• August 17, 2022

My Thoughts Eagles/Cowboys

There were numerous things I found maddening about Sunday night’s game against the Dallas Cowboys, but maybe that says what a good team the Eagles have. As many stupid mistakes that occurred, they still found a way to gut it out and get a road win over a divisional opponent. Lesser teams probably collapse in that situation. Still, there is still a lot that can be corrected moving forward if they want to make a deep run. But, let’s look at the game:

What I liked…

-I think it’s safe to say DeSean Jackson has to be mentioned first. He set an NFL record for most yards on four catches. 210 yards on four catches. Think about that for a second. He knocks off Gary Clark for the top spot and joins him and Choo Choo Roberts in the top three. Oh, and he was visibly banged up. No way Orlando Scandrick sniffs him under normal circumstances. You don’t need to give him a brand-new contract right now. But you can move some bonus money in his direction. Not sure what you are waiting for.

-Game ball to Todd Herremans? This was his best game in a while. I think we all dig LeSean McCoy, but we can agree that he isn’t a runner that can plow through and create his own space. He needs someone to give him a little room, and then he can be lethal. Herremans did a brilliant job giving McCoy a bit of breathing space. Oh, and he scored a touchdown.

-We’ve seen a ton of other NFL teams do it, but we really never (rarely at least) see the Eagles do it. They had the ball with 4:22 seconds on the clock in the 4th quarter (thanks to Jorrick Calvin doing his impression of Tanner Boyle from “The Bad News Bears” in the end zone that ran exactly no time off the clock because he doesn’t know the rules). They had the lead. There was no way this team could run out the clock…could they? And it wasn’t just four-yard chunks here and there to barely get first downs. McCoy was gashing the Cowboys on 12-yard clips. Even if the Cowboys buckled down and eventually got a stop, the clock was damaged and their field position would have been poor thanks to the big runs. This is how a champion plays when it counts.

-I like that Vick doesn’t have to be Superman every week for this team to win. Asking him to pull rabbits out of his hat every week and be a super stud just isn’t realistic. The man can only do so much. That said, he still had a decent night. Few plays he’d like to have back, but this is life in the NFL.

-Dimitri Patterson: DeSean owes you a beer. Your INT negated what could have been a very costly and essentially idiotic celebration penalty.

-I remarked to my buddy last night about Jason Avant. Whether it was Donovan or Kolb or Vick….anyone else notice that quarterbacks just love to throw him the ball either in the dirt or way too high? And he still comes up with it. Imagine if he was actually fast? He’s be in the elite WR category.

-Think McNabb misses David Akers? I know, I know. I say it every week. But, remember to be thankful for Akers. The guy is a machine. And how about his kickoffs this year? We won’t realize how much he’s truly appreciated until he’s gone. If I had to watch Graham Gano kick every week, I might get back into tennis.

-Jamar Chaney didn’t do a bad job considering the position he was thrust into.

-I saw a lot of people saying on Facebook that the roughing the passer call on Vick was ticky tack and not really a penalty. The heck it wasn’t. If you want to say that it shouldn’t be a penalty, then fine. But under the current rules, it most certainly was. Spencer got his helmet into Vick’s facemask. That’s 15. And Igor Olshansky might want to check his locker for a FedEx envelope this week too. He got a little helmet-to-helmet action going in there too, although he’ll most likely escape punishment.

-I thought the Birds did a pretty good job once again bottling up the run, although I think the Cowboys bailed on it early.

-How about Colt Anderson? Good for him. You usually don’t see kick returners get stopped at the eight-yard line unless something went horribly wrong when they tried to field the ball. Brilliant job tripping up Kevin Ogletree.

-He may not be a physical specimen, but I’m okay with Kurt Coleman.

-I think I really like Jon Kitna as a backup QB. I think if someone pays him starter money at some point, they’ll be disappointed. But as a backup, I’ll take him all day, every day, and twice on Tuesday. The Cowboys continued to lose after Tony Romo went down, but it’s not on Kitna. He’s played well enough for them to win games.

…and not so much…

-I’m a bit torn on the Jackson celebration penalty. Technically, he was not in the end zone and you are allowed to dive into the end zone to score. I know it’s illegal to go to the ground during a celebration unless it’s for prayer (whatever. Adrian Peterson goes to the ground all the time and it ain’t to pray), but what DeSean did was not really a penalty.

