• May 17, 2022

S.I. Report: Absence Of QB Talent In Draft Has Kevin Kolb’s Stock Going Up

It was very apparent yesterday when watching the Senior Bowl workout that this draft class is very short on quarterback talent.  It didn’t help that Stanford’s Andrew Luck decided to remain in school.

Tony Paulline of Sports Illustrated says the conversations about the Eagles getting much more for Kevin Kolb than his ability dictates were being had all over. I don’t buy all of the talk until teams are putting first and second round draft picks on the table.

I do agree with him that Kolb’s stock has to be increasing with the shortage of quarterback talent in the draft and on the free agent market.  Add to that the high number of coaches who get fired if their teams don’t make the playoffs and you have a mix for teams to overpay for a seasoned starting quarterback.

Do you think some of those coaches who were fired at the end of the season are kicking themselves that they didn’t make a move to acquire Michael Vick who was available last year?

For those you who haven’t been to a Senior Bowl practice, the coaches and player personnel people from around the NFL surround the fence of the field and strike up conversations about particular players and teams.

Paulline said there are quite few NFL insiders who believe Carson Palmer is trying to get a trade worked out which will send him to Seattle to rejoin his college coach Pete Carroll.

Paulline gave high marks to Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick and low marks to Washington quarterback Jake Locker.  I would agree with him.  Kaepernick showed great athletic skills and surprising accuracy and timing in his throws.  Locker was all over the place with his throws.  He’s got great arm strength, but has no idea where the ball is going.


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  • Please trade Kolb. And Andy better not trade down with the picks they receive.

  • I heard that the owner or GM of the Bengals declined Palmer’s trade request…

    That is lovely, glad to see that his stock is high…now lets see if the Eagles pull the trigger

  • With Mcnabb, Orton, Hasselbeck, Smith, Palmer and others amongst the same free agency crop, I dont see how we can get anything more than a 2nd for Kolb.

  • I think Kolb has the ability to be a very good NFL quarterback but would love to see a trade happen. By no means has he been spectacular, but with the chances he’s been given he has shown he can be successful in this league in the right system with the right personnel. I was excited when Kafka was drafted last year and was impressed with him in the limited time I saw him in camp and preseason, so I would feel fine going into the season with him as a backup to Vick.

  • I wouldn’t let Kolb go for anything less then a first rounder. We drafted him with a second and put all of this time into his development. Why give him up for less then cost us when they can retain him as insurance for Vick. In this league especially if they go to an 18 game format, you have to have a good quality back up.

  • A 2nd and a 4th will be the best they can get for Kolb anbd if that offer comes up, they should grab it ..
    Anyone who thinks he will return a 1st Round Selection has been hanging around Vinnie for too long
    A team like the 49ers may be interested, they have a total of 10 Draft Selections and could part with
    2nd and a 4th in return for Kolb…

  • Believe it or not, my dark horse trade partner is the New England Patrioits.
    Tthe Patriots could be interested for T Brady who is not getting any younger and have a Off-season surgery for the 3rd Year in the row.. ..
    The Pats have a lot of draft picks 8 of them in the 1st 4 Rounds alone and may be willing to
    wheel and deal and have been partners with the Eagles before in trades…

  • I think there are more teams looking for a longterm QB than there are teams who feel they are a QB away from winning the Super Bowl. And would any team that feels it is a good QB away from a Super Bowl really think McNabb is the answer? I could be wrong, but the end of his time here and last season surely wouldn’t convince me he could be the answer.

  • Paulman, if the Pats offered pick 32 or 33 paired with maybe a 5th-6th I would take that.

  • Hey G, I’m curious, have you guys heard anymore on Donovan McNabb and where he might end up; if anywhere? Carson Palmer is like a Mcnabb by now and maybe not much more than a top 15 to 20 QB out of 32.

  • Maybe the Philadelphia Soul. He’d be able to play air guitar for the halftime show. Two things for the price of one.

  • Donovan isn’t a free agent. The Redskins will decide where he goes because he’s under contract. He wasn’t a smart move to sign that contract with the Skins. They could sit on him by asking more than anybody is willing to give for him.

  • Well technically neither is Kolb and Orton etc. Just saying these are all dudes who are available for a price.

  • 1. Mcnabb is still under contrat.
    2. C Palmer is done. The only way he is starting on a new team is if he is dropped.
    3. Hasselback – has already been told he will be back next year w/ a contract extension
    4. Smith who? Alex smith? gotta be joking.
    5. Orton – he might actually be traded this off season, but his skill set is’t exactly looked at as high as kolbs is.

