• May 17, 2022

Eagles “O” Line Coach Castillo Is Candidate For Browns Offensive Coordinator Job

Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Eagles offensive line coach Juan Castillo is one of the candidates for the Browns offensive coordinator’s job.  Castillo has been with the Eagles for 13 plus years.  He was here prior to Andy Reid getting here.  Castillo coached for the Birds under Ray Rhodes and was allowed to stay with the team after Reid was hired to be the head coach.

Castillo worked along side new Browns head coach Pat Shurmur during his years with the Eagles. The two worked side by side for ten years while Shurmur was here as a quarterback coach.  The Eagles could not stop Castillo from leaving if the Browns promote him.  I’m sure Shurmur will be the Browns offensive coordinator for all intents and purposes, but he would probably love to have Castillo along to develop that promising offensive line they have in Cleveland.

Castillo is a relentless worker who has done a great job of developing free agents and late round picks.  Eagles starting center Jamaal Jackson was a free agent.  Right guard Nick Cole was a free agent project of Castillo’s and so way free agent tackle King Dunlap is a Castillo project, who has gotten better consistently throughout his time here.

Winston Justice was thought to be a bust when he surrendered six sacks to Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora, but Justice has become a starter under the tutelage of Castillo.

The long-time Eagles offensive line coach is considered one of the best in the business.


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  • This can’t be good…………………

  • Do you think Juan wants to OC ?

  • if he has to go let em…….. maybe some of the 90’s coaches for the Eagles are a curse to our superbowl woes………. Maybe some new faces would help this organization finally win a championship……. Then Andy will go and we’ll become a dynasty……. This Franchise needs some grooming….. A new scheme may be a gift instead of a curse…… AR is losing power…… He must be dealt with in the manner of a king who has mislead his people……. Time for change!! GO EAGLES

  • Not good for birds, but a good opportunity for a coach that has done a good job for us over the years.

    Wish him the best….but for the birds…hope he doesn’t get it.

  • common sense, Eagles want to win a Super Bowl. do what SB champions do. that is have 2 players with 10 or more sacks. 1 or both are usually LBs. here is proof.
    starting in 1986 Giants Sb Champion sack leader-lawrence taylor (LB)21 sacks 1988 49ERS SACK leader (LB )cHARLES Haley 12 sacks 1989 (Lb)Haley 11sks 1990 Giants TAYLOR (LB) 11 SACKS 1992,93,95 Cowboys Haley 3rd in sacks in 92,93 and had more sacks in SB than Bruce Smith 95 sack leader Haley 11 sacks NEXT yr Packers lbs not big factor for sacks they had Reggie white then Broncos two years Romanowski sack leader Mobley notable LB Rams, ravens, bucs won next three. De ruled(sacks anyway) Carter 17 sacks, ravens of course lewis and boulware tampa bay had rice 17 sks then came patriots 2001,03,04 Vrabel,mcginest,brusci,johnson took turns leading sacks for LBs 10+ sacks Giants 3 players umenyiora (de)13 tuck (dt)10 strahan (de)9

  • Here we go again …
    It appears I have some more research to do … Wouldn’t it be great if John Runyan would quit Politics and become a O/Line Coach, for he would make a good one…
    A name to throw out there is Mike Tice who is currently on the Bears Staff as a O/Line Coach, but
    I believe is looking to find a HC position somewhere…
    Offensive LIne coaches is a difficult position to fill…
    The Vikings,Broncos,Panthers,Seahawks I believe all got rid of their Offensive line Coaches after the Season will have to check on names and any connections
    Tom Cable former HC of the Raiders just took and OL job for the Seahawks
    J Davision formerly OC COach of the Panthers took an OL position with the VIkings…

