• May 17, 2022

Vick’s Popularity Shows As Eagles-Vikings Game Is Moved To Sunday Night

If you’re not convinced about the fact that the Michael Vick Redemption Project is the number one story this year in the NFL, then tell me how you feel after seeing that the Eagles-Vikings game has been moved to Sunday night at 8pm.  The game will be telecasted on NBC and will be the sixth primetime game for the Birds this season.

The Eagles are 5-0 in primetime games and they’ve become the league’s best show.  Excitement is always right around the corner when you’ve got Vick, DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin on the field at the same time.

Surely the broadcasters were impressed by the ratings which last night’s Eagles-Cowboys game received.  It was the highest rated NBC telecast of the season and tied a previous Eagles-Giants contest for the highest rated NBC “Sunday Night Football” game ever.

Here’s an excerpt of a Wall Street Journal article.

“The Philadelphia Eagles’ 30-27 win over the Dallas Cowboys on NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” matched the highest preliminary rating in the show’s five years.

The Eagles came in tied for first in the division, but the ever-popular Cowboys were 4-8. The game still earned a 16.5 overnight rating and 25 share to equal last year’s Giants-Cowboys matchup to open Dallas’ new stadium.

The three highest-rated “Sunday Night Football” games are Cowboys NFC East matchups. Seven of the top eight games involve at least one team from the division.”

Cowboy running back Tashard Choice who asked Vick for an autograph right after the game for his nephew, sent out an apology to Cowboys fans via Twitter.

“I have nothing but respect for him,” Choice said. “I admire somebody who can overcome circumstances and come back and prove people wrong.”


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  • Isn’t that also scheduled to be Brette Farve’s 300 consectutive start?? I think Michael Vick is “must see TV”, but there is another draw that was also considered here.

  • I have my tickets ready for that game. I surely wasn’t expecting the game against the Vikes to be flexed. Gonna be another fun night at the Linc.

  • greenfan, brett favre’s streak is over tonight. So no, it won’t be.

  • Birdo

    Is Jackson starting tonight for certain? I hope so. He probably gives the Vikes their best chance for an upset.

  • I wouldn’t count out the drama queen….I am sure he will make a miraculous and dramatic enterance tonite…except it will not be on regular tv, so we will not get to see it

  • @greenfan..we are playing the Giants next week..not the vikings!…so Brett Farve has nothing to do with it,,,i can wait until they finally end his career with a “high/low” tackle just like that tag team used to do in ECW….lmao!.,..then they can carry his old fraud ass off the field in a body bag made out of Wrangler Denim!…

  • Wilcher

    Wrangler denim? LOL!

  • Damn wilcher, no soul in u! lmao

  • hey wilcher….read the posting above, we are talking about the Birds / Vickings game you douchebag.

  • You mean I have to wait all day for Sunday Night again!!!

    The sacrifices we Eagles fans must make. Guess its the price of success!!

  • Paulman..what happened to Rogers and Manning? you know

    The 2 guys you had ahead of Vick in toh MVP rankings?

    You’re being exposed week by week.

  • @ green fan..look!

    “Isn’t that also scheduled to be Brette Farve’s 300 consectutive start?? I think Michael Vick is “must see TV”, but there is another draw that was also considered here.”

    before you call somebody a douchebag…YOU..were talking about vikings game..G Cobb wasent!…lmao..idiot!…and the other people were just responding to your dumb ass!…lmao..i corrected you, cause you had no clue…the Eagles game is pushed to the night game…not the Vinkings game so wtf are you talking about to begin with…let me find out Farve was really sending
    YOU the texts of his package…and he is your lifepartner…lmao!..get a life..its not that serious

  • Wilcher, GCOBB IS talking about the Vikings game in this article — did you get any sleep last night bruh? Relax. Enjoy last nights win…..lay off the meth

  • Am I missing something? Read the title of G’s article…..

    “Vick’s Popularity Shows As Eagles-Vikings Game Is Moved To Sunday Night”

    How is this not about the Vikings game?? What is your problem?

  • Wilcher and Green:

    As entertaining as it is, you guys should remember that we’re on the same team.

  • Now, we really need Monolith with one of his patented, “Hello Eagle Nation, I sense worry in the force so I am here to pump up the Good Karma.” speeches.

  • hahahah rodney drummer king
    cant we all just get along

  • am I missing something? even in a win there are good reasons to avoid this site

  • PW

    We are Philly!!!!

  • I am loving all the T.V. that the Eagle have gotten, since I don’t live in Philly now and can’t get the game local i have to go over to the sports bar which is owned by a Packer fan, and heavily populated with Redskins and Cowboys (Though us few Eagles keep the place in check), I like it even more becasue the place us Eagles fans meet to watch the game have been giving us the raw treatment at times, like putting the Eagles on the small TV in the corner behind the bar…ouch (Didn’t keep us quiet though).