    The fact is Kolb is looked at as a young talented QB that could help a team take it to the next level. and if the Eagles trade him for anything less then a 1st round 25-35th over all, then they are conceding they lost the trade to the cowgirls and threw away 3 years for nothing.

  • I Think Shaun Hill from Detriot will get some instrest..Vince Young is out there.. Matt Lineart is out there..Kolb being in his final year of a relatively cheap contract ($1.5-$ 2 Million) is what makes him
    very attractive to teams who feel they are a QB away from playoff contention..
    McNabb/Orton/Palmer/Young all are under current contracts which has them receiving big $$$
    in 2011 as they presently have them structured with their respective teams..
    This is why there will be a big interest in Kolb and maybe the Eagles can get more that I originally
    think or stated…
    Kolb got hig big $$$ last year, but this year’s his contract is very affordable for all teams ..

    To Mimitaro
    I would take that deal in a heartbeat from the Pats if offered

  • Kolb is more established than Matt Schaub was and he netted a flip-flop of first-round picks, and two seconds. Kolb has shown more than Schaub did so you have to get at least that much or you don’t trade him.

  • GCobb — it WAS a smart move for Donovan to sign that contract. He wasn’t going to get that MUCH money in free agency — not that 70 plus million he’s receiving now.

    I’m willing to bet that if Donovan hit free agency today, he wouldn’t SNIFF that much cash. VERY SMART move….by Donovan.

    Smart move by the Redskins too, because if/when they trade him, they will get something in return rather than just letting him walk and losing him, a second/fourth round draft pick in a span of 1 year.

  • And just to throw it out there, I see Kolb ending up in San Francisco. He showcased his talent to them in the Monday Night Meeting. If we flop first round picks and they give us a second as well, pull the trigger.

  • I don’t know if anybody will be willing to trade for McNabb because he’s got a $10 million dollar bonus in the August. The Skins should just release him, but they may hold onto him until there are no opportunities out there for him.

  • I dont get it guys. If the cowboys are willing to give up a 1st for Roy Williams and the Raiders a 1st for Richard Seymore why not a 1st for a guy that has some pretty good numbers when he starts? the fact that Luck dropped out this years draft should raise Kolbs stock. Besides Palmer he is the best QB option out there in my opinion. Us Philly fans are the only one that thinks he’s not worth a 1st.. Lets start blogging that he is and maybe we can convince the world Kolb for a 1st is a good deal.

  • vricchini, we will get a high first for Kolb — we might have to swap with our first, but if one of these top ten teams really want him, they would be willing to trade their first round pick. They have to be. Like I said, the 49ers number one need is QB. If we give them Kolb and our first for their first and an extra second — they would/should do it.

  • I don’t see the Pats offering that much for Kolb. That would be kinda like saying that they are prepared to move on without Brady. Brady is tough, he isn’t retiring anytime soon, and I think Belichick is faithful to him. No way Belichick gives up that much for a backup.

    Also, I remember reading somewhere that the Eagles were looking for 2 firsts for Kolb. If they don’t lower their demands, no one is gonna trade for him. They need to get something for him though. No point in keeping him as a backup then letting him walk and getting nothing for him. Plus, the pick or picks could really help.

  • I discussed this in one of my previous posts..Kolb will be an Eagle next year just because the Eagles won’t be able to trade him for this years draft picks due to a CBA prolly not getting implemented before then.

    Its really unfortunate because I thought a good trade for both teams if there was a CBA in place would be our 1st round pick(23) and Kolb for the 1st round pick of either Arizona(5),Cleveland(6),SF(7), Or Tenn(8) and maybe even a future round or late round in there as well. I think esp SF or Tenn would of definately gone for this and so would the Eagles(we would have a top 10 draft pick and would be in position to draft one of the top two corners in the draft right before the Cowshits could pick and would still be able to draft a quality lineman with the 2nd rounder)

    Mimitaro, I think teams think Kolb is a better option over Mcnabb, Orton, Hasselbeck, Smith(Im guessin you mean Alex). I dont see Palmer going anywhere. Why would a team try and build around players that are way past their prime and with some serious injuries to their body. The truth is, McNabb, whether you liked him here or didn’t wasn’t even worth a 1st round pick for the future HOFer ppl think he is and not many teams even tried to trade for him when they easily could of. SF and Arizona thought Alex Smith/ Matt Leinhart were better options when they could of easily had him. That’s all the proof you need to know about what the league thinks McNabb has left.

