• May 19, 2022

For Werth, It Was All About Business

You can’t blame Jayson Werth for taking the money. This was what Werth had been looking forward to for his entire career. With a World Series ring already in his possession, Werth had only one thing in his career that had eluded him: a lucrative contract.

Werth made it no secret that he was going to take the best deal on the table. He made it no secret that there would be no hometown discount. Werth has gone down a long road to get to the day that he finally got his big contract.

After suffering a broken wrist in Spring Training of the 2005 season, Werth’s career went on a downward spiral. He missed the entire 2006 season, and found himself on the scrap heap before the Phillies gave him an opportunity to revive his career. Werth finally put his career back on track with the Phillies, and made himself into a desirable asset again.

Werth got a fantastic offer from the Nationals, one that he couldn’t refuse. Did the Nationals overpay for Werth? Absolutely. They gave Werth the 12th richest contract in the history of baseball. The only way they could land Werth was to overpay for him, and give him whatever he wanted. The Nationals did just that, and they go their man.

Werth is being paid as though he is a cornerstone of an organization. He is not of that caliber. While Werth brings quite a bit to the table, he isn’t a guy who by himself will strike fear into the hearts of the average pitchers in the league.

Just as Werth can’t be blamed for taking the money, the Phillies can’t be blamed for not matching the offer. Ruben Amaro has already seen the dangers of giving a big contract to an outfielder that lasts until his late 30s. The Phillies are tied into Raul Ibanez for one more season, and don’t know what to expect from the soon to be 39 year old outfielder. The organization doesn’t want to have history repeat itself and be paying Werth big money into his late 30s.

Werth gave the Phillies four good seasons, and helped them win the second championship in the franchise’s history. Werth dreamed his whole career of this day. With a championship already in hand, and the Phillies offering him a contract worth just under half of what the Nationals were, how can you blame Werth for fulfilling his dream?

Denny Basens

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Don’t Blame Jayson Werth For Taking The Money

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  • Who can blame him…
    Nationals are trying to become competitve and especially after losing popular player in OF Dunn,
    they had to make a move for a power bat, so they end up overpaying, which is what happens..
    I still thought the move was to trade him last season at the deadline for a LHP in the Bullpen and
    an RH Batter who plays outfield..
    No real comparison with Ibanez, who was already 36 when the Phillies overpaid for him.
    I think there is little doubt that Werth will put up some good #’s over the next 4-5 Seasons barring any injuries, but he is not worth $18 Million for 7 Years
    (A 4 Year – $50-55 Million deal is what I would have offered)
    Nationals have Zimmerman,

  • Its why teams like the Nationals stay bad, and teams like the Phillies stay good. Ruben Amaro is an excellent GM.

  • I agree that overpaying players and especially veteran players is not the way to build a long-term competitve roster.. I also agree that RA has learned from one of the best in Pat Gillick, though I still
    think that RA has made some questionable moves,trades (Cliff Lee, amount of $$ for R Ibanez was too high making him untradelable) extending R Howard when it really wasn’t neccessary and really not addressing the bullpen & bench enough last off-season..
    This Off-season I would like to see RA concentrate on the following areas of need

    A proven LH Relief PItcher for the Bullpen
    A proven RH Batter who can play outfield on a rotating basis as well as PH and be a good locker room guy (M Diaz, J Francouer, T Willingham, B Hall)
    Need to start developing some young IF’s (for Rollins/Utley/Polanco) area all getting another year older as the injuries and the amount of games these guys have played start to mount up..

    If he can accomplish this, then it will be a succesful off-season

  • He made it pretty clear he was goig for the biggest check, and he got what he wanted, good on him. At least he wasn’t a Philly lifer, like BDawk, who would never leave us for just a few more bucks. Oh, wait… This simply reinforces to everybody who is paying attention that you should never, ever let yourself forget these guys are mercenaries, nothing else. They do not care about you, this city or this region. Your job as a fan is to pay up, show up and shut up.

  • Spot on AS,
    This is why I never let myself get emotionally involved with the players themselves, I love to follow the teams byut the players come and the go. I just hope that while they play for the Phila teams, that the do the Franchise’s and the Fans well by working hard to improve their skills,being good team players and respecting the sport,coaches and the fans..If they do that, I am happy to support them
    but if they are going to whine to the coaches,the media, be a “do your thing” kind of player,show disrespect to the sport,teammates,coaches and fans, then I say the hell with them..
    If you think about, all the Philadelphia Franchises have some good solid players on their teams,
    there have been very few instances where players where involved in trouble
    (M Patterson,T Herremans) from a couple of years ago..

  • I also appreciate that for the most part, we have had decent men to root for in the recent past. Sure, you can have a youngster bonehead move like when CBuck and that db were driving down South Street smoking weed, but kids are going to be kids, even in the NFL. Even though they won SB’s the whole “White House” crew in Dallas are still cokeheads who use whores to me, always will be. I am glad I did not have those bums in my stadium every week, regardless of how many games they won. Its no secret I have struggled somewhat with the whole Vick thing, but at the minimum you can say he is at least seeming to play the good guy role, doesn’t duck hard issues and did his time. I am never going to be his biggest fan, but I can at least justify giving him a shot to do the right thing. That seems fair to me. But I do not worship athletes, at the end of the day,they are just guys doing a job. Jason wanted his money, he got it.

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