• July 4, 2022

Other Teams Have Caught Eagles Time-Mismanagement Disease

Eagles fans will never forgot that slow march the Birds went on with time running out in the Super Bowl game against the New England Patriots. Now Birds fans won’t be alone.  Other teams have come down with that same time-mismanagement disease.  It seems that nobody knows how to run the no-huddle offense or two-minute drill any more.

What was Tom Brady and the New England Patriots doing in the fourth quarter versus the Jets?  They were trailing by two scores yet I sat and watched Brady take his time calling the plays in the huddle, walking to the line of scrimmage and changing the play, then at times handing the ball off on running plays. Brady and New England were running the ball, getting tackled, then getting up, going back into the huddle and at times running the ball again, as the clock was ticking out.

The Jets were at yesterday.  They went on a long march which ate up nearly have of the fourth quarter and it ended on the one yard line.  They worked very hard on the drive and converted a few third downs, but in the end they got nothing out of it.

They could have gone into a no-huddle offense or at least been getting out of the huddle quicker than normal, but they insisted on going into the huddle and taking their time.  Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is taking some major heat in New York about that drive.  Quarterback Mark Sanchez tried to explain what happened.

“The problem was the headset kept going out multiple times during the game,” Sanchez told the New York Daily News, “I had to run over and get a couple of calls, piece together some calls in the headset that came in broken up.”

What about Lovie Smith?  He decides to go with Caleb Hanie as his quarterback, but puts him in the game with less than a minute to go in the 3rd quarter.  By making the move at that time, Smith wouldn’t have been able to reinsert his Jay Cutler or Todd Collins if Hanie has sustained an injury.

The Bears would have had to put a wide receiver, running back or other player in at the quarterback position in the fourth quarter if Hanie had gone down because of that bone-headed move.  Not even Andy Reid would have made that mistake.  Right?


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  • Yeah the Lovie Smith one was the dumbest of them all. Because you put him in the 3rd quarter with less than a minute AND RUN THE BALL. Todd Collins could have done that in case you need to go back to him. Just plain dumb.

  • The entire 4 play sequence from those 4 play from inside the 4 yard were horrible for the Jets and really cost them a real shot of winning that game and it cost them a lot of time oro run off 4 plays which gained a total of 2 yards…. 3rd Down slant pattern to the short side of the field was a poor play call and have your biggest back in Shon Green who was starting to run well in insteda of your smallest back in L Tomlinson who never really got untracked all game,,,
    The fact that they got a safety and the ball back was lucky, the Jets had a real chance to pull within 1 score with plenty of time and they failed to do so.. The better team won without a doubt …

  • I think Lovie Smith is trying to win the damn game and just seeing Todd Collins in for just those few plays, was proof enough to him that it wasn’t going to Collins leading them back into this game…

  • “The caretaker (Coach AR) was crucfied, for sleeping on his post
    Theyr’re refusing (fans) to be pacified, it’s him they blame the most
    The Watchdog’s (the local media) got rabies, the foreman’s (Lurie/Banner) got the flea’s
    and everyone’s (fans) concerned about Industrial Disease…”

    Mark Knophler of Dire Straits… “Industrial Disease”

  • Should be a contigency plan for something like that..headset goes out we use hand signals for that huge wristband with all the plays on it?

    The Steelers are the type of team you are NOT coming back on them in that situation. Did anyone for a second think they would come back?

    Lovie Smith did make a boneheaded move with his qb shuffling. He knew it was voer once Cutler went out. He shoulda known it was over after he reviewe the Packers game film from Philly and Atlanta. No shot.

  • Should be a great Super Bowl for neither the Packers and Steelers played real well in the 2nd half of their games Sunday. Their respective Coaching Staffs will lots of ammo, video and things to improve in
    and to go over which should keep the players fired up and on their toes…

  • I agree Paulman about Todd Collins BUT you still need him as an option in case your 3rd QB gets injured. So there was absolutely no point in bringing in the 3rd QB to hand the ball off twice.

  • No there wasn’t Scorpion, and a definite oversight,mistake and poor decision by Coach Smith..

  • Agreed….those four plays on the goaline stand were Andy Reid atrocious. And then to send in LT on 4th down lined up 7 yds deep was the epitome of STU-PID!

  • First let me state I am by no means a Jets fan, nor did I have any money on the game. The play when Steelers scored on the fumble recovery from what I think was an incomplete pass why was this not the famous tuck rule. If you are going to say his arm wasn’t going forward which I think it was isn’t this what Brady did in the famous Tuck game?

  • rhfast, this was a little different than the tuck rule game because of the point where Sanchez got hit. I think this was the case where it was so close the officials couldn’t overturn it. If they would have ruled it as an incomplete pass and the Steelers would have challenged, I think they would have lost.

  • If I remember correctly it was after a pump fake with Brady and He was pulling the ball toward his chest. If you go back and watch Sanchez he pump fakes pulls the ball back and then tries to throw it again. So basically because he attempted to throw it again it is a live ball, that makes no sense. I am not saying you are wrong the rule itself doesn’t make any sense if you are correct in your interpretation. From what I have seen they always give the benefit of doubt to the quarterback in this scenario, I was really surprised the call wasn’t overturned.

  • I thought Sanchez’ arm was going forward when he was hit. I thought sure it was going to be reversed. The slant route was a terrible play. They had the throw to the tight end. It was open bu the throw was low and still should have been caught. LT should have jumped on the last play.

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