That said, what are you thinking? It was such over-the-top jerkish (that is probably not a word) behavior that it just looked like a penalty. Right or wrong, there is absolutely no reason for DeSean to risk it there. Seriously, dude. Are you ever going to learn not to act like this? I’m guessing no. What is the upside of doing that? Okay…now what is the downside? The risk/reward is not worth it.

-I’m not upset because an Eagles QB got pasted on the sidelines and there was no call, as much as I’m upset about the hypocrisy in the NFL. “We want to protect QB’s.” Okay….perfect time to do it right there. Vick was clearly stepping out of bounds to end the play. As to whether or not he was actually out of bounds when Anthony Spencer made contact is open to debate. But, it was extremely close, and if you are erring on the side of protecting quarterbacks, then you throw the flag no questions asked. Trent Cole got 15 yards for helping Peyton Manning fix the part in his hair. Vick got air mailed into the visitors bench. Be consistent. Are you trying to protect quarterbacks? Or are you trying to protect Manning and Brady? Andy Reid doesn’t blow gaskets like that over nothing.

-Vick threw one interception last night. Jeremy Maclin has to catch that other ball. He’s such a nice player, but I wonder about his focus on occasion.

-This defense is a problem. How long can this team go on with the offense shouldering the entire load? As long as they can get some turnovers, they seem to be fine. But, turnovers don’t always come. Some of the tackling and the poor angles taken are troubling. Maybe I’m being rough on them because they have so many rookies and backups in there, but the next guy has to step up.

-I had been a fan of Jorrick Calvin. He came in and did a nice job initially, but he is not the answer at kick returner. I could go back there and take a knee in the end zone and get the team to the 20-yard line. His returns consistently get the team started between the 18- and 25-yard lines. That is way too far to go every time.

-I’m hit or miss with Cris Collinsworth. Last night was a miss. “Oh man, look at that torque on Vick’s elbow.” Ok, we get it. Vick throws hard.

-It was third and a few towards the end of the game and you are sending Michael Vick on a designed run. It was great to see DeMarcus Ware drive him into the turf short of the first down. I’m not sure I get it. Is the first down worth it if your MVP candidate goes to injured reserve? I just don’t get it. Yes, he’s extremely talented. But yes, he’s also mortal. I’m tired of this stupid stuff. You have tons of weapons and a myriad of play calls to try to get a few yards. Why would you risk Vick’s health? Brainless.

-I don’t have a huge problem with Tashard Choice getting Vick’s autograph after the game. But dude….could you at least visit him in the locker room or something? It just looks bad.

-I said before that I like Kitna as a backup. The main reason I don’t like him as a starter? Did you see anything vertical from him last night? You have some major weapons to utilize and they don’t take any shots deep. Did he miss the film review session on Joselio Hanson? Plays are to be had, Jon.

-I’m pretty much done with Ernie Sims. This guy has all the physical ability in the world, but absolutely no football instincts whatsoever. Want a new drinking game? Do a shot every time you see a replay where Sims is frantically trying to change direction because he was woefully out of position on any given play. You’ll be hammered half way into the first quarter. The misdirection play that had Kitna throwing back across the field to Martellus Bennett in the second half really irritated me. Sims just follows the action and assumes that offenses won’t do things to try to fake out the defense.

-While I’m on the subject of linebackers, something needs to be done. Even before Stewart Bradley got hurt last night, he’s had a down year. In fairness to him, he needs a full year to recover from his ACL injury. But what about the rest of the crew? Moises Fokou is just okay. Akeem Jordan is just a guy. I know the Eagles don’t value the position (they haven’t taken a linebacker in the first round since Jerry Robinson in 1979, even though that doesn’t fall completely on the current administration), but at some point, the dearth of talent at this position will kill this defense. Maybe they are simply bad at identifying good players here. After all, they were excited about Ernie Sims. Matt McCoy? Quinton Caver? Chris Gocong?

-I’m seriously going to reach out to Carlos Emmons. I want to know why exactly this team hasn’t been able to cover a tight end since he left. What did he know that hasn’t been shared with anyone on defense since his departure? If I were the Cowboys, I would have just hammered Witten all night. Why not?

-No, I think it’s a great idea to have Owen Schmitt take a shot at blocking DeMarcus Ware. That makes sense.