    Hasselback is old and injury prone and Orton got benched for Tebow so I dont think anybody is gonna get hyped about getting either of those guys either. tleast Kolb has played against NFL defenses/players and has put up offensive players of the week numbers and thats something he has over every QB in the draft this year who is a complete unkown.

  • If only owners and players could really stop talking crap about eachother in the media and get in a room and actually put something together

  • I look at the 49ers as a logical landing spot for a couple of reasons..
    Obviously they hired new HC Harbaugh to a 5 year $25 Million deal to take over and to bring back
    Playoff Football asap to the Bay Area..
    They have 10 Draft picks this years after having 2 1st Rd Selections in last years draft in which they
    took (OL Davis & Iuapati) who were #11 and #17 respectively last year and both got nice sized Rookie contracts. The 49ers have the following selections in 2011 Draft
    1st Rd (#7th Overall) 2nd Rd (#45 overall) 3rd RD (#76 Overall) 4th Rd (#107) 4th Rd (#114)
    and 5 more picks

    Here is Paulman’s Proposed deal

    Eagles Trade QB Kolb and their 1st Rd pick (#23 Overall)
    to the 49ers for their 1st (#7th Overall) 3rd (#76 Overall) and their 2nd 4th Rd pick (#114 Overall)

    This would give the 49ers QB Kolb, their 2nd Rd (#45 Overall) their a 4th (#107) and their other 5 picks

    This would give the Eagles 7 selections out of the Top 120 Players
    1st (#7th Overall- from 49ers)
    2nd (#55 Overall- Eagels own pick)
    3rd (#76 Overall- from 49ers)
    3rd (#86 Overall- Eagles own pick)
    4th (#104 Overall – from Redskins in McNabb trade)
    4th (#114 Overall- from 49ers)
    4th (#120 Overall – Eagles own pick)

    With the 7th Selection – The Eagles could Draft CB Prince Amakura (6 -205lbs) from Nebraska,
    DT M Darreus (6 3″- 310 lbs) from Alabama or OLB V Miller (6 2″ 245 lbs) from Texas A&M or big WR Julius Jones from Alabama (6’4 220 lbs)
    Or they could even trade down to another team afterwards who wants theat #7 pick to grab QB C Newton, B Gabbert) and get and additional 2nd or 3rd Pick for sliding back down some

    The more research on this years Draft, the more I think that it’s not a very deep in a lot of areas..
    The best depth and quality players are DL/LB/OL which are all areas of need for the Eagles
    It’s not very deep for top quality players at the CB/S/QB/RB/WR/TE so I think after about the Top 125 players or so are gone, it’s not very good from there on out..

  • Can somebody answer this question. How do we excuse the Eagles for being ranked number 21 in payroll last year. We were out spent by the likes of Cleveland, Cincinnati, Buffalo, etc. This is an absolute violation…it isn’t like they are giving us any of the money back…season tickets went up last year. Why didn’t they go after Peppers last year? We have a team across the street that already has a couple championships and a team that had the best record in baseball that decided to give a guy a 100 million dollar contract…they could have done nothing and still have the best record in baseball this year.. So why do the Phils do this…because they want to win unlike the cheap ownership of the Eagles.

  • @Paulman…I have to say to say it. I’ve been on this site just about every day over the last year and a half and often read all the comments but just recently decided to register to post myself. How do you find the time to do all this research? I like to stay on top of everything but no way could I keep up!

  • This team doesnt want a 1st for Kolb..that will cost them 1st round draft pick money (remember we are the gold standard like the Pats). We would rather get a 2nd round pick and draft an undersized end. We have a lot of 6 and 7 round picks for our starting linebackers. Here is an idea..lets not give the legend BDawk 5 million when be can replace him with Demps or Macho…hmmm that worked Dawk is still better than any safety we have on this team plus you get his leadership. Also, BWest would have been a good guy to keep for a million a year.. what if Shady went down like Gore did.. nah we don’t need an insurance policy in a legend of they city. You dont see the Yanks parting with Jeter do you..

  • BWest was done. If Shady went down we had Harrison and he was a proven starter already… Look what he done with Cleveland in the last 3 games of the year before we got him. Dude shouldve been used more with the Eagles IMO.

    The team DOES want a 1st for Kolb. They are tight and dont like to lose out on players. But WANTING and GETTING are two different things in this situation.

