• May 19, 2022

How Do The Eagles And Giants Remaining Schedules Compare?

Remember when the schedules came out last year, we thought the Eagles second half was going to be nearly impossible to deal with.  It’s been tough but not impossible to deal with because teams that were expected to be battling for a trip to the Super Bowl are now out of playoff contention and playing under new coaches.

The Birds want to win the division over the Giants and the battle with New York on the 19th of this month will be a huge game.   Of course if the Eagles win that game, they almost guarantee themselves a division championship.

Lets take a look at the remaining schedules of the two NFC East rivals.  The game that jumps out at me other than the battle between these two teams, is the Giants game in Green Bay against the Packers.  That’s going to be a tough game because the Packers are fighting for the division title with the Chicago Bears and they can’t afford to lose.

Other than the Giants, the Eagles will be playing two teams who are both out of playoff contention, but they’re both playing better under new coaches.  The Cowboys and the Vikings have been playing inspiring football, but injuries to those teams could help the Eagles.

What do you expect of these two teams after checking out their remaining schedules?

Eagles Schedule

@ Dallas Cowboys

@ New York Giants

Minnesota Vikings

Dallas Cowboys

Giants Schedule

@ Minnesota Vikings

Philadelphia Eagles

@ Green Bay Packers

@ Washington Redskins


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  • We favor …….. Giants have more away games and they are playing us of corse….. Then GB at home is tough…… And then Washington….. Which I do believe it will not be the same as the first game….. In WSH….. I see them going 1-3 down the stretch…….. The’ll beat Minnesota to make it interesting…. But between us and GB and Wsh…….. They have a tough road ahead…….. Injuries and with guys coming back off of them isn’t good…….. They have too many in that department!!!!

  • I see Eli playing poorly down this stretch…….. Them Manning Brothers need to keep eating Those KIT KATS Bars or something……….. or them double stuffed OREO’s……….. LMAO……. They are stinking it up!!!!!

  • Giants definitely have a slightly tougher schedule. Not by much though but they are pretty banged up on offense and they will need to put some points on the board to win their games. I mean having to face the Packers on the road, Us and the Vikings on the road that’ tough. It’s quite possible that they could go 3-1 or 1-3 and miss the playoffs. Either way wouldn’t surprise me. And who knows when they play the Redskins again. The skins could have all but given up by then or thinking revenge and spoiler. That’s very unpredictable right now. But I do think we finish at least 1 game ahead of them even if we split the season series.

  • Eagles win out! 4- 0 to finish the season 12-4 overall!

    Giaints go 2-2, losses to us and Green Bay (maybe 1-3, have a feeling about this Minn game)

    Of course we want to win the NFC East…but if worst comes to worst, the Packers have a brutal schedule ahead which could benefit us…

    @Detroit (Detroit hasn’t been winning a lot but they play tough)
    @New England (need I say more)
    New York Giants (could be a big game either way, could help the Eagles no matter how it plays out)
    Chicago Bears

  • Aye REAL….. I rather for the Bears to lose and not get a chance to play a game at home……(My thought)//////// That field sucks at soldier field…… What ever cleats the bears were wearing really worked for them against us…… It was like the Eagles were playing in sneakers that game LMAO!!! We were falling all over the field!!!!

  • Bears have a tough schedule ahead too

    New England
    New York Jets
    Green Bay

    I dont know, fellas, could we get a bye?

    I could see the bears going 1-3 and the Packers going 2-2, and if we handle business the way we should, a bye is in our future!

  • Eagles control their own destiny….they need to take care of their game each week…not look ahead (that is the job for us)…GO BIRDS!!

  • The Giants have the harder schedule, as they’ll be facing two typically tough run defenses (GB and Minn) while also being the away team in both cases. 2-2 or 1-3 are definite possibilities (I kinda see 2-2 because the T-Jack/Favre thing could go bad under pressure).

