• January 21, 2022

Eagles bring back Burgess

A source tells Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly.com that the Philadelphia Eagles have brought Derrick Burgess back into the fold to replace rookie Brandon Graham, who was placed on injured reserve with a torn ACL.

Burgess was originally a third-round pick of the Eagles back in 2001, but was rarely healthy enough to contribute. He started to play well at the end of the 2004 Super Bowl run, but the Eagles didn’t bring him back because the Raiders gave him a ton of money.

He was exceptional at the start of his Raiders career and has since bounced around with the New England Patriots. However, the 32-year old hasn’t played a down all year. He was once a very, very good pass rusher, so we’ll see if he has anything left.

Micah Warren

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  • i like it

  • that was unexpected…hope he has something left

  • trotter experiment 2.0

  • Yessssss Sirrrrr! This was the same guy who gave mike Vick hell in the playoffs some years back!!! When he was a beast!!!! A good veteran player who can contribute late in the season…… He knows how to cut the field off!!! I think he’ll be good……. Juqua Parker is the same age!!! Cant judge age with DE…… Knows the system…… He has to be in somewhat decent shape if the Eagles picked him up! What a great move!!!!

  • He’s only 32 years old….. He was in a 3-4 defense with the patriots……. He was a beast with oakland….. He has to have something left in the tank……. If we resigned Javon Kearse….. I’ll be a bit pissed though LMAO! Why not pick him up……..

  • He’s back in the 4-3 defense……. We shall see what he can do……..????????

  • Hasn’t played a game since the Preseason and will take a good 3-4 weeks to get his Football Legs back, Knows the Eagles System which is good and will probably be good for 8-10 snaps a game at most. The onus is going to be on D Tapp who will now split snaps with J Parker and will need to step up.. Would have preferred to bring Pannel Egboh back who played and was on Eagle Practice squad for a part of the Season..

  • D-burg back..i’ll take it. Fresh legs and knows the system. Gimme a sack on She-lied Sunday…forced fumble….SUMFIN!!!

    Cliff Lee is a Phill.

    Fat Joe returns too the Terror Squad.

    Asante returning is huge….i think it really helped Patt and Jose in there confidence for the rest of the way.

    Anyone else look at the Giants last night…scout?unimpressed….Vikes are pathetic.Smith hurt.Manningham hurt.There rungameis nice but get after it and force She-lied into a pick.Enter Sante.

  • I wouldn’t hold your breath on Burgess. There’s a reason he hasn’t played a down in the NFL this year.

  • Can’t hurt.

  • What ever happened to Darren Howard.. Is he still on the streets or did someone pick him up this season..

  • Hopefully the guy has something left in the tank, but I would have preferred them bring Pannel Egbo back…that guy is younger, bigger and it looked like he might have been able to defend against the run. Juqua Parker can probably play the QB rushing role well enough to take a chance on someone like Pannel Egbo.

  • who cares about howard lol, burgess always solid with that potential to be good. he has had his moments and im happy we brought him back, good fit.

    erock – ur right, this game will be a slug fest, but we will outlast them they simply cant keep up.
    we score too many points, and can stop opposing offenses more than their defenses can stop us.
    that bears game was a fluke, cutlers best day, terrible field, fluke. not worried bout that one at all.

    winning out to get the 2 seed. we dominated ATL with kolb, ill take vick and co. in a dome anyday.
    or…if ATL loses, we host the saints. sorry got ahead a little bit im just feeling super thats all…

  • Realness recognizes realness.

    Dismantle there defense we shall.

  • Its simple math we cant lose. 0 + 0=0. Brandon Graham gave us nothing so if Burgess gives us nothing we lose nothing!. The only thing that can happen is something good.