-King Dunlap did some maddening things, but I can’t get on him too much. As it is, he was a guy that we (most of us) said couldn’t even play earlier in the year. Then he gets thrown in on the opposite side of the line and is expected to handle Ware and Spencer. It’s a bigger transition than one would think.

-I stuck up for him for a while, but something has to be done with Chad Hall. He’s just too little and too slow to have an impact. He’s a poor man’s Julien Edelman. And Edelman is a poor man’s Wes Welker. At some point….he’s just too poor.

-Dear television replay people at all networks, please stop showing the Stewart Bradley injury. I literally cannot watch.

Alright, that’s enough bloviating. The bottom line is that the Eagles went into Big D and came out with a win. There is no room on the scorecard for pictures. They have things that need to be tightened up moving forward, but luckily, just about everyone in the NFL not named the Patriots can say that too. Take the win, enjoy it and get ready for the Giants.

Micah Warren

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  • lmao tanner from bad news bears
    good 1

  • the autograph after the game was unreal

  • Im gunna get that pic framed. we were so good the cowboys want our autograph. We will be talking about that FOREVER!!!! If fred barnett ever asked for Troys they would have cut him on the spot.

    About the DJACK thing….. who cares?? Its dallas. We spit on the star!! i have no issue with that. If it were the panthers or something id maybe care… but its not… its Dallas!!

    Warren…. i thought the D played pretty good. I get on them but i thought we played well.

    I love that we ran it. you hit it right on the head when you said “thats what champs do”. YES YES YES!!

    Ive said we need to focus on only this week all season long. Today i say…… enjoy this one. Because you know the coached wanted it for a YEAR. Rest today…. feel good. and tomorrow… we talk Giants.

  • think about it…… those 2 clips (autograph and d jack falling in the endzone) will be played everytime before these 2 teams play for YEARS!!!! They will loop it like they do the cheesteak clips on monday nights!!!

  • they should cut choice for that
    u just lost to a team and u ask 1 of their players for an autograph for all to see (not to mention a rival)
    like go in the lockerroom better yet get his number call him and have him send u an autographed whatever
    but to have a sharpie handy and ask vick for an autograph on the field warrants a ban from the nfl

  • Sims sucks so bad. He was pissing me off. On almost every play that his man caught the ball he was going in the wrong direction.

    Yeah Avant makes circles grabs in the field of play but drops easy touchdowns, WTH is that? He’s still my man though.

    Chad Hall should have been put to rest… a while ago.

    I did like how our defense played against the run.

    This kinds of reminds me of the Saints D from last year. Not shut down and nothing spectacular and will give up some points but also get a couple of turnovers to give your high powered offense more chances than the other team. I hope they become more stout over the next few weeks but I do think they don’t have to be a shutdown defense to be successful. Just keep getting turnovers because the offense will score. Our biggest problem last night was we still cannot cover TEs. We held their receivers in check for the most part and stopped the rushing game (Welcome back Parker). Good division win on road and next week I hope Asante is back because he gives Manning fits and we’ll need him since their WRs are getting healthy.

  • They said Choice was getting the autograph for his nephew. Even if that’s true, you do not do it that soon after the game. Walk on over to the visitors locker room and get it. If an Eagle would have done that to a Cowboy we’d be killing him for years and want him out of town asap. You just can’t do that.

  • food for thought…… we turn a guy like Gregg Lewis into the butttt of all our jokes yet… same guy… same talent puts on a Hall jersey and we try and make it a feel good story like Rudy. Ill never understand this town. GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!

  • agreed stevo
    but im wondering the same thing about graham
    any other yr our num 1 pick does squat he gets killed
    y no mention of this guy doing nothing
    he is so bad he is just going completely unnoticed
    doesnt even get criticized
    he better improve and i mean fast

  • honestly….. i think we expect little out of the DE on that side. We never have 2 dominant guys. We r used to this. But your right.

    Im gitty today., Seriously….. i know that sounds uh…… whatever. Im gitty. Cant stop smiling. Im not talking playoffs…..im not thinking down the line. But we just kicked them in the teeth. …. in their house!!

  • Rev….I am with ya on Hall…nice story….small guy from a service academy.. but it seems like Big Red has a bet that they guy will score a TD or something this year, why do we keep wasting downs in the red-zone giving him some razzel-dazzel play?? I want it to stop, we have better options.