    And as much as we all love Dawk he was useless this year and in no way better than our two safeties in gameplay. I also follow the broncos and he may not even have a job this year as theyre thinking of making Bailey a safety if he gets resigned.

  • Paulman you just aent getting it. A 2nd and 4th? The professionals are telling you his stock is rising. Reports are being told the Eagles dont just want 1 one number 1 pick, the want 2 number 1 picks. Like it or not Kolb is highly touted, He was a high #2 pick and has had a few years of experience and hes ready to go. Why in the world would his stock drop? All them bullshit qbs you are touting not one is ahead of Kolb in the pecking order. Kolb will go for a minimum of a 1st round pick.

  • To who Dag? Who is paying more than a number 1?

  • I doubt they get 1 #1 pick, let alone 2.

  • From everything I know and heard the Eagles did make an offer to Peppers that was around the ball park with Chicago. He just chose to play in Chicago because of all the uncertainty that was surrounding this team before the season started. I agree Daggolden…but I im not sure teams with the late 1st rounders that Kolb would have a chance at being traded to straight up are in the need of QBs, hence thats why they did well this year. Thats why I said trading our First Rounder and Kolb to a team in the top 10 would be ideal and perfect for both sides. Its just too bad there prolly won’t be a CBA in place for this or any othe possible trade to actually happen. The last thing we need is Dallas to get one of those top two corners at the 9th pick…their 1st rounder from last year is already a stud and ours is in need of some serious knee rehab

  • Mimitaro let me get this straight first. I personally think Kolb sucks. I think he is no better than AJ Feeley. But saying all that EVERYONE I have ever heard speak of Kolb just thinks Kolb is a very good young qb. I have definetly heard the Eagles asking price is two #1 picks. Which means they are definetly looking for atleast a number 1 pick. They drafted Kolb basically at the end of round 1. Why would they possibly take less than what they drafted him for. Hassleback, Smith, Orton? Are you kidding me? Kolb will be more sought after than ANY of them.

  • I’m not looking at a stud CB with the #7 pick, because we will be getting Aso. Don’t need one of the stud DTs either because we will be getting Haynesworth. LB is the place to go, so grabbing Von Miller will probably be ideal. Although, at 7…… I think it is a reach, because I don’t think he is that good.

  • You may be right in that Kolb is better than all of them… but my point was the other free agent QBs hurt Kolbs value. I read many broncos blog sites similar to this and they are happy with a 2nd rounder in return for Orton. Why would anybody pay two first round draft picks for Kolb when they could have Orton for a one 2nd rounder and hes only 2 years older, has proven more than Kolb ever has, and actually lead the league for a short while last year in passing yards.

  • We’re going to regret letting Kolb go. I always liked him, always thought he was the shiznit. I think he’s the best available QB in the draft and FA. No reason we should let him for anything less than two first rounders one this year and next year pending he takes the team to the playoffs.

  • To win in the NFL you need a franchise QB. I define a franchise QB as one who can take you to the playoffs in 6 out of 10 years. I see currently 14 franchise QBs (Brady, P Manning, Ben R., P RIvers, M Schaub, Flacco in AFC – Vick, McNabb, E Manning, Romo, Rodgers, Cutler, Brees, Ryan in NFC). I see six potential franchise QBs (M. Sanchez, K Kolb, S Bradford, M Cassell, M Stafford and J Freeman) – potential franchise QB’s are those who have shown promise but the jury is still out. So, you have one, (yes, one) potential franchise QB available. Folks like Carson Palmer and M Hasselback are done. Vince Young is a wild card. Orton, Chad Henne – please? So, Kolb is the only available potential franchise QB to trade for. Why not give a 1st round pick for him. 1st rounders are a 50/50 shot in the NFL. For every Peyton Manning, you have a Ryan Leaf. For every Aaron Rodgers you have Alex Smith. I would give a 1st rounder for Kolb if I was in San Fran, Miami or any other QB starved city.

  • 6 out of 10? Schaub better get in the next 6 then because he has already started 0-4.

  • I keep hearing “The Eagles want 2 first round picks for kolb.” I realize that WAS the case last year when Kolb was most likely becoming the starter but it can no longer be the case w/ him being the back up. Kolb would be worth much more if he was the Starting QB, but being a back up his value drops. I think the Eagles realize that and his value drops.

