• August 15, 2022

Vick Should Stop Crying About The Hits, Reid Must Be The Bad Guy

When last we heard Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was complaining about not getting the same protection from NFL referees that other quarterbacks get.  He did his Virginia Beach radio show on Monday and was still talking about getting hit, too much.

“Every chance they get I’m getting hit,” he added. “That’s the game. At the same time, it takes a toll on me. I just don’t think it’s fair. I just hope the referees watch that closely and call it when it needs to be called.”

This is a mistake Vick shouldn’t be the one crying about getting hit because it makes he look and sound like a cry baby.  This is Andy Reid’s job.   He’s the one who should be crying about Vick getting hit.
If Vick continues to make noise about getting hit, some of the refs, (a number of which probably already hate his guts because of the dogfighting), will take it out on him and call the game against the Eagles.  Reid should be the guy who makes the noise about the hits.  The quarterback shouldn’t say anything.
As I stated before in a previous article, current Los Angeles Lakers and former Chicago Bulls head coach Phil Jackson is the best at making statements publicly which force the refs to make the right calls at the right time.  He would always do the talking and create an atmosphere which forced the referees to protect his superstars, Michael Jordan, then and now Kobe Bryant.  Referees watch the news and they don’t want to be the bad guys.
At the same time they don’t like to have players calling them out.  Referees don’t treat the coaches the same way because they figure the coach’s job is to speak up for the their players. Reid should tell his quarterback to stop talking about the hits and let him take care of it.  Reid has to be the bad guy.
Vick also made a mistake by saying he doesn’t mind the referees not treating him like a quarterback when he’s running downfield.

“When I’m outside the pocket and I’m running, that’s one thing’, Vick said in the radio interview. “When I’m down the field and running, that’s another. But when I’m in the pocket all rules apply to me like any other quarterback.”

Somebody has to talk to this guy.  Vick is a quarterback whether he’s in the pocket or downfield running with the football and he should be treated like one.


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  • (with no disrespect)…

    Garry should stop crying about all the talk about the hits

  • Mr. Cobb I understand your point, but if Andrew does not want to, and he could if he choose to, the somebody should say something.

    Who can forget Donovan getting nailed with a late hit in the Carolina championship game? If you just breath on Manning or Brady it’s a flag. Remember the Patriot superbowl? Go back and look at the entire game. Donovan got smacked repeatedly and no flag. We breathed on Brady and it kept one of their TD drives alive. Refs have long considered black quarterbacks who could and would run as runningbacks.

    I agree that somebody other than Vick should be pointing it out, and I appreciate the Philly media for bringing it up at Andrew Reids press conference. Had that reporter not asked the question then maybe nobody in the Eagles organization would have publicly said a thing. I know Andrew said he would go thru the proper channels, but ask Kim Kardashian what publicity will do. Has no talent and is a multy millionaire. All based on a great PR campaign and some exceptional assets.

    I would not be surprised if the Eagles organization told Vick to speak out. They’ve been making him dance the good boy dance all this year. With so much scutiny on him, I doubt very seriously if he is speaking on his show without the Eagles organization’s permission.

    The music is going to change after he gets paid. Not as negative as Hanyesworth, but to quote Samuel L. Jackson in star wars…”this butt kissing partys over”. I took artistic license with that quote.

  • I agree with G,
    A leader and potential MVP candidate does not need to be commenting about getting hit..
    Your an NFL QB, opposing Defenses game plans are to hit you as often as possible within the confines
    of the Rules.. Play the game and keep doing you thing, but stop whining & crying about it publicly for it
    does nobody any good and play the game…

  • SO it’s ok for Tom Brady to cry!!!!!!! Look Vick is only speaking his mind because everyone see’s actual naked eye footage of him taking hits that are just plain and simple illegal hits…… It’s just terrible how many the Eagles have currently this year that has just extended drives to help the opposing team!!! It baffles me that if a player speaks his mind on something that its considered crying……. This is considered as a law in the NFL to not illegally hit Qb’s……. So what makes Vick any different…….. The refs have every naked eye on James Harrison’s every move…….. So Carson Palmer this week will get some special attention towards him this sunday!!!!!!! RULES ARE RULES

  • SIXERS win again
    lol jodie meeks like our best player sad very sad

  • SO your telling me Paulman if a guy before you ran a red light and you just so happen to follow him and you get pulled over……. I’m pretty much sure you’ll be crying about the other car who ran the red light with you as well……. Well the same rules apply on NFL bur they have tape to replay it so the officials can correct there mistakes…….. Whats wrong with him speaking his mind……..

    NFL should be NEVER FORGET the LAW………… It it should apply for these officials that you need to treat players the same and stop giving some of these players special attention towards them…..

  • agreed Paulman, i dont think a player complaining publicly is the answer. Play the game the right way and hope the refs are doing their job. We all know the refs get on their high horse with the power they have and in my opinion they also make calls out of spite on certain players. Keep you head down Vick and keep on working.

  • So wait G, is it ok to look like a crybaby on the field like Manning, Brady or even Schaub when they get hit? In my opinion if he wants to talk about it on the radio or whatever, that’s fine. He’s doesn’t go out there on gameday and whine like a little punk. I’m guessing you would rather him do that? I supposed that’s more acceptable.

    I’m with schiller, there’s another crybaby around here.

  • And you say Reid must be the bad guy. Well if Reid isn’t being the bad guy who’s is going to say something? I guess you want both of them out there barking at the refs all game long. Yeah, they won’t look like crybabies then.

  • The ravens and steelers “cried” all week long about the penalties and fines and they got to break big ben’s nose without a penalty and spear heath miller with their helmet. I guess the refs were listening.

  • LOL Scorp………. I guess some people think we live in a 3rd world country or something for we the people can’t speak our minds….. LMAO not let alone a Coach labeled a “BAD GUY”!!! He’s doing what is right……. Right for his player and by the team……… Some guys just dont realize that until it actually happens to them!!!! LMAO People can be so judgemental…….. At times…….. I bet you if they were getting treated unfairly at there job the’ll be the 1st ones complaining LMAO!!!!

  • Nfl players and coaches do have JOBS……… You want whats best for your organization…… I will fight for my men and speak up to stand for whats right…… So what makes reid and vick any different???

  • I disagree with this article also. I saw and if anyone else saw When they played the texans, The eagles ran a screen play. Vick clearly had thrown the ball to mccoy already. The lineman came through grabbed vick by the neck, threw him down then threw his hands up like he did nothing. Thats where this is starting. If you were watching the bottom of the tv screen on the replay of the screen to mccoy you saw it. Most people didnt cause the replay was to focus on mccoy. But sometimes looking around the screen to see what else is going on is useful. And it was a clear penalty!!!! My buddie even called me and said “you see that lineman grab vick by the neck”.

  • Dawplex1221…… I agree…. That hit was very unnecessary…….. The average Qb in the league would have gotten that call with a bow wrapped around it!!!!!

  • To Jroc757
    I don’t care what Brady,Carson Palmer or the Steelers or Ravens players say..
    but I do think by Vick whining Publicly, that he brings himself down and the team down for making excuses that the Ref’s aren’t doing their job or that opposing teams Defenses should take it easy on him since he’s a QB..Eagles don’t need this type of silly distractions and I hope this is not a sign of how Vick will be handling his success with teh media..
    Play the game and show your teammates,other teams players,media and fans that you can still excell under any conditions or missed calls by the refs.Play the game and let your actions speak for you would be my advice..