  • PW, I agree but most would expect more from your number 1 pick than a guy who shouldn’t be on the roster. Having said that, making an impact as a DE in this league isn’t easy in your rookie year. Just a lot to learn. But when you jump that many spots to get that guy in the draft, you indirectly place expectations on him that may or may not be realistic.

  • green, I was thinking the same thing. It’s like Andy is trying to get the kid a touchdown before he gets cut or something. He’s like Rudy out there and the coach is throwing him a bone because he knows he’s not good enough to really be on the team. He does 0 returning either so I really don’t see the benefit of having him.

  • But greenfan…. i agree with you…. BUT…. it did fake them out last night with him in the backfield. Vick sold the play action to him and they just stopped. Or something like that…. cant remember the details.

  • Stevo, I would think that McCoy would get much more attention. Everything you are doing with him, Shady could be doing much better.

  • I mean who’s a more dangerous tandem in the backfield, Vick and Hall or Vick and McCoy?

  • scorp…I think Hall had one punt return last night in place of DJax

  • scorp i agree with what ur saying but its not like im asking the guy to be dwight freeney rook season or even ever for that matter
    but all we heard “was high motor
    he definitely can get to the passer” blah blah
    im just saying show something
    he really hasnt done a thing all yr
    make a play hell make a mistake do anything for me to see u
    i wouldnt know if he played or not after the game is over if i werent specifically looking for him

  • green, yeah I know and it’s maddening to see him out there. He’s too slow to really do anything with a punt. Like Reno Mahe out there, only smaller.

  • My Likes for the Game

    The Left side of the OL (Herremans and Peters were dominating in the 2nd half and especially in the 4th Quarter)
    QB M Vick showed real leadership and grit for he took a pounding in the 1st Half, in which he had some shaky throws and reads.. but once they fell behind mid-late 3rd Quarter, he kept his cool, his poise and picked up his game.. I also noticed that the play calling called for more 3 step drops and Vick getting rid of the ball quicker which seemed to work pretty good (maybe they can use this a little earlier in games so Vick doesn’t have to take the pounding)
    L McCoy really stepped up in the 2nd Half and had some terriffic runs behind some great blocking..
    He looked more decisive and made the 1 cut and go which is when he’s at his best..
    D-Jax ( 4 Catches for 210 Yards) – Enough said, the most dynamic player in the NFL when he has the ball in his hands..I could do without the showboating, but he’s a personality that likes to express his emotions and as long as he makes plays and keeps his emotions to the positive, then I am ok with it for we all have been waiting for him to explode and make some big plays and he came thru..
    J Avant – is there a more Professional type of WR in the NFL, he catches the tough routes, he blocks, has excellent field awareness and is a great mentor for the younger WR’s on the team..

    Players with quiet games
    TE B Celek and WR J Maclin did not have many touches last evening, though both made some good blocks on TD plays and were blocking well for most of the evening..Maclin’s missed catch led to an
    INT and allowed the Cowboys to take the lead…

    WR/RB C Hall, We all love the story of Chad Hall, but there is no reason to keep calling plays for him and taking snaps/plays away from other players from the backfield like McCoy/Harrison)

    RT K Dunlap – Overall, I thought he played pretty well and kept his own,. I like the way that he’s agressive and is not going to back down from anyone, and that he’ll go downfield and still make blocks until the whistle blows..
    The entire OL has really been aggressive lately and attacks the Defenders and wears them down
    (when they call enough running plays for them to get into a rhythm)
    But when you look at how Peters,Herremans and McGlyn have been playing, they are pretty nasty and really get after it, that I think it’s rubbed off on the other players,
    I know many of us have complained about OL Coach Castillo and the Eagles O/Line in general,
    but tell me which team has more depth and better coaching at OL than the Eagles do
    (maybe the Patriots)
    I really think if the EAgles would run the ball more often and earlier in games, than take some shots down the field and then go back to pounding the rock, they would be very difficult to beat

  • PW, I’m with you. I didn’t say the criticism was warranted or the expectations were realistic. That is what happens when you play in Philly. Hopefully he improves and we will see over the next couple seasons if he’s a starters, rotational guy or someone that doesn’t belong on the team.

  • yes… hall needs to get out of the backfied. Where was our back up RB last night?? I recall 1 play to him… thats it. am i wrong??

