• November 27, 2021

Eagles Interview Dennis Allen, Pettine Says No, As They Wait For Trgovac

The Philadelphia Eagles will be interviewing New Orleans Saints secondary coach Dennis Allen today.  He’s a long shot to get the defensive coordinator’s job, but he’s got a chance because he’s being interviewed.  Who knows if he were to Wow the Birds’ front office, they might give him the job.

The fact that he’s a young secondary coach works against him because the Eagles just fired a young former secondary coach.  I think they’ll want somebody with some experience as a defensive coordinator.

There are two coaches whose teams are still involved in the playoffs, whose names have been mentioned in the Eagles search for a defensive coordinator.

The big question to answer right now is which defensive coach who is still involved in the playoffs are the Eagles waiting on?

ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio went Mike Missanelli’s radio show yesterday and said that he talked to Mike Pettine and Pettine said he wasn’t interested in the Eagles defensive coordinator position.  It’s too bad that he’s not interested but the Birds will just have to move on.

Prior to that report, it’s been accepted as fact that Mike Trgovac, Packers defensive line coach and former defensive coordinator of the Carolina Panthers is the guy the Eagles are waiting on.  We could know something by Monday when only two teams will still be active, but there’s no guarantee depending on which teams win tomorrow.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Trgovac might not be interested in the Eagles job if it’s offered.

“I know my name has been thrown around there a bunch, but I really haven’t – you know Dom (Capers) doesn’t give us a lot of free time – to even think about it,” Trgovac said. “There will be some considerations I’ll have to take, one of them being I have a daughter who’s going to be a senior in high school. I’ve already moved her in high school. That’s a huge factor.”

Pettine or Trgovac which would be the best selection.  If we went with Pettine, we would be talking about less experience.  He has been working in t system which employs both the 3-4 and 4-3, but the 3-4 was their base defense.

If Pettine had been interested in the job, I believe he could work with either system because he likes to change things up and keep offenses guessing.   He and Rex Ryan have presented 3-4 and 4-3 looks depending on what type of offense they were facing.  He believes in an attacking style but he can change to a coverage based system as we saw when the Jets shut down Tom Brady and the Patriots by locking down the New England receivers.

Trgovac is a 4-3 guy but he’s working for Dom Capers right now who runs a 3-4 system and is an expert at designing blitz packages.  I love the way Capers has used Packers linebacker Clay Matthews on delayed blitzes.  The linebacker waits for a split-second to allow the offensive linemen to commit to a pass rusher, then after faking like he’s going to drop into coverage, he hits the open gap created by the offensive linemen committing to some one else.

Trgovac has more experience than Pettine, but the current Jets defensive coordinator has enjoyed tremendous success with New York and previously Baltimore.  This is the second year in a row that the Jets have played in the AFC Championship game.

Trgovac was the defensive coordinator for some good Panthers teams and one of those Carolina squads went to the Super Bowl and lost to the Patriots.

I’m disappointed that Pettine isn’t interested in the job, but you have to move on and take a look at other candidates.


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  • G-Cobb for me to know which choice is the right choice would be foolish of me. But I do know a fresh set of eyes and a different philosophy is needed. Both these coordinators come from great systems and I would think that translates into success. Like you always say bigger good players are better than smaller good players. I may lean torward Trgovac especially if he is involved with talent evaluation for his defense. GB has hit home runs on both sides of the ball and I want to believe Trgovac has been a part of evaluating the incoming defensive talent.

  • You’re right about the talent evaluation that’s been done in Green Bay. They are probably the most talented team in football, when you consider all the tremendous talent they have which is hurt.

  • I’ll take the one that beleives in quality linebackers.

  • like i have stated before i know lil about either guy other then what i have read but seems like either would be a huge upgrade over McieD…. I just want a firey coach that will get in ur face and actually intimidate his players.. McieDs didnt seem like the type of guy who could pump up a player and it showed.. I hope whoever they get can get some play outta the D line and get Cole some help.. I want Cole to win a sack crown and his time is dwindaling down.. COMMON BIRDS ITS GO TIME!!!!!!!!!! GO GRAB asomugha

  • Stevo is giddy at the thpught of either. Our philly D is returning.