    I see the Eagles, if they stay healthy and continue what they’re doing, going 3-1 down the stretch is likely, 4-0 if the last game against the Cowboys is relevant for home field placement in the playoffs. The main key to this, in my opinion, is whether or not the D will return to pre-two weeks ago form with Samuel and Parker back on the field. We don’t match up great against the Cowboys in any case – they have typically played bigger than us at the line – but the ‘boys D is giving up WAY too many points for us not to be able to exploit them with 10 days of planning.

    That Eagles/Giants game is potentially going to be a doozy. I think that NY will try very hard to strike early in that game, then run it down our throats. If they get 10 points up on us, our run game will likely disappear, and we’ll play right into the Giant’s pressure package. Vick would have to be amazing to win in those conditions, as our receivers are likely going to be bullied to the point where the dropsies come back.

    If we win the next two, if I’m not mistaken, we’ll win out the Division in any case (4-2 worst case for us will beat out the Giants at 3-3 best case).

  • I’m not liking our chances. I’m not giving up hope, but realistically, its not looking good. I dont see us pulling off the season sweep of the Giants. So with a win vs the Eagles, and I also see the Giants beating the Vikings and Skins. That will put them at 11-5.

    I also see us splitting with the Cowboys, which puts us at 10-6.

    The Giants game is going to be so crucial to us making the playoffs. If we lose that game, our only hope is that the Packers go down in flames in their last 3 games which are definitely tough games (@ DET, @ NE, NYG, CHI). But even still I think they beat the Giants and obviously DET. Which would tie them with us, and they beat us head to head, which eliminates us from the playoffs. Its not looking good at all boys…

  • sham…nobody said it would be easy, but we are right in the middle of the mix and can control where we land by taking care of our own business…if your scared go back inside and call the SPCA for a dog. Tough meaningful games in December, what more can you ask for?

  • @Sham……. WHat? everyone has a tough stretch during this season thats in the playoff hunt…… Excluding the NFC WEST LMAO!……….. The bears have a tough four game stretch…… The Packers have it tough and also the G-men have 3-4 games on the road……. If they lose two games the Giants are quick to start pointing fingers at each other or at Coughlin….. We favor with the Cowboys twice…. that is missing there starting QB and one of there best WR…… ANd Marion Barber maybe a no go this week………

  • This is alot tougher for the Giants because they’re on the road 3 out of the next 4 games.

    Eagles will win out and take the 2nd seed…BOOK IT BABY!!!!!


    A better script can not be written.

    Stomp a hole in Atlanta and raise the lombardi in the the new Dallas Stadium with “the Joker”
    (Jerry Jones) looking at the confetti.


  • Real, I think we get def get a bye if we won out and it’s a decent chance if we end with 11 games. Not sure anyone would agree with me, but I rather ATL take their division than the Saints. I don’t want the Saints to catch up to them because that decreases our chances for higher seeds. So when they play again, I’m pulling for ATL because every loss to the Saints helps us in the event we are not able to win the division. Don’t need both of them at 13-3 to end the season.

    But I think a bye is possible because the Giants will lose at least 2 more games and I think the Bears and Packers will as well. So we do have a good chance as long as we take care of our business. It’s going to be a great final 4 weeks of the season. Imagine if the NFC west forfeited a playoff spot, the NFC playoffs would be ridiculous.

  • Obviously we’re right in the thick of it and if we handle our business then we’re in. But this is the NFL we’re talking about and we’re not going 4-0 down the stretch like all the unrealistic homers are preaching. 3-1 is possible. 2-2 is probably. And that won’t cut it. So all I’m saying is we gotta win that Giants game.

