• August 8, 2022

Reports: Jauron Soon To Be Announced As New Browns Defensive Coordinator

Reports are starting to swirl that Dick Jauron is taking the job in Cleveland to be the Browns new defensive coordinator. It seems like a formality but this could leave the Birds uncovered.  The plans of waiting until the Eagles get their guy in place seem to be falling apart.

Browns new head coach and former Eagles quarterback coach Pat Shurmur was on the noon interview show on ProFootballTalk.com today and he pointed as Jauron as their defensive coordinator but didn’t want to confirm anything.

“I really don’t want to confirm that,” Shurmur said. “I think it will become public and official from the Browns’ side of things very quickly. But obviously Dick’s a very, very well-respected guy in the profession, a guy that I’ve known for a long, long time. So I think that will be public at some point — the direction we’re gonna go.”

Jauron knows that the Eagles know that he’s not the Eagles first choice, but he had promised them that he would give them the chance to match any offer that he got for being a defensive coordinator.  The veteran defensive coach has a relationship that spans back nearly two decades with Browns President Mike Holmgren.

He was an assistant coach for Holmgren in 1992, when he was first starting as a head coach in Green Bay.  Packers defensive coordinator Mike Trgovac can’t be interviewed and hired until they are eliminated from the playoffs.

This could come to quick end if the Green Bay Packers lose on Sunday.  If they win, then the dance will continue despite the fact that everybody knows where it’s headed.


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  • This is not good…..who else is left besides Trgovac that actually runs a 4-3?

  • If GB makes it to the SB, that would mean that the Browns would be waiting another 3 weeks after hiring Jauron to announce it….that would delay hiring any assistants and implementing anything before the March lockout….Reid and Holmgren must really be close, because that is not a smart business decision on the Browns part

  • It was pretty obvious that Jauron was not very high on Coach AR’s list ,,,
    If he was a top Candidate, then he would have been named as DC when they annouced the firing of McDermott..This charade of showing interest in him was to buy some time and not look like an complete abandonment of The Eagles Defensive staff and a slap at Coach AR…
    Coach AR wanted to do right by annoucing McDermott/Segrest’s dismissal’s early so they could hook up and talk to the other teams before the other teams fill their positions and now 2 weeks later, Jauron can only act like he’s interested in the Philly DC spot for so long before it becomes comical since he and everyone else knows that Coach AR does not want him as DC and Jauron has his own staff and issues to get the Browns job started…
    If the Packers win on SUnday, We will have to go thru another 2 weeks of this…. good grief..

  • I’ll take anyone over Dick Jauron. This is great news.

  • Not to be Debbie Downer,
    But you can add the FB position as a position of need for the Eagles
    FB L Weaver just went for his 3rd Knee Operation on that left Knee since injuring it on opening day
    anmd is most likely never going to be able to play NFL football again.. Expect a Retirement Annoucement shortly from Weaver.. Eagles better make signng FB O Schmitt a priority or they will
    be back to square #1 and without a legitamate NFL FB on their Roster…
    I mentioned a few times that the perfoming surgeon who did the 1st Surgery on Weaver said it was
    the worst and most damaged knee he had ever seen in his 20 years of perfoming surgeries..
    It’s a shame for Weaver was a very good player and a good locker room guy.. I wish him ithe best..

  • This is great news! Jaurons defensive rankings are on philly.com and all over the internet. It’s average at best.

    There are very good assistants out there with much better records for high defensive rankings.And there are 300 defensive coordinators in the college ranks to choice from. This is an NFL team in a big market that gets on National TV all the time. They should be able to get a coach with impressive credentials not “NFL retread guy”.

    The collective bargaining agreement will get done. There is too much money at stake. You can’t let that influence you to picking a bum as the coordinator. Forget continuity. The Giants picked up the Eagles coach Steve Spagnuola and won the superbowl. If a guy knows what he’s doing then he can make it happen.

  • Dick Jauron isnt that good of a coordinator……. He just wasnt up for the task of being the EAGLES defensive coordinator because of the shoes he had to fill…….. This is a successful organization….. If he fails he’s a hated man in Philly……. But if he takes that good O’l Browns position… What does he have to lose……. This was a head coach turn defensive coordinator to defensive backs coach……. This is good news to philly…….. We didnt want a SLACKER to become a so call replacement to J.J……

  • I could care less. As for Weaver, ey look at the bright spot, more money to sign someone like…….Nnamdi?

    I’m going to start calling the Browns the “Eagles Jr.” soon.

  • My thing is that if i were a coach on a winning franchise why would i go else where to an organization that haven’t won in years….????? Makes you think???? he just didnt want to handle the heat in the kitchen…….. The eagles were a few steps from advancing…… Now you go to a team who is on the bottom steps of the statue of LIBERTY!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!! makes you question if this guy was going to lead our defense?????

  • @ birdo…that is cold man…even though he was only here a short time Weaver was a really solid player and great team guy….cold man

  • Cold? Would Weaver care if I got hurt and couldn’t cheer the Birds on anymore? Will he care?

