• August 8, 2022

Jets Refuse Request Of Raiders To Talk To Dennis Thurman About DC Job

I told to you guys last week about New York Jets defensive backfield coach Dennis Thurman and the fact that he’s one of the best secondary coaches that I’ve ever been around. I thought he would be a great candidate for the Eagles defensive coordinator’s position.

Jay Glazer of Foxsports has just reported that the Oakland Raiders asked for permission to interview Thurman for their defensive coordinator’s job but the Jets denied permission for them to talk to him.  That’s quite a move by the Jets and it showed that they value Thurman’s role on that football team, which has been to the AFC Championship the last couple of years with a rookie and second-year quarterback.

Thurman is a life-long football guy.  He knows how to motivate players and put together a defensive game plan.  I’ve known Dennis since I was a freshman at USC, when he used to chew me out if did something wrong on my zone drops.

Thurman has a great defensive mind.  He wasn’t fast but he played cornerback in the NFL and safety, while picking off 36 passes during his career.

I’m not the only one who thinks Thurman is one of the keys to the New York Jets success.

Obviously, Rex Ryan is aware of Thurman’s importance to the New York Jets organization.  Hopefully the Eagles will bring somebody in here who has Thurman’s expertise.

I’ll try to find out what’s going on.  I’m sure that Thurman wasn’t pleased to hear get that information and the Jets will likely give him some type of raise and a promotion of some type to keep him happy.

Stay tuned.


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  • I just posted something on another article about the possible candidates of the Eagles…… Guess we can rule him out. That sucks……. The more and more I was reading about him, the more I liked him.

  • This doesn’t neccesarily mean that the Jets won’t give the Eagles permission to talk to him..
    Remember that Ryans Brother (Rob) who was the DC in OAkland and very popular in the locker room by the players was fired by the Radiers and Al Davis 2 years ago when many
    thougt that he would possibly be a HC Material..There is no love lost there between the Ryan family and the Raiders/Al Davis organization and probably just a pay-back for firing Ryan’s brother…

  • Lets hope.

  • was thinking the same thing Paulman

  • Rex probably doesn’t want Thurman to ruin his career in the black hole known as the Oakland Raiders!!! That team will be awful as long as Al Davis is still there …

  • paulman – I have to admit that I hope you’re right. When does everyone think the Eagles will ask for permission to speak with Thurman? Or is their top choice one of the coaches on one of the superbowl teams? It is funny how much attention the Eagles coordinator search has gotten from the media. As much as I hate Andy Reid’s playcalling sometimes, the guy is not a dummy and he must have a plan to fill a very important position to affect the success of the team. People thought he was crazy for trading McNabb last year. Who knows, maybe he’ll finally remember the year Garcia had to step in… it sure seemed like they leaned more on the running game that year. Lesean McCoy has produced when given the chance. It helps Vick. This line seems to do a decent job of run blocking. And it helps the defense. Go with the strengths of your team and take advantage of matchups. But you all already know that… I’m not sure why Reid doesn’t. I didn’t notice it until after the fact but it seemed like Mcdermott could have adjusted the defense better to the skills of the defensive players he had.

  • I would love if they even attempted to interview Thurman, but it almost seems like they are waiting for a coach from one of the SB teams. I have to believe that Trgovac is still the favorite, even though the article I read earlier raised an interesting theory.

  • How can a team deny permission for a promotion? I thought teams could only block lateral moves.

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