• July 3, 2022

Celek And The Running Game Need Big Games Versus Two-Deep Safeties

Defenses are going to play two-safeties deep the rest of the season in order to stop Michael Vick from throwing bombs to DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin.  The defense hasn’t stopped the Eagles but it has slowed them down, so teams will utilize it the rest of the way.

They will be in either a double zone coverage or what’s call a two-man coverage.

On both of those coverages there are two safeties deep.  One coverage is a zone with five players in the short zones and two-safeties deep.  On the other coverage, the cornerbacks and linebackers are in man-to-man coverage with the safeties deep to help on any long passes.

These are the defenses which have frustrated Jackson.

The vulnerability in these coverages are the tight ends and running backs down the middle.  You send the wide receivers deep to simply occupy the safeties and the tight end primarily should be able to kill the defense down the middle.

I know Eagles tight end Brent Celek made a big play late in the Houston game, but the Birds are going to need big games out of him the rest of the way.  Vick must look for him and get the ball to him because he’s the best weapon versus two deep.

This will also require the tackles to handle opposing defensive ends by themselves, so that Celek doesn’t have to help them block.  If Celek is forced to stay in, it will create problems for the Birds.

The tight end needs to have big numbers the rest of the way for the Birds offense to continue to explode.

When the Birds go to three wide receivers, the middle wide out is playing the tight end or slot position and he can destroy the coverage by getting deep down the middle.  The Eagles put Jackson in the slot versus the Falcons and he caught a touchdown pass down the middle.

The other weakness in the two deep safeties coverages concern stopping the run.  The safeties can’t help stop the run if they’re lined up ten to fifteen yards deep.   The Birds must punish these defenses with the run.  They’ve got two outstanding ball carriers in LeSean McCoy and Jerome Harrison, so they have to make defenses pay for putting their safeties so deep.

I Jackson and Maclin won’t be thrilled about throws to Celek and running plays, but if the Birds hurt teams with passes to the tight end and the running game, it will force defenses to bring the safeties up there to help and before you know it,


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  • No doubt that the opposing Defenses will have the Safeties back and the middle of the field open in pass coverage against the speed and big play capability of D-Jax/Maclin.
    The TE’s/Slot Receiver (Avant and hopefully Cooper) will have 5-10 yards open in the middle of the field most of the game.. I expect big games frome Celek (who has had big games versus the Cowboys) and Avant.. I also think we will see TE Harbor and WR Cooper/Hall figure in the game plan as well, Harbor seems to have his legs and confidence under him and could be a real secret weapon coming down the stretch..

  • Good Post……. I just hope AR and MM reads this one LMAO!! To tell you the truth I want to see more of TE Mills on the field……. Maybe if we run a 3 te set with Harbor, Celek, and Mills……. With Maclin or D-Jac on the field Celek can be more involved in this offense…….. Play action game could be deadly with Schmitt in the back field and McCoy or Harrison it would open up so much more for these safeties to play up more…… We have to make them pay…….. But thats all up to AR and MM to be more balanced!!!

  • jroc, yeah because G knows more about offensive scheming than Andy and Marty. Right.

  • Time to start dinking and dunking just like the pats do. Routes for yards after the catch

  • I dont know about putting Jackson in the slot tho!!!!! We do need big games from Celek during this stretch of the season……..

  • is this a post about the eagles running the ball
    y waste a web page on this

  • JROC, what has Garrett Mills shown you that proves he should be on the field? I swear, some of you come up with some of the most asinine comments known to man.

  • I know PW. We will only run the ball in situations that were aren’t supposed to or when we have a lead.

  • You know whats funny about all this scheming for our offense….it’s not even at 100 percent….imagine if Leonard was still healthy. Wow.

  • You know what’s interesting in that the entire week after the game against the bears when Desean didn’t do too much all we heard was how unhappy he is and people “writers” talking about who he’s texting. But after Houston when he still doesn’t do much but we win, all the talk is gone. What’s the deal with that? Media trying to create something?

  • Scorp — I just think the spotlight is brighter on it when we lose. I mean, nearly 100 yds is still producing, he didn’t score, but he had some big catches.

    In the Chicago game he dropped a crucial first down and then short-armed a TD, so it was definitely something to talk about at the time.

  • Dawk, that sounds good in theory but I’m not sure if we have the personnel for that. Besides Avant and Cooper our WR aren’t willing to make their living between the hashes. Not going to be able to dink and dunk all day on the outside. But I do think we need to work the shorter routes with Celek and Avant to bring those safeties up some. We will see what happens because unlike some other teams, Dallas has more confidence in their CB to play man coverage more than most teams. So I think we will have some opportunities for some big plays.

  • BirdoBeamen…… He is a great blocker…… Alot better than Celek….. As a matter of fact Birdobeamen he is the best blocking Te that we have on this team……. Look and watch the game when he is in……. He plays physical……. And he contributed alot with minnesota run game when he was with the Vikings……… Thats why the Birdz picked him up for…..His blocking abilities…….. and ST…….

  • Birdo, I agree but I think it was overblown then. That’s my point. I don’t think Desean is any more happy or unhappy than he was last week. I don’t think it had as much to do with his contract as the media wanted it to be and more about Andy chewing his butt out. Sure he thinks about the contract but I think it was way overblown.

  • jroc, he can be a great blocker….thats fine….put him in at the goalline if we have to…..but this is not a time to start experimenting with schemes and who should play what. Every play matters. Every snap matters. This is the time where the superstars must shine.

  • We need to go at Mike Jenkins……… Test him….. And test him often……… He’s going to crack one way or the other……. I

  • The entire Dallas secondary is trash….including Newman. I see none of them.

  • Birdo I feel you…….. But he has played a few games this season…. Not much but when he is in the run game is more effective……… Superstars yes we do have but look at what the Saints have been successful at……. Role players……… A vet like him can help a young team in these key situations……. Thats all im saying….. We need that experience on offense……. A six year pro can help………

  • jroc, yeah I agree about Jenkins. He’s a fraud. Eventually he’ll give up the big play by a long TD or penalty. Newman the same. He’s the more physical one but both can be beat because of their aggressiveness. Our problem last year, besides McNabb not playing well was the o-line being terrible. Vick should be able to move around to buy time to hit some nice plays against their secondary.

  • To JRoc757
    TE Mills has been inavtice the last few weeks with C Harbor taking his place on the active game day roster. Coach AR’s history is that it’s very unlikely that Eagles have 3 TE’s Active for a game so don’t expect Mills to play much down the stretch, I think Coach AR/MM feel that Harbor has finally comfortable with the Offense after a slow start , and now have the have confidence in him to make some plays.
    If the Eagles did have 3 TE’s active for a game, who would you de-activate from the active game day roster from the RB/WR positions to make room for the 3rd TE (MIlls)
    RB Buckley or WR Cooper .. I don’t think so…

  • A guy that I hated on dallas which he is no longer there was Ken Hamlin………. he got maclin frustrated last year…….. He did his job by getting into a young players head to get him out of his game……. Yes we were down big……. But we do lack experience with some players……. Vick has proven to be a great leader…….. I miss guys like B. Dawk who got this team together to get things done right!!!!! Picking up guys like shaun Jones last season proved that we really did make a mistake on not giving B. Dawk the deal he was seeking……… But now I think with this group of young talent we have to show what we are made of……… I just feel it that this team can shock the world!!!!!!! WE are like the Utah Jazz of the NFL……. A great coach……… With young talent…… Alot of successful years……. But not Superbowl Championship……… THis is it……. I cant stand no more!!!!!!

  • @Paulman…… We have seen the Eagles do things differently during the late stretch of the season……. Sometimes we’ll play games like we invented the west coast offense…….. and some games we play like we play run and gun…….. I just have a feeling that AR and MM will play a Phil Jackson type deal during the stretch of this 4th half of the season……….. Why not scheme differently…….. make teams think……. you know what pissed me off last season when “Keith Brooking” said “The eagles were so predictable on offense”! on radio……. I think that sent a message to the coaching staff (of the Eagles) that was a slap in the face…………. I just hope the Eagles do things differently by putting a WR in the back field or run plays to have defenses guessing!!!

  • paulman says:
    December 7, 2010 at 3:41 pm

    For whatever it’s worth
    The Eagles have a great Turnover ratio of + 15 but it has not been as strong as it was earlier when Vick was playing Error-Free ball (which is impossible to sustain) and the Eagles Secondary hasn’t had as many INT’s with Samuel outt that will


    There you go again. How many turnovers has Vick had, 2? How many has he had in the red zone, 0? How many TD passes have the receivers dropped, 7?

    Why do you always find a way to lay blame on Vick. It’s people like you who gave McNabb a bad name.

  • LMAO drummer!!!!!

  • he still keeps ripping mcnabb every week drum
    its all mcnabbs fault blah blah but he’s throwing to guys i never heard of
    his num 1 wr is like some guy named armstrong
    yet when some1 says something nice about 5 he’s not our qb y r we talking about him blah blah
    yet when 5 has a bad game or skins get blown its 5 this and 5 that ur a funny guy pman
    i guarantee u if kolb was in washington it would be they have no line they r playing with a 5th string rb they have practice squad level wr the defense stinks it would be so many excuses well some of us see right thru ya

  • pman r u eskin ?

  • When Manning throws 11 picks in 3 games, it’s because he has no one, totally disregarding Reggie Wayne’s best season. W

    hen McNabb was throwing to receivers who couldn’t even get off the line of scrimmage, he was a “bad QB,” “scared to let go of the football,” etc.”

    Even Tom Brady was unable to complete passes to Hank Baskett, and the Patriots let him go after one year. Yet, he was good for McNabb for 3-4 years. Go figure.

  • That should have been “good enough” for McNabb.

  • Paul

    Like I said before, your words betray you. You try to hide your true feelings, but you can’t. Your bias comes through loud and clear.

    Just admit that you and Vinnie are kindred spirits. At least he admits who he is. There’s no shame in being Paul.

  • Yeah drummer. I was so disgusted at the excuses they made for Manning when he was throwing picks all over the place. They would say crap that puts the blame on the “young receiver” even if Manning threw the ball straight to the defender. Last time I checked, Reggie Wayne is still on the field. Now we see what Peyton looks like with no running game and average-at-best defense and no weapons other than Wayne. Brady will forever be better then that fraud. And when McNabb loses and throws INTs people want to come highlight it like he’s out there playing with the best o-line and set of skilled players in the league. We know how they really felt. They claimed to support the team and they don’t. Those same people feel the same way about Vick. It’s ok right now but when he struggles a little they can’t wait to say something bad EVEN IF WE WIN. It’s truly pathetic.