  • Yea I feel you shamburg we have to win that game…….. but if the Giants go 1-3 down the stretch……. That leaves us in good hads if we win 2-2……… which we will win the division……. I dont see the giants being that good down the stretch…… They give you a game of dominance against an opponent and then they look suspect against someone else the following week………

  • @jroc, ATL is unreachable with 2 games against CAR and 1 vs SEA. NO is going at least 11-5 with 2 easy wins at home against the Rams and Bucs. An NFC West team gets in by default. The bears are 2 games up on us with their tie breaker. That leaves the packers who are one game up on us with their tie breaker who we could catch up with if they have a historical flop, and Giants who if (IF!!) we lose to them, they will have a tie breaker over us based on div and conf wins.
    (side note, they re-sodded Soldier field.)

    @Everyone else, Stop looking at a bye. We’re going to have a tough enough time getting in and the Giants and packers are the two that we’re most likely to be battling.

  • @Scoprs

    Yes sir, we need to handle our business one game at a time. I think no matter how it plays out ATL and NO will be in the playoffs. No matter what only one of them can get a bye, the other will be a wild card. The Giants, Bears and Packers are the teams I’m keeping a close eye on. The Eagles need to just take it a game at a time and we’ll be fine…

    We have a win against the Giants and a 10 points edge (this is where the dropped TD passes becomes critical) If the one pass was caught we have a 14 point edge…We’ll take care of business against the Giants regardless, but remember we do have a point edge too.

  • is it head to head ponts? from teams from same division?

    or does it go by conf/division game wins?

    I thought it was head to head?

  • Divisional tie breaking rules

    Head-to-head (best won-lost-tied percentage in games between the clubs).
    Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the division.
    Best won-lost-tied percentage in common games (games played against the same opponents).
    Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the conference.
    Strength of victory (the combined won-lost-tied percentage of all the teams that a club has defeated).
    Strength of schedule (the combined won-lost-tied percentage of all the teams that a club has played against).
    Best combined ranking among conference teams in points scored and points allowed.
    Best combined ranking among all teams in points scored and points allowed.
    Best net points in common games.
    Best net points in all games.
    Best net touchdowns in all games.
    Coin Toss.

  • Giants 3 Road games vs Vikings,Redskins,Packers and Home vs Eagles and could go 1-3
    (the Redksins won’t win another game this year)
    Bears have Road games vs Vikings,Packers and the Pats & Jets at home and could easily go 1-3
    Saints have Road games vs Ravens and Falcons and Home games vs Rams and Bucs and could go 2-2
    Packers have Road games Detroit and Patriots and home games vs GIants & Bears and could go 2-2

    IF Eagles go 3-1 with a win over the Giants and they are in for sure..
    If the go 2-2 win a win still over the Giants, they have a pretty good shot,
    But if they go 2-2 and a lose to the Giants or 1-3, then they will be home for the playoffs

  • TB Bucs have road games at Washington,NO Saints and home vs Detroit & Seattle and could
    finish 3-1 to get to a a 10-6 Overall Record.. Don’t count them out though they just placed 2 important starters on IR list and are out for the season (Center J Faine and CB A Talib) which is goign to hurt

  • Unlike in years past where eagles needed help, eagles control their own destiny. They don’t have to win it out and they won’t. 2-2 AND a sweep of giants will most likely do it, not that difficult.

  • Real, yeah I agree about the Saints an ATL but I want ATL to take the division because we don’t need both of them winning 12-13 games. We would need 1 of them to at least be 11-5 to have the best chance at a bye. So given that, it’s more feasible for the Saints to lose 2 more than for ATL to lose 3. Because if they both end up 13-3 AND we don’t win the division then we are a lower seed. But again, it’s still a long way to go.

    Guys, football season is almost over already! It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that Clay Matthews was driving Kolb’s head into the ground.