  • PW, I totally agree. Of all the picks in the draft this was the one that baffled many people. So I do expect him to go out there and so something. All the talk we heard in the offseason about his motor and even had people on this site talking about he could be rookie of the year. They didn’t see him play 1 down and already had him rookie of the year. And then Graham talking about all the sacks he was going to get. So those things definitely didn’t help. I always thought that he would just be a rotational guy for at least this year because the position isn’t easy in the NFL and by 2011 and 2012 we’ll know if we really have someone to play every down on the other side of Cole.

  • Stevo, I think Harrison got 1 carry. I don’t know what’s that about. You get 1st and goal from the 3, why not let him run the ball. He’s a runner that can go between the tackles. All the shotgun formations and gimmicks sometimes just wears me out.

  • PW…it makes a fan mad when they see Pierre-Paul up with the Giants making plays, and he was drafted after Bryant…..big disappoint from a first round pick that we traded up to get….big disappointment…I agree with everything you are saying PW

  • if any eagle player gets an autograph from the opposing team after a defeat i found that their is a statute here in philadelphia that governs this madness and the sentencing calls for death by stoning.
    so let this be ur warning fellas

  • like imagine lindley getting an auto from romo after they beat us at the linc for all of us to see.
    immediate sentencing

  • come on PW….the best thing from the whole autograph signing was the way that Vick patted his head after he finished…it was like saying, “now you be a good boy, eat your vegetables and say your prayers and one day you can grow up to be a real football player”…it was classic

    I understand that the guy grew up near ATL, so he probably had Vicks poster on his wall growing up…but he needed to be smarter and see that the camera was there and ask near the locker room or something…hilarious though, sure the cowgirl fans loved it !!

  • The Bears “Are who we thought the were”, (Dennis Green Voice) LMAO!!!!! I just thank GOD that we didnt get rid of Juqua Parker when we drafted Graham…… He’s Solid and he is a real difference maker at the LE……..

    Why we didnt run the ball earlier IDK…… VIck was almost killed on some of those hits……… I hate Dallas they are the ultimate D*** Bagz of the NFL……. I hate what jerry jones stands 4…… No class for him to be an owner……… He paid those refs to do there best Stevie Wonder impression’s…….. Miles Austin was shut down and Roy Williams was a non-factor pretty much in the game…….. Its just guys like Ogeltree who piss me off to get B.S. in the game…… 2 catches all season long and he’s a factor against us……. I’m glad we hurt him…….. Overall good game by the secondary……… Lb’s need to improve especially Sims……… He bites off of everything in his direction…….. Other than that the defense did well against the run……..

  • I agree Greenfan. Im hoping grahm shows up at some point but so far not so good.

  • Colt 45 Anderson is my kinda Guy…….. He’s a real bullet on special teams……… Making plays that were most needed at times especially after the Jackson penalty……..

    I enjoyed the Deshawn Celebration………. It was needed because he got the monkey off his back after last years beat down……… IDK about how you guys felt……… But I went crazy…….. LMAO

  • JROC-I ran 2 laps around my house and then did that Djax TD celebration on the sofa….nearly killing my pug dog. not kidding either!!

  • i had no prob with the djax celebration it was just that i think he started it to early
    u can clearly see him jogging at like the 30 yard line
    then when the defender closed in on him he threw the jets on but he was almost tripped up
    i have no problem with falling in the endzone backwards but run full speed to the endzone 1st djax

  • LMAO Stevo!!!!!!! I feel you…….. I knocked my drink on the floor…… Man it was needed……. Deshawn really stepped up this game……… Now this was a game that will help his resume with contract negotiations!!! I HATE DALLAS……… They deserved every bit of that celebration……….. LOL

  • stevo i bet u ran full speed all the way thru tho lol

  • @Phillywill……. I feel you on that bro……. You can tell tho he was not running full speed…… Is ankle seem to be bothering him…… But you know those West Coast Cats…… They are real cocky…….. He has the right to be……. But you have guys like freddie Mitchell with the same attitude but less production…… LMAO……. He is a beast with the YAC………. I knew he was gone when he split the middle……

  • yep he was clearly coasting for about 20 yards while the defense was after him full force lol
    in hindsight its funny but if he gets tripped up on the 8 yardline its a problem especially with our redzone issues
    im sure andy will see this on film and this will be cleared up tho
    shouldnt be an issue

  • So do yall think we make Mcglynn the starter for next season and release or 2nd string Jamal Jackson if he is able to play after a biceps injury……. I think he played great…….. And is improving every game just about…….. He made some key blocks…… And you know those Pitt. offensive lineman…… They play physical!!!! He’s gaining confidence every game……. you can see it……..