  • i like burgess i agree with u jrock
    he should have enough left for us he doesnt have to play every down just pass rushing downs

  • exactly dag
    i think this is an upgrade

  • I honestly feel this is the superbowl this sunday. If the Eagles win on Sunday they will win out. The Saints have to travel to Baltimore and Atlanta and will split one of them 2. The Eagles will get 2nd seed, a bye and stay home. Then probably have to go to Atlanta for NFC championship game or at worst host it. Eithier of those scenarios I love. We dont have to go to Pitts, we dont have to go to NE or Baltimore. Its the NFC. We lose and the odds of going to SB are very very difficult. All they have to do is beat NY.

  • PW. AR should be kissing Vicks a$$. Because Vick has covered up AR 1st round pick who he went up to # 13 to get who has given this team nothing. This is unprecedented. Any other year Graham would be getting bashed. His 2nd round pick isnt much better. But Vick has taken all the focus off of this. It will be revisited down the road.

  • You guys have been way too hard on Graham.. I thought he played ok and obvously he has a lot to learn and improve his techniques,stamina, and strength but it’s not like he was not playing like a dog and just not getting it… He was playing hard and fast and I think he will end up as a pretty good player, not a Pro-Bowl player mind you, but a good rotational type of player which seems to gfit the mold better for the Eagles D
    The Eagles and Giants is for all the marbles,
    If you remember my keys to winning the 1st battle, was to stop the run plays to the Giants Right Side of line which should remain the strategy, they will try to run beind McKenzie/Snee but with Center O Hara back, and LT Diehl, they will most likely attemtp to run it all over the place..
    Should be a great game and whoever wins the Turnover battle and limits the Negative plays will most likely win.. Also put some pressure on their Punter who has been very shaky

  • jroc, calm down brother. Please do not refer to what he did back in 2004. And Juqua Parker has been playing all year. Just because their both 32 means squat.

    “He has to be in somewhat decent shape if the Eagles picked him up!”

    Really? We also picked up J. Trotter. And to say if we picked him up he must be in decent shape is a stretch. If that was the case then why hasn’t he played all year? Because no one else wanted him.

    Anyhow, it’s not a bad move. I mean I don’t think you can get a real big drop off in DE play. He’ll just be a situational guy. It’s not like he’s replacing a starter. Now if Parker again (or God forbid Cole) then we are in trouble. But I don’t mind it right now.

  • B-graham made the play that broke the NIners game open. He has been pretty solid. Not spectacular but Trents on the other side for that right now. IF he was giving us nothing AR wouldnt let Mcdermott put him on the field.Allen has regressed but is still a starter and thats aplus for a 2nd rounder. Sure up his tackling and stop being timid in coverage.

  • B. Graham didnt do that bad? look at the positive note Mario Willams didnt do well in his first two seasons…… If You have coaches like rory Seagrest……. how can you be successful as a young DE……. If Graham was drafted by a team like the titans or Jags we’ll be saying “Damn why didnt we draft him”! It takes time!!!!

    Totally off the subject:

    Do you guys think Mcnabb feels a certain way about Mike Vicks success in Philly? How he’s loved by a good majority of fans now that he’s changed his personal life!!!! And winning at the same time!!!! LMAO………. I know I would feel a certain way about a guy who was not playing constantly in the NFL for the past 3years……. I’ll be HATING! LMAO

  • This move is nothing to write home to mom about,,,,,,Graham wasn’t Suh I get it but damn…

  • PFT rumoring it up that R Grossman may possibly start instead of our old qb this weekend in DC.

  • And the other d-ends taken in the first round havent been anything special, Graham is gonna be a baller. Good luck in the rehab and see you in camp 11′.

  • Calm down Scorp….. He was the main reason why we won that game in 2004…. He contained Vick the best I’ve ever seen anyone has done!!! (A young Michael Vick at that!!!!) …….. Trotter is a different story…. He had to cover Rb’s his job wasn’t primarily rushing the passer….. Trotter had to cover!!!!…….. Burgess has experience!!!! And he’s not going to cover anyone Scorp!!!! He’s a slick DE who can possibly get hands to the face, bat a few balls down, or create a fumble!!! He has to have something left in the tank for the birds to get him…….. Like I said he can cut the field of on a Qb…… Not everyone is Mike Vick……….