  • @Paulman……….. Penalties like this have been killing the Birds this season……. It dictates winning and losing…… We almost lost that Colts game on 4th and long and they call a blow to the head penalty of Trent Cole which wasn’t that serious of a hit but it was called………. Vick has taken worse……. And no flags have been thrown…….. Whats right is right Paul……… If Manning was at a press conference and said the same people will commend him on speaking out………. Well it should be the same for any Qb……. This didnt bring alot of attention to the media towards the eagles…… It just letting Goodell and the officials know to look at games closer…….. The Refs can look at an offensive lineman twittle his fingers and call a false start…….. but when a ref is right there looking right at an illegal hit………. Its just ABC and 123…… But they dont call it……

  • Again, this comes down to Michael Vick’s past (dogfighting) and him being a successful black Quarterback in the NFL. These refs are getting their “payback” in which are substituted for their strong negative feelings towards Vick. I feel like Vick can speak his mind if he wants. So what? He has being doing everything right and people STILL find ways to hate on him and speak negative about him. So it doesn’t make a difference, because even if he does keep his mouth shut…people will still find another reason to hate him. Besides, he’s human. Freedom of speech is a big value in this country, and its not like Michael is lying! I hear Brady and Manning complain about late hits, NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING TO THEM! So like I said, it comes down to Mike being black, successful, and a man with a flawed past. People need to learn to leave judgement to God. Most people dont even know their own identity, so how can they determine the kind of person Michael Vick is?

  • And don’t use Kobe Bryant or Jordan in this bogus argument. They both whined during the games when they would get roughed up. Don’t make it seem like Kobe Bryant never yells at a ref because he thinks he got fouled. Whether a player does it during the game or not doesn’t mean one way is better and one is not a whiner. So please stop it.

  • honestly…. this is toooo much. This is not racial guys. Yes…. the league protects guys like payton and brady but come on….. Vick is getting hit because he is moving around making things happen. Bottom line is that the eagles put toooo much on their qb’s. Mcnabb used to get killed and they NEVER called it. You can say its a black thing but i disagree… btw.. in case you didnt know…. some of the refs are black.

    Have there been a few times that it should have been called?? Yes! but lets not make it sound like they could throw a flag on every play. If they want it to stop heres what you do…

    1) Have the oline make it an issue ON THE FIELD. If there are late hits, they should get in the d’s faces and in the refs faces.
    2) Have andy cry in public.
    3) Call a friggin run play to keep them out of his face.
    4) Teach the man to slide.

    geeze… enough already.

  • and while were at it….. teach Peters NOT to false start.

  • POWER TO THE PEOPLE DIZZY!!!!!!! i feel you bro……… Thats all it is……. People expect it to be not 2010 but 1910 LMAO! Freedom of speech is something that has been something of a big question mark now in days……. A guy in NY was fired at his job because he said Merry Christmas at work and he played Christmas Carrols while people were working……. A jewish employee felt offended by it and contacted HR and they got rid of the Supervisor for him doing what is traditional for Americans……… Its just Funny how we as people who have our Amendments to speak on how we feel and get criticized for what is right………

  • And Stevo I feel you on what your saying…….. Yes AR needs to make adjustments to prevent our RB’s from having clean jersey’s after a game…….. Being more balance can eliminate this whole conversation!!!!

  • “Again, this comes down to Michael Vick’s past (dogfighting) and him being a successful black Quarterback in the NFL”.

    expain McNabb then….

    come dizzy….. its not a black thing. give me a break. I suppose all the big fines on players for late hits is because they are black too right??

  • To JRoc
    that penalty on Cole on Manning was definitely touchy, but the rules state if you come in contact with the QB’s helmet, it’s a penalty, so what you need to do as a Defender is not come near the head of a QB which many times is easier said then done, that was a correct cole on T Cole..Now the last couple of weeks, Vick has been slapped,hit in the head, his facemask grabbed, and the Refs have missed them, so what, it’s football and you keep playing..
    Nothing worse than when Coaches,players,media and fans start whining about calls made or calls not made by the Rrefs.. Strap your helmet on and get ready for the next play and focus on the task at hand. what’s the sense of worrying about something you have no control over..
    Did the ref see it, was his vision blocked, Can the coaches remind the Refs to look at cetain players,etc,etc. Today’s game with the speed,strength and size of these athletes moving at warp speed, the Referee’s could probably call a penalty on almost every play if they wanted to wehther it was for holding,grabbing,tripping,hit to the helmet,etc,etc..Let the players play and just be consistent
    with the calls

  • Let’s not confuse the NBA which has become like the Soccer of Europe where every athlete complains and whines about any little contact, which is why I cannot watch or support either Sport..

  • “People need to learn to leave judgement to God. Most people dont even know their own identity, so how can they determine the kind of person Michael Vick is”?

    Dizzy… i come in peace but i have to say a few things here since you brought up the big man,

    there are 2 kinds of “Judgement”
    1) Sending one to hell.. the bible says we need to strop doing that.
    2) Judging ones actions…. we need to hold eachother accountable to things.

    If a person decides to not like, not root for… not support… not forgive Vick for what he has done…. thats their free choice. You cant fault people for that. Thats their call.

    Me- i support Vick and am hopeful that he stays out of trouble.
    refs-need to ref as accourding to the game… not their likes or dislikes.

    but seriously people…. lets drop the black thing. Its getting old. MLK is one of my heros and while his dream is not fully reached i think we take steps backward when we make everything about race. No disrespect dizzy.

  • I agree VICK shut up your not in the clear yet And yes they do hate his guts all the officials are older and I am sure they are doglovers. He needs to get back focus You have to remember he is not a cold weather quarterback

  • The problem is that not all hits have been in the confine of the rules. There have been face masks not called, hits to Vicks head (getting hit in the head) players coming in after Vick is on the ground hitting him in the head with knees, shoulders, hitting his legs all while he is already rule down. .

  • The judge who sentenced Michael Vick to 23 months in federal prison in 2007 says he’s proud to see what Vick has accomplished in 2010.

    “He’s an example of how the system can work,” U.S. District Court Judge Henry E. Hudson told the Washington Post.


  • Stevo shut your mouth! Your point sucks. How do you know this is not racial? Your assuming that. I think its part of it, not all of the problem. Stop being so nieve to possible facts. Seriously. Like I said, I have a lot of white friends and my cousin’s white husband who agree with me about it having to do with Michael being a successful black QB with a flawed past.

  • Forreal JRoc! People hate the truth! They hate it!

  • @Carliefb, what the *bleep* are you talking about he’s not in the clear? you need to shut the hell up! playing football has nothing to do with his past, the refs are supposed to be professionals just like anyone else if they can not be then they should not be refs!

    Vick’s style of play shows you he aint afraid. One thing you can’t call the man is a cry baby…Everything he’s been through and only blaming hisself, the hits he takes and gets back up. You rarely see him looking for a penalty or yelling at the refs during the game. Someone needs to speak up, whether its Reid or Vick, its needs to be put on notice

  • And just because the US District Court Judge said that does not mean that is how he really feels. What do you expect him to say? “I want Michael to Fail”? C’mon man! Shut it up!

  • Real talk- I would agree BUT… he goes both ways. A few weeks back we got lucky.. we hit a player in the head( i cant remember who but for the record.. i think he was white) they didnt call it and we got the ball back because it wasnt called. Was it shELI??

  • LOL “he goes both ways”. ROLF!!!! IT goes both ways. sorry!!

  • If Vick was white….First of all, this dogfghting talk would not be a constant issue everyday. And he would get the same treatment as Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Because I remember vividly back when Steve Young was playing, he ran a lot, but he also got the calls when defenders hit him late. So yes, I HATE TO SAY IT, but race does have something to do with it!

  • Dizzy. so you found a white guy who says its racial?? ugh… give me a break.

    As far as being nieve to “Possible facts”.. thats the biggest oxymoron ive ever heard. What exactly is a “possible fact”? is it fact?? are you saying its a fact? or arent you?? i would say that its your OPINION and i gave you mine. In MY OPINION aka “possible fact”… i think the race thing is getting old and in my “POSSIBLE FACT” it makes you look silly.

  • Stevo, No, we hit Austin Collie in the head AND THEY DID CALL IT! AND WE WERE PENALIZED!!!

  • ok dizzy…. if a white guy was arrested as many times for doing coke as Mike Irvin… he would never get a job again/ounds bogus right???