  • Phillywill — McNabb’s number one receivers are former pro bowler Santana Moss and pro bowl tight end Chris Cooley. Don’t act like McNabb has no weapons. The guy is toast. Stop coming up with excuses for him. He’s been getting excused his whole career.

  • santanna moss was a pro bowler when he had speed (about 3 or 4 yrs ago)
    he’s a freaking 5-9 possesion wr now ( u act like u know so much football u should know this then)
    go to ur madden and look at his rating since thats how u rate every1
    cooley aint bad still but when ur number 1 option is a solid te u have a problem
    i dont plan on changing ur opinion u just hate mcnabb and thats fine idc

  • I can say earlier in Mcnabbs career he had no weapons with guys like Pinkston, Thrash, and Freddie Mitchell……. he had only Westbrook and Chad Lewis as reliable weapons…….. That game last week against the Giants made me think has Mcnabb lost it…….. He had a chance to scramble for yards and hesitated and caused a TO by a fumble that killed them…….. I am a Big big Mcnabb fan…….. But some of his reads to deliver the ball have be suspect…….. Cooley has been up and down as far as injuries and Fred Davis was suppose to be a big weapon but he hasn’t proven so……. Portis is done I believe and Wr like one player (Joey Galloway) who is passed his prime and is no longer a redskin!!!!!! Mcnabb played the hand that was dealt to him…….. He had his choice and on paper people said they were a favor to go to the SB…….. This season with his presense!!!!! That was proven wrong………. I still think Mcnabb is a good Qb but he just thinks too much while he is playing on the field……… Thats my opinion!!!

  • Birdo, please stop it with Santana Moss. He hasn’t been good for years. And Cooley is good but when the TE is your #1 receiver then the team has problems. And no one is making excuses for him. We are merely pointing out the fact that some of these schmucks are not consistent in their criticism of QBs. So if they want to criticize him, they have every right to do so because he’s playing bad. But then don’t come on here or anywhere else and make excuse for guys like Peyton Manning and say “all his weapons are injured and he has no one to throw the ball to”. That’s not consistent and being a hypocrite.

  • jroc, anyone who thought the Redskins were Super bowl favorites or even said that before the season doesn’t even deserve to talk about football.

  • The whole Mcnabb issue should be dead now!!! IDK why Paulman brings it up………. Some people like to rise from the grave and cause pain to the living LOL!!!!! But I think If mcnabb had some weapons he’ll be fine…….. But I just hope that he doesn’t be too successful….. Not in our division…….. Will he be there next season with the Redskins????? Or will he be in Arizona next year who have been successful with older Qb’s!!!!!!

  • @Scorp……. I’m serious John Clayton and the writers of ESPN said that the redskins on paper have a better chance to battle Dallas for the top spot in the NFC East and possibly win the superbowl……. They said with the addition of Shanahan and mcnabb as Qb that this makes them a Superbowl Team…… I swear on Everything…….. Google it……… Scorp I’m serious on that!!!!!!!

  • They said with Hanynesworth at center and a very “Stingy” WSH defense that this offense will get better…… I remember that early Sunday morning when the ESPN writers visiting teams training Camps!!!!

  • BirdoBeamen

    What’s Manning’s excuse?

  • They did say on paper…….. They had Portis, Willie Parker, and Larry johnson…… Wr….. Santana Moss, Malcolm Kelly, Devin Thomas, Joey Galloway,…….. Te Fred Davis, Chris Cooley…….. And with the addition of Rookie OT Williams and a few other key offensive linemen returning that they will be better on offense!!!!

  • Let’s not forget that Manning wore the “can’t win the big one” tag for year.

    He won one, and suddenly, he was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    Of course, he threw a pick to lose last year’s Superbowl, and now he seems to be chasing “The Great Brett Favre’s” turnover record.

    Please, don’t get me started on Favre, the most overrated, hyped-up, media-created QB of all time.

  • Who cares about how bad McNabb is struggling along with the entire Redksins team and Coaching staff, I know I don’t ..but back to turnovers..
    Vick was Flawless with the ball up to 2 weeks ago..
    In the last 3 games – Vick has thrown only 2 Int’s but has 7 Fumbles in which only 1 was recovered by the opposing team so a few unlucky bounces either way, and this turnover Margin could look a lot different. I am concerned that Vick is takking too many hits that he’s begining to fumble more which eventually will catch up to you and fall into the hands of the opposing team.

    Hopefully with a healthy A Samuel back on the field, the Eagles can get back to getting a couple of INT’s. I think CB Dmitri Patterson & Q Mickell will get a couple of good chances to pick off Kinta
    and they need to take advantage of it.. Kinta will throw some up for grabs if you can pressure him

  • jroc exactly
    u think alot when running a new o
    when ur not confident in ur wr
    when ur not confident in ur o line
    thats exactly what happens u end up thinking instead of playing and reacting and i agree thats what he is doing
    im not excusing him he’s been bad but i doubt to many qb’s even the almighty vick would fair to much better there in that position .

  • I don’t know guys, there were a few guys this summer who seemed to feel that the Redskins with McNabb & Shanahan were much better than the Birds. They said that the Eagles would regretthe day they made the trade and that the Redskins would be in the playoff’s while the birds wouldn’t win…what was it…4 games? Just trying to “keep it REAL”….but there were some posters who even declared that they would be supporting the skins over the birds this year.

    20/20 hindsight is great..and I know that much of the talk was the result of many posters seeing their favorite player traded…but can anyone with an honest opinion say that McNabb has had a “good” season, or that the birds are not better to have moved on?? You can debate if in fact the FO just got lucky, seeing how the qb they anointed is still the backup, but they are clearly a different team with a different attitude.

  • Bird

    Why would McNabb even need excuses. He went to 6 pro bowls, 5 division championships and a Superbowl. What’s there to excuse?

    If you want to blame him for the Superbowl loss, please tell me what Westbrook did, or what Jim Johnson’s defense did, or what Hank Fraley did.

    McNabb had pressure up the middle from the very first play. Anyone who “understands” football knows that a QB can’t have pressure come directly from the middle.

  • Yeah, the Redskins have revereted to George Allen’s “Over The Hill Gang.”

  • Green

    Those same fans thought Kolb would be the QB. Do you think, we would be where we are with Kolb starting?

  • u do pman ur the 1 who keeps talikn about him

    paulman says:
    December 7, 2010 at 4:26 pm
    Just checked the NFL Stats page and found QB D McNabb rated the 27th QB in the NFL as far as
    overall QB ratings go.. That’s right Ranked 27th and he’s paired with Offensive Genius HC M
    Shanahan..They both need to retire before the embarrass themselves any further…
    Has anyone dropped so far, so fast in recent memory… Maybe Duante Culpepper.. What a shame

  • Green

    Reid tried very hard to trade Vick. So, how could ANYONE predict what this season would be like?

  • drummer…read my entire comment..I talked about the “luck” of the FO…I am talking results, not plans.

  • agreed PW….the talk here was started with Pman’s comment

  • see drum he says his ruthless comments
    then when u defend 5 its y r we talking about him
    this guys is truly amazing
    he just made this mcnabb comment yesterday un a post titled vick’s bruised thigh
    tell me how vicks thigh equates to mcnabb just pathetic

  • i said the redskins would be better than the eagles
    and i said that based on kolb qbing
    and was i wrong ?
    they did beat us with kolb qbing 3 qtrs lmao
    what was i wrong about skins have 5 wins
    if kolb started all season i doubt we’d have 5 wins
    maybe 5 on the nose

    but since u wanna do that i was 1 of the ppl saying vick should start long be4 the bandwagon
    i wanted open comp
    so say the whole story
    i also said kolb would be benched by game 3
    i was wrong it was halftime lol

  • PW..a hater is a hater is a hater…whether he is hatin’ on McNabb, Kolb or Vick…there are guys that will take every opportunity to take a swipe at a guy they don’t respect

  • paulman says:
    December 8, 2010 at 11:23 am

    Vick was Flawless with the ball up to 2 weeks ago..
    In the last 3 games – Vick has thrown only 2 Int’s but has 7 Fumbles in which only 1 was recovered by the opposing team so a few unlucky bounces either way, and this turnover Margin could look a lot different.

    Pigs COULD fly, if they had giant wings.

    I’m not going for the double talk. You cited Vick’s end to error-free football as cause for the red-zone woes.

    I pointed out that the receivers dropped 7 TDs, which would have dramatically changed our red zone scoring.

    So, what’s Vick got to do with the red zone problems? Absolutely nothing!!!!

    Like I said, at every turn, you seek a reason to blame Vick, but the only thing you do is expose yourself as completely biased.

  • PW you were one of the early posters who called for an open qb competition compared to the FO anointing Kolb the starter…I believe you were right, and have stated previously that you changed my thinking on that….you were also early on the call for Vick to start…so as Meatloaf said….2 out of 3 ani’t bad!!

  • yes sort of like how i hate eli manning and the entire giants i understand
    i hate them and cant say anything good about them ever

  • Yeah, Paulman did the same thing last week. We were discussing fans/media and the name “Kolb” was mentioned.

    Suddenly, Paul came from nowhere admonishing us for even discussing Kolb.

    Then he turned around two days later and posted some excuses for Kolb’s failures.

    That way totally hypocritical.

  • drummer – at the risk of starting a “scorp war” again…it was me that brought up the question of why we were discussing the backup qb….don’t want to go there again, can seem to agree on the general question and don’t feel like having my second grade comprehensive skills brought back into question

  • I had to remind Eagle Fans of what a great move it was to trade him and how he’s actually performing..He goes to a new team, with a Super Bowl Coach in a very friendly QB System and he is playing like he’s stuck in “Chunky Clam Chowder Soup”. this is the reality of McNabb…
    How much does anyone want to bet that the Shannahan Boys wished they received
    QB Kolb instead of McNabb for those draft picks…
    He’s a 11 Year Vet and he still can’t run a 2 minute drill (half of the Delaware Valley could have told you that..)
    He has a weak O/Line, He has inferior WR’s, He has no Running Game.. (you could say the same thing for about 7 or 8 of his 11 years in Philadelphia), McNabb just does not exude any confidence,any I got your back tpye of leadership.. He overthrows a wide open Reciver, he smiles, He has a open WR drop a ball and he smiles, He get’s sacked and fumbles and he smiles… and no,
    I couldn’t play for a QB a Lader like that
    It’s become pretty obvious almost a season later, that Coach AR/MM and the Eagles pass happy system really hid many of McNabb’s flaws and now he is ranked in the bottom 5 of the NFL QB’s
    behind such QB’s as R Fitzpatrick,J Freeman,C Henne,M Hasselbeck,S Hill,J Campbell
    and only ranks ahead of Alex Smith, Brett Farve, Derek Anderson and Jimmy Claussen
    Good grief Donovan, It’s time to retire and enjoy the rest of your life… this is getting embarrasing …

  • jroc, yeah I know some clown stating that but most people who even pay attention to football just really had the skins being better than they were last year and not a serious contender. Some people go over the top even if it’s completely ridiculous. Many had us not even making the playoffs, Dallas and Minny being favorites.