  • Don is not in a good place right now.He went too a team that is poorly run and badly coached.I think he is probably happy for Mike..sure he wishes it was him playing for the East crown. But he’s a realist and he’s not so im sure he’s focused on his job. Don is a pro.

    He’ll be loved by the city once he retires and is doing whatever in the area.He gave his all for the fans and org.. Came up short. Much respect.

    If Grossman starts…bet on that game if you get down like that.

  • I just wrote my mom about that move. She told me why are you wasting my time with this b.s. move.!!!?

  • And yes I’m bring up 2004,……. Experience!!!!! Thats a good thing to have with a very young team!!! Burgess is going to feed off this Philly Fans once game time comes!!!! He knows he’s not going to play every down…… Maybe he’ll stop these Qb scrambles on 3 and long like Jay Cutler and Alex Smith and also Eli Manning has been successful on getting against us!!!

  • I feel you Erock….. Mcnabb knew it was his time!!!! I love that dude… NO HOMO….. But I would feel a certain way if a guy I lobbied for to come to philly and he’s doing a A+ on this offense……..

  • J-roc…if Burg gets a sack Sunday…imma say…thats Jrocs boy…he repped his name.

  • Lmao!!!! He’ll get one and a forced fumble!!!! Yes i’m calling it now!!! Mark my word fam!!! And he’ll get a few hurries!!!!

  • Yeah JROC I agree! Im glad to have Derrick Burgess back. Andy Reid is not stupid. He wouldn’t have picked up Derrick Burgess if he couldn’t play. Too much of a risk. So I have faith in our coach’s decision.

  • Remember when everybody said Andy did the old qb a favor, trading him to the Deadskins instead of Oakland (where he did not want to go)? From where it all stands now, it looks like Andy stuck a bayonet in him center mass and followed with a vertical butt strike to the head on the way to the ground. Oh no, the Skins have a good qb, that is all they needed to be playoff contenders! Philadelphia is going to be sorry they were mean to the poor little qb, who did so much for us. How is that prediction working out?

  • The 150 million dollars McNabb probably has in the bank I highly doubt he is to sad about anything. He is smiling every damn day of the year. lol

  • jroc, stop it with 2004. That is totally irrelevant now. There’s a reason no one wanted this guy. We are just desperate enough to fill the void left by Graham. Please stay in 2010 and not refer to more than half a decade ago of a player who played with great defensive players who couldn’t crack a NFL roster this year. Please stop it. It’s not a bad move. Can’t hurt but don’t hype it up like we just signed Reggie White.

  • Dizzy Dizzy! what up family…….. It wouldnt hurt with his experience….. If we had Teoniseim(what ever how u spell it LMAO) playing in a playoff game…… Getting pushed around all over the field….. We’ll be like Damn……. AR should have picked up an experienced DE on these key situational games…… The Patriots make moves to get older players in there team and it works out for them……… People call Belichek a genius when he gets players pass there so-call prime…. And they play a whole season!!!! Why not a few games….. And a few downs!!!!! GO BIRDZ

  • If he went too the RRRRRRAIDAHS they might be in the West race. Nice defense out there and D-fad is the deal.

    Dizzy…i called the FBI too put a search out on you dude.I’ll call em back and tell them you found your home again. AR knows when too bring the vets back…good angle.Dudes fresh.

    Cliff m%#$^*f#$%#r’n Lee

  • Dizzy, it’s actually not a risk at all. I’m not sure why you guys think because the Eagles signed him after we lose our 1st round draft pick DE that all of a sudden Burgess must be good at this point. I hope he does have something left and he probably does but I’m not sure how soon it would be before we see it. Being out the whole year doesn’t help especially if he’s going to play against a power running game this week. We will see.