    I think paulman is onto something w/ the trade to the 49ers, it makes a lot of sense. Let’s just see if the coach is willing to pull this kind of deal though, because @ number 7 – A team might be willing to take a risk on a Cam Newton who can someday become the next Mike Vick

  • I have never been one to say kevin kolb is a good QB but I feel that we can certainly trade him for some decent picks if there is not deep talent at the QB spot. You guys already mentioned this but McNabb, Orton, Hasselbeck and Palmer are all old and pretty much done or not that skilled. Like I said, I do not think Kolb is good, i really dont like him at all, and im sure some will argue that but he is a better choice than any of these QB’s

  • i know it may sound crazy, but why wouldn’t we franchise vick and try to trade him? this team isn’t going to compete for a super bowl while he can still run, and he won’t be worth anything when his legs go. his miraculous transformation into a real qb won’t last. in the second half of the season, he started to revert back to his old tricks from when he was a falcon. kolb, on the other hand, has shown some real ability when given the chance. he’s still young, and doesn’t have much wear and tear, so we can develop him over the next couple years. if teams are talking about a 1st for kolb, imagine what they can get for vick.

  • To DAg,

    My Trade proposal has the 49ers & Eagles swapping 1st Round picks where the Eagles jump up 16 spots to the 7th overall pick which is 1/2 a round.. in addition to the 2nd and 4th Selections.. I think it’s a good deal for both teams

  • No way the Eagles would ever draft a LB in the first round.

  • Kolb is in the exact same position as Matt Schaub a few years ago. Schaub went for two second rd picks…which is probably what Kolb is worth. Obviously, with the point totals of every draft pick, there are some scenarios which could let the Eagles move up or down in the draft.

  • What makes you think this team want to draft within the top 10?

    It cost more money than these cheap ass guys are willing to pay and the way this organization been operating, if they did …..Could we expect them to get a game changer? or

    Will it surprise anyone if the player is a bust or inactive throughout the season? Forget about the Eagles moving up into the top 10 spots

  • Regardless of what everyone says it will be pretty foolish of the Eagles to not trade him because no one wanted to give them 2 #1 picks and then he doesn’t sniff the field next year and he walks next offseason with nothing in return. If the Eagles franchise tag Vick (as what many are saying they have to do) then they most certainly have to trade Kolb or get nothing in return. And come on guys, the Eagles will not let this guy walk when they know he could bolster their draft. It’s just a matter of getting the right deal. I do agree with some of the others that with guys like Palmer, McNabb, Hasselbeck and Orton could be available after being released or trade may take away some suitors for Kolb.

    Everyone isn’t going to be looking for a QB to get them through the next 5-7 years. Some teams are looking for a guy that’s just better than what they have, have tons of experience and has had success in this league. While others are looking for a good young QB (which many view Kolb to be) who can provide stability at that position for a long time and compete for a title in a few years. I don’t think a team like Minny, San Fran or even Arizona that really just need a QB to put them back in the playoffs will have tons of interest in Kolb. They will have interest just probably not as much as a team like Cleveland or who knows even Cincy (if Palmer is definitely going to go).

    Whatever the scenarios may be, I really don’t care. I just hope they do trade him so they use the draft picks on top talent. That’s what I care about the most. We can sign any journeyman backup QB to do what Kolb did for a couple games if needed.

  • One thing to point out and keep in mind..
    If Kolb stays with the Eagles in 2011 and rides the bench behind VIck (which he would unless injury) and doesn’t really see much game action, then his marketability is almost zilch… At the end of 2011 even as a Free-Agent, he would have what,6-8 Career Starts in his 5 years in the NFL.. Not many teams are going to consider him a “Franchise/#1 Starter type with that much inactivity.. He needs to be moved this off-season for his own sake or he will be too soon forgotten by most teams by 2012

  • Another thing to keep in mind is that the heat is starting on Coach AR,
    I truly believe that it’s not the same old, same old as past off-seasons and it really did start with last Off Season and making some rtreades,being agressive and making lots of moves to improve the club..
    Did they all work, of course not, but I think Coach AR and GM Roseman are going to be active and aggressive again this off-season (depending on what the Free-Agency/CBA holds)
    Coach AR has 2011/2012 to make it or coach in a Super Bowl.. I believe the pressure and the bar has been risen so he must act and I believe he is looking at the short term for he knows he doesn’t have 3-4 years to re-build this Defense or O/Line..
    I think they Franchise Vick, trade Kolb and sign 3-4 Free-agents and look to be agressive in the Draft to get some more players on this Team..