    Weaver was a good player and did great things for us — but Owen Schmidt came in and did admirably. It doesn’t seem like Weaver is coming back so we need to look towards the future — and that record contract for a fullback can now be terminated and we can direct that money to a different yet more needed position.

  • I am happy. The only person I wouldn’t want over Jauron would have been Bill Davis who is absolutely dreadful. I’d rather take an unknown than Jauron or Davis. I suspect that either the Eagles or Broncos will be getting Trgovac and the loser will end up with Allen. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Eagles or the Broncos give Allen the job even before the Packers are done, because I don’t see the Packers losing to the Bears. At first I wanted the Packers to destroy the Bears, but now I just want the Bears to win so we can get this whole coaching situation over with.

  • who cares….Jauron is ok, nothing special.

    He coached the secondary and they sucked this year!

  • Dick Jauron doesn’t have the fire that I want to see in a defensive coordinator. The good defensive coordinators want blood.

  • trust me…Weaver isn’t the only one that could care less weather you get hurt or not

  • Exactly — so I should be distraught over Weaver no longer being the Birds FB? Ish happens. I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors but the show must go on.

    And when I said “I could care less” — that was directed at Jauron being hired as the Browns D Coord.

  • To Sports Bum
    Trgoavac was the DC under HC John Fox in Carolina, and he and his staff got let go 2 years and what
    was an ugly separation.. No way Coach Trgovac goes to the Broncos and coached under John Fox again.

  • Sure looks like Trgovac is the guy…what other teams are out there looking for DC’s that may make a play for him also? I know Denver, but is there anyone else?

  • It’s not quite true that Trgovac can’t be interviewed until after GB is eliminated. If they win this week, he can be interviewed during the bye before the Super Bowl. It’s happened before (it cost Rick Rivera his job as Bears coordinator).

    Either way, there’s still time, and jumping to get Jauron just because he runs a 4-3 is the wrong choice. I’d rather not have Jauron as our DC if his heart is elsewhere in any case.

  • Birdo, with all the changes in Cleveland, we should call them the Beagles.

  • Maybe the Eagles and Browns can just merge teams and put together a Championship Roster
    they have a great RB HIllis who can take Weavers Spot, a great LT in Joe Thomas, a risng Center in
    Alex Mack, and excellent Return-man in Joe Cribbs..Defensively you have CB Joe Haden and S TJ Ward who had solid Rookie season .. (many NFL Observors state the TJ Ward far exceedied their expectioans may have been the most consistent rookie Safety all season even though he was drafted must later than bigger names like E Berry, E Thomas, N Allen, T Mays..

  • well first of all i like dick jauron but not as our dc.. he does not have the fire i believe we need from a dc. as a former mike backer in college(division 3 school in upstate ny) i hated my first dc.. then my soph year they brought in a firey guy (likethe birds did with washburn for our d line) and the defense became great. if the eagles can find a firey coach someone who can get them motivated jacked up and ready to go( like the ball hawk dawk) that in itself will make the D we have now better without adding n e one, then if we fill in a few key areas like a true middle linebacker(maybe i should walk on but i would like to see maybe paul pol from buffalo) cb (like asomugha) and fat albert we be top 5 d quaranteed… prolly ganna be hard to make all that happen with the 18 plus million we spend on vick but you never know… maybe the birds can tell the skins to keep that 4th rd pick they owe the birds this year from dmac trade and tell them eat a chunk of fat alberts contract and we take him… what you all think

  • BREAKING NEWS…..Sal Pal reported on Mike Missanelli’s show today that the Eagles #1 target is Jets D-Coordinator Mike Pettine….he said Rex Ryan calls the defenses in NY and this would be more than a lateral move for Pettine because he would actually call the plays….also, Pettine is a PA guy being the coach of perennial high school powerhouse CB West for several years during the 90’s…… he said he fits the Eagles and would love to come home to Philly…

  • Paulman,

    All the reports I heard are that Fox and Trgovac are still very close. If it was an ugly separation….. No one else seems to know about it besides you. I hope we do get Trgovac, but I would be almost as happy with Allen too. I think Allen will be a great coach. I have a feeling though that there won’t be much challenge when Trgovac is finally able to interview. Something tells me that the Eagles or Broncos are gonna give Allen the job even before that comes up. I am hoping the Broncos are the ones that do it, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Eagles give it to him.

  • I hate the jets BUT…. I want someone with an attitude… Jets, ravens, bears, packers, hell even oakland wants to kill something. THAT’S what we need THAT’S what we lack.

  • Meant to post this here and not the other thread.


    Just read this and I wanted to post this for a couple reasons…….

    1. Neither team might get him. He said he might not accept another job with another team. That would kinda blow.

    2. This is a quote in that article from Trgovac “John and I’s relationship was great. I know it’s been written a lot of times in Carolina that I was fired. I was not fired. Our relationship was great”. Apparently he left for “family reasons”.

    Nice try Paulman.

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