  • @Stevo

    I dont give a *bleep* if he was white green yellow purple or clear! we hit Manning in the head and it wasn’t called, we hit Cutler with a love tap (I think this is who you’re talking about) but I’m sure he wasn’t hit by other defenders with knees and shoulders to the helmet and hits to the legs. These hits take place after Vick scrambles and is ruled down. No other QB scrambles as much as him, many dont scramble at all…in this scenario it does not go both ways

  • meant was called

  • Listen Stevo, unless you are a racist person against Vick, DO NOT TAKE OFFENSE TO ME SPEAKING MY VIEWS ON RACISM SURROUNDING MIKE VICK. Only a person with such prejudice should be offended by what I said.

    By the way, yes, over 15 white people I know think racism plays its part with Vick’s unfair treatment by the Refs, the media, and some people in general. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

  • no dizzy… we hit a qb in the head and it wasnt called. it happens all the time. White guys, black guys bla bla bla. Who cares??? Its like the Bible…. it says what you want it to say….. you see what you want to see when it comes to this. It happens everywhere and the refs ARE INCONSISTANT but its not a race thing.

  • The white guy surprisingly would probably be able to get a job whether he did Coke or not. But I guess you have to be an African-American to realize that, like myself. Thats just how the world is. I think the world is making improvement, but we are still a flawed country.

    And Stevo, why so surprised that I know white guys who find Vick’s criticism racist? C’mon, be open to reality other than just what you know in your world. Because its in my world and I see stereotyping and prejudice everyday.

  • Real- I may be wrong about some of the hits but saying it a race thing is bogus.
    As far as vick in the media…. have i missed something?? Its all been positive…. SI cover… nightly interviews with vick in a sweater vest…. madden rating of like 93… cheezy music in the backround, steve young drooling over him.

    The man has been givin more than 1 second chance and he is like the NFL darling right now.

  • Dizzy…. i see it all the time too but i dont agree here. Painting me out to be nieve is crap. You dont know who i am.. you dont know my color… you dont know what ive seen. Trust me…. ive seen alot. Ive lived alot… i know alot. I never said i was “surprised” about anything. stick with the facts… dont argue “possible facts”.

  • Dizzy, my point about Vick, 88, L taylor is this….. These are people who have made mistake after mistake and we welcome them back because they wow us. I think we’ve come along way in sports in regards to race and we still have more to go. But i dont think it exists here. I will say this….. Eagles qb’s get knocked around and we dont always get the calls. This is true of Dmac, garcia and now vick. I think the refs need to look at it…. they need to know they mess this up. But it has nothing to do with dog fighting…. where he grew up or what the shade of his skin is.

  • Stevo, I don’t know what Bible you are reading but it aint the holy bible. Judging is judging. Period. Condemning is saying someone is going to hell. But criticizing a person or their actions is judging. Let me break it down for you with some scriptures.

    The LORD doesn’t make decisions the way you do! People judge by outward appearance, but the LORD looks at a person’s thoughts and intentions.

    1 Samuel 16:7

    “Stop judging others, and you will not be judged. For others will treat you as you treat them. Whatever measure you use in judging others, it will be used to measure how you are judged. And why worry about a speck in your friend’s eye when you have a log in your own? How can you think of saying, `Friend, let me help you get rid of that speck in your eye,’ when you can’t see past the log in your own eye? Hypocrite! First get rid of the log from your own eye, then perhaps you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend’s eye.”

    Matthew 7:1-5

    Don’t speak evil against each other, my dear brothers and sisters. If you criticize each other and condemn each other, then you are criticizing and condemning God’s law. But you are not a judge who can decide whether the law is right or wrong. Your job is to obey it. God alone, who made the law, can rightly judge among us. He alone has the power to save or to destroy. So what right do you have to condemn your neighbor?

    James 4:11-12

    Whenever you speak, or whatever you do, remember that you will be judged by the law of love, the law that set you free. For there will be no mercy for you if you have not been merciful to others. But if you have been merciful, then God’s mercy toward you will win out over his judgment against you.

    James 2:12-13

    God holds people accountable because man is not qualified to judge another man’s intentions and heart. For David said to God “it is you and you only that I have sinned against”. Not man, God. So when people sit here and criticize a person’s actions they are in fact judging. You don’t have to condemn someone to hell to judge them.

  • For the record….. Im glad vick is doing well and i support him.

  • I understand what you were saying but the scriptures instructs us not to even criticize each other much less condemning and judging each other.

  • Ok…. look at the new test… look at what paul says is ok and what is NOT ok. This is not the forum to do this but there is a such thing as right and wrong and we are IN LOVE supposed to go to eachother and work it out. When a man kills another man we ARE to do something about it. We dont just say… well… Jesus will Judge so wew cant. NO… we judge a persons actions. Otherwise there would be serious crazyness. BTW…. go back and look at those words in Hebrew and Greek and you will find that words like “Judge”, “Condemn” are tricky… they dont translate very well into english. thats why the NIV, NRSV, KING JAMES and such have it all a little different.

  • Scorp, ugh… we are to forgive YES!! and btw… you are all missing a huge point. There is a difference in regards to those who are believers and those that are not. The believer is held to a higher standard and if you look at acts and such, we are REQUIRED to call people out when they hurt others and such.

    This is amazing… first race and now we are on religion… anyone want to talk about obama so we can just fully screw this site for the day??

  • Look, I don’t always like to use the race thing but I don’t care what anyone says for some people race is an issue when it comes to certain things. Of course I don’t think it’s most people or even consciously done but I think to some level it is an issue. There are plenty of people that don’t like having a black QB. They think they aren’t smart enough to run a team like a white QB. And while that’s a minority of people that feel that way, it still exists. I personally wouldn’t put it past anyone to feel either way about it. The refs are old white men. And you mean to tell me that not one of them has any racial bias? Come on man. Now whether it done on purpose that’s totally different but I do still think some “old white men” still have strong feelings and perceptions about what blacks are able to do as good as whites. I think it’s a natural inclination for everyone to feel some type of bias at some level for people that are most like them. That’s just human nature. But I would bet money that some owners feel that a black guy is good enough for their team to catch TDs but not good enough to throw them. That’s the harsh reality of the society we live in. Now I won’t speculate into how it affects Vick getting hit but I won’t ignore the fact that this stuff does exist.

    When I was at the Eagles game earlier this year against Green Bay when Kolb was getting murdered. Some middle aged white guy shouted out “put the black guy in at least we know he can run away from somebody”. Now why didn’t he just say put Vick in? And how come no one around him appeared to be offended? I’m sure there were several people who felt the same way. And regardless of what people say, when Rush Limbaugh said what he said, he was honest and there were a bunch of people who been feeling the same way but didn’t have the guts to say so and they still feel it today.

  • Anyone want to talk about the cowboys??

  • All I know is that this is going a bit too far…… LMAO! It’s ok to make fun of situations (like I do at times) but this is a little to what Can i say………. “Al Sharpton or Jesse Jacksonish”! Look bottom line I scream at the Television when an unncessary hit has be applied to any of our Qb’s……… But I know the refs have been calling calls for opposing teams other than ours more often!!!!! Media and people are going to bring up his dog fighting issues always……. But guys like Mel Gibson tend to get a pass when he makes a great Movie……… People seem to forget the negatives about an individual when they do something positive…….. But when positive is tooo tooo positive…… Theres always negativity to follow! I live in that world as well…….. But I keep my head high and role with the punches!!!!

  • I do I do Lets talk about the Cowboys!!!!!

  • ok Stevo I agree. But then don’t come on here and say everyone should leave judgment to God. That would assume you are talking to believers. So you can’t back off now and say it only applies to believers when what you said also only applies to believers. Can’t have it both ways…. it’s ok for you to address everyone about what authority belongs to God but not ok for me? Ok, right. Believers or not, all power and authority belongs to God. period.

  • Scorp… i agree… many feel that way. I have fam that feels that way. Sad but true.

    You brought up an interesting point abot rush…. i would say that many people in this site would agree with him. There are people here who think he’s overrated. thoughts???,,,

    Btw. I still love McNabb and am thankful for what he brought to our team. We had punky brewster before him.

