• August 14, 2022

Would you be up for a move to the 3-4?

We’ve all done our share of complaining about the Eagles defense this season. Jim Johnson is gone and Sean McDermott has taken the reigns. Sure the defense was poor this year, but was it McDermott’s fault? There were a ton of injuries and many young guys had to step in, which was probably too much to ask.

But, regardless of who you blame, the defense was bad. Plain and simple. Something has to change. So it got me thinking…is now a good time to switch to a 3-4?

Bob Ryan is in limbo in Cleveland and reports have him linked to the Dallas Cowboys. But the fact that he’s available has me thinking about what if the Eagles brought him in? Buddy’s son running the Eagles defense? Someone to bring in an attitude and a swagger that this defense hasn’t had in a long time? This isn’t to blame McDermott, but I don’t necessarily want to wait around until there are 11 studs (exaggeration of course) on defense and we realize he’s not the guy.

I’ll be very clear that I absolutely hate when teams bring in a defensive coordinator who immediately changes the scheme because that’s his way. Look at the Redskins. One of the things they didn’t need to fix prior to this year was the defense. Soooo….let’s bring in Jim Haslett and change the defense to a 3-4 when the 4-3 was perfectly fine. Brian Orakpo was probably the only guy suited to the change. Stupid.

But, in Philadelphia, what would really get screwed up? I could argue that they’ve been drafting for the 3-4 for years. All these tweeners that they draft might actually be able to see the field if they changed schemes. Ray Didinger said not too long ago that Brandon Graham would probably be better off in a 3-4. Ricky Sapp is not a linebacker and there is no way he is big enough to be a DE in a 4-3. Daniel Te’o-Nesheim? Another undersized guy. Remember Bryan Smith? Talk about worthless in a 4-3. You get my point.

It’s as though the Eagles are already prepared to bring in guys for the new scheme. No adjustments need to be made to their philosophies. These tweeners will no longer be tweeners in the 3-4.

The big problem is obviously nose tackle. If you don’t have a capable nose tackle, you cannot run the 3-4. That’s not up for debate. And right now, the Eagles do not have a 3-4 NT on the roster. At least I don’t think they do. Nick Cole, maybe?

But seriously, the guy I’m looking at is Aubrayo Franklin from the San Francisco 49ers. He was franchised by the Niners last year and clearly wasn’t happy about it. They could franchise him again, if the franchise tags still exists under any new CBA (then again, every single article, TV show, radio show, etc. should be prefaced with “if there is football next year…”). But if he were to come free, the Eagles could have their NT.

What about defensive end? I don’t see any reason why Mike Patterson, Brodrick Bunkley, Antonio Dixon and/or Trevor Laws couldn’t play on the outside in a 3-4 scheme. Defensive ends in a 3-4 don’t typically get pressure on the quarterback and that suits their skill sets brilliantly. They are already adroit at not getting pressure on quarterbacks. And it’s not like they do their current jobs exceptionally well, so you wouldn’t be taking away something the defense already does well.

I’m not suggesting that this is something the Eagles will do. We all know they won’t. They’ll continue to flail around in the 4-3, drafting undersized guys that don’t fit. But, considering the current state of this defense and the fact that the defensive coordinator is unproven (I’m not ready to say he’s bad just yet), this is the perfect time to scrap the 4-3 and make the switch.

Will it solve everything? No, you’d still have secondary problems. But, it could make better use of all these tweeners you spent draft picks on that don’t remotely seem adequate in a 4-3.

I just don’t see the downside at this point to bringing in a Bob Ryan and Aubrayo Franklin and giving this defense an injection of attitude that it clearly doesn’t have right now. Just a thought.

Would you do it?

Micah Warren

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  • Hmmmmm. It seems there is a trend towards 3-4 defenses in the NFL and players seem to be moulding themselves to better fit a 3-4. And theres no doubt some of the best front sevens in the league play from the formation. At the very least it would open us up to more trading partners who run a similar scheme and includes all free agents who are 3-4 specialists.

  • And im down for anything that gets rid of Mcdermott.

  • Sean McDermott fired!!!!!

  • YES!!!!!!!!!

  • Eagles fired McDermott because Jauron was going to sign with the Browns….GREAT MOVE!

  • OK …McDermott is gone!!!!! Please take Seagrest and Kolb with you.

    Don’t let the Door knob hit you in the ass.

    It seem there’s some accountability but this does not excuse our personnel decisions.

    If we had a Corner opposite of Asante, and if Andy would have drew up one play that could beat a blitz everyone knew was coming, some how I think we would still be playing with McDermott stock on the rise.