  • green “eat ur vegetables and say ur prayers” lol
    i know it was like almost pitiful

  • ******Off Topic Fellas*********
    Watched the Jerry Jones Interview on 60 minutes before the game.
    ……I kind of like the old dude now…LOL
    give ’em a show. Better yet, make it a spectacle. … CLASSIC

  • @ PW I feel you………. Avant is a beast,…….. I love that guy…… Very spiritual…….. and is a real go to guy when needed……. Aint afraid to take a hit……. Just all around complete receiver…….

  • I’d stick up for Hall if he had gone to a real service academy, but he is a grad of the country club in Colorado Springs. Had he been a mid, I would like him more. C Anderson is going to attract a cult following if he keeps making strong Special teams plays like that. He must make his college coach proud as h&%l, like a chip off the old block.

  • anyone notice that McGlynn’s shotgun snaps were making Vick jump before each snap??

  • I hate Jerry Jones………. He’s like the Sarah Palin of sports……. A guy with no morales who thinks money can buy victories…… Who puts a Projection/800ft. flat screen television on top of there stadium…….. And if you punt the ball and it hits it…… Its a re-kick……… The nerve of this d*** bag…….. So if that were to happen…… Its a re-kick and a waist of our time as viewers to wait on Jerry Jones work of Art……… It’s just funny!!!!! I’m glad we get to play in his home field 3 times this season lmao!!!!

  • Im sorry 2 times my bad!!!

  • @green fan….. Yea I noticed it…… Jay ratliff was getting cheap shots off his jumps…….. He had alot of hands to the facemasks they were not called…… It was like Dallas was playing for a cause last night…. Like they were the 8-4 team and we were 4-8….. The refs were terrible……..

  • Did it appear to anyone else that WR’s Austin and Williams were a little gun shy in going for passes,
    It appears that both CB’s Patterson,Lindley and the over the top presence of Mickell or Allen made thise guys play pretty smalll (I think Austin was a 1 year wonder for he seems to lost his focus and explosion he showed last year)

  • He is a one year wonder……… Paulman……… HE played for his new contract…. Thats it…. Last year he played great against teams with no talent on defense…… We shut him down last year but he had that on catch on Sheldon Brown last year that killed us…… Good defenses he struggles against…… Roy Williams is a real bum………. He doesn’t run full stride on his routes….. He’s not that good as well……. The Cowboys have a bunch of Madonna’s…… I cant stand them!!!

  • (I think Austin was a 1 year wonder for he seems to lost his focus and explosion he showed last year)
    Kim Kardashian can do that a brother….LOL

  • When you eliminate the run…. They aren’t a good team……. the defense’s secondary is very suspect…. And we exposed that…… I think that Dallas will be a team with real issues for years to come!!

  • LMMFAO! @ Gotta Luv it….. Good one…….

  • are you guys seriously complaining about the guy getting an autograph for his nephew. I dont give a crap when he got it done, theres no man code that says you cant do it. Who gives a crap.

  • wow dawplex
    so if shady mccoy gets eli manning auto after a game in which they beat us u have no issue with this
    thats is very nice of u sir very classy
    i myself no class
    i want him stoned

  • its clearly something wrong with it or they wouldnt have tashard choice apologizing on espn’s bottomline lol

  • according to dallas newspaper poll, the fans are roughly split on the issue; here in philly, the fans would all be with pw: stone him

  • Choice even apologized via twitter. So it must have meant something.

    Anyhow, I don’t think Austin is a one year wonder. I think he’s suffering from not having Romo. Kitna throws a lot of short passes and they’ve been running the ball more. Austin was their big play receiver who made a lot of down field plays. With Kitna, his play is negated. Having said that, I’m glad we shut him down and with overrated Roy Williams. Is it me or does anyone else hate when Williams does his little first down sign?

  • On a side note, anyone see vinnie lately? We might need to file a missing persons report.

  • Offensively,
    Cowboys have an aging O/Line and getting long in the tooth at C and both Guard positions without much quality depth or young draft picks to mold into potential Starters,
    Also take into account that TE Whitten has been around for a while and really isn’t the same player he was 2-3 years and is probably on the downside of his career..
    CB T Newman is getting up there and their Safeties are not NFL Pro caliber and get caugh out of position time and time again and their depth is very suspect in their Secondary..