  • That Jason Garrett is a real genius as of late against Mcdermott…….. Will Mcdermott prevail???? Only time will tell this coming SUnday!!!!

  • And for the record Stevo, I think you really support Vick. I don’t think you have any ill will towards him. Some of the other jokes on this site to. They pretend that they don’t but they do.

  • Scorpio, RESPECT to you. This world is so judgemental man and so unforgiving. Thats why I speak how I do with a lot of anger and rebellion.

  • Scrop my last “i agree” was for the white guys who are just bigots.
    But i also agree with your last comment. I would say that the best line when it comes to judgment is something my mom taught me when i was small….. Love the sinner hate the sin. We are allowed to Judge sin and sometimes we have to punish those that have sinned.. but then we forgive and leavee the rest up to the lord. Agree??

  • I think a lot of people would think McNabb has been overrated but Rush’s reason was because everyone wanted to see a black QB succeed. He didn’t use stats or actual facts to prove why McNabb isn’t a good QB. He just said because he’s black, he’s hyped up.

  • Jroc- No Mcd WONT prevail. He sucks. The q is really… can vick and the eagles put up a butt load of points and keep them away??

  • AMEN!

  • And it also works against white people too. I’ve heard plenty of time that Steve Nash was overrated because the league doesn’t see a lot of white point guards play like him. So I think it’s ok to think someone is overrated. That’s your opinion but when you use race as the main reason people rate the person high, then you have personal problems. But at the same time many others feel the same way but just too scared to come out and say it.

  • Yeah Stevo, I dont have any ill feelings towards you either. But try to give us the benefit of a doubt as black people that we have seen and been thru many racist/predudice cases. Such as the one Scorpio mentioned while being at the Eagles/Packers game. Many of us like to pretend that racism does not exist and is not the case in sports, but really, it is. Rush Limbaugh needs to burn in hell, by the way.

  • Dizzy… i agree… way to many people hating on eachother. I come in peace.

    As far as vick…. if he were running for prez i would not vote for him. If he were trying to be man of the year and i had a vote… i dont think i could do it yet. But the fact is…. he served his time and Im not going to hate the guy. Hes doing the right things…. i hope he has changed. I root for him to keep out of trouble and i HOPE he uses this to help others.

  • ok… we’ve all hugged now so uh….. obama??? lol. jk… please dont.

  • Yes man, I fully agree about love the sinner and hate the sin. Honestly man I try my best to not consider a person’s action and understand that there are deeper things going on. I don’t want to get too deep but my Pastor always says, “it’s not the person, it’s the spirit inside the person”. So if the spirit can be changed so can the person. I don’t put anything past a person. I am not shocked when a celebrity or someone does something that is very bad or shocking to everyone. But I also wouldn’t shake their hand any differently because I know that the bad things I’ve done are not looked at any better in God’s eyes.

  • lol about rush and i dont “pretend” anything. I see it.. somtimes…. but i dont see it here.

  • Aye totally off the subject!!!!!! Michael Vick was rated a 73 on Madden earlier this season……… He has jumped up 20 points since than to an outstanding 93…….. Is that the biggest jump in madden History…… Could he be on the next front cover once again on Madden 2012???? And with a new feature in the game “Developing a young Qb” as a new game mode??? That will be crazy!!!!

  • ok… food for thought… last christian post of the day for me… prolly… ok prolly not.

    Luther always said that we fight 3 things in this life.

    1) Devil
    2) Ourselves
    3) the world

    I think there is alot of truth to that.

  • Hey maybe I should call or e-mail the Madden Owners with that suggestion LOL!!!!

  • I remember when McNabb made the statement, “Its tough being a black QB. The rules for black QBs are different than for white QBs, we get criticized more, white QBs escape harsh analysis that black QBs are held to a higher standard.” He made it very clear that black QBs are victims of widespread and continuing racism. Although I’m not a black QB, I can only imagine if I was playing that position. That position is held at a high respect, in which much respect from some people is not shown to a black QB. After McNabb made that statement, I’ll never forget what the commentator James Brown said after that. He said, ” Who are we to judge Donovan McNabb? You can’t criticize his thoughts until you have walked in his shoes as a black Quarterback.” AMEN.

    Now, keep in mind. I don’t have one racial bone in my body. I have relatives that are married to white people whom I accept as our own blood relative. I love everyone, no matter the race. We are all one under God. But reality is reality, and people we can ignore what is there and still exists. Mike Vick goes thru it everyday.

  • Jroc- I think it is the highest jump. Ive been a madden guy since day 1, ive played thousands and thousands of games (btw… ive never played with any other team than the eagles.. just saying) and i dont recall anyone getting that jump,

  • Dizzy- i agree…. you guys are still battling the “not smart enough to run a team” thing. I think its come along way since then.

  • Another case, Wouldnt Vote Vick for President? Because of his flaws? Everyone has flaws. Every president has sinned. A sin is a sin. Dogfighting, cursing, cheating, etc. Its all the same. Its all a sin. So what makes one man greater than another? Only God knows that answer. But the point is, Mike serving his time is not even the factor. Everytime MIKE VICK is talking, he ALWAYS mentions the Good Lord, Jesus Christ. Almost everytime. And that is beautiful. Thats a blessing.

  • Dizzy I feel you BRo!!!! Where we come from we call it “The Common Wealth can ruin your Health”! I love my home and me as an african american riding through parts of Emporia VA or Suffolk or either Portsmouth Va…. Hell even where I’m from Va Beach……. I’ve been racially profiled by the police numerous times…….. I think alot to do with this whole racial issue is where we come from…….. People just dont see things the way you and I see things……….. Nothing against anybody else but I see where Dizzy is coming from with his post!!!!! Much respect to everyone!!!!

  • THE MADDEN GAME IS EVEN STEREOTYPICAL! Like why the hell do they still have Michael Vick with braids?!!!!!! Thats F’d up! Everyone else has there hairstyles of today. They can do a system update and change it if they want…But they wont. Because Im pretty sure many of them have ill feelings towards Vick and could give a damn about his appearance. Just make him with the braids, who cares, right? No, thats messed up! As far as his rating, they had to increase it to avoid questions for the media and fans.

  • I agree Dizzy…. and over time maybe i would change my vote but not yet. Its been a year… he needs to grow… thats all im saying. Yes everyone has flaws and TO GOD they are all the same.. but on earth we dont put a man in jail for lying to his boss about calling in sick. ON EARTH its not the same. And different sins have different earthly punishments. Its not cause im racist… its cause its too early.

  • Dizzy- just to be clear… so madden makers are all racist??

  • @Stevo…… I play with nobody else……. But the Birdz you have PS3 or X-Box………???? If anyone plays online which is a stupid question because we both cant play with the Eagles LMAO!!! My screen name Is PHILLIPonDEEZ10 on Ps3……… I doubt if anyone will play without the Eagles cuz I sure as hell will pick my squad!!!!

  • JROC- so because im not black i cant understand what Dizzy is talking about?? If i said that you call me racist. just saying.

  • im a 360 guy.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA! Dizzy you a fool man!!!!! OMG! Vick still has cornrows and they are are shitty! LMAO and his hair line is way way back…… I wouldnt say racist…….. But that was funny…… You got me at work rolling on that one………

  • Yeah I feel you JROC! You know we from the same area, but Ive been here in Philly for quite sometime now so Im split between both and call both home. But since the age of 3, always been a DIE HARD EAGLES FAN and that will never change. But I remember a time when my speedometer was broken and officer stopped me for speeding 85 miles per hour on the highway. I went to court, the judge told me I he was sentencing me to 3 months in prison, 80 hours of community service, and a $700 fine! He ended up dropping the 3 month sentence though. Yeah, its tough and hard as hell being a Black Man in America. But I love being black and wouldn’t change for nothing. But yeah, racism still exists people. In sports, at the workplace, everywhere!