  • In this league you only have so many chances to hold a big bargaining chip. They have a chance to trade Kolb and make some big gains to their starting lineup with what they get in return. If they don’t trade him and he rides the pine for another year and then goes somewhere else and the eagles get nothing for him, Andy is going to look pretty dumb. The guy’s a good insurance policy, but they need STARTERS! not good backups!!

  • @runtheball

    Two number 1’s for Kolb? are you living in a fantasy world? What did we get for McNabb? and you think Kolb is worth 2 number one’s….LOL absolutely ridicolous! you said “we’re gonna regret letting Kolb go, you always thought he was the shiznit?? What? It doesn’t take much to impress you does it? as long as we have Vick there will be no regrets about getting rid of Kolb! For a QB that has been in the league 4 plus years, he should be better than the rookie talent coming out of the draft, especially someone that has been hyped up as much as Kolb…by fans like you!…If the Eagles can get one number one pick for Kolb they better take it…now if they can get a 2nd and 4th they better take that also…

  • There is a short book on Kolb, but what we have seen is typical for an inexperienced starter, at times he has looked bad, really bad, and some times he has looked good, very good, but we have not seen enough to say what he will eventually be. just not enough consistent starts and reps

  • 1>The eagles will not land an early 1st round pick for Kolb (switch spots to get about to the 15th spot??? maybe).
    2>The eagles will not move into the top 10. They dont think a player s worth that money.
    3>No way the birds take less than 2 2 round picks for him.
    4>Not sure he will leave because of the labor deal.

  • I think Kolb is a better qb choice for a team than Mcnabb. Mcnabb became to one dimensional. Kevin has great intangibles like Roethlisberger. He checks the D with pump fakes and isn’t flashy but smart. He did a great job without ever being allowed to fulfill his talents. I think we’re going to regret letting him go, and yes two first rounders for a playoff berth for a team is justified. He’s young, I don’t care about Mcnabb trade that was our FO fault for not selling him earlier. They made the mistake of not getting more for him.

  • he was a high 2nd round pick 3 years ago and is nurtured by a great qb coach in Reid. You’d be hard pressed to find anything like Kolb at his age and ready to go. If I was a team on the verge I would give up my first round and a first rounder next year for a playoff berth. If not it would become a 3rd or whatever. I’m just saying the structure of the trade is determined by the outcome. I never said “two first rounders” and thats it. read more carefully

  • and as far as hating on Kolb, try not to be such a typical Philadelphia fan. Everyone sucked Mcnabb off but at the end of the day he became a choke artist. He had his chance, Kevin was thrown under the bus multiple times. The first was against Baltimore and even then I saw things I liked. I actually watch for signs of life. Sorry for being impressed by what little I saw of him. I guess it doesn’t take much to impress me. Sorry I don’t play gay fantasy football and stay impressed by chris johnson players all day.

  • run, wtf are you trying to articulate here, have some respect for yourself and your opinion, “sorry for being impressed…doesn’t take much to impress me”, wtf go get a cracker jack box and maybe the toy surprise will be a pair of balls

  • runtheball….we all know there were things you liked in Kolb and that same premise can be made on any quarterback playing. Horton does good things, Jason Campbell did some good things….that’s not flying.

    Kolb is a bum and if we get anything for him, I’ll take it.

    When he’s on his ranch years from now in an episode of “Where are they now”….remember this post.

    Kolb will do absolutely nothing once he’s traded and that will remind us of the day he was drafted when everyone said, “Kevin who?”

    “Why are we trading out of the 1st round with Dallas to get Kolb when quarterback is not the problem on a team that actually need better skill players?”

    This will go down as one of many moves this organization made to destroy a competitve team with key components in place and they did this trading down two years in a row while releasing quality players which were also leaders. I know everyone including myself are clamouring over Reid’s reluctance to throw the ball and would like to use that as an excuse saying a running game would aid Kolb’s progress. but the problem with that is Reid knew he wasn’t going to run the ball when he traded out of the 1st round and drafted Kolb

    He knew he wasn’t going to run the ball when ho traded Mcnabb and Annointed Kolb the starter.
    So, Reid set the bar with Mcnabb and was saying, If Mcnabb bacame a perennial hall of fame player without the run game, Kolb with a quicker release and smarts should step in a do the same. He didn’t. This organization failed Kolb and the fans……..not just by the lack of running the ball but by drafting Kolb in the first place.

