• December 6, 2022

Key Injuries To Quarterbacks & Receivers Of Upcoming Opponents Could Help Birds

Injuries at key offensive positions to upcoming opponents could help the Eagles down the stretch.  These injuries are not only on the offensive side of the ball for the remaining teams on the schedule, but they affect the passing games for those teams.

We all know the Eagles pass defense has looked awful at times this season and could use some help.  Thankfully, the Birds are starting to get healthier and it’s putting them in better position to make this an unforgettable season, but they have to take care of their business in the next four weeks.

Asante Samuel and Juqua Parker should be able to play against Dallas which could be a great boost to an ailing defense, which needs a shot in the arm in pass defense.

We all know that injuries have a major affect on the outcome of games in the NFL.

That’s why the fractured ankle of rookie wide receiver Dez Bryant will help the Birds because they don’t match up well against the big and athletic group of Cowboys wide receivers.  Bryant was a beast on punt and kick off returns, as well as a big, fast playmaking wide receiver.

Despite it being his rookie year, he was already looking like the Cowboys best all-around receiver, which says a lot when you consider that Miles Austin was an All-Pro last season.

I didn’t think the Eagles defense was going to have much success stopping them, if they were all healthy.  Even with Bryant out, the Birds could still experience major problems with Austin and Roy Williams, who are capable of breaking tackles and going up and taking the ball from defenders for big plays.

Brett Favre going down with a shoulder injury and possibly thinking about it ending his performances for the rest of way could help the Birds by vaulting the not ready for prime-time Tarvaris Jackson to the starting quarterback spot.

Wide receiver Percy Harvin missed Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills because of migraine headaches.  He’s been dealing with them since he’s been in the league and they’re on and off.  The combination of Harvin and Sidey Rice gives the Vikings an outstanding combination of receivers, but if Harvin is missing, they’ll have to put Greg Lewis on the field in his place.

Yes that same Greg Lewis that we know very well.  It would be a huge dropoff.


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December 7, 2010 10:24 am

Let’s just hope we can get and stay healthy during the stretch run. I’m glad we got the 10 day rest so it gives us a mini bye week which can only be good.

I am actually hoping Favre plays. He sucks and I can see him throwing like 4 picks against us with his patented no look throws. Tavaris isn’t that good but he could provide some kind of spark with a new coach as well. At this point, I hope Favre plays. Maybe that’s just me.

December 7, 2010 10:36 am

I remember in the playoff game against the Vikings back in 08 i believe…… Tavaris Jackson played pretty decent against us dispite a few turnovers we won by 10 points i believe…… I rather have “this” brett favre instead of a heathy mobile Tavaris Jackson……. I feel you on that SCORP……… Tavaris Jackson is trying to prove not only to him self but to the Vikings franchise that he could be that guy who once lead them to the playoffs…..

Greg Lewis LMAO! He had heart for the eagles I’ll give him that credit……… He was a guy who does have long ball ability….. And can help on special teams…. I hope that Harvin plays this week against the Giants!!!!!! Can I get a AMEN on that……. I want them and GB to give them HELL in the up and coming weeks…..

December 7, 2010 10:39 am

I want the Giants banged up when they meet up with us……… They are playing a team who is currently playing with heart during the change of coaching………

December 7, 2010 10:50 am

Other notable injuries

TB Bucs — Lost Starting Center J Faine and Starting CB A Talib to injuries and have placed them on IR for the Season (Both these players are Pro-Bowl caliber and were having very good seasons)

Atalnta Falcons – TE T Gonzales suffered a ankle injury and was due for a MRI yesterday..

Cowboys – Lost WR D Bryant for the Season, also have injuries to J Whitten, LB K Brooking,
LB S Lee and S O Scandrick, (They activated a ILB from their practice squad yesterday)

Bears – Lost LB and Special Teamer Pia Tinosominoa for season with a Knee Injury

Packers – Lost Starting DE C Jenkins to a Calf Injury and will be out for a coupld of weeks

Vikings – Lost Safety T Johnson to a knee injury and of course Farve is hurting with injured non-throwing shoulder, and WR Percy Harvin continues to have issues with migraines…

Giants are expecting WR Steve Smith back this week, WR H Nicks back next week
and OL D Diehl is also expected back this week and FB M Hedgecok and OL Shawn ANdrews a possibility so the Giants are getting healthy for their stretch run and will be a different team that played in Philly a few weeks back

Broncos – Lost MLB Joe Mays (Ex-Eagle) for the season with Knee Injury

December 7, 2010 10:59 am

Remember these guys are coming back from leg and shoulder injuries in the cold. Tough task. The Giants will not be the same team we played at the Linc,they’ll eb in worse shape, because they will be nursing the same injuries that kept them out or recovering. I like the Birds too finish 12-4. Sante will play the stretch and continue too bring in picks…double digit picks puts him 2nd in D-MVP voting by the end of season. J.P. will be great for the stretch.

If Vick stays poised as he has been in the last 3 games,heck the whole season,i think we can score on any defense in the league. And the defense has grown up a bit without Asante.

December 7, 2010 11:06 am

And the Cowboys dont know whats coming too them….I dont care about playing well now and motivated too finish strong b.s.. Jon Kitna…thats Jon Kitna…hit him hard and hit him early. Look around and see all these Cowboy suckers from the DE Valley…SUCKERS!!!…You thought Troy was cute growing up? My Dad always liked the Cowboys? Or some other dumbass reason you follow a team hundreds of miles away and teach your kids that garbage.

Legit reasons for following the Cowboys.Your from Texas or surrounding states with no pro team. otherwise…..your a fraud…I LOVE TELLING THEM THAT THIS WEEK!!!


December 7, 2010 11:56 am

That’s right E, at least you can respect the giants fans who grew up in nj, ny, but three clowns who live in this area and are cowboys fans for ridiculous reasons, just ask them and see the responses, they are pathetic, and that,s why to me the cowboys and their fans are more of an annoyance than a threat like the giants

December 7, 2010 12:15 pm

The Vikins would play WR’s B Berrian, and G Camarillo before G Lewis who is #5 on their Depth Chart

December 7, 2010 12:44 pm

jake, they be having sketchy reasons why they are fans. When for the most part many of them became fans in the early 90s because of the Super Bowls. I think there are some legitimate fans that became fans because of their parents and the Cowboys were always on TV so it was hard to not be a fan if you didn’t have a team and just those that have been liking them for decades. But the ones around my age (28) are mostly frauds. Besides just being in the same division, I think we actually hate the fraud fans more than the Cowboys. It’s because of the frauds’ attitude that we love to see everything in Dallas go horribly wrong. They call our stations bragging on their cowboys even when they suck. As far as I know, when you’re team sucks, you keep your mouths shut. But not them. They win a game and they act like they are going to the Super Bowl. And when they have a bad season all we hear is “I don’t care, we have 5 rings”.

December 7, 2010 3:23 pm

Anyone worried that RT W Justice will probably not play this week leaving OT K Dunlap as the Starter
on Vick’s blind side.. (DE’s Spencer and Ware will be amped up..)

December 7, 2010 10:12 pm

Teams look like the walking wounded from war movies and the greedy owners want to expand to an 18 game season –Pure insanity

December 7, 2010 11:22 pm

Hey Paulman?

I remember earlier this year you was telling us how well your real team would improve.

How are thos pathetic Carolina Panthers doing?

People that’s all we need to know about Paul man.