  • pman, you speak the truth and boy will you here it now

  • Paulman’s a hater. Always been, always will. He’s not a real fan. He’s a fraud fan in North Carolina or wherever the hell he is. All he does is points out negative crap that means exactly that, crap. He’s the joke of the site and takes pride in it. Don’t pay him serious attention. He feeds on attention and will often write stuff just because he’s bored to get people riled up. Just ignore. Nothing he says can be taken with anything more than a grain of salt.

  • 26. Paul Mancini says:
    November 23, 2010 at 4:12 pm
    Kolb is in the rear-view mirror for most of us,
    Some of you guys just to need to let it go, for there will be a game or 2 down the stretch, maybe even for a series that he will probably be needed to make some plays or even win a game if Vick were to get injured..So let’s support the Eagles team and rally around the entire team, and not just certain players.. Your either on the VIck Express or not, either way, it’s rolling forward, you decide to get on and enjoy the ride, or get out of the way…but the Converstion is way past a Vick vs Kolb thing and has been for a month now, so lets focus on what the team needs to do to keep winning moving forward.

  • Hmmmm, maybe Vick is hiding Andy’s system much like McNabb did for years? Who knows. The only way we would have found that out this year if Kolb was playing. But he’s not. So we won’t. Anyone who think they can determine was it Andy’s system or the QB is kidding themselves. I don’t care who the QB is, Andy still doesn’t run the ball enough, still can’t convert 3rd and shorts WITHOUT A MOBILE QB, still runs too many gimmick plays. Those things didn’t change. What we see right now is that Vick is a better QB at this point in his career than McNabb. But make no mistake about it, Andy got lucky that Vick is playing well. The mistake was going to Kolb and I will stand by that until Kolb ever proves something. Period.

  • Green

    I pointed out Paul because he came on two days later with a Kolb post.

  • man thats bs
    pman u dont know ur as from a hole in the ground
    u said the same for vick
    and u gave ur bs detailed analysis which included how he lost speed and was to innacurate
    ur doing it again
    once again i will tell u that a player is not done
    and like i told u 5 months ago vick will surprise u
    im telling u the same again
    d5 will surprise u and ur premature he’s done talk again

  • Paul

    Do you read what you post? That’s got to be the most ridiculous statement of the day.

    Exactly how does a “pass-happy” offense hide a QB’s flaws?

    If you want to hide a QB’s flaws, you run the ball.

    Are Manning’s 11 picks in 3 games embarrassing? What the cause for those?

    No, McNabb can no longer carry a team, nor hide his coach’s flaws, many of which still exist today. But, as Scorp pointed out, Vick is covering a multitude of sins.

  • the funny thing is u live in nc
    u dont have any type of league pass to watch these games
    u barely see eagle games let alone redskins
    yet u talk about stuff like u watched every play
    its like green said u get in ur head u dont like some1 and u just bash them thats all it is
    cause u dont see anything maybe a highlight here or there but u dont c anything and talk so much sh

  • Paul

    I’m beginning to believe that you “write stuff just to get a rise.”

  • McNabb’s still a very capable QB, his team is wack (terrible, for those that may not understand the slang) it is that simple! Dont let this years stats fool you…

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Paulman said the whatever.

    I love Vick and am behind him and i feel great about this teams chances at a title run .But until we’re 5 minutes left too go in the Bowl and still have a shot at it…his greatness doesnt exceed Dons. And bashing 5 is really classless now. The dude laid iton the line and never got help form the D in big spots.he coulda done more…but too me did enough in some of those title shots too win. D failed us.Coaches did too.

    Dallas? Concerns? Kitna…stiff? I feel so…Sante…ballhawk…2 pick day. Thoughts of greatness Sunday night i have.

  • i just wish kolb was qb so bad
    if and when the birds dont wint the sb
    pman will bash vick
    i just wish kolb was qb
    i wanna hear how stuff sounds when we dont win the sb with what many of these eagle fans view as their prototypical qb (kolb)
    then andy will be worse coach ever yea i know
    see right thru ya

  • I have to save this stuff. It’s priceless.

    According to Paul, if you want to HIDE your QB’s FLAWS, you throw more passes than every other team in the league.

    And if you really want to hide them, get him Charles Johnson. Torrence Small. James Thrash. Todd Pinkston. and Freddie Mitchell.

  • And this is obvious, Paul?

    It is as obvious as “Vick’s poor read and throw into TRIPLE coverage” for a pick.

    Paul’s back to working on his novel.

  • gotcha drummer, I’m outa this one

  • Paul

    Please explain how you hide a QB’s flaws by throwing more passes.

    Let’s not even talk about the receivers.

    Just explain to me how, in your world, you hide a QB’s flaws by throwing more passes than anyone.

  • yea drum trent dilfer threw the ball all over for them to win sb

  • Jeeezuz Christ…its a f’n website too talk birds and you dudes are talking about Paul”toolshed”man.What he said …yaddadadadadadad!!

    Kolbis doen over and out…he’s gone next year. Later….we have a ninja now.

    ITS DALLAS WEEK!!!! Thoughts on Dallas?

    Noone cares about Paulmandomis.Dizzy cant cuss and make us roll out our chairs without getting chin checked by the site police….BUT I HAVE TOO READ THIS TOOLSHEDS NAME IN EVERYONES POSTS?

    G….send out a memo.

  • C’mon Paul, man up, are you gong to take this beating, what you say?

  • Before this goes any further, let me make this clear. I was huge Donovan fan, but I was in agreement with the trade for both his sake and the team’s.

    Reid’s play calling (and other shortcoming), in my opinion, set his QB up for failure.

    Reid called passes regardless of down/distance, defensive pressure, QB’s health, etc.

    Broken ankle? Call 50 passes.
    Sports hernia? call 50 passes.
    Broken ribs, I got the remedy. Call 50 passes.
    Ahead by 30? Call 50 passes.
    Running back is averaging 6 yards a carry. Not good enough – 50 passes.
    Receivers can’t get off the line of scrimmage? 50 passes.
    More drops than any team in the league? I need 50 passes!!

    And when it doesn’t work? It was the QB’s fault.

    McNabb stayed injured and Reid stayed calling passes.

    Yet, in Paul’s world, Reid was hiding McNabb’s flaws.

    Paul, you have mine. Now I need your explanation.

  • Keys for O-

    Move the chains…big plays wont be there…keep the ball on the ground…give MIke a chance early too scare them with the legs.

    Stay onsides…it will be loud…dont get caught in 3-7 instead of 3-2….make there life easier….stay focused(Erock suggest ginko for all o-lineman pregame).

    Use some trick plays..they will be playing fast and aggresive on d…too me thats there flaw..theyre far too agressive and it gets em in trouble.Double reverse please.

  • I’ll take who gives a rats ass what paulman says for 500 Alex….good selection Erock.

  • Paul is now imitating Whodini.

    It won’t work. As soon as you post, I’ll remind you.

  • We can discuss whatever you’d like. At the same token, I need to hear an explanation.

  • Keys for d-

    Get too Kitna early with a blitz…knock him down..he is a statue.

    Tackle the wide outs…there gonna try and hit us with the slip screens.Nail them early.

    Create an early turnover….22 should be chomping at the bit.

  • G can our comment box replace the durafag ad?

  • erock’s keys:

    Move the chains

    Stay onsides

    Anymore obviously things that should be added to the gameplan that the team doesn’t know? Just wondering.

  • Even if it’s with the “David Ortiz Teeth ad” from last year… Good grief…

  • paulman says:
    December 8, 2010 at 11:48 am

    It’s become pretty obvious almost a season later, that Coach AR/MM and the Eagles pass happy system really hid many of McNabb’s flaws


    Please explain how you hide a QB’s flaws by throwing more passes than anyone in the league.

    Let’s not even talk about his receivers (if that’s the proper term).

    Just explain to me how, in your world, you hide a QB’s flaws by throwing more passes.

  • paulman says:
    December 8, 2010 at 12:59 pm

    A Pass-Happy System that throws 45 times a game will ultimately give a QB lots of opportunites to make good stats just by the sheer volume.You give a QB and have him pass 40-50 tyimes a game for 10-12 years, wouldn’t that QB amass some pretty good #’s.. sure he would..even T Dilfer could
    But McNabb was never accurate in that 10-15 yard range, was terrible on wheel routes,screens where rercievers had to stop,dive,jump just to catch the ball. McNnabb was poor in clock management and getting players in and out of the huddle.. Look how Vick gets players in and out, look how he throws his wheel routes,screens passes, he throws them to recivers in stride so they can make a move at full speed and get some YAC.. McNabb could never do this on a consistent basis which is why I state
    that the Eagles System and Coach AR/MM sheer volume of passing has hid McNabb flaw’s of ever becoming a real effective NFL Pocket QB who could win at managing a game in a balanced offense.
    Maybe McNabb can pull a Farve and play for another 3-4 years and be rejuvenated and play at a High-Level,I hope he stays around and plays in the NFC East a few more years for it would help the Eagles it


    How ridiculous. Doesn’t that also give him 45 opportunities to throw picks, etc.

    Why didn’t the Ravens employ that thinking with Trent Dilfer?

    We were the No. 1 screen team in the league. What are you talking about?

    Calling 50 passes improved getting players in and out of the huddle? Huh!!!! Are you trying to baffle me with bull? It won’t work.

    Six-time pro-bowler couldn’t get the team in and out of huddle??

    This is so laughable. Please tell me you’re practicing a comedy routine. You can’t be serious.

  • Paul

    It’s getting better and better. By the time you’re finished, I might write a book. How’s “Slipping Into Insanity” sound.

  • Paul

    Only good QBs can consistently get good stats.

  • Scorp..you got nothign but b.s. about Paulman. Stop running your mouth about another dudes opinions on here and say something about the Dallas game. In other words…get off Pmans d and say something relevant.

    My keys are what they are ..obvious…ok…wtf do you have too say? And half the opinions are just that..obvious.Like i care…least im not sweating P-man.

    Talk football instead of some toolsheds thoughts and b.s. opinions.