  • of course Steelers won 2 of last 5 Sb are close again Harrison lb 16 sacks woodley(lb) 12 in 2008 and in 2005 leading sack leaders 2 (LBs) Porter 11 and Haggans 9 last year Saints sack leader DE will smith 13 Seems like Lb lol were very important to past Super Bowl champions not just in stopping the run but SACKS the few teams that DE ruled they had 16 17 sacks not 10 If Andy Reid is not going to be fired for not running ball when westbrook and Mccoy ave 5.2 a carry,changing game plan when not working, clock management shouldn’t he be fired for not having a beast of a DE, 2 AWSOME lb’s, a pro bowl SS this year Eagles sack leader is Cole with 10 but 2nd player is no where near 10 Parker with 5 DC Johnson must have been a miracle worker cause EAagle Super Bowl yr sack leader was kearse with 6

  • great dhani helped out big that yr with half a sack and ike reese with 1 sack man i thought douglas was a bigger factor but he had 3 for the year just think if johnson had a romanowski,mathews,vrabel,mcginest

  • tydm – Having two players who have recorded more than 10 sacks means you’re ahead in game and you’ve got good coverage and good pass rushers. They all go together. You can get good pass rushers but a poor offense and teams don’t have to throw the ball that much against you.

  • Two good pass rushers one from one side and one from the other like the Steelers have makes it very difficult to double one of them all the the time. If you focus on Harrison then Woodell gets you. If you focus on him then Harrison makes you pay. That’s what the Birds were looking for when they drafted Graham.

  • Who cares? I keep hearing how good of a offensive line coach Castio is. Well this O line is horrible! We can’t even convert 3rd and 1. It’s time for the whole staff to be replaced. I know it won’t happen but I can hope and pray.

  • Is it me or doesn’t it seem that the Staff is abadoning the ship…
    Is it a stretch that they know something that we don’t know, about the future of Coach AR or that
    maybe they sense of a changing of the guard with GM Roseman calling the shots and maybe they
    don’t want to be around for Coach AR’s demise… “As the Eagles Soar” the greatest Drama
    going on in the Philadelphia area right before our eyes..
    Coach Castillo has been very loyal and with AR for a long time… I wish him well..

  • G- just got word about FB L Weaver possibly retiring after he has has a 3rd Surgery on that damaged
    knee.. Have you heard anything.. a real shame

  • While I feel that Graham may or may not be a good player. We missed very badly not getting Peppers. Look it’s not my money but we need difference makers. He changes the game. He has to be accounted for on every play. He makes the other players on the line much better. Drafting Pouncey at center was a no brainer to me. He was a day one starter at center or gaurd. Period! We have an undersized end in Cole. Why would you draft another one?

  • Yes. I would have drafted Pouncey. No Question.

  • I know about Leonard Weaver. I’ve considered it a done deal when I found out about the nerve damage. I’ve talked to him a few times at the Nova Care Complex during the sesaon.

  • Well, you can have good coaches but you need the right players too. This OLine really hasn’t been that bad until Thomas and Runyan left…since their departure it seems this OLine hasn’t had any nasty streak in it.

  • If the Titanic had more warning, the crew wouldn’t have jumped ship this fast.

    The handwriting is on the wall.

    Reid is a thick-headed numbskull who believes that if he repeats the same mistakes, the results will eventually somehow be different. Perhaps that’s a bit too harsh, Reid will occasionally switch mistakes, i.e., losing an entire season because he had no punt returner. I must admit that that was original.

    The staff now realizes that it wasn’t all Donovan and they are acting accordingly.

  • I think if they are going to lose Castillo they should look to the college ranks Bob Bostad of Wisconsin has interviewed for Texas at the same position; so he must be willing to look at other options. He has done an outstanding job at Wisconsin and New Mexico before that. He should draw NFL attention but for some reason seems to be below the radar. We would finally be able to convert a 3rd and one without throwing the ball.

  • Lets not all get dramatic. I won’t lose one bit of sleep if Castello is gone. This line has’nt been great since Tra and Runyan left. It was an elite Oline like the Giants for example. People are not “Abandoning ship”?? Change is needed and thats what is being done. AR has 1 more shot and he knows that. Firing Segrest and Sean were the best things that has happened to this team in 3 seasons. We all forget that this team overachieved this season. 10 wins and the divison? That’s scary.. The potiental is ridiculous with this team. Imagin 3 season from now when Desean is only 27, Maclin and Mccoy are 25, Celek like 29 and so on. Vick is already in his 30. Going to prison was the best thing that ever happened to him. No wear and tear on his body for 2 whole seasons. He’s gonna be running that 4.2 40 dash for quite sometime. Anybody see the teams were playing?