    There are a couple games i know we are going to be on TV prime time the last being held in Dallas. I you say I shouldn’t look into the future or get ahead of myself, well to that I say whatever, fans can do that a little bit, the players can’t do it at all, there is no numbers on my back and no contract in my mailbox so hmm lets all just go to Dallas to watch the Flagship of the Eagle Nation represent.


  • MONOLTH!!!!

  • Monolith,

    I you read back, you’ll see that I’ve been asking for you.

  • @ Drummer,

    From a far and distant place I felt a cold rift in the force of the Karma, but our Eagles are creating a force of their own, a Eagle Jedi will to stand together and ride or die. To those who would complain about our defense, i understand your tremblings about cast your eyes on a greater vision, on of young men and rookies gaining experience beyond thier time as starters.

    These young bucks and new comers on their maiden voage have held their own to a degree with some very veteran offenses and for that I am more than encourage.

    Factor in the Howie element and I am chelleged to believe. The Giants are coming boys, so what Get ‘Em, but as far as the Cowboys game, I had to go to Ewok and bang up some Karma, what I did their is kinda like that Vegas thing you know “What happens….. stays in…..

    Anyway love the win, love the TV time, love , love …..ah yea okay time to go.


    My work here is done, and you don’t need to see my identification, the eagles are going to win, move along, move along (cue Jedi mind trick)

  • Kurt Coleman has to start at safety. He is physical and a strong tackler. Nate Allen is awful he is soft, cant tackle(that was his m.o. in college) and gives you virtually nothing. Coleman is a playmaker. McDermitt needs to watch film.

  • Paulman’s Latest MVP Rankings

    #1) T Brady – Patriots (playing at a high level and leads the top ranked team in the NFL)
    #2) M Ryan – Falcons (leads the Falcons to a Current 11-2 record and the # 1 Seed in NFC)
    #3) M Vick – Eagles (playing great football and has th Eagles in 1st place in the NFC East)
    #4) D Brees – Saints (getting better as the Season goes for the Defending Super Bowl Champions)
    #5) Troy Polamula – Steelers (big plays week after week leading the Steelers to a 10-3 Record and
    anchors one of the top Defense’s in the NFL)

    Honorable Mention
    RB’s A Foster, A Peterson & WR R White are all having great seasons

    QB’s Peyton Manning, Phil Rivers, Mark Sanchez have played their way out of the MVP conversation

  • If the NFL wants to showcase Vick why are they not telling the refs to quit allowing him to be hit late

    He won’t be around to be showcased if this keeps up

  • RCP

    My GUESS, and let me emphasize “GUESS” is that they want to play both sides against the middle. They want to make that money by selling his jersey, but they don’t want him to get too far.

  • I am starting to get tired of these late games, by the time you get out of the stadium and get home it is 1am, and Dec 26 is not quite as much fun as Sep 26 for a night game. I do not care what is best for the NFL rating, this is inconveniencing ME, and that is my sole concern.

  • daggolden, yeah I haven’t liked what I’ve seen out of Allen the past few weeks since he came back from injury. I guess for now, we’ll have to chalk it up as him being a rookie and going through the normal ups and downs. Does Allen have speed to play NFL corner? I know that’s primarily what he played in college so which could be a reason why he gets runs over a lot if he’s really a CB playing a position that requires him to attack more. Who knows. Anyone got any thoughts?

  • and BTW, it is more improtant to have a safety who can run and cover. That guy is Nate Allen, Coleman is too slow, he is a strong safety, does not have the wheels to be a free safety. There is a reason he was a 7th round pick, he is a fill-in sub and special teams guy. Stop comparing to Dawk, there is only him, Reed and the hairy guy that are in that special category.

  • lol anderson….the hairy guy

  • oh, and the dead guy from the Redskins, but he can’t play anymore.

  • Scorp

    I’m inclined to give a rookie a chance to grow into his position. As you know, the biggest improvement occurs between the rookie and sophomore seasons. This is a passing league and I don’t think Allen has played that poorly against the pass. He’s gotten run over more than a few times, but he can hit the weights and come back stronger next season.

  • To Scorp,
    As far as I know, Nate Allen only played the Safety Position at South Florida while in College and in my opinion, and does not have the CB Speed or the 1 on 1 Coverage abililty to play CB at the NFL Level..He is a Safety who will improve as he gets stronger and more experienced.. but you right that he’s not been the same player since his injury and maybe has hit that proverbial “Rookie Wall”

  • Paulman, if you have Matt Ryan over Vick then you really are an idiot. The MVP is a two man race right now. Mike Vick and Tom Brady with Brady in the lead. Matt Ryan isn’t even the MVP on his own team, much less the league.