  • Because Ravens believed in running the ball first and controlling the line of scrimmage and therfore wear your opponent down and then use play-action passes for the big plays
    Coach AR believes in passing the ball to tire out Defgense and then hit them with Big Plays
    Does anyone notice how ineffective the Eagles are at play-action.. they pass 6 times in a row,
    on the 7th play, on a 3rd & 7 , they fake a handoff like it’s going to hold up any defenders up..
    If McNabb is HOF, then I am the 2nd coming of Shecky Green…

  • lol…that tooth ad will forever haunt those who saw it…lol

    drummer..you are starting to sound like Wilma with all of the love you have for 5

  • Keys on O…

    Get Harrison some early carries…him and shady could have a big day. Too G’s point underneath stuff should be there.

    But thats pretty obvious.

  • That Ravens d was top 3 all-time…coulda had anyone in there capable and able too manage games and they win the title.They iced the Giants. Shannon Sharpe!!!That rungame.Man they were dominant.

  • Honestly no offense Paulman.I know you bring it legit most days. You keep it loose. The real toolsheds are the ones posting your prior posts…for real man!!?

  • Erock…I am with you..we need to learn from the Bears game and attack the middle of the field with Shadey and Harrison to bring the safeties up

  • Certain people have mothers for toolsheds, and if you don’t like it, let’s get together a discuss it.

  • The Ravens QB sucked! So, they took the ball out of his hands.

  • Pound them early and open up the p-action. There secondary stinks.The Bears game showed us alot about ourselves. Was a good loss….if theres ever one.

  • Call me a name to my face and I got no problem smacking you in the mouth.

  • You can get your back dirty.

  • Why wouldnt i like it if your mom was a toolshed? It would be more reason too clown you and have fun.

  • Green

    What’s that mean? Wilma?

  • Green

    It’s not so much love for McNabb as it disgust for Reid’s shortcomings, some of which took years to address. If Baltimore could win with Trent Green, certainly the Eagles could have won with McNabb. After all, we had Jim Johnson’ vaunted defense.

    Perhaps you read the wrong list.

    Reid’s play calling (and other shortcoming), in my opinion, set his QB up for failure.

    Reid called passes regardless of down/distance, defensive pressure, QB’s health, etc.

    Broken ankle? Call 50 passes.
    Sports hernia? call 50 passes.
    Broken ribs, I got the remedy. Call 50 passes.
    Ahead by 30? Call 50 passes.
    Running back is averaging 6 yards a carry. Not good enough – 50 passes.
    Receivers can’t get off the line of scrimmage? 50 passes.
    More drops than any team in the league? I need 50 passes!!

    And when it doesn’t work? It was the QB’s fault.

    McNabb stayed injured and Reid stayed calling passes.

    Yet, in Paul’s world, Reid was hiding McNabb’s flaws.

  • Erock

    Talk is cheap. Personally, I’m a man of action, but if you prefer to be a woman, go ahead with the talk, girlfriend.

  • Erock

    I understand that you’re in love with Paulman. He can make the most idiotic statement and you’ll slurp away. Who’s the real tool?

  • Erock

    A man would never let anyone talk about his mother. A real man would step up and shut that person down. Little girls, on the other hand, whisper or type letters.

    I see you for what you are, Mary.

  • Erock, we were talking football long before this. Not my fault that you are late to the party. You are always complaining like a little about what you don’t want to read. Well, then don’t read it. Quite simple. Don’t worry about what I’m saying to Paulman. Worry about yourself and your useless, obvious “game keys” because they are surely adding to the discussion and presenting stuff that no one has ever heard about.

  • Erock

    It’s a wonder you can type with your mouth full. Multi-tasking, huh? Can you continue if Paul lets loose a big one? Prove it.

  • Okay, Scorp

    I digress.

    Sometimes, I have to let them know that this is about football. If they want to call names, come see me. If they can walk away still calling me a name, I’ll have no problem with them calling me a name on the discussion board.

    I’m not a tough guy, but I am man of honor.

  • Back to football.

    As for McNabb, I wish he would retire. He’s a shadow of his former self, and I recognize that he had flaws even when he was at his best. But, he chose the wrong team. I wanted him to go to the Raiders because of the warm weather (old and cold don’t mix); good defense; offensive line; and because they showed signs of life last year.

    As it is, unless the Redskins will be rebuilding for years, and McNabb would need to be with a contender now, to have any chance of winning the SB.

    If I were him, I’d retire and enjoy my $100 million.

  • drummer…you over-caffineated today or what?

    To answer your question, I will break it down. I believed that your support of McNabb during today’s posts bordered on the amount of Love that his mother Wilma McNabb would show her son. If you cannot understand the opinion, I don’t know how to make it any more basic.

  • @Drummer….. So you do think mcnabb has lost a few steps right or wrong???? This guy had told me and it pissed me off that Mcnabb is the new Daunte Culpepper…… This was last year and I blew a gasket…… He said he will be playing in the Ufl pretty soon……… I think to my self now like damn….. Is he right????? Just puzzles me!!

  • LMAO, you guys got me rolling today! Good stuff! LOL

  • Jroc

    He can still run, but I believe age, and more important, injuries, are catching up with him.

  • I love Mcnabb…… He still has a few years left in him……. I just think that football is really a mental sport……… And I think that so many critics have just bashed Mcnabb through the years that he’s thinking way way too much…… The guy with nothing to lose was Mike Vick…….. And he’s playing out of his mind currently………. If he had a bad season……. play overseas somewhere and boost the ratings in the UFL……… If he plays well than land a spot as starter for the Eagles or some place else…….. My thought…… Vick aint going nowhere!!!!! Mcnabb in WSH……. a big ????

  • Here’s a good article. It somewhat supports what I’ve been saying about Reid’s play-calling.

    Several factors contributing to Manning’s recent struggles

    By Pat Kirwan NFL.com
    Senior Analyst

    All of a sudden Peyton Manning has a big problem with interceptions. Eleven picks in the last three games by any quarterback would garner attention, but when Manning’s name is attached to the number, it turns into a football crisis.

    There is constant speculation he’s lost velocity, the talent around him isn’t experienced enough, he’s pressing because he’s carrying the team, and a hundred other possible reasons.

    Before investigating to see if there are concrete football reasons why he might be struggling, here are a couple of facts:

    Manning now part of the problem

    Peyton Manning has been thought of as the solution in Indy for years, but the Colts’ 6-6 mark is in part because of the quarterback’s inconsistent play, writes Steve Wyche. More …

    » Manning has thrown 24 touchdowns through 12 games this season, or an average of two a game. Last year, he took his team to the Super Bowl and averaged two touchdowns a game, so the positive production is right on pace.

    » Manning’s averaging an interception every 36.6 pass attempts this season. He averaged a pick every 36.7 pass attempts last year.

    So what’s the difference this season? Manning’s throwing a lot more, and that might be the root of his problems. He is averaging 46.8 passing attempts a game this season as compared to 37.3 in 2009, 36.3 in 2008, 34.3 in 2007, 36.3 in 2006 and 30 in 2005. All the extra throws have forced defenses to play the pass in just about every down and distance. In years past, Manning was a big play-action passer. In the few times he used a play-action concept on his 11 interceptions the past thre weeks, no linebackers really honored the play fake.

    As for the loss of tight end Dallas Clark, Manning’s favorite go-to guy in times of need, he was targeted 53 times with 37 receptions for 347 yards and three touchdowns prior to getting hurt six games into the season. Jacob Tamme took over and just completed a six-game stretch in which he has been targeted 63 times with 42 receptions for 416 yards and three touchdowns, so it’s hard to blame the problems on missing Clark.

    Here’s a look at some of the patterns that surfaced when I broke down all 11 interceptions from the past three games, watching them multiple times.

    Diagrams 1A, 1B and 1C: In 10 of the 11 interceptions, the running back blocked in the opposite direction Manning was throwing. Whether the running back lined up on his blocking side (1A), blocked opposite his alignment (1B) or ran a swing route (1C), Manning was throwing the other way, and it appeared the linebackers took advantage of that to get a jump on their pass drop. The back goes opposite with the hope of holding Sean Lee in the middle or moving him away from the target area, but instead Lee jumps the pass for his first of two interceptions (video).

  • Jroc

    That’s one of the reasons why I supported the trade. Between the media and certain fans, I believe his mental state was beyond repair (at least in Philly).

  • Cause i have a job that requires me too work and i dont have time for diatribes like you tools.Listen at you talking about a man of action …yack ack yack ak…dude go too band practice.lol.

    Noones ever heard of keys to a game?

    You guys are the girls ..posting what another dude posted months ago. Post it on facebook and tweet that you hate Paulman dude.

    i rip P-an all the time..i coined the name Paulmandomis.

    Your talking like a toughguy.And it’s funny as he!!.

    its Dallas week….talking about Mcnabb still!!!LOL!!!

  • @Drummer….. Yes age is catching up…….. When you bench a guy because of his so call “CONDITIONING” and played 3/4 of a game…… And you pull him out the last 2 min…. Makes you think that (1) Mcnabb a 11yr. Vet hasn’t gotten it together through all the years of football (2) That his work ethic this season wasn’t all that great this year (3) Is the Redskins the dumbest organization by paying players a ton of money and hasn’t pull over a winning hump for there franchise (4) Is mcnabb done for…… (5) Mcnabb has a lack of weapons on offense…. They’ll do better next season (6) Or are the Eagles organization that genius and know when to get rid of players pass there prime?????????

  • greenfan

    I had forgotten McNabb’s mother’s name is Wilma. I don’t know her as well as you.

    What “exactly” did I post that bordered on “the amount of Love that his mother Wilma McNabb would show her son.?” Please feel free to copy and paste.

    Allow me to offer another angle. You’re a McNabb hater.

    If one is on Xanax, does it seem that everyone else is moving fast?

  • jroc, I agree in part. I think for his whole career including college, Vick has always had “it”. The intangible part of his personality to find a way to win. The problem with him was his mind wasn’t right and he didn’t have the right tools. So I think he’s always had “it” but now he knows how to play QB so when you combine the 2 you get a very dangerous player. As for McNabb, he has a couple seasons left. He’s in a bad situation and I won’t overreact to him having a bad season. But I don’t want him to win anything in Washington anyway so that’s fine with me. But at this point in his career he needs to be on a team that just needs a capable QB. Not a team that needs the QB to carry the team. A team that has good skilled players, good defense and is just a QB away from being a very good team. There’s no question in my mind that in McNabb was still here, we’d still be talking playoffs. Maybe not with the same expectations that we have now with Vick but we would be talking playoffs. He’s surely in the decline but anyone who knows anything about football, sometimes the situation prevents players from being successful. Who knows how good Vick would be doing if he didn’t have this weapons and the coaching of Andy and Marty. We don’t know but the point is that the right situation makes and breaks careers in the NFL. Kolb’s career could be permanently fractured because him coming to Philly may not have been the best thing so basically 4 years of nothing. And when he finally gets a startig gig, he will have to still learn how to be an NFL QB. Just as an example.

