• August 15, 2022

LeSean McCoy And The Offensive Line Ran Out The Clock On The Cowboys

I’ve got to give  Eagles running back LeSean McCoy and the Birds offensive line a big pat on the back for the job they did last night with about four minutes to go in the game.  The Birds were leading by only three points after the Cowboys had put together a long drive and scored quickly on a pass play from Jon Kitna to Jason Witten.

I didn’t think the Eagles defense was in any position to be stopping the Cowboys from at least getting in position to tie the game.  If the Birds offense had been forced into a three and out, I thought it was almost a sure thing that Dallas would at least tie the game if they got the ball back.

I also wouldn’t have been surprised if Dallas had come back and won the game because they had the momentum.  The Birds secondary was starting to get that dazed look in their eyes which we saw previously in the Houston and Chicago games.

But, the Birds didn’t allow them to get the ball back because they ran the ball down the Cowboys throats.  They did it with the Cowboys expecting the Eagles to run the football.  They weren’t misdirections, reverses or scrambles by Michael Vick.  No, they were handoffs to McCoy right up the middle and into the guts of the Dallas front seven.

McCoy and the offensive line delivered a punishing knockout blow to the Cowboys.

I thought the interior of the Birds offensive line did a great job of using precision blocking against Dallas.  Eagles center Mike McGlynn used his size and strength to overpower Cowboys Pro Bowl nose tackle Jay Ratliff.  Numerous times, he got into Ratliff and blocked him effectively one-on-one, which allowed the Eagles guards to get to the second level and block the Dallas linebackers. Yes, the nose tackle did make some plays, but he didn’t do anything during the last drive with the game on the line.

Left guard Todd Herremans did a nice job of blocking down on Ratliff as well.  He also was effective in pulling the other way and leading McCoy into the hole.  Herremans smothered Ratliff a few times when he blocked down on him, which is no easy job because Ratliff does a great job versus down blocks.  He also caught the second touchdown pass of his career, which occurred on a third down at the goalline.

Right guard Max Jean-Gilles played some of their best football last night.  Jean-Gilles is a good run blocker, especially when he can fire out and block the guy in front of him.

Tight ends Brent Celek and rookie Clay Harbor did a great job of pulling and knocking both DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer out, in order to open up holes for McCoy.  It was a great strategy because Ware and Spencer get upfield on their pass rushes which opens a hole for the inside run.

Left tackle Jason Peters continued his improved play since he returned from his knee surgery.  He and right tackle King Dunlap did a solid job of blocking Ware and Spencer.  Peters and Dunlap got help part of the night, but they were also left in one-on-one situations from time to time and they did the job.

On the final drive, Peters and Dunlap came off and blocked well with the game still in doubt.

McCoy ran for 149 yards on only 16 carries which is remarkable.  He was exploding through gaps in the interior of the Dallas defensive front and getting to the second and third level on nearly each attempt.

McCoy has great vision inside, so he’s able to find seams to run through inside.  The Cowboys have a good run defense but they didn’t even slow the former Pitt Panther down as he ran out the clock, last night.


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  • I cant remember the last time we had a lead and ran the ball the last 4 min of a game.
    maybe when we had the 3 headed monster
    i seriously dont recall if any1 does enlighten me
    but this might have been the best thing i’ve seen as far as eagle football in quite sometime no way i thought we could run down 4min wo vick throwing for a 1st down

    truly unbelievable
    DESTINY is a word that comes to mind

  • great way to end a game PW….actually making first downs, going from the 10 yard line and driving and driving…the cowgirls knew what we wanted to do, and we did it anyway…great way to close out a game!!

  • Last time I remember was with a RB named WIlbert Montgomery…remember that guy…
    what a great runner he was and tough as nails for a little guy.. was my favorite player..
    Back to the article,
    Anyone notice how aggressive and nasty this O/Line is getting.. they are just not looking to make blocks, they are looking to dominate defenders.. Did anyone notice late in the game when LT J Peters was talking up to his Linemates in the huddle and keeping them all fired up…
    I have to admit, but Peters has played at a All-Pro Level this season and especially since his return from injury,, He doesn’t just block defenders, he goes out and attacks them and punishes them,I think his “get them before they get us mentality” has rubbed off on other linemates
    If the play calling can establish the run earlier in games and allow this O/L to get in rythym earlier,
    I think this Offense would be unstoppable for then Vick would have all kinds of time and receivers running free in the secondary..

  • Stellar effort last night, I am very surprised at how well McGlynn has done. He reminds me a bit of John Welborne (sp), same kind of nasty attitude. Seems like a dirtbag kind of dude, inked up and with a bad attitude, which fortunately, works well for NFL Olinemen. Peters has been what he got all that money for being, and I am always happy when a fat guy gets a touchdown, good for Herremans. Far better than I had feared, still need more out of the D though.

  • Every run to close the game (and most before then) went through the 1 hole (between Peters and Heremanns). The Giants couldn’t stop it. I give credit to Reid for sticking with it, unlike the North Carolina Conference Championship game.

    The defense played well. There were a couple of plays they’d like back, but for the most part, they forced Dallas into 3rd and long and got off the field. There was poor tackling on the screen play and a key penalty in the first series, but they calmed down after that.