  • The MVP is a one man race and it’s Tom Brady, I love what Mike Vick has brought to the table he has taken an 8 and 8 team to the brink of Super Bowl talk but damn look at what the haircut is doing up in NE.

  • Thats a negative Jaxeagle — Brady is doing great, and I would say is the favorite right now, but combine what Vick has done with his feet as well and he’s right up there with Brady. Not too mention Brady has played more games and Vick has the redemption story backing him up.

  • True Birdo, but we all talk about weapons or lack thereof who the hell does Brady have 2 rookie tight ends and a bunch of guys, now the Mike Vick redemption story is a great one but you know damn well who the national media is voting for.

  • Eh, I feel you…..but just because he is NFL’s golden boy doesn’t mean he’s the media’s golden boy. Everyone is backing Vick. From the judge that sentenced him, to those of us voting for the pro bowl, to even ppl that use to hate him — he’s beloved right now. He’s must watch TV. Brady is doing a great job, as usual, but its rather boring to watch him dissect a defense. — The excitement factor is going to play into this, trust me. Worst case scenario — co-mvps for Vick and Brady.

  • Wow, some guys are hard on rookies I can did it though you want impact and you want it now, but if we go by somes scale McCoy was / and will not be any good; DJax is too small; MacLin is garbage; Celek is a scrub; Justice is a piece of trash ans should not be in the NFL; McGlynn is a sbrub and will get beat all year.
    etc, etc, etc.

    The truth is Allen has held his ground we all know this so lets stop it, the kid is a rookie starter and has faced some very daunting offenses while quickly learning the complexities of a complicated and demanding Eagles offense. Is the kid a stud, not yet, but he is playing as well as any of the other safeties thathat some Eagles fans wanted to draft this year.

    For the record if the Eagles had drafted a safety that we fans wanted and thatplayer scrubbed it up would we say we were wrong or would we call Reid a Dumb a– for drafting a srcub.

    @anderson, hey brother when you put it that way I can feel your pain on night time games, as a fella bird you have my sympathy, still for me these games in the comfort of my home away for that contaminating breath of Redskins/cowboys fans these games are a blessing 🙂

  • If you look at the League Stats Vick has better receivers and a better runner than Brady
    Of course Vick did some of his own running but that is down lately

  • tom brady is uggs boot rep for men, a great qb, but what a fairy

  • in fairness to brady, he may be the best cold weather qb ever

  • This isnt High School. Nate Allen is soft. HE CANT TACKLE. That rookie stuff is bullshit. Coleman is a rookie and he can hit. Ask Kenny Britt what he thinks of Allens cover skills for all you fans saying he can cover.lol He sucks. He cant cover eithier. Hey its not a crime. Your 7th round pick is better than your 2nd round pick. You dont learn to hit. You eithier can tackle or you cant. Just like the rookie FA Dixon is better than both our 1st round picks. Bunkley and Patterson. Just the way it is.

  • I like Coleman better than Allen…i noticed he makes palyers shy away every time he’s in the game. Allen is a good centerfielder but that’s all. Coleman can do that and more…I’m not taking anything away from Allen’s big play at the end of the game but he’s a lot to be desired at the free safety position. New England have the guy we targeted last year and it makes me sick that Belilcheck stays one step ahead of our team. He may have Reid’s office bugged.

  • Paulman’s Rankings of Top NFC Teams after Week #14

    #1) Falcons (11-2) – Playing well and for the Overall #1 Seed in the NFC, are unbeaten at Home
    #2) Saints (10-3) – Brees & Offense back on track, Defense is starting to play better ..
    #3) Eagles (9-4) – Vick leading a very Dynamic and Explosive offense, Defense is hanging tough
    #4) Giants (9-4) – Getting healthy for the stretch run, ran for over 220 yards vs the Vikings Monday
    #5) Bears (9-4) – Blownout at home by Patriots raises questions again on how good this team is
    #6) TB Bucs (8-5) – Hanging around and winning games late,ugly & luckily, but winning..
    #7) Packers (8-5) – Have no shot without QB A Rodgers, there’s no running game to fall back on
    #8) Rams/Seahawks (both 6-7) – Someone has to win the NFC West, I look for Rams to win it

    I really think the NFC is a 4 Team Race to the Super Bowl (Falcons,Saints,Eagles & Giants)
    Getting at least a #2 Seed would guarantee a week off and a Home game at the Linc..
    Next weeks showdown versus the Giants will determine in a big way how the Eagles finish
    Giants have many players back who missed the 1st match-up and appear to be having success running the ball again 35-40 times a again and just letting Eli manage the game which is when they are at their best… should be a great game for the NFC East Crown
    The Vikings will play T Jackson/B Webb for remainder of season as Farve packs it in and the
    Cowboys probably won’t put up much of a final the final game of the Season at the Linc..
    We all know how Coach AR does after a bye week and with some injuries to players like Bradley,Justice,etc,etc. a week off is always a good thing..