    All in all, I the Redskins & Cowboys as the bottom of the NFC East for the next 3-4 Years and not real legitimate threats to make the post-seaso or a serious SUper Bowl RUn..
    You look at both teams recent Draft Selections, Free-Agent Signing and just the ineptness of their Front Office over the recent years and it’s no wonder that they are where they are …..
    I see them bascially as 6-10 type of teams with maybe a shot at 8-8 once in a while..

    GM Reese from Giants is one of the Best at Drafting players while the Eagles are probably one of the best at developing talent, due to the excellent Coaching staffs and stability that Coach AR has put together thru the years..

    Eagles are scary young across the entire team.. and if they can lock up Vick and address
    the LB position, add a CB,Safety, TE and add to the depth across the O/Line & D/Lines
    this Eagle team should be able to compete at a high level for years to come

  • ok paul, but you predicted an eagles loss to this scrub dallas team

  • lol @jakedog he sure did!

  • and when the eagles beat the giants it will be blah, blah, the giants aren’t this or that, just like Eskin on the phillies

  • Paulman never gives the Eagles a chance. Every game is a trap game or something. I have the same exact opinion about this team that I had before last night’s game. They have to go take care of business against everyone and continue with this Giants team.

  • jake, some people are just ridiculous with some of the stuff they say. They spend all week talking about how dangerous the other team is and predicting we will lose and so on and then when we beat them, they talk about how bad the other team is. Just plain dumb. You can’t have it both ways. Either team was bad before you tried to hyped them up or the win wasn’t against a bad team. Pick one and only one.

  • Micah, I see you stepped your game up a little bit!

  • Whenever I predcit the Eagles to lose, they actually win, so that’s a trade-off I am willing to take..
    It’s the “Reverse-Sport-Physchology Syndrome” of the Phialdelphia Sports Fan .. at least that’s what
    my Physco-therapist told me…

  • guys….. we beat the patties!!!!! im still walkin with a swagger.

  • Paul

    Didn’t you change your prediction to a win prior to the game?

  • no paulman…it is the George Costanza “opposites” theory…we will now call you George lol

  • Scorp

    I predicted that Vinnie would show up yesterday (after Vick’s first pick). Had the 2nd one been his fault, Vinnie undoubtedly would have reared his ugly head. (No offense, Vinnie – I know you’re still reading.)

  • Vinnie? Vinnie? you there Vinnie?

  • I was very pleased with the effort my Eagles showed in Dallas last night! The defense could’ve done better, but they played hard. Especially when Dallas had a 20-14 lead, they held Dallas at 20 until we caught up and eventually took the lead and won.

    A thing I cant stand here in Philly is the number of bandwagon fans we have. TO ME, a true fan is loyal. You don’t sit there and turn your back on the star players when they are playing bad and then love them when they are playing great. Thats what they do. It pisses me off. Just like my boy King Dunlap, he did an okay job last night. He had trouble at first, but he found his game and held it down against Demarcus Ware and definitely protected great against the run. People before would talk bad about King. But I know King personally. Thats a good friend of mine and my Brother’s. So I say to you, “You wouldn’t say that to his face!”

    Desean Jackson, my favorite WR and another player whom I know, he hasn’t had his best of games these past few games. Fans in Philly AND ON HERE went as far to even talk about trading Desean for Vincent Jackson. Trading Desean for a draft pick. WHAT?!!! Guess what? After last night’s performance, these same people are on here talking about how much they love Desean now and etc. Like, SHUT IT UP! I DONT WANNA HEAR IT! BANDWAGON UNLOYAL EAGLES FANS! Just like with Kolb starting in the beginning of the season and they were talking about how Kolb was better. Look at’em now! Vick made you swallow your words and feel stupid. I love being an Eagles fan and when I say DIE-HARD FAN, I am that to the fullest. I support this team thru thick and thin…And the players too because its not a team without them.

    Great job last night fellas! E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    P.S. And Paulman, would you please shut the **** up?!!! Please? Thank you.

  • Songs

    Paul knows where Vinnie is. He had a sighting.

  • lol jakedog ok paul, but you predicted an eagles loss to this scrub dallas team
    lol i know meanwhile some of ue were saying they r what their record says they r
    and when we came here monday we’d get to post
    they were who we thought they were
    a bunch of autograph seekers

    and always nice to see dizzy lmao P.S. And Paulman, would you please shut the **** up?!!! Please? Thank you.