    Giants (2)
    Cowboys (2)
    Redskins (2)

    Bears, Falcons, Pats, Jets, Giants are the only tough teams. Dallas and Washington are rebuilding and won’t be real NFC East threats like they’ve been in the past next season. I know the Rams and Seahawks are’nt pushover, but they are definatley beatable. Dolphins, Bills, Niners, Cardinals? Pfft. Lurie and Banner are being more aggressive than ever. The signing of Owen S was brilliant and is a great replacement for Weaver. Be prepared to watch the Birds make some crazy moves this offseason.

  • Hey, so far, none have left of their own accord this year. It looks like there’s a good chance that Jauron, with the birds a whopping one season as a favor to him and to help the DC that the Birds dumped, will leave. Now we’re hearing that Castillo is a possible candidate for a OC position which, knowing his reputation, may very well be long overdue and certainly no surprise. I wouldn’t call this an exodus or the Titanic or anything else at this point.

  • It was never an elite line like the Giants** my bad

  • Castillo would be last person I’d consider as an OC!! Have I’ve missed something on his resume´? Where is his experience in coaching/developing a QB? Where is his training in the actual running of an ENTIRE offense? Good luck Cleveland… just looks like a gathering of same old Eagles organization.

  • Working beside Shurmur or whoever is not a demonstration of being able to “direct the ship.” Shurmur’s not even been an HC before. Holmgren is putting an awful lot of trust in Heckert.

  • I always hear Tra Thomas and others talk about Castille. But is it me or have the Eagles had terrible o-lines? They have always been the worst in the league in converting 3rd an 1. They always are in top 5 in giving up sacks. Can someone tell me how many pro bowl olineman he has produced? Shawn Andrews was high draft pick and was a stud. Tra Thomas was a alternate 3 times in 10 years and Runyon, hell I dont think he made 1 pro bowl. The way the media and fans ride Runyons jock you would think he was a perennial pro bowler. Runyon and Strahan would battle and Runyon would give up 3 sacks and they would say what a great battle. lol

  • Wear and tear on Vick at this point is irrelevant. He is entering that stage of his life where recovery time, even for minor injuries,.increases.

  • The Eagles offensive line is a joke. If peterson isn’t lined up right, he’s jumping offsides. These guys started and ended the season pathetic. These were not rookies. They had a few years to learn the offense and they stunk. This is the only team in the NFL were 3 and 1 is high drama every year.

    Castille is overrated. Now when the line plays like the Patriots, Colts or the Saints, then I’ll loose some slept. Take a hike. You had 1st team all-america Winston Justice, 1st team all-america Max gean giles and all-pro in peterson. They drafted talent, and brought in all-pro free agents and the line still stinks.

    The front office knows it, and Andy can’t protect him. They are trying to make it look like he’s not fired but he is. They got Vick killed on the first play of the playoffs.

    Somebody should get fired just for that.

  • Oh yeah, they also spent 19 draft picks on offensive linemen in Andy Reids era. And what do we have to show for it ?

    I’m airlifting in Donald Trump to fire you with all the fixins.

  • Thank you front office. I’m still waiting for the linebacker coach with semi-pro football as the highlight on his resume to get kicked outta novacare by david akers. With West Catholic’s high school band playing Stevie Wonders…”I ain’t gonna stand for it!”

  • Great post CT !………Castilloo is a bit overrated in my book. Getting a fresh voice coaching the O_line might be a good thing. But in fairness, AR’s draft strategy for O_Linemen has been suspect. Drafting too many college Tackles and trying to move them to guard OR drafting guys because they played C, OG and T in college. When he finally did draft specific Power guards like MJG he missed the mark a bit……

    Reid has never valued guards enough IMO.

  • lol Reid’s strategy has been suspect on many things. so what does that bring us up what Andy has not valued!! guards,wide receivers, linebackers, and running game

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