  • Just for the record, I am a registered Independent and usually Vote for who I think will do the best job.
    President Obama (who I Voted for) has been the worst President since Jimmy Carter..
    Again, here is a leader who exudes little confidence,little competency and seems to make excuses on why he can’t get anything accomplished. He and his team ran a great campaign but have governed poorly..They let whatever “Hope” and “Hype” go down the drain…

  • JRoc Im sorry, but they did Vick wrong on that game. LOL. Im pissed about it everytime I pick up the sticks to play. Like, hook my man up with his low cut! Everybody on the game deserves to look like themselves, why not Michael Vick?

  • good luck paulman…. your on your own… gunna prolly get killed here for that one.

  • See, Stevo, there you go misconstruing what I said AGAIN. No, not all madden makers are racist! lol. I think some have ill feelings towards Mike, and it shows by the shitty appearance they made him have in the game. And he is the only one!!!

  • Yes there is still the perception that a black QB is not smart enough. I think in a lot of cases the leash on black QBs may have been a little shorter but I also don’t think it was done on purpose. Let’s take a guy like Jason Campbell. How many times does he have to benched and reinserted as the starter. The dude has had so many coaches and offensive systems to learn in his short career but he gets treated like trash. Is it because he’s black? Probably not, but I think because he is black he is subject to be criticized differently at times. I think it’s just the reality of the world we live in.

  • dizzy…. ive wondered that myself. Now i realize its because they hate him. good to know.. good to know.

  • Paulman shut up! Obama is great! My pockets are doing a lot better since he has been in office! Thats my opinion. I love Barack!

  • @Stevo…….Naw i wouldnt call you racist…….. Its just some people have been brought up in different surroundings…… Thats all…….. I’m not racist at all….. Hell my wife is the most whitest Latin woman you can ever meet LOL (I hope she doesn’t read this LMAO) It’s just I understand more where Dizzy is getting at…….. He might be a little over the top to some of you guys LOL but I do say i can part ways on both sides………

  • jroc, scorpiodsu on Ps3 and I run with different teams depending on the opponent.

  • Agreed scorp. Dizzy…. i was asking for clarification. So the guy who does the hair is racist??

  • No, I am not gonna judge the “hair guy” on madden as being a racist. I dont know him! Im just saying, something is not right….Because Mike Vick is the only star player on the game that doesn’t look like himself. And the thing is…Madden developers have the ability to fix it in the system updates they do each month! Ive emailed them about it and they have ignored me time and time again. Its messed up!

  • ok so…. a few things you should know about me so that you will understand that its not just blacks that get watched.

    1) I have a handycap. a bad leg…. i have to explain that to people everyday and people look at me differently all the time because of it.They think i cant handle the things they do because im not the same.
    2) I grew up with long hair. I spent everyweekend on the hood of my car while a cop searched my car because he thought i had drugs. It sucked. EVERY WEEKEND!! So. yea… not the same but i can relate.

  • LOL @ JROC about your wife. LOL. Thats funny. Yeah I agree with you, people are raised to think differently. Like JRoc, me and you and a few others on here who are black can relate to what Im saying. And so can some people of other races, but they have to be open minded since they have not walked in the shoes of an African American. Just like when you read a book, you learn things. Well Im telling you what we go thru as black people in today’s world. You should take that as learning, rather than offense. Especially if you are not prejudice or judgemental.

  • I agree with ya dizzy…. time to change his hair.

  • Paulman you are just a real NUTT BUTT!!! What Bush has done has been terrible…… You have people like Sarah Palin and John McCann who we now realize are big jokes here in America since they didnt win the election……… For you to say that was just out of line……….. Bush is the creator of all this non-sense and he wrote a stupid ass book for what reason IDK……… Its not Obama’s fault we are in this crisis in the first place……… Its just greed and stupidity of the so call higher ranking people!!!! Go jump off a bridge!!

  • Paulman I can see you actually haven’t been paying attention. Nothing accomplished. Ummm Ok. Maybe too busy trying to clean up Bush’s mess but that’s another story. In case you didn’t know the economy is in recovery. It doesn’t happen overnight especially when you are already in a big hole. Let’s see, here are some. Let’s see if they qualify as accomplishments.

    Signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, restoring basic protections against pay discrimination for women and other workers.

    Provided funding to families of fallen soldiers have expenses covered to be on hand when the body arrives at Dover AFB

    Signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

    Launched Recovery.gov to track spending from the Recovery Act, an unprecedented step to provide transparency and accountability through technology

    Launched a $15 billion plan to boost lending to small businesses

    Provided the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) with more than $1.4 billion to improve services to America’s Veterans

    Appointed the first ever Federal Chief Information Officer to provide management and oversight over federal IT spending

    Signed the Children’s Health Insurance Reauthorization Act on February 4, 2009, which provides quality health care to 11 million kids – 4 million who were previously uninsured

    Announced creation of a Joint Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record for members of the U.S. Armed Forces to improve quality of medical care

    Ended the previous stop-loss policy that kept soldiers in Iraq/Afghanistan longer than their enlistment date

    Played a lead role in G-20 Summit that produced a $1.1 trillion deal to combat the global financial crisis

    Signed the Weapons Systems Acquisition Reform Act to stop fraud and wasteful spending in the defense procurement and contracting system

    Are these accomplishments? (Please say no because I have more)

  • I feel you Stevo. And I think thats just as messed up as racism. Im glad you can relate because we are all alike in many ways and we just have to look past our differences.

  • Scorp I got you….. SO thats your screen name???? I’ll send you one later around 5:00

  • I am not an Obama hater either,
    I wanted him to succeed for I want our Country which is in a mess to succeed, but after 2 years
    of mis-guided policy and a real lack of a back bone from a leadership position, he has blown it big time in my book and will go down as the most promising politicians to the most dissapointing politicians all in a 2 year span… It’s unfortunate, but the Hype that was made over him, when you look back, was ridiculous and unjustified, What job has he ever really held to where he had to make difficult decistions and show some action and some courage.. In the end, you get what you pay for, and now the Country has to suffer the consequence, and especailly after the debacle of the 8 years under GW Bush, this Country is really in deep do-do and in “shatters” as Mick Jagger woud sing …

  • Wow! Paulman, Scorpio just made you look REALLY STUPID! LOL. Hmmm….So Paulman, see what I mean? Obama has done quite alot since being elected into office! Maybe you have a few differences to look past!

    Why does Paulman always post rediculous theories? Its almost like he hates the Eagles with some of the things he says, Desean gettin traded, etc. Just STFU Paulman! Sheesh!

  • LOL Scorp……… Get in that Paulman’s Colon!!!! NO HOMO LOL!! in other words get in that ass! FEED HIM THE FACTS THAT HE SO MUCH THURST FOR!!!!!!!! THE STATS THE STAT THE STATS lol!!

  • can we talk about dallas yet??


  • @ DIZZY…
    Lil Homie reminds me of the ” Mad Rapper “

  • @Stevo…….. The key to this game this week is us stopping Jason Whitten……. Can the Lb’s cover him and who will cover him…… With Asante back he can cover Roy Williams man to man…… Or will it be Mikell covering Whitten for some of the game……. Or will we keep fresh new faces on him to cover him???? Just a thought

  • lmao pman well get ready for another 4yrs of this
    what did u want him to do for u that other presidents have
    did u want him to blow up his own world trade centers ?
    like another president did

  • HAHAHA GottaLuvIt…..Yeah man I speak my mind son! LOL. Why hold back? The Lord gave me my ability to express myself so strongly for a reason.

  • paulman says:
    December 8, 2010 at 11:48 am

    It’s become pretty obvious almost a season later, that Coach AR/MM and the Eagles pass happy system really hid many of McNabb’s flaws


    Please explain how you hide a QB’s flaws by throwing more passes than anyone in the league.

    Let’s not even talk about his receivers (if that’s the proper term).

    Just explain to me how, in your world, you hide a QB’s flaws by throwing more passes.

  • Is he a perfect president? Certainly not. But to say he hasn’t accomplished anything is pure BS like all the other stuff you spew. Imagine being down 40-0 in a football game and the coach says “Go win the game”. That’s the hand Obama was dealt.