  • Yes erock, everyone has heard of “key to the games”. Obviously, the point went way over your head. You’re keys to the game were obvious statements that is the key to every game. You added nothing new whatsoever.

  • whatever drummer, whatever

  • @Erock….. Guys like Paulman bring the hate out LMAO!! He makes us this way him and Vinnie……..

  • Jroc

    Any or all of that could be true. Like I said, I wish he’d retire. I also wish he had retired. I respect what he did for the Eagles. He was a real pro who denied the weapons necessary to compete at the upper level.

    I believe it’s the same way now. If Vick wasn’t our QB, the many holes on this team would be exposed. While I think Kolb is an NFL QB, he certainly can’t carry a team and may only be a back-up. I say this because if he had taken the hits Vick has taken, I don’t think he’d perform well.

    Right now, we need to upgrade our offensive line, the defense (which we focused on last year) is not looking very good (especially the pass rush – the area of our focus). I don’t know that we’ve yet found a replacement for Dawkins. Linebacker play remains an issue. We can’t pick-up first downs by running. We can’t run in the red zone. You know how I feel about play-calling.

  • Green

    Is that what I posted, “whatever drummer, whatever?” I don’t recall posting that.

    Please cut and paste with date and time.

  • There’s no hiding the hate.

  • @ drummer…you son are fast becoming the copy and paste king, I choose to be more original. By the way, while we are at it, I also read the paper and other blogs in the morning. Why do you find the need to post every Domo or Ray Diddy article out there?? Just wondering if there is some kind of kickback for the number of words posted on GCobb that I didn’t know about?

    If someone interpreting your writings as supportive of McNabb is causing you heartache, maybe you should change the subject?

  • If I type one thing, why do some get a completely different interpretation?

  • @Scorp do you think Mcnabb should have went to the Raiders…… Would that have been a better move for him…….. I just think that he would have just excepted the offer to go to Oakland…… Who already had a good defense……. That alot of the attention towards him would have been next to minimal!!! It brought money to both franchises as far as t.v. views…….. But I think he’s not good with alot of attention brought to him and a coach like shanahan who just is a real balls sack of a a coach!!!

  • Green

    It probably escapes you but copy and paste is faster and easier than typing.

    If I weren’t typing anything original, than you and I would be in agreement, right?

    Think about it.

  • we should be utilizing McCoy all day, matched up with a line backer if Dallas goes to Cover 2, 2 deep man find the appropiate mismatch to exploit with Celek and get WR on some crossing routes…it all depends the coverage we catch them in…regardless of the situation, if we get protection for Vick consistently we will beat the Cowboys down…

  • As for posting articles, GCobb hasn’t had a problem with it. Why do you?

    If you’ve already read it — and get this — you don’t have to read it again. You can skip it.

  • Real

    I am almost surprised by McCoy’s play as I am by Vick’s. When I consider that this running back has played this way through broken ribs, it’s even more amazing.

  • stepped up play of Celek a must for the birds to clinch East, short, quick throws, more wc type play, keeps hits off Vick, keeps possession and rests undersized big play eagles d

  • wow looks like i missed the party

    drummer this is the funniest post i’ve ever read in my life

    “Call me a name to my face and I got no problem smacking you in the mouth.”
    hahahaha i cant stop laughing

  • jroc, the Raiders may have been better because they have better skilled players and defense than the Redskins. But in my opinion, only places like Minny, San Fran and Ariz would be ideal places for his skill set and the place he’s at in his career. Those places have very good skilled players and talent on both sides of the ball but don’t really have a good enough QB to keep the teams competitive. That’s just my thoughts. I think people easily disregard how much it means to all NFL players to be in a good situation especially when they are on the downside of their career. And all the Mike Shanahan hype was just ridiculous. I was glad he took over in washington. Dude won super bowls with a HOF QB who was already great before he got their and a great RB. Couldn’t do crap once Elway retired.

  • Scorp

    Good point on Kolb. The psyche of a QB is so important.

  • real, I agree. There were some people on Yardbarker saying that Andy uses both McCoy and Vick too much. Yes, seriously. Neither one is being used more than any other top players on other teams. It was just hilarious that people would find any reason to criticize Andy.

  • The point didnt go over anyones head Scorp you tool. Just putting out some random thoughts about the game instead of talking about f’n Mcnabb.

    i call a spade a spade….and posting articles already written is just thoughtless.Yacking about P-man or anyone else is whacked.

    Real Talk is on point with Dallas talk.

    You tools can keep haven your private chat about each other all day. Mcnabb? Kolb? Andy’s balance in the O?WTF cares right now…DALLAS WEEK.You got ZERO on the game. If you post it…and its suspect ill call it suspect. You dont like it….big deal.

  • PW

    Keyboard tough guys kill me. Got to set em’ straight. I’m no tough guy and I don’t talk like one. I treat people with respect and I expected the same in return.

    If we disagree, we can disagree without being disagreeable.

    I always go back to Vinnie. He and I didn’t see eye to eye on some things and we vehemently disagreed with one another, but at no time did either of us disrespect the other. Same holds true for Paul.

  • Some people are very angry. They’re unhappy with their lives and it’s reflected in their attitudes. If you ignore them long enough, they go away. They go away frustrated, but they go away.

  • Scorp

    What’s Yardbarker?

  • Erock

    The chat isn’t private. You’re more than welcome to join in. I just don’t understand the need to call people names. We’re all Eagles fans.

  • It’s the differences of opinion that make this site great. It’s the back and forth that opens the mind. I’ve learned more than a few things from Paul, Scorp, PW and even Vinnie, but if I keep a closed mind, I can’t learn anything. I don’t want to stay stupid.

  • drummer, never heard of YB? It’s blog site where athletes actually blog and has user-created discussion board. Every team has their own “yard”. Go check it out.

  • erock, we’ve already talking the game on this and a couple other threads. Now since you’re late to the party how about you go read for yourself instead of wanting everyone to repeat what they said 5 hours ago.

  • @Drummer
    you are right about that. McCoy might not rush for 100 yards every game, but he is right there at the top of all purpose yards…A big think I’ve been noticing about McCoy is his blocking too! McCoy reminds me of Marshall Faulk, in that he can hurt teams more with receiving than rushing…(rushing not bad, but you put McCoy out there behind blockers, expect a nice gain)

  • I think we’ll begin to see more of McCoy, Celek and Avant in these final games. In fact, as defenses key on our stars, the field will open up for the Harringtons, Schmitts and Halls of the world.

  • And this is not Dallas week. This is not the Super Bowl. Stop placing so much emphasis on them schmucks. It’s business as usual. No need to devote an entire week for “Dallas week”. I’m sorry I don’t devote my week to the Cowboys. They will get their whoopin like everyone else and treated as such. Every year Eagles fans act like beating Dallas is the championships when real Cowboys fans could care less about us. Just stop it and don’t overstate it. We are going to whoop like like our other 2 division rivals.

  • Scorp

    I will.

  • Real

    The guy’s got great vision. It’s become commonplace to see him cut back for a long gain.

  • Just warning you that some of the people over there are way over the top. I’m talking guys like Vinnie and RCP combined. But it’s cool because you can create your own discussion topics and people can chime in rather than waiting for G to post another topic. Also you can check out some of the athletes blog. You never heard of McNabb blogging on his YB? Well you can read his weekly blog or any registered athlete of your choice. And you get to respond to their posts as well.

  • @Scorp

    LOL, I agree! Cowboys will get their whooping like everyone else. This game is a big game because of the standings, its not a big game because we are playing the cowboys. Right about now it doesn’t matter who we are playing, every game is important in December, we have to take care of business for the rest of the year, no matter what!

  • Where is Vinnie? he’s been quite for a few days! Since we are going to win out, I really dont expect to hear from Vinnie the rest of the season…

  • Real

    I’m sure Vinnie’s reading. He’s just not posting. Let Vick throw 2 picks in a game and he’ll be back. LOL!

  • Scorp

    That’s cool!!!

  • Who’s angry? LOL…UNHAPPPY WITH THERE LIVES!!? Classic.Dianetics with Drummerwinslow…stick playn drums dude.LOL!!

    It’s Dallas week…its fun clown’n you guys cause your all wrapped up in P-mans wilen opinions and comments.Its good you dont want too stay stupid dude.Your growing as a person.We all need that brosiff.

    And wtf would anyone wanna join in your chat about Paulman? Its Dallas week.Im frustrated i have too wait till 820 Sunday nite for Birdgame.

    Dallas o-line can be had on the blitz. Didnt see much of that from Indy.Kitna could be frazzled early…get a pick outta him and set up a quick score.

  • Real, I agree. It’s a big game to because it’s near playoff time not because it’s the Cowboys. Forget them stinkin Cowboys. They don’t deserve all that attention to devote a week to them. They are no different to me than it was having to play the Bear and the Giants.

  • LOL! This is too funny!!!

    “He bashed himself in the head with his own helmet until there was a 4 inch gash while playing for the Seattle Seahawks for missing a blocking assignment. He’s the guy who drives an 88′ Ford Ranger to the stadium on game days. Now he’s the starting Fullback for our Philadelphia Eagles, Owen Schmitt.”

    I would hate to meet this guy in a dark alley. He’s beating his own self up. I can’t imagine what he’d do to me.

  • Welcome back, Erock.

  • Erock

    Honestly, I don’t know anything about Kitna. From what I’ve seen, he’s playing better than Romo and the team is building confidence. I’m glad that they are. It will feel even better to take the air out of their sails.

  • yea Owen Schmitt sounds like a guy I would want blocking for me! or as Vick would say, go to war with!

  • drummerwinslow says:
    December 8, 2010 at 2:44 pm Some people are very angry. They’re unhappy with their lives and it’s reflected in their attitudes. If you ignore them long enough, they go away. They go away frustrated, but they go away.

    I would agree, but believe you need to look in the mirror drummerboy. You claim to be a choirboy, but then like to issue your keyboard threats to those that disagree with your opinion. Don’t know what got into you, most days I can handle your sh**, but you go after any different thought today like one of Vick’s pitbulls. It is guys like you that will have me spending more time at other eagles sites.

  • I think I reported that Vinne and Kolb were at the 30th Street Train Sstation and catching a train
    to Phoenix.. Remember I stated that Kolb has a Arizona Map under his arm and what appeared to be an
    Arizona Playbook…
    Not to change the Subject but the Phills are sitting on their hands and missing out
    RH OF Matt Diaz just signed a 2 year deal with the Pirates
    RH OF J Francouer just signed a 1 year Deal with the KC ROyals
    RH OF T WIllingam signed a deal with the Rockies…

    Are the Phillies content to rely on simply this PItching staff and have no RH Bat with Power
    to mix in with the heavy Left-handed lineup of Utley/Howard/Ibanez and maybe LH Brown..
    Does anyoen think that Ben Francisco is the answer… .