  • Yo whats with the negative talk about Nate .? …The Rookie has had only ONE bad game this year …I challenge anyone of you to find another game where he has been schooled…..

  • I think with Allen you have to give him the rookie benefit of the doubt. We all knew this wasn’t Eric Berry. At the same time, I am concern about some stuff that may or may not be improved. But we will have to wait and see how he progresses. He surely isn’t playing as well as he did before he got hurt. But we will have to see how he finishes the season and really have to see what he does next year.

    Gotta Luv it, it’s not about a bad game, it’s about bad plays. Sure he may overall play some decent games but there are certainly plays where he is out of position or getting run over when he should make the tackle to stop a touchdown. But I gotta give him the rookie benefit right now. But if he plays next year how he is playing right now, he will get the Macho Harris treatment. Period.

  • I feel you Scorp but I don’t think the kid has had that bad of a year as some of the posters have suggested…

    And Dag..yeah you don’t learn to hit but you do get stronger as your body matures

  • Yeah I agree. I don’t think he’s been as bad. I just think lately he’s been in the highlights of an opponent’s big play or TD run which has people talking about him. I think we will all have to wait and see how he progresses. I mean he is already better than guys like Macho Harris and Quintin Demps so hopefully he just gets better. And I agree, hitting someone is instincts but a player can become a better tackler. That’s not something that has to stay the same.

  • Allen will make All-Rookie Team and be a solid player for 10 years..
    He’s not been the same player since returning from his injury.. He appears to be a little indecisive
    and losing his feet too much and beign caught a little out of position or taking poor angles on tackles.
    He started the season great but has tailed off a little, but he will be bigger,stronger and better,
    but his style is to be the Center Fielder and last line of defense for the Eagles, He never has been or will be a big,physical type of hitter, it’s just not his game. He will be very simialr to Q Mikell where positioning and making plays on the ball are his strengths but Allen has much better ball skills than Mikell does and should get about 5-6 Int’s and a couple of Sacks per Season while protecting the back end of the Defense…

  • Ok Paulman enough with the 10 year projections. Let him at least play consistently before we make any kind declaration like that.

  • No need for a 10 year Projection, Scorpion
    He is what he is, and that is a “Coverage Safety”, who will get a little bigger,stronger and hopefully will imporve his tackling techniques and keep his head up and legs under him to keep better balance..

  • slow day huh G

  • imporve his tackling techniques and keep his head up and legs under him to keep better balance..
    u mean not getting trucked lol

  • lol jakedog in fairness to brady he may be the best qb ever
    seriously he’s in the discussion

  • i got joe mo then i go brady
    but im 29 so obviously i havent seen some others that many u guys probably have so i honestly dont know but as far as what i’ve seen no1 better than joe montanna and tommy boy brady

  • pman cmon let me hear it
    top 5 ever

  • ok guys since G took off i got yall
    we r resigning derrick burgess
    and the phitans are trading blanton to stros for mike cameron
    we chippn

  • Pw
    Top 5 ever for what…Eagle rankings…VIck in Mvp Running..

  • Paulman’s Top 5 QB’s of All-Time

    #1) Joe Montana
    #2) Tom Brady
    #3) Brett Farve
    #4) Peyton Manning
    #5) John Elway
    #6) Dan Fouts
    #7) Dan Marino
    #8) Warren Moon
    #9 Steve Young
    #10) Kevin Kolb


  • umm hmm joe mo
    i have elway 3rd manning 4 marino 5
    but thats just me
    elway my fav qb and player of all time so im biased

  • but dam so we r witnessing 2 top 5 qb’s of all time every yr
    i never thought about it like that

  • wheres terry bradshaw

  • Terry Bradshaw doesn’t make my Top 25 list.. Yes, he won Super Bowls on great teams with great WR’s…I would select a Jim Kelley, Roger Staubach,Phil SIms, Randall Cunningham,Boomer Esiason,
    Curt Warner,John Hadl,Troy Aikman,Kenny Stabler, Joe Willie, Vince Ferragamo, Brad Johnson,
    Tony Eason,Dunate Culpper, Scott Mitchell, Danny White, Jeff Hostetler,Jim Zorn, Jim McMahon,
    Don Strock,Jim Hart,Kenny Anderson,Trent Dilfer,and Todd Marinovich over Terry Bradshaw

  • I love the Eagles and am stoked to see them in prime time, but why not Jets-Bears (both 9-4) or Giants-Packers (will decide a playoff spot if Eagles beat Giants)? Vikings are horrible this year and now their #1 draw is gone, replaced by someone who put up a big 3 points last Sunday.

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