  • I don’t think Allen is the guy we need in here, though admittedly really know nothing about him. I like enthusiastic coaches, not rah-rah guys, but those with a gritty temperament that “flows” through players onto the field on every play. The latest stuff on Pettine & Trgovac appear they’d rather stay where they are so somebody up front is going to have to be very persuasive.

  • I think hiring Allen would be plain stupid. If we were to hire Allen, why did we get rid of Mcdermott? They’re one in the same! McDerm might even be a better coach!

    I would go with Trgovac. He has experience as def coordinator and the SOLE play caller. Pettine and Ryan are splitting defensive calls over in New York correct?

    I wouldn’t mind either, but I would take Trgovac over anyone right now. That Green Bay pass rush is serious and those Carolina Panthers defenses back in the day were serious as well.

  • Our future D-Cordinator has to be one of these 2 guys…Even though our FO and Reid can really goof sometimes I think they had this planned all along that one of these two guys will be their guy. There were plenty of chances for them to sign other qualified candidates, they had the chance to sign Jauron if they really wanted him but they didnt for a reason cause they had something better and i think everyone in the organization knew McDermott was not gonna be back since the day the season ended and prolly before that as well. And also Reid would of never took a vacation in the middle of this all if he knew the FO wasn’t waiting for one of these guys to loose in the playoffs so they could interview him.

  • I would love either guy. I think they are far better than McDermott would ever be but this defense is gonna really come down to the personnel of players we have on D. You cant make a top 5 Defense out of bums and late rounders which is what we have mostly right now. Im really gonna be looking at who they bring in and who they cut loose and which type of defensive players they value in the draft this year.

  • It’s obvious that Allen, since he’s never been a Defensive Coordinator before, is much larger gamble. It will take more time for him to adjust and find his way in that position, compared to Trgvoc or Pettitne, no matter what team he’s a DC for. More or less, he needs to do what McDermott has been doing for the past two years but with the advantage of having more then 10 years of experience in the defense. he was trying to run.

    The question the Birds need to ask themselves is, do we, given the age of the starting QB they’ll probably sign, have the luxury of waiting a few seasons for the D to rebuild along with a DC to learn how to be a DC. This is, of course, assuming they have the choice to hire a quality, experienced DC.

  • No harm in Interviewing D Allen who appears to have a very bright future ahead of him but I think he’s a little too inesperienced to be the DC for the Eagles st this stage of his career
    I like both Trgovac and Pettine but favor Trgovac for the Following reasons
    #1) He has more experience and Runs a 4-3 which fits the personnel better for what the Eagles have at this time.. Trgovac also knows plenty of blitz schemes and has worked in a 3-4 scheme under Capers so he can bring some of those effective formations to the table as well
    #2) Trgovac is an NFC guy and has Coached in the NFC for the last 10 years so he knows the Offensive schemes and opponents that the Eagles will face more often (Giants,Cowboys,Packers,Bears,Falcons,Saints) in order to make serious Playoffs runs better than over Coach Pettine who has spent most of his career in the AFC.
    #3) Trgovac has a proven track record of being agressive,coaching and developing players up along the entire Defense
    #4) Trgovac is a team player, with little ego if any, and would fit the mold of an intense, hard-working,go about your business type of Coach that seems to fits Coach AR’s style and other Coaching Staff.

  • If you recall earlier this year, supposedly Sean McD had a bright future and he might be chosen by another team to be their DC. Well, he’s on another team and hopefully he has a bright future there, but it wasn’t good here for short term outlook. Of course there’s no “harm” in interviewing anyone, but the guy has never gotten my attention on the sidelines or in the news. Maybe he’s brilliant, but want a proven DC with moxie, that’s all. And it appears that Pettine is out of running by his own choosing. Our Pal Sal never seems to get the scoop right initially.

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