  • our blitz pickups still need a lil work
    i still see to many people coming untouched and i understand when a d sends 7 some1 will come untouched but dallas sent 5,6 and they were coming untouched
    the cb blitz came thru untouched and that was the only blitzer and he shot the gap it wasnt like he came from outside
    but yes the run blocking has been great and the pass protection seems to be a lil better
    just get our blitz pickups down now please
    i dont know y other teams dont blitz us every down lol

  • I think we ran like 9 min off the clock to end the game against the Redskins a couple years back..

  • Graham’s done for the season. We need help.

  • Drummer, Graham may be done, but Juqua is back and hopefully fresh after a couple weeks off. He looked good last night. Look for Teo’neisham to get some more time. Graham was efficient, but it wasn’t like he was a game changer in there. We should be fine. Bradley only gonna miss a couple weeks

  • Anyone here what ever happened to Victor Abriami…
    Did he ever pass a physical, or get a medical clearance to resume training..

  • I thought we lost Vic for the season.

  • Birdo


  • not to change the subject… but… Im surprised how upset some people are that tashard choice asked for Vick’s Autograph at the end of the game….. Did anybody catch this? I saw it and grinned to myself, but I didnt think it would get people soo angry…

    I mean you’d think he asked Vick DURING the game or something….

    Or maybe it is because he asked Vick… some people are stilled grumbling because Vick is shining right now and they dont like it….

  • It was a surprising, yet refreshing, finish. If we could develop that same run game in the red zone, it would be great.

  • Rasheed, its a big topic…..only because NFL players don’t do that. Have some pride in yourself and your team. Don’t ask the star player of a hated rival for an autograph at midfield immediately after the game. That’s embarrassing.

  • Rasheed

    I’m often surprised by the things that upset some fans. Everyone’s entitled to their own feelings and opinions, but it puzzles me too.

  • Drummer & Birdo..

    I see both points of view… It would be the part of the night where I run to the bathroom and vomit had an Eagle asked Romo or whoever for their signature after we lose the game… But on the other hand, it didnt affect the the fact that the Cowboys had already list the game and guys were standing around hugging and smiling at each other anyways… It just hard I guess to remember that this is a game……

    the other thing that I notice that has been the best part of this season so far, is that the offense ( I guess because of Vick) doesnt fold like a napkin when we lose a lead and lose momentum… Im used to covering my eyes when the Eagles lose a lead because we used to never get it back.. McNabb was the man, but the team didnt respond to him as well as they do with the new Qb…

    I have real confidence in them….. We were losing and I wasnt concerned at all… Last week too.. Losing to Houston and Im fully convinced we still got this win…

  • @ Birdo…Players dont DO THAT??? I head Chris Cater talk about how he did it all the time. He got jerseys signed on the feild by all types of HOF players so he can have things to give to his sons! Its nothing wong with what he did, The Cowboys SUCK! Its not like it was the NFC Championship game, and yo just got beat to close down the Vet, and got your ass handed to you, and you asked the guy who you played directly against all game to autograph a jersey for you….oh wait.,….That bwas TRE THOMAS after the Tampa Bay loss aking Simeon Rice for an autograph…but Donovan is the gutless one…lmao!

  • Rasheed

    I try to focus on our play and things that affect our play. As for the other stuff, people make the world go ’round. I don’t expect everyone to be like me. If they were, this world would be so boring, among other negative things.

    It’s the same with Jackson falling into the end zone. Many people have a problem, and I completely understand, but, in my opinion, his flamboyance is a big part of him (and his game). It feeds into his mentality that he is unstoppable. Besides, its’ great theatre, and I watch the NFL to be entertained. The Cowboys certainly won’t forget it and it’ll be shown before every Cowboy’s game for as long as Jackson is an Eagle.

  • It’s the opposing points of view that make this site worth visiting. I love it!!

  • It’s not as big of deal as people are making it out to be but I’d be heated if an Eagle asked a Cowboy for an autographed right after a loss. There’s already too much “buddy-buddy” in the NFL and this is a division rival I would at least wait until the fans can’t see anymore. Just my thoughts.

  • i dont want any cowboy autographs
    let alone should an eagle player want 1
    just awful
    immediate sentencing should i ever witness this at the linc
    death by stoning

  • PW


  • Does anyone think Minny has a chance tonight?

    In this crazy season, nothing would surprise me.

    In fact, I expect Atlanta to lose the next two and for us to win the tie breaker for home field throughout. Wouldn’t that be awesome!!!!

  • All these NFL players are Warriors, a special kindred between players will always exists and is good for the game..Many of these player grew up together,competed in HIgh School,College together and now as highly paid Professionals, there is a mutual understanding and respect that they have for one another.. What’s wrong with this…
    In this case, T Choice played at Georgia Tech when VIck was in Atlanta and has been a fan of his for years..

  • It put a special warm Holiday cheer in my heart seeing Choice “kneel and kiss the ring” so to speak and admit that we own Dallas..lmao!…”Please Mike man, im a huge fan of your work…that 91yard pass play you just made to break our backs was the stuff of legend…oh, Romo?…pssssh…he stinks…and Kitna? i cant roll with dude, he’s ugly as hell!”..LMAO!…”Hit me up in my FB inbox, give the new price on your Bad Newz pit bull puppies, my nephew really wants one of those too!”

  • Wilcher

    You should be in comedy, man!

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