  • This has been the craziest Eagles season I can remember.

    The only one that comes close, in my opinion, is the year of the strike. We had Guido Merkins playing QB on our replacements team. They were beating him silly. It was horrible.

    He was interviewed after taking a particularly bad pounding and went on to say that he was “enjoying himself.”

    The guy was so hopeful of getting a real job in the NFL that he was willing to saying anything. You had to see the pounding he was taking. It was hilarious!

  • Green

    Good for you!

  • LOL, I know I may get a lot of flack about this, but *bleep* the Phillies! Real Talk! LOL
    I am only an Eagles fan…all other sports I run with NY teams…

    Lets leave the baseball/basketball seperate from the football threads!

  • Green

    I’ve never threatened anyone who disagreed with my opinion, and I’m certainly no choir boy. Well, actually I am. I play for a couple of choirs.

    Anyway, I just don’t tolerate people calling me names. We can talk agree or disagree, but if you want to call names, I’ll go to the next level.

    Sorry to hear that I’m chasing you to other sites. Hope you find your way back.

  • Paul

    I’m Philly born, Philly bred and when I die, I’ll be Philly dead, but I don’t really follow baseball. It’s a great game with a lot of strategy.

    I played briefly when I was kid, but didn’t like the idea of anyone throwing a baseball “at” me. I charged the mound in little league and that pretty much ended my career. Since then, I’ve had little interest.

  • see you guys on Bleeding Green Nation

  • Real

    Don’t mince words, man! LOL!!!

  • Yeah Paulman I have concerns as well about not having a power right handed bat. I think it’s just going to be right handed bat by platoon. Not sure what else they can do at the moment. Of course will will see next summer when trade deadline is approaching.

  • Jeez…your one of theses cats that roots for Eagles and likes the Yanks…or Mets.Sorry bro..violation.


  • Aw real, you just lost some fan points LOL.

  • drummerwinslow says:
    December 8, 2010 at 1:33 pm Call me a name to my face and I got no problem smacking you in the mouth.
    drummerwinslow says:
    December 8, 2010 at 1:33 pm You can get your back dirty.

    Those weren’t threats choirboy?? You got someone else sitting at your keyboard??

  • Paul

    Scorp’s got it all covered. You want to talk hockey, too?

  • Platoon Brown and Ben Fran? i like that.

    Cowboys suck….im just getting that out there.

  • Yeah Erock…. sorry real, that’s a violation.

  • Man this has to be one of the best blogging i’ve seen up here LMAO! people are going religious, political, and were being real D*** Bags towards each other……. Sounds like brotherly love to me……. Can you smell the keyboards smoking!!!!! LMAO!!!!! Everyone is firing on all cylinders up here….. Lets just hope our team does that this sunday!!!! I know GCOBB will do a good run through on this post!!!! LMAO

  • Read it context:

    I’ve never threatened anyone who disagreed “with my opinion.” I just don’t tolerate people calling me names.

  • Yeah Erock, I hope Brown can really prove to be an MLB player. I’ve been hearing that they still have reservations about keeping him up permanently. Not sure how true that is but I thought it was a no brainer that you have to keep him up with Werth gone. Apparently, they aren’t sure he is ready to be a full time major league player. I think we will find out in spring training though more about our RHB situation.

  • Jroc

    We’re approaching the end of the season, and things are heating up. The Eagles family is getting anxious. Like any family, we have our disagreements and fights, but we’re still family. I don’t hold resentments. After we win the Superbowl, I expect all of us to get together (at Paul’s house) for a toast.

    Where’s Monolith? He would have cooled all of this out.

  • yeah choirboy, sound hypocritical to me…threatening assault is threatening assualt isn’t it?

  • Flyboys need too get there power play goin A.Skate well on your home pond and play hard.

    There only threats if someone takes them seriously.Otherwise there called jokes.

    Dallas blows….revenge for 09’…..LETS GO D!!!!

  • Aren’t there problems with Brown’s bat? 0.60 or something like that.

  • Whats beef…… Beef is when you go blogging to your peeps……. Beef is when call people names…man sheesh….. Beef is when I see you gaurantee to be an ICU LMAO!!!!! Blogging is on fire right now!!!!!

  • Okay, Green

    You’re entitled to your opinion.

  • The bottom line is, if you want to call me a name, I’m going to respond negatively.

    If you want to talk football, I’m going to talk football.

  • Heard Browns drop off in Dominican league was due too him not playing at all towards end of the season. Young guys need too play..if they have lay offs there game drops off.

    Dallas bites….JON KITNA!!!!Destroy him….you are not worthy.iF YOUR GONNA SHOOT…SHOOT FIRST!!

  • What’s an ICU?

  • ,@ DRUMMER I know and I enjoyed every moment today!!! Yall made my 8 hrs. a great one…….. i love my fellow eagle family…… We try to be positive but we get negative on how we feel………. Thats what I’m talking bout!!!! LOL I want to win that CHip so bad!!!!! And I can say I can see O’l AR finally hoisting it up in the air!!!!! What will that do to D-MAC…….. Man……… IDK about yall but I know If i was the face of a franchise for many years and I left and the team I use to play wins it all……… It will kill me!!!!

  • LOL, can’t help it fellas! I was born up north in Jersey, growing up I could only watched NY games, because of location. My pops only followed Eagles football growing up, where my Eagles love comes from….so basketball and baseball were sports I was really able to choose for myself..

    I still got ya’ll back when it comes to our Eagles. But as far as the other teams *bleep* em! 🙂

  • @Drummer Intensive Care UNIT LMAO! Putting someone in the hospital!!!!! Thats how this talk is getting up here….. like guys want to duke it out or something!!! LMAO

  • Jroc

    I want to see the team hoist Andy.

  • LMAO Drummer! That will be a real mission in its self!!!!!

  • Jroc…the biggie reference is priceless.IM ROLLIN!!!


  • Erock I agree, but obviously we wont know the real reason for the drop off until he actually plays. It’s speculation and hopefulness that the layoffs are the main factors. We will see how he rebounds but they clearly don’t think he’s the answer right now at that position. But I also think with a basically all star in-field and 3 aces you don’t need a star player in right field. Just need a consistent guy who can field and have a decent batting avg. The stars of the team can’t go through long droughts like last season.

  • greenfan

    Where I come from, you call someone a tool and you could find yourself stretched out. You are obviously from Upper Merion or something

    Let me give you some advice. If/when you visit, don’t try that crap in Philly. You’d better talk to people with respect, son.

  • Brown’s swing too long and slow, not the answer

  • I had the day to myself. Had planned to practice my drumming, finishing charting the Titans game and chill out. Instead I spent the day blogging. I have no regrets!!!

  • Upper Merion, hahah

  • maybe new hope

  • To Scorp,
    I am not sure why tyou think this is just another game but I don’t believe it is..
    The Eagles were humiliated last season and essentially ended the McNabb Era for what the Cowboys did to them up up and down the field in those final 2 games last season..
    This is a new team witha new leader at the helm in QB M Vick who is having an outstanding Season ,but the Eagles Front Office from GM,Scouts to Coach AR and his staff have been working since last off-season to improve tihs Roster and beat this Cowboys team between the trading of McNabb, The Free-Agent SIgnings, to the Drafting of players, so let’s not downplay this as is just another game because it’s not..
    A loss here hurts the Eagles in their playoff drive and also would hurt that re-tooling they did was not good enough to beat the Cowboys…
    I think The Eagles should win by 2 scores and going away, but I am sure that it will end up a closer and probably decided late in the 4th quarter as most Divisional games are

  • Nothing against Upper Merion. I worked there for years and loved it. But I’m sure you’d agree that it’s nothing like Philly.

  • The Eagles HAVE to win this game if they want to be considered serious contenders. IF we lose this game, I will lose faith.

  • Some people lack social skills, which, in Philly, equate to survival skills. You’d better come correct.

  • Bird

    Don’t give up hope. We lost the first game to Washington, then destroyed them.

    I don’t think we’re going to lose, but if we do, it ain’t over.

  • @drummer…what name are you saying I called you??

    You are a guy that sits there and watches a game with a spreadsheet…right drummerboy? You probably never played a down of college ball, but your ARE the toughest guy at choir practice for sure.

    You are still living in DC, right? Out of work paralegal, right? What are you gonna do, type the shit outta me??

  • No negative thoughts fellas! The Eagles are going to win out! Positive thoughts!

  • I understand that drummer…..but this a must win if there ever is one…..we can’t lose to Dallas during a down year with their backup QB…..can’t do it.

  • paulman, I think it’s a big game but not in the sense that we have to devote an entire week as “dallas week”. That’s my point. Every game from now on is a big game. Next week we will be talking about how that’s the biggest game of the season and then again after that. I’m just tired of making it seem like beating the Cowboys is the end all and be all of football. And yes it was humiliating but last year has nothing to do with this year. You can view it how you like, I choose to view it as like ANY big game for a team in playoff contention. Just how I feel about it but I’m not going to sit up here like and act like playing Dallas is the only game that matters for the season. So in my opinion, let’s whoop them like everyone else. They don’t deserve anymore hype than they already get. That’s how I feel and that won’t change.

  • Bird

    I hope not. Our defense is a little shaky and their offense is playing well, even with their back-up. Hey, I’m a realist.

    Like I said, I don’t “think” we’ll lose, but I didn’t “think” we’d lose to them two weeks in a row last year.

  • Okay, Real

    No negative thoughts. I go through this with my Dad all the time. He’s always getting on the Birds, and every year I try to convince him that this is our year. It’s been a looooooong life.

  • Birdo you will lose faith if they don’t win this game? But you had much faith in the team before the season started to proclaim 11-5 with whichever QB. So if they have 4 losses now, why would losing the 5th make you lose faith if you already thought they would lose 5? I don’t get it.

    Anyhow, I don’t think we lose, but it’s not the end of the world if we did. With the Giants playing Minny, Us, Green bay and Washington I am almost certain they will drop at least 2 more. We will finish 11-5 at worst. How can you lose faith if they still are ready to win the division and make the playoffs?

    See this is what I’m talking about Paulman. People placing too much importance on games against the Cowboys. They are ready to give up on the season if we lose to them. That’s what I mean by not overstating what it means to play them. If that’s case, the same should have been said if we loss to the texans last week and say it again for every game for the rest of the year because they are just as important.

  • Anyone got any thoughts on the season Graham is having? I focus mostly on the offense and have somewhat ignored the defense.