  • songs, the gameplan changed to a more vertical attack, 7 step drop, instead of the short pass/timing routes over the middle. Kolb is a systems qb, the system Reid initially envisioned for Mcnabb, but not suited for Mcnabb’s strengths, vertical game but able to make some plays with his legs. McNabb decided to give up using the legs and the rest is history, besides being a choke artist, embarrasing fning air guitar playing clown, deal with it.

  • Songz, you also said trading McNabb was a mistake. STFU. You have about as much vision into the future as Ray Charles.

  • hey jakedog lick my nuts beotch.

  • You guys on here are a bunch of A typical ass clowns that I always end up beating the shit out of at the linc.

  • Realtalk, loved your use of the word, “shiznit”! Run, how often do you beat people at the Linc?

  • Kolb is a damn bum.

    why are we wasting articles on this pathetic loser…..what have he done again?

    Don’t be surprised if the Eagles can’t get a 3rd rounder for this bum….Guys on here excuse him by saying, “Kolb’s a system QB.” What the hell is that? A weak arm, slow, player?

    What the hell is a system quarterback? Does that mean everything must work pefectly for him to be successful? Does that mean you can’t depend on him to put a team on his shoulders and win? can someone tell me what is a system quarterback? Please dont say Brady and Manning because they shoulder a team and have strong arms. someone give me their definition of a system QB.

  • Kolb’s performance in the Eagles system is substantially similar to A.J. Feeley’s (69.6 vs 73.2 rating lifetime), and no way Feeley is/was anything more than a reliable back-up. To me, once he get’s hit, he starts looking check-off first, and that won’t cut it. This is the year to trade him for sure, due to as G mentioned, the reduced talent coming out of school. I say market him heavily and sign a backup from available free-agents.

  • @songs

    What has kolb done? Well in his very limited experience he not only became the first QB in NFL history to throw for 300+ yds in his first 2 career starts, but he also won the NFC player of the week award twice in 7 career starts. And as for him being slow, he ran a 4.85 40, which is actually faster than a lot of established, successful QB’s. Just because you’ve been watching vick run around for a season doesn’t mean that’s what every QB is supposed to do. And his arm strength is a non-issue. He has made several deep throws, and more importantly, he has shown the ability to accurately throw the intermediate slant and crossing routes that make this offense successful. Personally, I will hate to see him go because I would like to see what he could do with a legitimate chance to play. The thought of watching vick run around and refuse to read the defense, and make ill advised throws in crucial moments for the foreseeable future is not something i’m overly excited about.

  • Blusardi – don’t disagree about the mental aspects of deciphering defenses, but man once Kolb gets hit, he really seems like a different dude. I just can’t see him being a top-flight QB in the league. He excels in non-contact practice but for a guy that hunts boar with a knife, seems to get rattled easier than most. That is something he probably won’t outgrow with experience. IF the birds can get decent return on a trade, the timing could not be better, assuming they can pick up an experienced backup.

  • Im not saying that kolb is definitely gonna be a star. All im saying is that hes shown that he might be. This team isnt set up to win in the next couple years, so im just saying that it makes more sense to see what you have with kolb. Let him develop. If you franchise vick, im sure you could get a good trade for him. This way if kolb doesnt show anything next year (as long as there is a season) you can look for another option. Thats what this year was supposed to be about, but now it just seems like a wasted season. Vick looked great against bad defenses. He struggled quite a bit against the better ones. I dont see them winning anything with his style of play.

  • sounds like u r talking about r. cunningham from a couple of decades ago. If i’m not wrong, I don’t think Kolb directed a TD in teh entire pre-season and the GB game before he went down . I might be off a tD or so, but the point is once he became ‘the man’, he certainly was not… but neither of us call the shots, so will be interesting to see what they do (in addition to franchising Vick). I was optimistic about Kolb for all of your arguments at the start of the pre-season, but he proved me wrong. I guess you have to ask if you could get a high pick or two for him, and pick up a starting OLB or maybe corner, would that be better for the team than either dumping Vick or keeping Kolb as a backup?!?

  • It all comes down to money. If Kobb’s number plus Vick’s number as a franchise tag, is about the same or a bit more than last year. Then keep Kobb. Kobb is cheap… THIS YEAR. Might as well keep your insurance for one more year, and defer the Vick Kobb decision til we learn a bit more about both of the men.

  • I need everyone to watch that 1st green bay game again …the opener then come back on here and tell me what you think about Kolb.

    It was his debut and he was given the stage to show the world that his time to take the reigns were now.