    “Maybe he’ll stop these Qb scrambles on 3 and long like Jay Cutler and Alex Smith and also Eli Manning has been successful on getting against us”

    You do realize that those scrambles were up the middle because the DE crashed down which is what they are supposed to do. So you are assuming that in those situations he’s just going to play contain. Well duh, if the play calls for that. If not, then he will get run by just like any other DE in the NFL would in those situations.

  • Scorp…….. Experience!!!!! If he gets 1-2 sacks next game and makes a few key tackles……. In this weekends game……. Then I’ll will see a blog from you sayin J-roc you were right……… LMAO! (Not being a asshole with the comment) As a matter of fact Scorp Do you wanna take it out in a game of MADDEN….. I”ll send you a request buddy!!!!!! Winner admits wrong after this weekends games!!!!

  • Scorp……. Jay Cutler was murdering that LE side……….. What r you talking bout!!!!!!????

  • Nah thats what I was saying. Its too much of a risk to sign Burgess if he couldnt play at a high level.

    What up JRoc!

  • I hope he contributes but I wouldn’t be shocked if he didn’t. It would be nice to have another good pass rusher out there but stop overstating experience. If it was that important we’d still have some other players we let go. That’s because we already have enough of it. Don’t act like Burgess is adding something that was missing. So over the top with everything.

  • But Burgess will be fine. Like I said, Andy wouldnt have signed him if he wasn’t capable of playing at a high level. And yeah, I’d rather go with Burgess than an inexperienced Daniel Teo-Nasheim

  • Scorpio let me ask you this. I watch alot of NBA. I can tell you for a fact tha Allen Iverson is better than 50% of the guards in the NBA even at his age. But yet hes not in the NBA. You cant tell me Darren Howard is not better than Graham or Teo Nesheim the Eagles 3rd round bust. My point is you never know.

  • jroc, yeah but that’s because the DE was rushing the passer. I’m pretty sure if he was told to contain that wouldn’t happen. So you are assuming that Burgess would be told to play completely different than what the DEs already play. If McDermott calls for a straight pass rush then he is just a liable to get run by like anyone else. If he calls contain with Burgess in their or graham, you’d probably get the same results since you aren’t trying to contain a Mike Vick. That’s more about playcalling than anything else. Against Vick in 2004 the DEs were told almost the whole game to play contain and not straight pass rush. In 2010 they aren’t told that because they aren’t playing Vick. Just stop it.

  • Alex Smith had maybe his best game this season because of his decision making against us to run the ball……. On that left side……. The commentators were saying that in the 49ers game……… Scorp game time will tell…….

  • dag, I agree but I don’t view the NBA the same as the NFL. In the NFL your skills go a lot faster than the NBA. So I’m not saying he won’t be a contributor but I’m not going to overstate the resigning like we just all of a sudden got the best DE on the league that no one wanted. We don’t know. And just because the Eagles got him, doesn’t mean it’s a golden move. It’s a good move for what you need but doesn’t mean it will have an impact just because of what he did half a decade ago and we got him.

  • Yeah I’d go with Burgess over Daniel Teo-Nasheim too. But that still doesn’t mean much. We signed Trotter and he couldn’t perform at a high level. I’m sure Andy thought he could. But in reality he couldn’t. So all I’m saying is don’t get too hyped up over this right now. Let the man try to get in football shape and see if he can contribute. As soon as we hype someone up like this and he doesn’t contribute we are killing him and the FO for even signing him in the first place. Just give him sometime before we declare this the best signing ever. That’s all I’m saying.

  • and again jroc, because that’s what the play calling called for. The DEs weren’t supposed to contain. They were supposed to stunt and crash down so that happens on those plays when you are also playing man coverage. The same would happen to Burgess, Jared Allen, Dwight Freeney, Demarcus Ware if the play calling was the same.