  • I maybe a NY fan for baseball and basketball…but when its all said and done, I’m a loyal fan to all my teams. I’m a loyal fan to the Eagles and always will be…some of you cats, need to have faith in your team and stop thinking negatively! The Cowboys dont scare me one bit! They’ve had certain things go their way in these last few games (kick returns, interceptions for pick sixes….) This will not be the case against our squad, relax and just watch and see!

  • yeah scorp, I hear what you are saying..as far as advancing to the layoff’s, the Giants game is MUCH more critical. If we happen to lose this game in Dallas it would not end our season…i get what you are saying about all of the Dallas Week talk.

  • Scorp

    I agree that we’ve got keep our eyes on the big picture. While I have much hate for the Cowboys, especially after last season, I’m mostly concerned with HOW we play them. Last year, it was even a contest.

  • Real, exactly. I am not scared one bit. They are playing well but they stink. Of course anything can happen and I am not overlooking them but I’m not shaking because it’s the big bad cowboys. We are going to whoop them real good on their field and do it again on ours. It would be sweet to sweep them and play in the Super Bowl on their field.

  • @Real…NY? lol Come on….I will choose to forget that when reading your stuff, just focus on the birds!!

  • Yeah drummer, I actually think it’s a no contest. I think they will play well for stretches and play with adrenaline but I think we finish them in the 4th qtr and show them who they really are…… basement of the division.

  • @greenfan

    LOL, I’m only here for the Birds, my lips are closed bout all other sports here! you wont find me on a sixer or phillies thread, guaranteed! LOL

  • NEW YORK — Michael Vick leads Pro Bowl voting a year and a half after he was released from prison.

    The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback had 729,838 fan votes, nearly 39,000 more than second-place Peyton Manning, the NFL said Wednesday. Manning topped the balloting two weeks ago before being surpassed by Vick.

  • I think the Redskins will finish in the basement of the NFC East and probably not win another game this season for they are a real mess, at least Cowboys are playing pretty well and have been in most games

  • Scorp

    They certainly “should” play with adrenaline. They were embarrassed last year.

    I believe Reid will have this team firing on all cylinders. I expect an awesome game plan and highly motivated players.

  • Yeah I think they will finish their as well. But right now the Cowboys are there and another loss will keep them there.

  • Drummer, I meant the Cowboys will play with adrenaline. Being home and trying to play spoilers they will probably have some big plays in the 1st half. But after the adrenaline is gone, we’ll settle down and proceed to dismantling them.

  • In watching the Texans game, I noticed that Jackson caught a couple of balls over the middle. They were pretty deep, but he went across the middle. I think Reid had no choice but to send him there a few times to keep the defense honest.

  • Scorp

    Aha! No doubt that THIS is the Cowboys Superbowl.

  • Scorp — if you think this is just another game, you are sadly mistaken. This is a team that TOOK our manhood last year beating us three times in ONE year. They are the defending NFC East champions. Regardless of records — if we want to be considered an elite team and prove to ourselves (the actual team) and the fanbase that this team is for real, it starts on Sunday.

    We can go 11-5 and still not be considered contenders. We went 11-5 last year and I didn’t think we were serious contenders for anything…..WAY too many holes last year. I don’t see those holes this year other than our redzone defense, which can be corrected. I believe in this team, but I want them to confirm my belief.

  • Scorp

    Division rival, know each other very well, I could see that scenario, but I’m inclined to think we jump all over them and hold on at the end (because of play calling).

  • Great for Vick,
    What a crock for P Manning to even be in the top #6 for Votes,
    As I stated back in September, that this Colts Team is probably the weakest team they have fielded in the last 6-7 Years, Their 2010 O/Line is the worst since Peytons Rookie season and with no real running game and losing receivers to Injury like TE D Clark, WR A COllie, A Gonzales, P Garcon, who else does Manning have to throw the ball ot besides R Wayne.. and let’s be honest, Manning has lost a half-step that he used to be able to avoid some of the pressure in years past, now he is throwing the ball up for grabs and has thrown more bad passes in the last month than he probably has in the last 3 Seasons, but it happens as they get older…take a look at D McNabb as a prime example,
    Poor O/Line, No WR’s and no real Running game and a older not as mobile QB.. what do you expect… miracles..
    the name will carry him for another 2 years but he has peaked and will start regressing as the entire Colt team will

  • Birdo, that’s exactly my point. This is not the same team. We were clearly over matched. Dallas’ strength was their pass rush. Our o-line was in shambles. Their strength was running the ball. Our run defense was terrible. This is not the same team. Seriously man, you need to get over the Cowboys. We raped them 44-6 the year before and that didn’t stop them from doing the same to us. So there’s no question in my mind that we can return the favor. But to act like this game against Dallas is the end all be all of the season is ridiculous. Only fickle fans give up with 3 games left while you still can win the division. Just plain dumb. When we lost to the Redskins too years ago, everyone gave up on the season. Well we got all the way to the NFC Championship that year. Just stop it. You either ride out the whole season as a true fan. No jumping on and off during the season. Had all the blind faith in the world 3 months ago but none if they lose to the Cowboys while still probably winning the division. Just frauds.

  • Like I was saying earlier, this has been the craziest NFL season, and in particular Eagles season I can recall.

    We jettisoned our franchise QB.
    Handed the reigns over to the heir apparent.
    Tried to trade Vick, but couldn’t.
    Tried to use him as a Wildcat QB, but it didn’t work.
    Kolb gets injured.
    Vick plays well but is repeatedly told he will return to back-up duty.
    In the 11th hour, coach goes with Vick. Half the world hates him and the Eagles.
    Vick plays out of his mind, slowly wins fans.
    Vick becomes top all-star vote getter.
    Dallas, who finally won a playoff game, has a terrible season and fires coach in mid-season.
    Giants start out like the best in the division, then get toppled by us.
    Washington has yet another in a long line of bad hirings and signings.

    What’s next?

  • Just don’t even watch any more games except Cowboys games since they are the most important in the whole wide world. Forget that. People can overstate it all that want. It’s not surprising that a “die-hard” fan would go so over the top especially since he predicted 11-5 with Kolb at QB. So I’m not surprised one bit.

  • Scorp

    Definitely, the key to last season’s demise was the injury to our center, Jackson.

  • Green Bay lost to the Falcons a couple games ago. They might as well not play anymore.

    Tampa lost to the Falcon this past week. They should also give up.

    If the Giants lose this week, they should also give it up.

    The Jet might as well not play anymore.

    Neither should the Ravens.

    I mean what’s the point. They have no shot at anything. Yeah, right. GTHOH.

  • who gives a *bleep* about last year!
    This is a new day gentleman! new leader! this game is only big because of playoff seedings, dont matter that its the Cowboys! The Eagles are already considered an elite team, by some that dont even support the Eagles…Us as fans should have a little more faith in our squad…Our defense is shaky, yes…but honestly with our offense we have a chance to win a game no matter how bad our defense plays…I’m banking on our defense stepping up, for this run..with that said, we will be clicking on all cylinders!

  • Just Came from the Eagles website. Looked at a video of Dave Spadaro and Merrill Reese. Spadaro is the biggest backstabber in the history of humankind. Almost makes me sad to be an Eagles fan. What a loser. That brownnose has “been looking for love in all the wrong places.”

  • Paul

    “the name will carry him for another 2 years but he has peaked and will start regressing”

    I said the same about Brady, but I’m not so sure, now.

  • Scorp

    Showing his true fandom!!!

  • Real

    Another true, die-hard fan, okay!!!

  • You guys are starting to talk me into. Keep going all week. Maybe I’ll get there. LOL!!!

  • bsm, what did Spadaro do?

  • bsm

    I haven’t been to the Eagles website in 3 years. Too much Kool-Aid. I need objective reporting. That’s why I came here. I posted here 2 seasons ago. Didn’t post last year. There were too many knuckleheads. Started posting again this season.

  • I think Manning is having a down year. It happens to everyone. Dude has been great for a decade straight. I’m not surprised that he’s having a tough one. They all must go through it sometime. I can’t say a QB is on the downside if he has 1 bad season. It will take a couple of seasons for me to declare that.

  • Wow! The site’s changed a lot.

  • I am suspending myself (with Full Pay and Benefits of course) for the remainder of the season.. ..

  • Think about this with regards too down years. Brady got hurt missed a whole season. That could be considered his down year. Manning is due…and the wides he has are horrible..no rungame….Dallas Clark out. We were stacked and he almost came back and won(despite penalty).

    Paulman…id appeal it.

    Drummer…Eagles site is aight…kool-aid for sure.

  • Scorpiodsu – In his interview with Merrill Reese he keeps replaying a clip of McNabb playing the “air guitar” and makes fun of the man whose butt he was kissing for 10 years. He’s one of those guys who is your best friend while your in the room and a comeplete jack-ass when you leave. No class.

    McNabbs dirtballs, and refusal to run(that’s why I love Vick. If it’s there take it.) got on my last nerve, But what did we have before him? A long list of bums. and no hope of a playoff win.

    Just can’t stand “car courage” people and weasels. I love the Eagles but that guy is a weasel. angelo catari is a jackass but now I see why he called Spadaro the biggest brownnose on the planet. He reminds me of that harry potter guy that turns into a rat. spineless jellyfish.

    Sorry I’m ex military. If it was up to me, I’d pull the trigger on that wikileaks scrub also.

  • bsm

    Funny stuff!!!

    Why is your name in red. Are you on staff?

  • U must be from upper merion
    Lmao priceless

  • Scorp — let me correct myself since you want to bring my fandom into question.

    If we don’t beat a team that is 4-8 without their top QB and star rookie wide receiver/special teams giant…..a horrible o-line and one of the worst secondaries in the league…..rival or not, we don’t deserve to contend. If we lost to the Giants, I would have the same mindset as you. They are a legit team that although I would hate to lose to, I wouldn’t mind it after a couple days. But if we get outplayed by the bums Dallas is currently putting out on the field, I’m going to be distraught. Don’t act like a loss to the Cowboys won’t set the this website (and many others) on fire by fans ready to throw the team under the bus. Now I won’t throw them under the bus but I won’t be as confident about their goal of winning the Superbowl as I am today. Hell, fans here were ready to throw them under the bus after a loss to the 9-3 Bears! And I was still here telling everyone to calm the F down, it wasn’t that serious.

    Championship teams take care of the teams they are SUPPOSE to take care of — it starts this Sunday.

    A loss to the Giants will slightly surprise me because I think we have their number but it could happen. Losses to the Cowboys or Vikings in the next four games SHOULDN’T happen. Period. If you want to be considered a championship team, you win the games you’re suppose to.

