• August 8, 2022

Eagles Workout Free Agent Offensive Lineman

According to Adam Caplan of Foxsports, the Eagles worked out free agent offensive lineman Kyle Calloway earlier this week.  Calloway was drafted in the seventh round by the Buffalo Bill in 2010 but was waived on August 30.

The youngster has been out of the league for the past year, but he did workout for the Houston Texans during that time.

I personally don’t know much about this young man other than he played his college ball at Iowa where he was a right tackle.  To me that means, he’s probably got some toughness and is likely a better run blocker than he is a pass blocker.


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  • I will admit it….I know absolutely nothing about this guy….but why does it seem that the eagles are always looking in places that other teams do not look when building their teams?

    The guy has never played a down in a league game…been out of football for an entire year….none of the other 28 teams had a use for him on their practice squad…but the eagles are giving him a work out?

    OK….giving him a workout doesn’t hurt…but I don’t know…it just feels like we are trying to be smarter tan every other team or get a body on the cheap.

    Hear is a novel concept….draft REAL GOOD players that actually make your squad and contribute for years into the future…instead….we are looking at guys who haven’t played a game since 2009

  • this is classic Eagles right here guys.
    Who gives a damn about a 7th rounder that couldn’t make the Buffalo Bills?

    This pisses me off!!!!!!

    This team have high picks and money!!!!!

    Pay for players instead of projects to protect the quarterback you freakin morons!!!!!!!

    These guys think Castillo is Houdini…We don’t need another Nicks or Gills,,,,there’s better players out the they may cost more but your quarterabck will have a pocket to step in too and actually run a designed play without worrying about his head being ripped off because you decided to plug low price speed bumps on the line.

  • Iowa and Coach Ferentz typically put out Good O/L which is his specialty
    I check out this fella and found no real red flags as far as injuries,character issues..
    He is limited athletically and the Buffalo BIlls were dying for quality OL depther last year so the fact the he didn’t make their 53 man Roster or even practice squad tells me that he probably isn’t good enough and athletic enough o play at the NFL Level..
    His Bio 6’6 325lbs Arm Length 33 1/2 “, Hand Size 10.1 ”
    and ranked 54 out of 100 per Scouts NFL Rankings for last years Drafy
    His favorite Movie is “Clockwork Orange” and his favorite music band is “Devo”

  • Just a sidenote G,

    Does anyone think that J Peters can play RT so he has Vicks blind side covered..
    Is Rt that much differenct than LT scheme and blocking wise that he could transition over to that spot
    With Vick being Left-handed, He would always see the pressure from the left side since he faces that way and with his speedm, he could avoid in slide out of the pocket.. Now on his right (blind Side)
    He doesn’t see it as quickly unless he’s looking at it which means he’s not looking down the field at the COverages/receivers…

  • Pman…there is your red flag…DEVO?? question his intellect

  • Lol Devo hahahah.

    At this point they should sighn every offensive lineman available and work the dog crap out of them to find depth. If any good ones come available in FA we have to sign them or we will need 3 QB’s next season.

  • typical eagles…. getting a 7th rounder who has not played in the league and was cut by the bills. I really dont understand how they think they can improve their team with a bunch of scrubs from bargain basement.


  • Who is he going to replace. King Dunlap or Winston Justice. How pathetic can one franchise get. Any skiers out there who can return punts and kickoffs. Is this for real or just a nightmare from Elm Street.

  • here is the scouting report from Calloway going into last year’s draft……he was a projected 6-7th round pick.

    Pass blocking: Mirrors and stays low against power defensive ends from his right tackle spot. Sets up quickly in pass protection and uses a good angle on his kick slide, rarely giving up the edge. Absorbs big punches and regularly anchors. Extends his arms to keep rushers at bay but could have a stronger punch to knock them off balance. Works to stay with his man on secondary rushes but will reach more than move his feet. Adjusts to twists but doesn’t always recognize or get a hand on inside blitzers. Will get tall and choppy in his footwork against quicker ends.

    Run blocking: Attacks edge rushers on run plays, firing his hands into their jersey. Able to move in any direction. Solid combo blocker negates MIKE linebacker or other defenders coming inside-out. Latches onto the numbers and doesn’t let go. Keeps a wide base on the edge and keep his hands and feet active to sustain. Likes to keep his man on the ground through the whistle.

    Pulling/trapping: Does not pull or trap much in Iowa’s zone blocking scheme but has good footwork for his size. Usually under control when on the move. Could trap if moved into the strong-side guard spot but should stay between the tackles.

    Initial Quickness: Fires off the ball to run block, often locking down the defensive end on his side. Strong at punching the defensive tackle and quickly getting to linebacker in combo blocks. Quick off the snap into his kick slide for his size.

    Downfield: Easily gets to linebackers, finding their numbers with his hands and keeping his feet moving to take them out of the play. Shows good flexibility to adjust in space. Uses angles to keep defenders from running around him to the ball. Typically stays on one block downfield but is agile enough to reach others in his area.

    Intangibles: Durable, versatile, tough, and disciplined player with loads of potential. No major character concerns, but was arrested and suspended for a game for operating a moped while intoxicated in June 2009. Took responsibility for his actions.

  • Next we are going to see Joe & Howie on an episode of “American Pickers”…..we shop for old bargins that others have disguarded….crazy the way this FO operates sometimes.

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