• August 12, 2022

Calvin was told to run around in the end zone

In Sunday night’s game against the Dallas Cowboys, Jorrick Calvin caught a kickoff in the end zone with 4:22 left in the game. We all saw him run around in the back, trying to kill time off the clock.

It seemed like a smart play except that the clock doesn’t start on a kickoff until the ball carrier leaves the end zone. So, Calvin came across as not knowing the rules and he looked kind of stupid. Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth were among those that thought he goofed.

However, Andy Reid just said on his weekly radio show on 610 WIP with Howard Eskin that Calvin was actually instructed to run around back there.

“He was told to do it,” Reid said.

Here we are all laughing at Calvin (in an eye-roll sort of way), and that was coached. But, why?

Reid said that the Cowboys are known to pull up a bit on coverage, because David Buehler blasts so many out of the back of the end zone that they just assume it will happen all the time. So, Calvin was told to do it in order to make the Cowboys complete the coverage on the kick.

Now, as to him hitting Alan Ball in the head and getting a 15-yard penalty? Andy said that was, indeed, not part of the plan.

Micah Warren

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  • Allow me to play devil’s advocate for a moment. Was it Calvin who didn’t know the rule?

    Hey, there are 3 sides to every story. There’s your version. There’s my version. And there’s the truth.

  • LOL whatevers clever ridiculous just take a knee and get off the damn field.

  • One signing has changed special teams whole season. The signing of Colt Anderson has totally changed this unit. He leads the team in ST tackles and is a monster. He has single handidly changed the whole image of our ST.

  • Where’s Reno Mahe when you need him? Oh…we have Hall.

  • News Flash for all Philly Fans. Phillies are shopping Joe Blanton and now are in Cliff Lee sweepstakes. Report is that Cliff Lee loved Philly and is considering coming back. WOW

  • He’s back baby. Awesome move!

  • Right Songs, we have Hall. What was it he does for us again?

  • Fans should realize that only a few if ANY of the players know the intracasies of the NFL rule book…They only know the basics of football about as much as we know…no holding , clipping , facemasks….and I highly doubt he was told this by the coach..probably just AR protecting the kid

  • Who needs Christmas now. With THAT starting 4, Phillies could bring back Steve Carlton for a 5th starter even at his age.

  • I don’t believe it. The coaches told him to run around so he could take some time off the clock. But I’m not surprised they didn’t know that the clock wouldn’t start. As Gotta Luv It said, many players and even coaches don’t know the intricacies of the rules. So it’s not surprising to me.

  • When first asked about it, Andy never mentioned that he told the kid to run around. It wasn’t until the next day, at his press conference, that Reid said he told him what to do. When I think about how lame the reasoning sounds, it makes me wonder.

  • drummer, I think Andy is just covering for the kid. He would rather make himself or his staff look like goofs than his players. I’m fine with that though.

  • I think keeping Chad Hall around and calling a couple of plays for him is payback to the Armed Services when he made that trip out to Afgahnistan last off-season with other NFL Coaches..
    Rumor has it that he got the best meals served on a daily (Steak,Pot Roast,Seafood) while on his trip if he would promise a Roster Spot for a player who went to a Military Academy…

  • Man Chad Hall was on my mind too. Why is he getting playing time and the ball. Those plays could go to Harrison. He just does not look like an NFL player to me.

  • ok guys since G took off i got yall
    we r resigning derrick burgess
    and the phitans are trading blanton to stros for mike cameron
    we chippn

  • What chuck said. Im all for Hall havin a roster spot and his versatility IF NEEDED. He should be there to play certain positions if we’re in a pinch mainly due to injury, and to fill out that 4th WR spot if we have an injury there. But why play him when we have a HEALTHY and PROVEN Jerome Harrison salivating to touch the ball, if your giving Shady a break. We need to get Harrison involved more and the last thing that will help those chances is to waste touches on Chad Hall.

  • Oh and just an FYI. Regardless of what ANYONE says, Shady Mccoy is DEFINITELY a top 10 RB, right now in his first year starting, in the entire NFL. I watched him grow and dominate through high school, and he just gets better and better. I truly believe he has the potential to be a top 3-5 RB and the absolute best for the Eagles offense, within the next year. Give him one more offseason of building that lower body, gaining more muscle, and maybe most importantly, gaining more knowledge and becoming more comfortable in the game, as well as refining moves/technique. This kid is going to be beyond what everyone had hoped, and basically is already.

  • As far as Hall goes
    Coaches ain’t in the game to lose it
    They must see something

  • To PW,
    Just read where Burgess will be added to replace Graham..
    Hopefully Burgess has stayed in good shape and will probably need 2-3 weeks to get his body in football shape to be able to contribute in time for the Playoffs. He knows the Defense and should be
    able to play 10-15 snaps a game to help out…
    As far as Cameron, He’s currently on the Red Sox and not on Astros..
    Cameron is good defensive player whose been around the block a few times, has had some recent injjruries of late… Not real excited about him to be honest with you and think he was another Steroid/HGH related guy who once stopped using them, his #’s,productions and health went down the tubes….. get some younger players with some upside ..

  • yes excuse me bo sox he’s their 4th outfielder
    article i read said stros and i just copied it

  • as far as right now with burgess i love the move
    clearly im a cornball and like former players coming back especially ones who shouldnt have been let go
    i guess in another month we’ll know if it was a good football move
    i read that his prob in new england was him at lb
    he was in shape ready to go but had a issue with lber
    so if thats the reason he was cut thats a good thing
    its not like he stunk and they said goodbye

  • rcp, what like they saw in Lorenzo Booker or Mike Bell or Tony Hunt? Like them?

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