    Let me take you to economics class. It is a proven fact that the president’s office is declared a success or failure depending on the economy. The president has no control over the 4 cycles of the economy. The 1 thing is certain is that at some time, we will experience each cycle. So in essence a president is almost lucky depending on the time he takes office. The success of the economy has less to do about their actual office and more about the cycles. The only impact an office has on the economy is how long the cycle will last for the NEXT office. So what that means is that what Obama does in his 4 years will most show during the end of the office leading into the next president’s office so long as the economy is about to change cycles. So what Clinton experience during the first 4-6 years of his presidency was because of the things done in the presidency before him. Same with Bush and so on. So to get the accurate impact of an office, one would have to be in for 2 terms. Otherwise your office is greatly affected by the previous person.

    Having said that, I’ll support what ever president we have because that’s our president. I can care less what color they are. If they really want to do good for the people then I’m all for it.

  • jroc, same screen name as on here.

  • Stevo, to the game…. I think it will be a tight game for maybe the 1st 3 qtrs. I think they will be playing off emotion and maybe jump out to a small lead. But we will settle down and show them who they really are. I think this week, our passing attack really looks sharp against their suspect secondary. We will have to neutralize their pass rush. They still have one of the best front 7 in the league. Vick’s mobility should caution them to rush straight upfield to buy him time. I think we put on a clinic in the 2nd half and I can see the score something like 41-24.

  • I got you bro!!!!!! Whats your rank thus far???? Theres alot of cheesers on line…… I swear lol!!! I’m not one of those guys…… I just play straight up football…….. Some guys like to consume the clock and you dont have a chance on offense…. I hate those guys!!!

  • i could careless who the pres is cause they all crooks
    but some try things and some dont
    bush just didnt try anything he just left stuff alone
    at least this guy obama tries stuff
    whether it works or not remains to be seen but he tries

    i never voted anyway lol i aint voting for no crooks i might as well vote for myself then

  • Drum- getem. Dmac kept andy afloat. and now vick is keeping him afloat. but.. i have to give andy credit for coaching vick up so that vick could keep him afloat. see my problem??

  • Now guys…. we cant say anything bad about obama or bush because that would be judging. lol. im just playing.

  • G can our comment box replace that durafag ad

  • jroc, my ranking isn’t too high on ps3. I always played on xbox but I switched to ps3 2 months ago. But I don’t cheese. I know what it’s like playing those type of players.

  • Expanded the War in Afgahnistan, where it’s an unwinnable battle, costing more American Lives and
    Billions of $$$.
    Focused on a National Health Care plan istead of focusing on Job Creation and in doing so,
    widened the division between Business,Government and the Citizens
    Just caved in on eliminating the Bush Tax cuts (which he campaigned on) so that top 5 % can become wealthier while extending unemployment benefits for another 13 months increasing our
    National Debt by almost $500 Billion over the next year and further reducing peoples motivation to go out and get a job.
    You hear about this Tarp $$$ that’s been repaid by Wall Street (estimates that the FED made approx $12-15 Billion after all the Financial Firms,Banks repaid the Government bailout loans which is great, but where did this money go.. No one can tell you though, for they spent it on other programs already…)
    – Nothing done on Immigatration Laws and what to do about “Illegal Immigrants”
    – Nothing done about an Energy Policy where dependence on Foreighn Oil can be decreased
    – Nothing done about have a “fair” tax systemt which streamlines the Tax Code and make it simpler
    – Education has seen some reforms, but not enough emphasis
    – Infra-structute projects have not really developed (many ports,chemical plants,electric grids are still not secured against terrorist)

    and his bissgest mistake in my opinion,was not handing down a consice,specific agenda to the
    Democratic Leadership (and to include Republican Leadership) of the US Congress when he took Office. Instead he allowed the far-left wing of his party, (led by Peolso and friends) make a mockery of many of these Bills and Acts that you call accomplishments that got so far off-target and include so much wasterful spending and more government regualtions, that they become bad policy, or not very well thought out policy…
    A President should set the tone, lay out an Agenda, foster a positive environment in which things get done and I would think that at the top of most people’s “want’ or “need” list in January 2010 was Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, and to have a National Economy that is growing and a Tax Burden that is less and have less Government regulation and intrustion, and a stable Financial and Housing Markets and
    a timeline to ending the Wars …

  • Paul

    Obama . . . “the most dissapointing politician?” Let me ask you, was Bush disappointing:

    When he had the Supreme Court stopped a legal recount and appointed a President.

    When Cheney allowed Energy company officials to dictate Energy policy and push us to invade Iraq.

    When Cheney became a Blackwater executive?

    When a covert CIA operative got outed.

    When the Patriot Act got passed.

    When we illegally invaded a country that posed no threat to us.

    When we spent over 800 billion (and counting) on said illegal war.

    When Bush borrowed more money from foreign sources than the previous 42 Presidents combined.

    When over 10 billion dollars in cash just disappeared in Iraq.

    When you found out we were torturing people.

    When Bush embraced trade and outsourcing policies that shipped 6 million American jobs out of the country. (HELLO!!)

    When the government was illegally wiretapping Americans.

    When he didn’t catch Bin Laden.

    When Bush rang up 10 trillion dollars in combined budget and current account deficits.

    When you saw the horrible conditions at Walter Reed.

    When we let a major US city, New Orleans, drown.

    When we gave people who had more money than they could spend, the filthy rich, over a trillion
    dollars in tax breaks.

    With the worst 8 years of job creations in several decades.

    When over 200,000 US Citizens lost their lives because they had no health insurance.

    When lack of oversight and regulations from the Bush Administration caused US Citizens to lose 12
    trillion dollars in investments, retirement, and home values.

    I could go on for days!!!

    Paul, your true colors are shining through!!!

  • man i dont care bout politics they are all for themselves
    all of them who cares
    lets talk team game please

  • Stevo, who coached him up, Andy or Marty? From most account Marty has been the main one working with Vick. Sure Andy deserves a lot of credit for everything he’s done. I won’t take that away from him.

    Here’s the thing I hate, people that hate McNabb and love Reid will defend Reid and talk about how successful his teams are and blah blah blah but at the same time call McNabb a scrub like he wan’t the QB on those teams. In my opinion, they both get the praise and criticism. It’s very possible that Vick is covering up for Andy OR Andy is hiding Vick’s weaknesses. But in reality what sense does it make to discuss that? They both win and lose together. But idiots try to praise Reid for his success and then give all the failures to McNabb. Just be consistent with it. That’s all. Did we have some good QB backing up McNabb when he was injured. Yes. Garcia was already a proven pro bowl QB. Feely and Detmer were good backups but who knows how good they could play over the long term. And what happened when McNabb went down the first time and Mike McMahon was the QB? Andy didn’t make him great. So in my opinion, for this system to work the QB AND the coach has to be good. Regardless of what a couple of haters think.

  • u left 1 out drum the most major 1
    he blew up our twin towers
    took put options out on airplane stock 2 days be 9/11
    no1 found the gold in the bottom floor of the twin towers
    hmmm but nyers spotted many big dup trucks leaving the towers right after the explosions
    yes i said explosions no buildings collapse from the top down because of an airplane lol
    he blew it up from the bottom
    i mean it was sad but like i said they r all crooks
    he was just 1 of the best of em
    bush a terrible president but a tremendous criminal
    he’s got my respect

  • A Pass-Happy System that throws 45 times a game will ultimately give a QB lots of opportunites to make good stats just by the sheer volume.You give a QB and have him pass 40-50 tyimes a game for 10-12 years, wouldn’t that QB amass some pretty good #’s.. sure he would..even T Dilfer could
    But McNabb was never accurate in that 10-15 yard range, was terrible on wheel routes,screens where rercievers had to stop,dive,jump just to catch the ball. McNnabb was poor in clock management and getting players in and out of the huddle.. Look how Vick gets players in and out, look how he throws his wheel routes,screens passes, he throws them to recivers in stride so they can make a move at full speed and get some YAC.. McNabb could never do this on a consistent basis which is why I state
    that the Eagles System and Coach AR/MM sheer volume of passing has hid McNabb flaw’s of ever becoming a real effective NFL Pocket QB who could win at managing a game in a balanced offense.
    Maybe McNabb can pull a Farve and play for another 3-4 years and be rejuvenated and play at a High-Level,I hope he stays around and plays in the NFC East a few more years for it would help the Eagles it

  • mike mcmahon worse qb ever
    micah mcmahon lmao

  • Paul

    Bush created this mess and you now want to blame Obama for the time it’s taking to clean it up. Jobs, jobs, jobs???? Bush embraced trade and outsourcing policies that shipped 6 million American jobs out of the country.

