had some room on that 1st one to make something happen..
    If you want to get paid like a star, then play like a star…

  • I do not know whether or not the money angle plays. If he had cashed a huge check, he’d still be scared. I am not blaming him for it either, he has a sound reason to fear for his health, but the truth is simply, he does not have the bodytype to be an NFL player for any extended period of time. There was a reason he was a 2nd round pick and not a 1st, and I do not think it had much to do with his attitude. You can only outrun NFL players for so long, and they will scheme up to keep you in front of them.

  • SO you mean to tell me!!! NOT TO defend JACKSON……….. REAL LIFE TALK……. GOD forbid…… But if you got into a major car accident and avoided serious Injury……. But you dont remember a thing on what happened……. YOU mean to tell me a week or two later…… I’m ready to get back on the road again……… NFL is constant contact……. Yes we can judge on what the man has been doing as of LATE…….. But this is real LIFE here…… Concussion’s are at an all time high…….. D-Jax took maybe one of the worse hits i’ve seen since BOLDIN when they played the JETS……… THe guy was motionless……… AR can say what he wants…… But its easy to say things when YOU out weight your team mates by 300lbs. when you were a kid……… He was a grown man against a bunch of babies!!! LOL…… Im a beast on call of duty…… But if I was in a real war……… It will be a different story……….. Relate if you’ve been through it……. Thats all I’m saying!!!

  • I don’t know what the situation is with the punts and I won’t speculate. Ahem. .

    I will say that Jackson’s got to play smart. It doesn’t do us any good for him to get injured trying to be brave. He can’t help us from the training room. He does need to hold onto the ball when it’s thrown his way.

  • Jroc, that’s his job. Short arming passes is understandable, but just because it is a reasonable response does not mean it does not hurt the team. I think everybody agrees that he is one hit away from a big big issue. However, if he cannot put it behind him, then he ceases to be useful to the team. There are plenty of jobs in the world that do not require physical contact or collisions. Djax does not have one of those jobs. This is a serious issue, Coach has to find out if he can challenge the young man and get him to step up his level of play, or why bother to have him on the team? Usain Bolt is faster than everybody, but that does not make him an NFL receiver. My totally unscientific guess was he had maybe 5 or so years to play in the NFL. I am actually starting to wonder if it will be that long, unless his role is diminished and he is shielded as much as possible. The bottom line is that shielded players with reduced roles do not sign big $ contracts, he may simply have to come to grips with that, if he chooses to contnue as an NFL player.

  • Drummer, they been doing that shovel pass all year with McCoy in almost the same spot. Vick either put the ball to far out in front of Celek or Celek turned upfield too fast. After looking at the play and the way the blockers led, it looks like Celek ran the play correctly and Vick was just off a little. Regardless of what the reasons whether it be practicing in training camp, he still was off. They practice together all week long and training camp is not an excuse. No one asked any questions about being in camp together when we scorched the Redskins for 59 points. It wasn’t an issue then and it’s not now. When you have defenders all in your face he’s not going to be as accurate. But they just missed the play. Plain and simple. No excuses.

  • anderson you are right. jroc, of course it would be natural to short arm some passes but that’s not what the issue is. It’s whether it’s hurting the team or not. That’s a lot different. The most natural response may not be the best one. I am just wondering if he’s consciously doing it, or just his natural reaction because of the injuries. I can understand it either way but doesn’t mean it’s acceptable especially when you aren’t taking pregame drills seriously and hot dogging around out there. If he’s out there on the field and ready to play he has to play like it. No player can play out there scared or they will hurt the team and it’s more likely they get hurt again by trying to hard to avoid it. No excuses. Period.

  • Scorp

    It could have been Cole’s fault. He may have taken a step too far backwards.

  • Scorp

    I haven’t seen the play run to Celek. It’s a completely different timing from McCoy.

  • @Anderson….. I feel you it is his job…….. I agree with you on that…… But how many mistakes has D-jax career has made for the Birdz……. Not that many thats all I’m saying……… We’ve had receivers drop plenty of balls throughout there career!!!!! Its just been a few games…… In question not his whole career(which is short thus far)……. When we actually see the after game locker room celebration….. We see Jackson at center stage congratz to everyone……… He’ll be fine……. It takes room and time to grow as an individual!!!! Not for nothing this kid has handle things with some class….. You got guys like T.O. and Ocho Cinco who handle there situations like children and there much older…………. He’s young and will get better…….

    @Scorp Yes he needs to take the game serious your are correct…… Andy reid is taking on the youngest players he’s ever had in his whole entire coaching career…… This is something MINOR……. I beleive If the birds keep defenses guessing (being more balance) It opens up more plays for your receivers…….. D-Jax can be more productive!!!

  • No drummer, Cole was already making his way up the field. The ball was out in front of Celek. I’m not going to make every excuse for Vick. I like vick and i want him to succeed unlike some other “fans” on here but he missed the shovel pass and he miss the one to Celek wide open in the beginning of the game. Those are clear misses. Drummer, Vick can make mistakes too, ok? And on that shovel pass he threw it too far out, probably because of the incoming pressure. But pressure is suppose to come on a screen play. It wasn’t an issue with the timing of the play development, the pass was just off 3 yards in front of him. We don’t have to make every excuse in the book for Vick. Seriously.

  • I think that Vick and Celek need to work together a bit more…Not just yesterday’s game but a few games they have missed on a big connection. Celek hasn’t really been a big part of the offense and really that is due to the play calling…now that they appear to be trying to get Celek a bit more involved, Vick and Celek have to work on that chemistry…We loss the game, I didnt like all that I saw, but if I was a coach or player, I would be able to take a lot away from that game…as coach or player if you’re able to say if I did this differently we win the game (especially when game is decided by touchdown or less), then thats something to build on.

  • RealTalk I agree. Even after those games we won, we still had a lot to work on. So I don’t think it should be hell on earth after a loss to a good team on the road. I would have liked to see better effort but we will be fine.

  • And Vick and Celek ran that shovel pass earlier in the year. It’s nothing new. They were just off on the play. That happens sometimes. But I’m not going to make all kinds of excuses. Sometimes the players just miss.

  • Shady McCoy has more balls than Desaun and Macklin combined.

  • Another poor toss/throw by Vick on the missed shovel pass which Celek could have walked into the end-zone with, I just don’t like the call to begin with down in the Red-Zone and if you are going to do it, have a RB/WR be the option, not a TE ….
    And for the Record, I do not dislike D-Jax,Vick,Celek,Maclin,Bradley,Samuel or any other player on the Eagles, I am critical of their play and will call any player out on when I see a lack of effort, just like I will praise them when they play well, I am an Eagles Fans and will always support whoever wears the Green & Silver, but hearing all this. “the Eagles win because of Vick and Desean” all the time and then when they lose, no one wants to call either of them out for some bad plays,poor decisions and questionable effort (on D-Jax’s Part). It’s a team game win or lose and EAgles have no time to wallow for the Texans are coming in hwich is shaping up as the most important game of the year

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