    The look in his eyes said it all….even before the first snap and he was absolutely pathetic and played with no heart. Hell with the excuses because Vick came in with the same team and catipulted them to the playoffs just from his one half of play. Winning is an attitude and the guys around you must believe and that starts with the quarterback and with all the flaws guys try to point out they can not deny one key attribute of Vick’s and that’s “Heart”. Kolb have to grow one and I’m not in any position to say it’s worth wait for him to find one. Some of you guys are saying give Kolb a chance and if he don’t work we’ll just look into someone else, as if finding a good quarterback is that simple. He did nothing to deserve a chance and when he did get the chance ……he failed, and Andy Reid knows he don’t have too much time to hang his future on an iffy Kolb with A proven pro bowler like Michael Vick on the team…what’s up with you guys and this Kolb fascination? Stop already!!!!!

    Kolb is Ass!!!

    Andy Reid have one more season to get it done and everyone with eyes in their heads know he will not put his career on the line with Kolb. He almost did it last year and Vick saved his behind.

    Trade Kolbs ass outta here so we can stop these pathetic back and forths about nothing.

    If Kolb gets traded and totally fail…would that surprise anyone? No

    He was a mistake when we drafted him and after Reid chose Vick over Kolb, Jeffrey Lurie knows Kolb is a mistake that will soon be someone elses problem.

  • to say kolb sucks after 10 passes in one game is as ridiculous as saying he deserves to be in the hall of fame after the atlanta game. green bay has a very good defense, and they overwhelmed the entire eagles offense in the first half. they didn’t have a gameplan in place to contain vick, nobody expected him to be able to move around like he did. once some of the better defenses started to get some tape on vick, they realized he had the same holes in his game that he had in atlanta. spending 2 years in prison doesn’t miraculously turn you into a real QB after all. anyone who thinks this eagles team will be a serious contender next year needs to remove their kool-aid i.v. and face the facts. our o-line is garbage. our defense is swiss cheese. our superstar QB can’t read a defense, or move to his right…to play the way he did against minnesota, in a big time game, and come out and say “they did things we hadn’t seen before” shows his absolute inability to adjust and put a team on his shoulders. watch that last pass against green bay again. there are so many things wrong with it, i can’t even begin to dissect it. that’s vick’s m.o…

  • Blu……Vick will be starting in the pro bowl buddy …while your pathetic Kolb is ambushing a hog…get over it already..Vick made this squad in to a winning squad this year when everyone knows we all was looking at winning 6 games at best with Kolb….I’m so glad Kolb’s ass is outta here…he’s getting paid too much for holding clipboards and with that pay I would have added hand washing Vick’s jock strap to his daily chores.

  • Songs….Yeah, Vick will be starting the Pro Bowl…I’m not trying to take that away from him. But the week after that, he’ll be in the same boat as his backup…the same boat that this team has been in for most of it’s history, and unfortunately, for the foreseeable future. I get that most people are gonna be all over the Vick bandwagon after the season (mostly the first half of the season) that he had. He showed some amazing ability, but at his age, he’s not going to get better. He started to revert after defenses figured him out a little bit, and he looked strikingly similar to the guy he was in atlanta. We know what we have with Vick…he can go to the pro bowl every year if he wants to, but as long as he keeps coming up small in big situations, he won’t be leading any team to the bowl that actually matters. Imagine the outrage if Mcnabb threw that last pass instead of Vick. Everyone’s willing to give Vick a pass, because he hasn’t done it here before, but the Vick playoff story and the Mcnabb playoff story are painfully similar…The guy only has maybe 2 years left before he loses a step, and when that happens, his career is as good as over. Good defenses have always and will always figure him out when it matters. I don’t know if Kolb can win, but i think it would be a mistake to commit to vick and let go of someone who has shown promise. the guy doesn’t even have a half season worth of starts in the league, so to call him a bum is really reaching. the talent on this team is young, and should develop over the next several seasons, and i would rather try to find a QB who can develop with them, instead of going with a guy with a history of being mediocre in big time games. And if kolb is as worthless as you make him out to be, then i’m sorry to say you’re gonna be seeing him holding a clipboard here for awhile. i find it funny that other teams and their fans would love to see kolb play for them, and we’re trying to get rid of him.

  • Blu….if it was Kolb there would be no playoff story.

  • This draft is so weak, there is little point in trading Kolb for less than a 1st – either this year or next!

    If he ever turns into a solid QB, the eagle fans will piss and moan for the next 10 years.

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