    We can read.

  • Paul

    It also gives him 45 opportunities to throw picks, etc. Just a little common sense. . . A little!!!

  • Why didn’t the Ravens employ that thinking with Trent Dilfer? A little common sense.

  • Ok, here’s more. So apparently you think because he hasn’t done what you want him to do IN 2 YEARS, that means he hasn’t accomplished anything. Just pure idiotic. Anyhow:

    Increased infrastructure spending (roads, bridges, power plants) after years of neglect

    Increased minority access to capital

    Signed the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act which gives the federal government more tools to investigate and prosecute fraud, from lending to the financial system, and creates a bipartisan Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission to investigate the financial practices that brought us to this point

    Signed the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act, expanding on the Making Home Affordable Program to help millions of Americans avoid preventable foreclosures, providing $2.2 billion to help combat homelessness, and helping to stabilize the housing market for everybody

    Increased, for the first time in more than a decade, the fuel economy standards for Model Year 2011 for cars and trucks so they will get better mileage, saving drivers money and spurring companies to develop more innovative products

    Unveiled a program on Earth Day 2009 to develop the renewable energy projects on the waters of our Outer Continental Shelf that produce electricity from wind, wave, and ocean currents. These regulations will enable, for the first time ever, the nation to tap into our ocean’s vast sustainable resources to generate clean energy in an environmentally sound and safe manner

    Signed the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure (CARD) Act to protect Americans from unfair and deceptive credit card practices

    Endorsed Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act of 2009 that would close offshore tax havens

    Earned an unprecedented success rate of 96.7% on winning congressional votes on issues where he took a position.

    Provided affordable, high-quality child care to working families

    Designated $1.5 billion from the Troubled Asset Relief Program to fund programs at local housing finance agencies in the states hardest hit by the housing crisis

    Protected 300,000 education jobs, such as teachers, principals, librarians, and counselors through the Recovery Act that would have otherwise been lost

    Extended discounted COBRA health coverage for the nation’s unemployed from 9 months to 15 months.

    Extended unemployment benefits for 2,000,000 unemployed Americans by 20 weeks.

    Provided tax credits to first-time home buyers through the Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of 2009 to revitalize the U.S. housing market

    Provided the Department of Veterans Affairs the largest spending increase in 30 years to improve medical facilities and national cemeteries, and to assist states in acquiring or constructing state nursing homes and extended care facilities

    Created and sustained 2.1 million jobs and stimulated the economy 3.5% [as of December 31, 2009] through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

    So what you think hasn’t been done, has been done. Just not the way you think. Seriously, you have no clue what’s really going on. Just sit back in your basement and throw out blind statements like you do about football. You sir have no credibility in anything.

  • Exactly drummer, it’s one thing to come in a good situation and not doing anything. It’s an entirely different thing to come in the mess that were were in. It was terrible. Banks closing every other week. And I know, I work for one of the largest banks in the world and we were terrified seeing all these other huge banks go belly up. So don’t come on here complaining about how long it’s taking to clean up someone elses mess.

  • To Drummer
    I agree about GW Bush doing mush more damage to the US than Obama
    I never had faith in Bush because he was not very bright to begin with and the croonies he surrounded himself were all rich oil company profiteers (like the Bush family themselves)
    but Obama had a great chance to change things (I think he campaigned about this) and failed to have the back-bone to act and make good on many/most of his campaign promises and now he will be kissing butt to the Republican Majortiy for he has lost his own party..He and his team seemed determined to govern by polls which works when your campaigning, but not when your governing..
    Have some conviction and courage to stand up and act on what you believe in.. In this I think
    Obama has failed miserbly and we care now seeing the lack of confidence that people,business and even freinds around the globe have in him..
    I never liked GW Bush, but I will give him this, he was consistent,made a lot of difficult choices and stood by his decisions whether they were polictically popular or not..

    This is it, no more Politics,Religion,or anything else.. back to football and the Eagles & Cowboys

  • lmao @Scorp….. you are giving Paulman the business! But it seems he likes this attention….

  • We were the No. 1 screen team in the league. What are you talking about? Leave the drugs alone, Paul. They’re beginning to take a toll.

  • @Scorp when ever a guy says that a player is per my vote or what ever…… That tells you that he is a real diva who thinks he knows it all or yes he’s really creepy and living in a basement LMAO!

  • Scorp,

    Chiming in!

  • Aye paul you brought this attention towards your self making it political!!! Now you wanna switch subjects LMAO!!!

  • Paul

    You’re doing the right thing. Get back into your hole.

    You like starting crap then running to hide. As of late, though, you’ve been chased. Run fast!!!

  • sad people really think that terrorists blew up twin towers
    histercial osama bin laden did it
    yea i know

  • Man. There’s so much I want to say, but I have to respect the website. Just consider yourself lucky, Paul.

  • Damn…… Keyboards can be used as weapons lmao!! Aye drummer i guess the one you have is a COLT 45……… LMAO……. Bang bang!!!!!! man down……. man down…. LMAO

  • unemployment rate is 9.8%, that’s all I’m worried about.. was around 6.5% before election day…may not be his fault, but should be a priority….all im sayin

    but i will not support paulman at all

  • i warned you paul. I was only kidding about talking about this.

  • scorp got a ak or ar 15
    scratch that scorp gotta falcon
    only gun that shoot reg bullets threw vest

  • Beans and cornbread!!!! Beans and Cornbread!!!! Thats my favorite meal forreal!!!! Beans and Cornbread!!! MY favorite Tosh.0 episode

  • Who stopped the war in Iraq? It must have been Paul, because he made no mention of it in his diatribe.

  • One or 2 ast crazy ideas if I was POTUS..
    I would bring home every Serviceperson from Iraq,Afghanistan,Germany,Italy,
    Korean Penisula,Phillipines and everywhere else for that matter and relocate them along our Country’s Boaders along Mexio and Canada lines to protect our Boarders,cut down Drug Trafficking and Children,young adult Trafficking and arms/guns Trafficking
    I would freeze all Immigration into this Nation for 5-10 years, No Foreign Students, Doctors, Athletes
    no Work Visas for anyone no matter where your from, whethers it’s Russia,Europe,Africa,Austrialia,South America or Asia,.. Let’s get our boarders safe, deport any illegal immigrants who have a criminal record or have committed a crime here in the US and for the large % of Illegal Immigrants who are already here for work,and are law abiding people put them on a path for US Citizenship and have them pay back some back taxes.
    and lastly, I would make the NFL Channel part of your local cable package..

  • I come on GCobb to hear from fans of the team I love and follow…I have other sites that I use for political rantings….in my view I like to keep them seperate….there may be a guy on here that I would oppose 99% in his other views, but here we are brothers bonded in the birds…maybe it is wishful thinking, but I choose to keep this site for Philly Sports…and with Philly Sports there is enough for us to argue about, why add every other issue in the world?? Just my opinion.

  • Aye greenfan blame it on the pa papa pa pa paulman man! LOL my jamie foxx version! LMAO

  • Paulman should be out there spewing BS. It’s ok to have strong opinions but he says stuff like they are fact when they are the farthest from the truth. Every time he does it I am going to call him out. Religion, politics, sports, whatever. When he states stuff that he tries to pass as fact when it’s not then I’ll call him out. Now stuff that’s opinion, I don’t care.

