• November 27, 2021

Paolantonio: Mike Pettine Isn’t Interested In The Eagles Job

The story about Sal Paolantonio of ESPN reporting that the Eagles were waiting to talk to New York Jets defensive coordinator, Mike Pettine, is totally false.  In fact, Paolantonio spoke to Pettine earlier in the week and the Jet assistant said he has no interest in the Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator position.

I have to apologize for the story which I published because it was from a third party.  I just talked directly with Paolantonio and Pettine was never interested at all in the Eagles job.  So, Pettine is definitely not coming to Philadelphia and the Eagles aren’t waiting to talk to him.

I haven’t talked to anybody who knows what’s going on with the Eagles search for a defensive coordinator.  Yes, they’re talking to Dennis Allen today, but few give him much of a chance of getting the job.

Mike Trgovac has been quoted saying that he may not be willing to accept the job, but I think he’s still the leading candidate as far as I’m concerned at this point.


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  • I hope this doesnt become a circus.

  • The Eagles have been a circus for a long time now.

  • Get buddy on the phone. Ill pick him up at the airport.

  • Don’t need his ass anyway.

  • This is really a bad time to be losing all these position coaches. we have a new DL coach, we need new DC, and DB coach as well as probably a new offensive line coach now as well. I dont think there will be any practices til the end of aucust as im sure the Lockout will last til at least then. so you have a few weeks to implement a new system… not good.

  • G-man,
    For the record, can you tell your audience that Paulman was not that 3rd Party/Source who directed you to this false story.. My Credibility has been taken some shots enough as it is…Thank you

  • some gold standard

  • What? No one wants to play with Andy? Why does that remind of Vinnie?

  • Well this is not promising that we have no good candidates that want to come here. They have no good options if Trgovac doesn’t want to come here. Which means they will hire some scrub that wont help at all.

  • Everyone is so negative on this site. Why does everyone predict the worst for this team? Theres a reason why were a top 3 winning organization this past decade. They know what there doin and there learning from there mistakes from past seasons. This is the best Eagles team in history! And were just getting started. Oldest player on Offense besides vick is like 26? We got a new Dline Coach, Juaron and Castillo are gonna be gone, I hope. We can find replacements, considering were not replacing Raw talent in the first place. Everyone sit back and kick it and be patient. This team is gonna get it together these next couple weeks. Watch

  • Well it is obvious that it is one of the coaches on the remaining 4 teams. It will be down to 2 teams after the weekend and some of the smoke will clear.

    I would rather they take their time and get the best man, then if they hire a bum. This is probably a million dollar salary job and high exposure. And a coach with at least the intellegence of “snooki ” realizes that they could be in line for a head coaching job after “the 400” takes a front office position and collects the last 2 years on his contract extension

    Since they passed on a number of quality guys, I think that it will be blockbuster coach. Since “the 400” knows that his job is on the line, he is going to make sure they pick a great coach. He has picked great coaches in the past and many of his coaches are now head coaches. He has had many bums left which makes sense, because nobody wanted to hire the bums.

    That’s why I say that Castillo is a bum. If he was soooo good somebody would have hired him away like the rest of “the 400’s” assistant coaches.

    Let’s watch some quality football this weekend. Then watch the excitement that the fans and the players will show when they realize they are going to the Superbowl.

    I think the Eagles should have beaten a team that loses 15 players to IR. I don’t think the Eagles would have beaten Chicago in Chicago. Lovie has had our number the last few seasons.

    But then the game would not have had to be played in Chicago if the Detroit WR is given the TD the 1st game of the season, if the Eagles beat the Vikings like they should have, if Halle Berry gave me her phone number when, if…

    Sorry got off topic.

  • Maybe i am missing something which could be possible but why would we want dennis allen at all? I dont understand here… he is a secondary coach for the New Orleans Saints who have not really had a good defense to my knowledge. I want a proven guy who has been apart of a good defense or one who has created a good defense. Dennis Allen doesnt seem like that guy.

  • CT

    There’s also a reason why we’re the ONLY team in the NFC East to have never won a superbowl. In fact, every other team in our division has won multiple titles. My better judgment suggests that may have something to do with the negativity. I’m only guessing.

  • I was so excited for the Pettine….now i am deflated, Why do I have a feeling that this going to be one of those “Gold Standard” moves?

  • All posturing at this point. I wouldn’t believe anything anyone says. To me, the Eagles would not hire a dine coach, nor would a dine coach of wash burns caliber take a job without knowing who would be running the defense.

  • what a mess…. I hope its Kevin Greene.

  • btc24 – Agree

    I don’t think the defensive line coach would have come without knowning who his boss is. And what sceme was going to be used. The deal is done, they are just avoiding tampering charges.