  • And also the game against San Fran was probably Graham’s

  • best game

  • Scorp…….. The problem with Brandon Graham was he did terrible with his position on the field right or wrong…… He was out of place…. He was not taking good angles on cutting the field… Thats why Juqua was so poorly missed…….. And besides……. LIKE I SAID B4… Experience……… I’ll bring up 2004 all I want to…… It was 4 years after I graduated….. There…… There you have it…… that had nothing to do with nothing…… Yes his job was contain MIKE VICK i know that……. But with his awarness…. Which plays a good part…. Could help alot……… Graham doesnt have that awarness……Thats why his starting job was short lived…… And I didnt mean it in that way like “Because they aren’t playing Mike Vick”!!!!! I mean it in he could take good angles into persuing a Qb…..

  • For the record, I never said this was a bad signing and Burgess wasn’t going to do anything. I just said to wait and see before we declare it the best signing ever based on things that happened years ago. If we based everything on what happened back then, Vick shouldn’t even be our QB because he sucked back then. So 2004, 2005 or 2008 has nothing to do with 2010. Let’s just give the man a chance to show that he can still play. I sure hope he can.

  • @Scorp!!! They said Alex Smith Played a great second half game…….. He killed us with vernon davis….. B4 they were bout to bench him……. He put up #’s against us in the second half…. Look at the stats second half of that game…..

  • jroc, like I said that was then and this is now. You are assuming that he still has the same abilities now that he had back then. That’s not always the case but we will see. I hope it does. But I know and see how quickly the skills, abilities and instincts of football players decline. So I’ll wait and see if he can get back into football shape before I declare him an impact player. Thanks.

  • jroc, now you are just saying anything. Yes he put up number with Vernon Davis…. because our LBs can’t cover TEs. It had more to do with that than anything.

  • @Scorp!! I might have took it a little 2 far LMAO!!! I’m just speaking on experience (Playoff experience)…. Thats is something this team lacks……. AR had to see something in him…. Who else were we going to pick up to replace him……. Egdoh what ever the hell his name is Lol! I think this was a good move….. He can get these young guys motivated….

  • jroc, we’re cool bro LOL. Like I said, I don’t mind the signing. Hey, it’s almost no risk to do so. My only objection was people acting like it’s the best thing ever. I hope it is but I’m just trying to be a little more sensible and realistic given the current circumstances. That’s all. Hey, I want him to cause disruption all over if he can. But I refuse to let myself get too hyped up right now because he has a lot of work to do and I’m not trying to be disappointed.

  • Also, I hope he can motivate this guys but the team is not the same. There a several other veteran players on this team like Cole, Parker, Patterson on the d-line that Burgess has to take a back seat too. I’d be surprised if a guy can just come back to an entirely different team and immediately take a leadership role. That usually only happens if that guy has been thrown in a starter at a vital position. So I’m not counting on that. I wouldn’t mind if it happened but I also wouldn’t be shocked if it didn’t. That’s all.

  • This team spent so much time this off-season on rushing the passer……… Trent Cole you know what he brings to the table……. Juqua Parker solid…… But not a Mathis type DE… TO accommodate Trent Cole…….. But good enough…… Teo’neisiem (Another AR experience)…. Daryl Tapp…… Solid guy… decent motor and can get Knock downs to affect a QB…….. A good front line makes your Db’s better and your linebackers……… So we basically focused on something that doesnt help our pass coverage this season which has been terrible this season and the season last year……..

  • @SCORP Much respect Scorp…. A good debate with issues….. Were men……. We are born assholes LMAO!!!!
    I feel where your coming from and I dont want to be disappointed this season with all the S@&% talking ive been doing this year LMAO!!! I’m with you go EAGLES!!!