  • We should vote Clay Matthews for our MVP

  • 1st Game- 1st play from the Cowboys from Scrimmage
    A bubble screen to WR M Austin in front of Samuel and Austin breaks it 64 yards for a TD and the
    Cowboys go on and route the Eagles 34-16 (Vick gets hurt by the way)

    2nd Game – Giants maul the Eagles in a wintry.snowy day where RB’s Bradshaw/Jacobs rush for over 200 yards combined against the Eagles D. Vick attempts to play but is ineffective as is Kolb
    against the Giants pass rush where they record 9 sacks and 5 turnovers in a 34-10 Giant Victory

    3rd Game – Eagles start Kafka (due to injuries to Vick and Kolb) and he goes 24-28 for 372 yards and sets an Eagle record for QB efficiency for a QB in his 1st NFL Start and the Eagle beat the
    Vikings 35-31 (R Cooper ends up with 3 TD receptions as D-Jax sits and sulks)

    4th Games – Vick back in as starter but again is ineffective versus the Cowboy Pass RUsh and the
    Eagles lose the final game of the season 36-28 as the Eagle Defense cannot stop T Romo who comes back and plays and throws for 350 yards and 4 TD’s …

    Eagles finish season 9-7 and will have the 16th Overall Selection in the 1st Round of the 2011 Draft
    With this pick, the Eagles Select CB J Jenkins from FLorida, or OT D Sherrod from Miss State or my
    sleeper pick WR/Return man J Jones from Alabama in which the Eagles then trade WR D-Jax to the
    Oakland Raiders who wants to get closer to home and play out west for a 2nd and 4th Rd Draft picks

  • @ Scorp, A wildcard team cant get a bye. So lets say the Falcons 13-3 are Saints are 12-4 and we’re the only team at 11-5, then the Eagles and Falcons get the byes because it only goes to division winners.

  • I guess Paulman really has nothing to do. If that last post isn’t reason enough to ignore him, then nothing will ever be enough.

  • sham, I know that which is why i said “IF WE DON’T WIN THE DIVISION”. Of course if we win then it doesn’t matter what the 2nd place team in the south does. BUT IN THE EVENT WE DON’T WIN THE DIVISION, IT’S BEST FOR US FOR THE FALCONS TO KEEP WINNING AND WE FINISH WITH A BETTER RECORD THAT THE SAINTS. Got it?

  • Someone has been drinking a little bit too much in the middle of the day. Those plays the Cowboys ran last year will not work this year. The Eagles have too much team speed for the Cowboys… Just got to keep Vick healthy.

  • I gotcha now. In case we face the Aints for the NFC championship…

  • C’mon guys, (I thought that was some of my best work)
    Can’t I have a little fun..it’s almost Christmas time…

  • Yeah chuck, I agree. With more speed and size at the LB spot getting those screens are not going to be as easy. A dope wouldn’t understand or even think of that. And I actually hope they match Patterson up on Austin. He’s more physical and could be a better matchup. Put Asante on Williams because Williams is soft as cotton.

  • paulman, I know you are only fooling around but dizzy, real, PW and songs are going to blast you. Just wait for it HAHAHAHAHA

  • sham yeah, because there is no guarantee that having the be or even winning the division puts you into the next round. So I was just thinking that it’s just best for us for ATL to keep winning. Barring a major collapse, 1st seed is out of the question.

  • I got the rally the troops and keep them fired up for the week Scorp..
    It’s a dirty and unglamourous job sometimes, but someone has to do it and it may as well be me..

  • Paul man is pathetic.

    If he had his wish this season would have been a total waste with Kolb starting with no end in sight due to an eventual lockout for next season.

    How does it feel to actually be one of the best teams in football along with being one of the younger teams?

    I’m glad Andy and the front office benched Kolb after the opening day embarassment.

    This season will go down as one for the ages.

  • @Paulman

    joke or not, that *bleep* just aint funny! This is not the right time to play around like that…no negative thoughts fellas, this is serious! positive thoughts and watch our Eagles go to work!

  • Told you paulman

  • Did anyone like my draft selections for the Eagles…

  • @ Paulman+++++ You are something else man…… I just dont understand……… You are the GCOBB HECKLER………. We set up the stage and you just rant about nonsense…….. You do have good views but some of your stuff is just pure comical……. Straight out of a comic book…… You’ll be a beast blogging on Ripley’s believe it or not or just right a fable story for children……. When you are an eagles fan why say things in your predictions to piss everyone off……….. You are just an under cover Dallas fan!!!!! i think at times!!!!