  • vinnie has retired his name

  • if we somehow lose a game be4 the end of the season
    we’ll get plenty vinnie but till then …………

  • Dizzy…. i couldnt agree more!!! when they wear the green we have got to have their back. We can argue that they shouldnt be on the field but they’ve got to have our support.

    As far as vick…. if you knew he was gunna be this good before the season then you are wiser than me. I had kolbs back when 5 was traded not because i thgought he was better (lord knows i wanted 5 to stay and reid to go). BUT…. because he was our starter and i was ready to back him. What a change of events. We are flying high.

  • This has been the most incredible NFL season I can recall. Like you said, Steve, who knew?

    I didn’t consider Vick a good NFL QB. I saw him as an incredible athlete who lacked good coaching. I felt the same about Randall Cunningham, but I digress.

    As it turns out, the guy is a good QB, a leader, a warrior and a winner. It SEEMS that he’s had more 4th-quarter comebacks in one partial season than this team has seen in its existence.

    Just think, this thing could end up Eagles v. Patriots II. I wouldn’t mind a little vengeance there. I know I’ve gotten way ahead of the game, but one has to at least peek into the future.

  • Where’s Monolith (and his good karma)?

  • He’s (Mono’s) down at Vinnie’s Boat House in Sea Isle City trying to save a life..

  • Drummer…… lets just beat the Gnats ok?? Im the voice of reason!!! Dont forget yall…. our D and O-line are not very good. They played well last night… lets see what we can do against the Gnats again this week.

  • THis NFL season is like no other. The teams that were supposed to be amazing are not and the Eagles…i thought would go somewhere between 7-9 wins are playing great. You want to know whats been different about this season in regards to the eagles??? We have finished a few games.
    Games where we would seem to lose it in the end we have figured out how to do it. any of you like me?? Last night…. the eagles just had to run a few plays to run off the clock and they can NEVER do it….i got that odd feeling in the pit like…. here we go…. heres how we are and last night…. they did it. How many games have we lost like last night?? But no…. different year.

  • Rev…I always used like we would find a way to lose…now I have been feeling like we are finding ways to win in the end….and I like the feeling. Ending that game by holding the ball for the last 4+ minutes, running the ball, was GREAT. I agree, different year.

  • Stevo

    You’re right. Just dreamin’ for a sec, back to reality.

  • Paul

    Saving a life! Good one!

  • no worries drummer…. just trying to enjoy the ride. who would have thought we’d be in this place??

  • very true green we definitely found ways to lose games

  • I agree 100% with G on Chad Hall. I don’t get it. Why is he getting carries when the Eagles are inside the 5 yard line? He’s like 160 lbs, doesn’t *seem* that fast or quick to me, hasn’t really faked anyone out or made anyone miss, yet he’s getting shots when we are on the goal line? What’s that about? Is Reid trying to get him a charity TD or something? Reid did the same shit with Buckley a few times as well. At least Buckley seems to run hard. I guess we have to wait until Hall fumbles too for Reid to finally give up on that silly goal line package that Hall is in on. Why not just give it to Shady or Harrison? Marty and Reid get too cute for their own good and it’s going to come back to haunt them one of these games. Let Hall return kicks or something but leave his narrow ass out of the goal line offense!

  • I think it’s the burning desire of QB Vick’s not to lose a game, he is extremely competitive and I think it’s bothers him if he can’t lead the team to Victory and will do everything he can, to ensure a VIctory. With D McNabb at the helm for 11 Years, I never felt that Sense of Urgency from McNabb, from a leadership position like a QB needs to have, I always sensed from McNabb, “we’ll get em next time”.. well next time runs out after a while..

  • How can you really make a judgment about Akeem Jordan when the guy hasn’t played this year? Whith Chad Hall they’re just using him wrong. The guy’s not a running back because he has no vision and runs into piles instead of away from them and despite his small size in a game with Giants by comparison he’s just not a good cut back runner. Hall needs to be able to operate in space and they need to have him in the slot. At this point Maclin seems to not be effective in the slot and Avant all of sudden got shaky. I see no harm in putting Hall in the slot, he’s not Danny Ammendola but I can already see that he would at least be useful to the team working in space.

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