  • Keep the faith brothers, I think we did good with Graham. There is something there just let it come. Damn some impatient fellas you are yes hmmm. I remember clearly the same yapping last year about McCoy how he was not the answer to B-west and we better draft a real stud back; How Maclin was not going to be a player and might be another brown (one good year and puff); that celek was trash and can’t block; Justice should be cut how did he make the roster again and on and on.

    I am not arguing with you guys becasue you get it right equally well as you get it wrong and those odds are pretty good, you guys know the game. These guys are rookies coming out of collage where the competition is 60% subpar, now they are playing against grown men with grown men issues and ambitions, i am kind of sad that we are calling some guys busts after one season.

    For the record I am down with the following new young ones Graham, Coleman, Allen, Clayton, Cooper, Lindley, Cheney…… I think that these guys will either emerge as big contributers or will rise to be above average depth players that will soon come to match the play of our offense and bring us into a new Eagle era.

    As I have been saying fellas “Somethings up” (Taken from the Mazda commercial as you know), I ask you to hang the hell tight for a minute and let it come. I know you are frustrated, duely noted, but its time to take a real good look, the young ones are not perfect but I see something in these guys intangibles that was lacking in Demps and macho etc, these guys are players. Think about Foku and where he is now and where he could be next year.

    Thats my take on things, its no better than any of you guys just a different take, and I pray that I am right.


    NY Giants we play them soon to which I say GET ‘EM then GET ‘EM again.

  • Bottom line Fellow with Burgess,
    He will be expected to play 8-10 snaps a game,nothing more.. Tapp and Parker will play the LDE
    while Cole plays the RDE.. Burgess will spell Cole a few snpas a game and be available in case someone gets hurt or dinged….

  • Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson hangs with T.O.- Says Eagles better pay up!

    Of all the people Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson could/should be hanging out with, Terrell Owens is not one of them. So of course that’s who he’s hanging with. DJ went on the T.Ocho Show and spouted off about his contract situation to the current Bengals receiver/malcontent.

    Says Jackson:

    “This is like my third year. I officially have one year left. We’ve talked so far with my agent, Drew [Rosenhaus], and the Eagles. We’re just seeing how it can go now. The 30-percent rule, the [collective bargaining agreement] and all that, and the new year coming up next year and us being locked out, there’s a lot of ins and outs that go into it.

    “T.O., man, I’m going to set the bar for you. I’m going to try and get the most I can and I’m going to set it high for you.”

    T.O. responded, “I wish you the best.”

    Jackson continued,

    “It is what it is, but they’re going to have to do something, because the way I’m out there putting it in something’s got to happen, man.”

  • Burgess is back and well rested. He will surprise a lot of people. There is no place like your original home.

  • According to the analysis in the book “Take Your Eye Off the Ball” ( a great book for anybody who thinks they really know the NFL game ) personnel in the 3-4 are very different from the types you need for the 4-3–You can see that in DC with the problems they are having with their $$$$$$$$$ lineman

    I wonder why the Patriots picked him up to begin with since they are a 3-4

    May be a real asset again here in Philly

  • rcp, I fully agree that’s why I didn’t understand before this season began why people were saying we should switch to a 3-4 as if it would an easy transition. They even stated that it wouldn’t take longer than a year to have the right personnel. I just couldn’t believe what they were saying because you have to change your whole drafting strategy and probably more than half of the current personnel on the roster wouldn’t fit a 3-4 well. I will never understand people that think transitions like those are quick and easy. And I agree about Burgess in NE. I don’t know if they wanted him to play OLB and just rush the passer like DeMarcus Ware but some guys just can’t make the transition. You just simply can’t say a guy that’s a DE in the 4-3 should be able to play the OLB in the 3-4. It takes versatile and special players to make that transition and not everyone can do it.

  • drummer, well you know Rosenhaus probably was the one who hooked all that up. He is the agent for all 3 of them and right now, that’s who Desean is going to listen to as long as he needs a new contract. But Desean is his own man and as long as he’s not doing pushups on the front lawn, I’m good.

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