    Dick Jauron may be the experienced replacement and the 3-4 defense might be on it’s way to Philadelphia.

  • Thank you Eagles for sending this guy packing. He was awful.

  • But Don’t be surprised if we get Buddy Ryan’s kid in Philly….High flying offence with Buddy Ball on the defensive side may be the key.

    We need attitude on defense,

    Watch out folks….I think our front office see how wide open this NFC is now and will add to make a serious run next season.

  • Hope this is the first of many great offseason stories. Next up: signing a decent replacement DC, signing Asomugha, signing some playmaking OLBs and drafting some great o-line players.

  • Buddy’s song is already anticpated to go elsewhere. Kolb isn’t leaving unless a lockout is prevented.

  • son*

  • The good Lord has heard my cry. Bye bye mcD. Step 1 of my plan is complete!

  • McDermott cannot be completely to blame. He did not assemble the players on the defense. Even Michelangelo wouldn’t be capable of sculpting a masterpiece if he was handed only a bag of shit.

  • really doesnt matter who the d-coordinator is when Reid doesnt run the ball and makes the personnel decisions… he is an awful evaluator…..and Roseman has no business being a GM

  • big boss, maybe the players only looked like bags of shit because McDermott wasnt getting the best out of them? Even Babin and Clemons looked like masterpieces on other teams after looking like said bag with the eagles the year before.

  • Now would be the time to switch to the 3-4. If the Eagles want to go out and spend this year would be the time. There are a lot of LB’s out there they could grab. Also they could get the inside game changer we need in Haloti Ngata. Sign a CB (Nnamdi or Joseph) and maybe Eric Weddle for safety.

    There are major FA LBs: Lamarr Woodley, David Harris, Chad Greenway, Barrett Ruud etc.

    Please Eagles upgrade this defense. Now is the time. ( I know it would be expensive for these type players but its not like the Eagles don’t have the money. It’s just will they spend the money.)

  • This argument makes sense! The only thing is Mike Patterson is grossly overweight (have you looked at this guy in uniform and he’s no good in a 5 technique so we need a JJ Watt type (Wisconsin DE) on at 5. 3-4 is the way I have always wanted to go! I’m a Linebacker type of dude and if this is the way I”m happy!

  • Here’s a funny thought if Eagles went to a 3-4 scheme
    Chris Gocong is a free-agent for the Browns…

  • aLOT Super Bowl teams win with it. it’s worth a try

  • I guess no like my thought of the Eagles signing Free Agent OLB C Cogong back to play in the 3-4??

  • 1st on my wish list was firing Sims. This guy has jump at every play action all season. He beat our guys up all training camp and didnt make a hit all season. His ass needed to go 1st but sean will do. Now 3-4. Im with it

  • LB Sims is in his final year of his Contract, He will not be re-signed by the Eagles and was a 1 year stop-gap player similar to what T Spikes and W Witherspoon the Season before..

    Players gone for this 2010 Eagles Defense

    100 % Gone
    DE- J Parker, V Abiamri, B McCray
    LBS – E Sims, O Gaither –
    Safety – Q Mikell

    Players who are Free-agents and a 50%-50% chance that they are gone
    LB S Bradley, LB A Jordan, CB D Patterson

    Players likely to get traded due to not living up to their contracts and have beome back-ups
    DT Bunkley or DT M PAtterson will most likey go.. (Probably Bunkley since he’s younger and in
    better physical shape and may attract more teams and 4th Rounder in Return and could maybe be packaged in a deal to move up in the Draft)

  • ive been hoping for a change to a 3-4 defense for a few years now.
    it would suit our talent and who we tend to draft/sign
    all these fastballs we supposedly have, and the chris gocongs and bryan smiths that we cut

    i would absolutely love to see cole off the edge and moved around on and off the line
    bradley and chaney can man the middle, 3 guys up front with a disguised 4th blitzer
    it has been long overdue and makes the most sense, that doesnt mean we will convert but i hope so

    dixon bunkley and patterson the 3 down lineman
    cole tapp graham rotating off the edge and on the line
    shade nate allen to our 2nd corner unless we get nnamdi, and asante shuts down the qbs strongside
    we are usually solid against the run, and dick jauron (if he becomes DC) is great vs the pass
    there are so many free agent lbs this offseason that can play inside and/or outside
    how nice would a david harris or paul posluzsny look in midnight green?!
    get one of those guys and nnamdi, and spend our whole draft on oline/dline basically

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