  • makes a lot of sense to me…this would explain the hiring of a d-line coach and AR’s nonchalant (vacation) approach to the process

    and by the way…i love how people get all bent out of shape when some of these rumors fall apart…first of all, we barely know enough about the majority of these cantidates to know how they will perform under pressure…and secondly, it all comes down to talent…i’m sure McD could run the Jets or Ravens D…it all boils down to AR the GM making better decisions

  • There will be a Superbowl title in Philadelphia in the next 5 years. People are not understanding that were just gonna get better.

  • wow ct, I wonder if you work for the government or something or don’t work at all given how low your expectations are, eagles haven’t wo n a super bowl, haven’t won a championship since 1960′ but you are ok to wait another 5 years, Lurie and banner love your type, keep waiting brother

  • I have been saying since the day DL coach signed that this deal is done. Why would you bring in a coach without his input?? I still say its GB line coach. Don’t care what he says.

  • I am hoping the Eagles are looking to slightly simplify their defense, not make it more complicated. Perhaps we don’t need a “genius” this time, someone a little more straight ahead who the players can relate to. Recently Hugh Douglas, who has been excellent in picking playoff winners, said this about the Eagles and their future: “We need some animules” That is smarter than anything I have heard from anyone else!

  • here is a name I hear is the Eagles #1 target…..Packers Asst. Head Coach/ILB coach Winston Moss…..

  • Moss would then be Reid’s successor in Philly in 2 years.

  • I don’t see a whole lot of Coaching experience on Moss’s resume..He’s never had been a DC before but has impressed many who have played or work with him on checking his Bio out.. he’s in his mid 40’s and has been on the Packers Staff since 2006 and was hired as a LB Coach and then became the Assistant Head Coach a year later in Jan 2007 which is pretty remarkable for a Coach who has
    never held a Coordinator’s Position..
    A darkhorse candidate is Bob Babich of the Bears who has worked for Lovie Smith since the ST Rams Days.. He’s from Western PA and the DC postion would be a “Promotion” of Sorts since he’s the LB”s Coach for the Bears..He may be a guy under the radar…

  • I think Dennis Allen with end up with the Broncos and be the Dc for new Coach John Fox who still
    will make most of the call Defensively for the Broncos which would allow a year or 2 for the young ALeen to grow into the position.. Denvers Defense can only get better so that would probably be a
    good fit for him, the Broncos and Coach Fox …

  • Guys… Reid is not going anywhere. I honestly believe now that unless that fail to make the playoffs reid will be here for years.

  • I dont blame him…this ship is sinking fast in Philly and AR is doing everything to save his job. I dont care who they bring in here the philosophy must change and that starts with removing AR. If i were a DC I would not come here either seeing as how AR doesnt even try to run the football. Here is the million dollar question…what happens to an NFL defense when the HC and OC refuse to run the football????

  • Talongrip:

    An NFL defense becomes worn out, when the offense can not sustain drives.

    You can make that Million dollars out to…

  • Reid is going to step down in 2 years and become an Exec in the front office for the Birds

  • IKE REESE for DC!!!

    Here’s the thing…with Dick Jauron out of the picture the FO can’t really stick to their guns on getting an older experienced coordinator and young position coaches have come out of Philly and become successful DCs and now HCs. Ike Reese knows Ray Rhodes’ system, Jim Johnson’s system and Jim Mora Jr.’s system from when he was in Atlanta. Typically, for whatever reason, retired players that weren’t “The Best” at their spot, but were vocal leaders as players turn out to be the best coaches I’ve seen it time and time again. Ike Reese has also had a couple of years to study former coaches implement the JJ defense with new wrinkles as a broadcast analyst and see the schemes he knows like the back of his hand implemented in all kinds of different ways.(Spagnoulo, Frazier, McDermott)

    My recipe for success in 2011: FOCUS ON THE DLINE THROUGH FREE AGENCY!

    Ike Reese – DC
    Brian Dawkins (if released) – Secondary Player/Coach

    Free Agent Acquisitions:
    Haloti Ngota ($$$)
    Albert Haynesworth ($)
    Ray Edwards ($)

    -Nnamdi Asomugha is only interested in playing for the Jets and in my opinion he’s overrated…the dude has 9 interceptions for an 7-8 year career. I think Asante Samuel has had that as a single season stat for a couple of years already. If the Eagles fix the Dline it will help A LOT of areas quickly-

    Internal Team:
    re-sign all LB/Secondary players except Ernie Sims and Ellis Hobbs.
    Release Patterson, Tapp, Parker and Teo’ Nesheim

    Use draft to get
    OLinemen (Pouncey)
    Future QB(Jake Locker or Ryan Mallet)
    reserve LBs, secondary, Dlinemen

  • @Jakedog

    You took it a little deep there “brother”. Just read and pay attention to what people say. Low expectations? Read the comment before my last post. I have said nothing buy posative things. I’m not saying wait another 5 years. I said there “will be a superbowl in philly in these next 5 years” Which means we will have a championship in one of those 5 years…Can’t rush excellence there boy

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