  • seriously boys,

    middle of the pack in redzone offense and were the #1 offense with the most points.
    we leave too many points out on the field every week, this offense could be the greatest show on turf.
    we havent even reached our peak yet. atl, no, gb, chi, tb, nyg have all peaked

    at the bottom of redzone defense but at the top of turnovers.
    hmm…which means if ur last you can only get better…

    with injuries and shuffling of starters, our backups are more reliable then those other “contenders”
    teams have to put up 27 points on our defense minimum to beat us
    when we play with the lead, the games over.
    from behind we come back, and thats where our defense needs to bend and not break.
    either continue getting turnovers or mcdermott adjusting the gameplan and improving in the redzone.
    even our special teams is improving and playing well. rocca, akers, and bobby aprils unit finally

    no other team in the NFC is a threat to us, we win or we beat ourselves.
    playing at dallas this week and we will win cuz its basicallly another bye for reid to notch another W.
    we will adjust to that giants defense and should pull out another win against them.
    they are just too injury riddled to keep up with us.

    stick a fork in the vikings and cowboys to end the year, most likely with the 2 seed and atl one.
    i just dont see teams scoring a lot of points on us, nor securing the ball for 4 qtrs against us.
    being the 2 seed gives andy another bye to prepare, another victory for us.

    the giants and bears gave us the best the NFC has to offer defensively
    we owned the falcons without vick and basically desean
    and ill take our chances in a dome any day with our offense, vicks 2nd home…
    GB got us in wk one, valiant comeback effort led by vick that started all of this
    GB is just undermanned and one-dimensional

    mcnabb to owens in 2004 was good stuff, but were in position to win this year and be great
    not to mention the future with our youth, could be one of the greatest eagles teams

  • @Scorp, man I thought for a minute that my dear Bird Brother Paul was serious, hell if you could have only seen my face 🙂 . For the record to anyone willing to listen we don’t, I repeat don’t need any kind of bad karma like that floating around our collective winning consciousness over the next 4 regular season games, our playoff games, our NFC Championship game, or our Superbowl game.

    If you are feeling that bad karma rising in ya, then treat it like a nasty cold…..Drink some Nyquil, go to bed wrap up tight and sleep through the game, your fella true believing, good karma Eagle Nation Brothers will tell ya about the game here on the ever wonder GCobb site the next day. Got it? okey dokey. Get ’em


  • @Wmonell, brother I have nothing to add, just wanted to say your name, you deserved that much for that post, every weakness that this teams has an equal positive quality to balance or cancel it out. Plus some of our positives are so absolutely monumental as to rise above any negative to balance or cancel it out.

    That is what I take away from what you said brother, and agree.
    Cowboys Game: Get ’em twice
    Giants Game: Get ’em
    vikings Game: Get ’em
    If Paul makes another prediction like that in seriousness or jest: Get ’em (Paul you still my boy i wouldn’t tell ya nothing wrong- Cue Vick talking to DJax)

  • OK fellas,
    I have all of my bad karma out of my system and ready for Good Vibes the remainder of the week
    as the Eagles Prepare for a huge games versus the hated Cowboys..
    This will be very interesting match-up for if you remember how poorly the Eagles played in those 2 final games versus the Cowboys to end their 2009 Season and thge McNabb era.
    This entire off-season,free-agent signings,and the Draft were designed with the game plan on how to improve the Eagles anf to beat this Cowboy Team and to be back on top again in the NFC East from Coach Ar, the coaching staff , the GM, Scouting Dept and the entire Organization.
    So now we fast forward almost an entire year, and I am excited to see how the results of re-tooling this Eagle team have been implemented and see the Eagles beat down these Cowboys

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