  • He claims to be an eagles fan but has nothing good to say. Always talking about how good our opponents are and what they’ll do to us. Pick us to lose almost every game and claims to be a fan while at the same time passing off inaccurate information as fact. He’s really a Panther’s fan. He’s a fraud and he would actually make a good philadelphia journalist because that’s all they do.

  • I disagree scorp…I know that there are a number of others on this site that no longer live in the area, but use the site to stay in touch with other eagles fans. Pman is an eagles fan….he tries to be “objective” with his “reporting”…but in my opinion, and I don’t want to put words into his mouth or keypad, he means no harm…he looks to entertain, talk some birds and stir things up every now and again….he has been on this site for a long time…taking every word that everyone types so literal or making it worth “fighting” over seems to be a waste of good energy that could be used rooting for the birds…that being said, I too am guilty of over-reacting to comments sometimes, so who is to say…

  • That’s fine. But if you read his post, you can see how he always has something critical t say about the Eagles and then talks about how bad the match up is against our next opponent. That right there is fact. Just read his posts. There’s nothing objective about his posts. He rarely has anything good to say. And he only does so when someone calls his out on it.

  • ok scorp, I read closer, but have been for a long time…he doesn’t bother me as much as he used to…guess he is growing on me??l lol, hope not!!

  • LOL @ green. I feel you. I usually don’t have a problem with him when he’s just being silly or talking football stuff. I just don’t like when people pass stats off as fact when they couldn’t be more wrong.

  • And BTW, Stevo is the real culprit. LOL.

  • lol…not Rev Stevo…lol

  • Yes Rev Stevo. He threw Obama out there (only kidding though) and then Paulman took it and kept running so we had to clear it up with some truth. LOL.

  • hahahahaha never saw how it all started, that is classic. What do they say…it only takes one small spark…

  • Who wants to talk about the Kardashians or Sara Palin or the Tea-Bag Party next… good grief…

    Some Cowboy News

    Cowboys Defense appears it will be missing 3 Starters and 2 Reserves for upcoming Eagles Game
    ILB B James, ILB K Brooking and Safety G Sensabaugh
    They also will be missing 2 Top Reserves ILB S Lee (who had 2 picks off Manning who I wanted the Eagles to Draft last year instead of trading that 2nd Rd pick to the Cowboys bur that’s another story for another time) and 3rd/Nickle CB Orlando Scandrick..
    Cowboys just activated a LB from Jets Practice squad who may start at ILB and will see a lot of action who has played 1 Game in his 3 year NFL Career (his name is Kenwin Cummings and has 1 Career Tackle)

    Eagles O could be in for a big day

  • Yeah and I’m glad Witten is banged up too. He usually kills us. Maybe with his sprained ankle Bradley can keep with up with him. I just think if we neutralize the pass rush, they have no shot. Easier said than done but in my opinion that’s the biggest key to the game. I don’t think there’s anyway they beat us if we do a decent job with the pressure. Against some teams you are still able to win even if they are getting a lot of pressure but it’s more important against this team than many others.

  • I still say that with the 10-day “mini-bye”, Reid will come out with a strong gameplan.

    I would bet the over, it should be a high scoring game, but still see the birds winning.

  • if our defense comes to play we are going to blow the Cowboys out…they have no answer for our offense, no team in the NFL does!

  • @Real…I still want to see how our recievers will get off the line of scrimmage first before I agree with any blowout…also, they have some tall recievers that can give our height challanged D-backs trouble….I still believe the birds will win, but it will be a high scoring affair

  • Except for th Bears..

  • ouch Pman….in my opinion, we could have beaten that Bear defense if we would have attacked the middle of the field with runs and TE action….ouch

  • I agree 100% Greenfan,
    But the fact is, they didn’t attack it or run the ball enough to take advantage of the 20 yard holes in the middle of the field… That’s play-calling and that’s QB Vick making adjustments to make it happen
    They got away with not doing it to the Giants enough also, but then Eli fnmbles the ball giving the Eagles a chance to win the game. but Giants did a similar thing keep Safeties back and pressure him from his left side forcing Vick to his Right,, I expect the Cowboys to do the same thing at first

  • i hope everyone has seen the fine and penalty during the game donkeykong suh received for his hit on jay cutler, if not look it up on youtube. absolutely BS, he shoved jay cutler in the back of the shoulders/head after he was 6 yards downfield. unneccesary roughness for that is non sense. now i agree more and more with vick speaking out. watch the video and you will all be up in flames.

  • Brian Baldinger–Ray Didinger and Mike Barkan all said they watched the game films closely and saw no problem with the hits Vick was taking

  • rcp, there were times when he was hit in the head. Not hard, but nevertheless he was hit. The rule says any contact to the head of the QB is a penalty. Whether it’s hard or not. So please stop it.

  • Me neither RCP1936, it’s all part of the game…
    I prefer when a players doesn’t whine or complain and just get’s back up and come backs to continue makings big plays, I think that makes a statement in itself, like go ahead guys, give it your best shot for I am not going anywhere and you can’t stop me…
    When you publicly complain to the media or to the refs or other players during a game, It shows to the opponent that they are getting under your skin and frustrating your ability to perform and I as a competitor would never let that happen, but that’s just me..

  • scorp, that is what I have seen also with regard to the “hits” on Vick. I haven’t seen anything very late, and once he leaves the pocket and does not slide, he can be hit as hard as any running back or reciever. I was the slaps on the helmet, or facemask that I believe should have been called. It was called for Peyton against us earlier in the season, and want to see fair treatment. Otherwise, I haven’t seen any major hits that were illegal, in my opinion.

    To that end, I do however, want to see Vick take less hits overall be they before he releases the ball or after. The guy is tough, but there are limits to how much pounding ANY player can withstand. He is too valuable to this team, we need to do a better job of protecting him.

  • “When you publicly complain to the media or to the refs or other players during a game, It shows to the opponent that they are getting under your skin and frustrating your ability to perform and I as a competitor would never let that happen”

    Nope it shows that you are frustrated with the refs lack of consistency. PLAYERS ALL AROUND THE LEAGUE COMPLAIN TO REFS DURING A GAME. So please don’t overstate it. Good thing you aren’t a competitor like Manning and Brady who constantly complain to refs. But I suppose their complaining shows their lack of ability to perform while they were racking up MVP and Super Bowl championships.

  • green, I agree. I don’t think he’s being hit late. I just think it’s more of those hands to the helmet and face mask that refs aren’t calling. Also in some cases, once he falls down a player would still dive at him instead of just tagging him down. Now I don’t think there’s an official rule about it because he would be considered a ball carrier but for some QBs during the year they would still flag the defender for unnecessary roughness because they didn’t have to do all that. But I don’t really have a problem with those hits. He either has to slide to deal with it. But the stuff that’s going in the pocket are the hits that I specifically see the inconsistency.

    And it’s not just Vick. It’s with most QBs around the league. But only a few QBs get those calls all day long. It’s a league wide problem and it just so happens that we are talking about Vick since he’s our QB. If it was up to me, none of those things would be penalties because the league is getting softer and softer each week. But since they are penalties you have to call them.

  • Some people chose to handle frustration about calls,referees differently,
    I choose to not let outside factors frustrate me so I could focus on the task at hand back when I used to compete as an athlete in Football, Hockey,Baseball and even now that I am older and have coached my kid’s teams for the last 7-8 years in Soccer,Basketball,Baseball & Softball, I still take the same attitude, I am not going to whine about things I can’t control..
    It’s funny, the same crowd who says there should have been 2-3 Penalties vs the Texans on slaps,hits to to the helmet of Vick is the same crowd who said the Penalty on T Colet vs P Manning was bogus and shouldn’y have been calls.. I say, none of them should be called and let them play ball unless it’s a deliberate attemtp to injure someone
    Just more typical Philly Fans watching their Eagles games through Green & Silver Glasses and think that every call is a bad one if it goes against them..

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