  • Angelo is a moron…only the brainless fans who wanted AJ Feeley too take over enjoy and call him. Mike and Mike in the morn are good stuff..that or Gangstarr on the way in too work.

    Mcnabbs whole bit got old …no doubt….its weird how i see things diff with him now that its over. Like when a relationship ends and you dont see how good it was for you until a year later when your girlfirend is smoken hot.LOL.

    BSM…word too wikileaks dude…violation.Anyone read that the systems holding all that info are only 60% secure.Huh!?

  • Birdo

    Last year, New Orleans lost to both Tampa Bay and the Carolina Panthers. Championship teams do sometimes lose to lesser teams, especially if their in the same division.

  • The Saints were riddled with injuries in the last couple weeks of the season last year…..and all the starters rested against the Panthers, so be real.

  • Birdo

    So, are you saying that no championship team has lost to an inferior opponent?

    Are you also saying that if the Eagles lose to the Cowboys, they cannot win a championship.

    I only looked at the Saints’ record for last year. I’ll go back and check some others.

    Without checking, I’m certain that many championship teams have lost to inferior opponents, especially in their own division. I remember the Steelers losing to the likes of Cincinnati and Cleveland (simply because they were inter-divisional rivals). The same holds true for the Cowboys. There were years that we beat (when we weren’t any good), simply because playing against them was our superbowl.

  • I’m not saying if we lose to the Cowboys we can’t win a championship — not to mention if we DO lose to the Cowboys and Giants win, we’re out of the playoffs at that point in time — but if we lose to them, while they are riddled with injuries and in a “down” year and we seem to be 95 percent healthy and clicking on all cylinders, something has to give.

    I honestly believe we will blow them out because I’m confident in these boys……BUT if we lose, that “confidence” is going to take a major hit and I’ll have to take a look at how I’m evaluating my team.

  • As I have been posting Vick does not have the quick release across the middle in his arsenal
    Probably because he is only 6 ft

    Defenses will exploit this

    Will it will be enough to stop the Eagles offense –No–Not as long as Vick can run to the clear short center of the field –but if he keeps getting pounded doing so then he won’t last to the playoffs

  • I think everyone needs to concentrate on the Eagles beating the Cowboys before any playoff talk,
    their chances will take a big hit if they are to lose. This game in essence, is like a playoff game to me,
    just like last weeks game was and just like next week’s game will be versus the Giants..
    Take ’em 1 at a time regardless of the opponent is my motto..

  • The Patriots loss to the Browns so I guess they should give up on the rest of the season. No need to play anymore games. Drummer, so people are just so over the top it doesn’t make any sense. It’s a division rival game. Anything can happen. Though I don’t think we lose wouldn’t be totally shocked if we did. I’d be upset but not shocked. Division games are crazy and if anyone hinges the entire season on 1 WHEN YOU STILL HAVE A CHANGE TO WIN THE DIVISION is just not being realistic and pretty dramatic. Period.

  • And RCP, stop it please. You say the same crap each week and no one cares and we’re still winning. Thanks but no thanks.

  • Patriots at 10-2 and in 1st place and the probably #1 Seed in the AFC so their loss to the BRowns is irrellevant at this point in the season since they have beaten most teams on their scchedule
    The Eagles are 8-4 along with 5 other teams ith the same or better record fighting for 5 playoff spots
    (Giants,Bears,Packers,Falcons,Saints and the Bucs at 1 game behind at 7-5) so any loss at this stage of the Season will be a blow to their chances..
    I still stand by my early season posts that only the Winner of the NFC East will make the playoffs

  • paulman I know their loss to the brown is irrelevant but birdo thinks if you lose to an inferior team then that must mean you might as well throw in the towel on the entire season because you aren’t good enough. When that’s not the case. And yes any loss would be a blow, not just a loss to the Cowboys but the Giants and Packers also go head to head and Packers and Bears and us and the Giants so if anyone thinks our season is either won or loss with this week might as well not watch anymore games this season. Fickle, dramatic fans are the worst.

    Barring any serious injuries we will win the division. Right that down.

  • Once again Scorp, you keep trying to say that this is just another game. It is not. We lose and we’re out of the playoff picture at the moment. There’s no arguing that. If we want to be legit contenders and not hope for luck to carry us to the promised land, we CANNOT, once again, CANNOT, afford to lose this game.

    Not only will a loss affect them mentally, but it would hurt their chances of even making the playoffs. Period. There is no arguing that.

  • “We lose and we’re out of the playoff picture at the moment”. That’s not true. You are out when you’re out. Period. Not because of what you think about a game. If then we are out of the playoff picture when the following week we can take back the division? Come one man. I never said it would not hurt their chances. IT WOULD HURT THEIR CHANCES BUT HURTING IT DOES NOT MEAN THE SEASON IS OVER. You were talking about losing faith and all that crap. THAT’S DIFFERENT THAN SAYING OUR PLAYOFF CHANCES WOULD BE HURT. Don’t say crap like we “cannot lose this game” as if the season would be over. Anyhow, I’m not talking about it anymore. You have your opinion about it and I have mine. I don’t think the season is won or lost with this game. You do. That’s fine. You stick to your opinion and I’ll stick to mine. I’m done talking to dramatic, fickle fans.

  • And for the record, I never said this was just another game as if it isn’t a very big and important game. I said they need to handle their business just like every other game and this game is no bigger than the game last week and the game next week. People want to over blow it because it’s the cowboys. That’s fine if you want. We all know it’s an important game but not because it’s the Cowboys but because it affects playoff chances. The cowboys are not the kings of football and eagles fans need to stop acting like they are. Real cowboys fans could care less about the Eagles. But we sit here and act like playing them is the super bowl. Well I won’t do that. It’s a big and very important game but not bigger than last week’s game. And that’s how I feel and that won’t change. Period.

  • What part of me saying if we lose this game and giants win we will be “out of the playoff picture at the moment” don’t you understand?

  • EVERY Eagles fan I know, both in Philly and around, have been looking forward to this game for a good year. If there is anything worse than dramatic, fickle fans its fans that act like playing the Dallas Cowboys or the NYG is “just another game”.

  • Good point BOB,
    I have been saying the same thing on deaf ears for the last 2 weeks..
    Every game left is like a playoff game now (unless the Giants/Bears/Packers or Saints go in the tank which I don’t expect)
    Half these guys are so ga-ga over Vick right now ,that they are not looking at the big picture which is the team winning the NFC East first and get into the playoffs, then you worry about the Awards,Pro-Bowl,accolades and endorsements and big contracts afterwards…
    I just hope the Eagles don’t get to big-headed like many posters on here do and focus on the task at hand which is something I like about Coach AR, who usually does not allow his teams to get that way and keeps an even keel about things
    I know we are all excited about Vick’s play, the Eagles Offensive success and Team’s overall record in general, but let’s not lose sight that 4 games are left on the schedule versus all quality teams who all have something to play for. WIth only 75% of the Season completed, it’s not the time to worry about post-season awards in my book and I am sure Coach AR and staff feel the same way..
    This team has won nothing as of yet, but 8 out of 12 games played so far which doesn’t quality anyone for Post Season, Let’s finish the season strong and focused ..

  • Paul and Birdo, boooooooooo!

    we all see the big picture and Dallas is not the big picture…Every single game at this point is important, no team we play is bigger than the others…this has nothing to do with being “gaga” over Vick…It so happens we have to play Dallas 2 times down the stretch…even if it were Detroit, these games would be big! you guys are actling like the game is bigger because the team is Dallas…

  • I am acting like it’s a big game for the Eagles because they are 8-4 and not assured of making the playoffs, that’s why I am making a big deal out of this week’s game and really, every game that’s left on the schedule..
    Too many of you act as if this team in 10-2 or something..
    We beat a injury riddled,and a very pedestrian Colt team at home by barely hanging on
    We beat a injury riddled, Giants team at home and need a gaffe by Eli to save the day
    We beat a Texans team while very explosive offensively, has perhaps the worst Defense in the entire NFL at Home after blowing a 17-3 lead only to regain and dominate in the 4th Quarter to win
    We play a solid team on the Road in Chicago (not a great team but a solid team) and basically get blown out and are losing 31-13 until Vick leads a late comeback in the 4th Quater to make it a close score…
    So yes, I have reasons to be concerned and don’t take any game or opponent for granted
    Some of us Eagle Fans, who have been around the block, have witnessed too many teams over the years that have tightened up and not performed well when the Eagles are favored and the Season is on the line

  • Paul, right now I’m real busy at work…I’ll be sure to get back to you!

  • Thats exactly what I’m talking about Paulman. Dallas or not, this game is HUGE and the balance of what we’re trying to do is hanging.

  • @Paulman

    The fact is the team is 8-4 first place in the NFC East…a win or lost has its impact. Right now every game is important, this is what Scorp and I have been saying all along…Because we play Dallas this weekend it makes the game no bigger than any other…you fans that hang on to what happened last year are just simply ridicolous…Every year is different…We have different players on the team that weren’t here last year and a player who was here last year that is now leading the team in the most important position..totally different scenario than years before! If I were to judge each team I support by what happened to them last season, I’d be miserable and might as well not even watch the games in the current season. I have been an Eagles fan since I can remember. I have been a Mets and Knicks fan since I can remember as well, so you can understand that if I judged each team by what happened last season, I would have nothing to be excited about.

    Also it doesn’t matter who the Eagles have beat, if the team had injuries or not…it goes both ways,,,have we not had our own injuries…you constantly make excuses of why the Eagles win this game that game, but never can just give your team its due. Thus far, Vick has played exceptional and has not showed a poor performance at QB, but you have always put him under a microscope…which I find very silly considering you never expected the man to be the leader of the Eagles..

    you said you dont take any game or opponent for granted, but still felt the need to mention teams we beat that were riddled with injuries or poor defensively, if thats not a hyprocritical statement!….you need to just shut your mouth!

  • I didn’t say a word RT77,
    Even if the Eagles were playing the worst team in the NFL this Season, (Carolina Panthers) I would hope that they would have the same sense of Urgency to stay focused and handle the task at hand.
    Every season is unique to itself, each team takes shape of it’s leader which bodes very well for the Eagles since Vick has demonstrated excellent leadership,calmness,and of course execution and big play capability since he’s been the starter..
    I don’t make excuses, I guess maybe I expect too much and still think this team can play much better all-around football, like scoring TD’s instead of FG”s, not allowing teams and 2nd Rate QB’s to come back on them (S Hill/K Collins), reducing the mental mistakes and penalties, catching the passes thrown to them, getting off the field on 3rd Downs, more consistent Special Teams Coverage (which has improved) , Converting 3rd/4th Down and short yardage plays without relying on QB Sneaks where Vick has to take more hits than neccessary, more balanced pass/run ratio….

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