• July 6, 2022

Rollins, The Music Mogul Is Willing To Bat Fifth, But He Wants To Lead Off

Did you checkout the article on Philly.com about Jimmy Rollins as a music executive? He lectured a business class at Temple yesterday and shared his experiences so far in the music world.

I was happy to hear he’s doing well with it, because I could give you a list of players who have lost their shirts investing in the music industry.  My advice to him would be to keep hitting the baseball and continue playing great shortstop.  In other words, keep your day job.

On a baseball note, Rollins didn’t seem to like the talk by GM Ruben Amaro Jr. and manager Charlie Manuel who say he needs to come to camp in better shape.  They believe Rollins can avoid injuries if he’s in better shape at the beginning of the season. J-Roll was buying it.

“I’ve never been out of shape in my life,” Rollins told the Daily News. “You go 10 years in the league before going on the disabled list with a muscular injury – that’s just wear and tear. I was in great shape before the injury.”

Rollins also thinks he belongs in the leadoff spot, but is willing to bat fifth if that is what Charlie Manuel believes is best.

“But the benefit of having me up there,” he told the Daily News, “is that I make runs happen.”

I think they need to play this by ear.  They could start out the season with Rollins leading off and if Ryan Howard is struggling because he’s not getting any pitches to hit, then you have him bat fifth, if it’s going to make the team better.

The key with everything for the Phillies is having everything right when they get to the playoffs.  Their season nowadays is just going through the motions and making sure everybody stays healthy.  Their real season doesn’t begin until they make the playoffs.

That’s when everything has to be clicking because it’s one and done.

As for his career as a music mogul, Rollins owns a piece of a song by popular teen heart throb Justin Bieber.  Rollins has gotten his feet wet as an investor in music properties and he’s had some success.

He owns 5 % of the publishing rights to Bieber’s “Eenie Meenie,” which was a hit duet with Jamaican chubster Sean Kingston.

Rollins has developed and managed a number of artists and he’s learned what it’s like to be an owner.

“It can become a headache, dealing with attitudes,” Rollins told the Daily News. “It’s like, ‘I’m giving you the opportunity . . . but I owe you?’ You get tired of dealing with divas.”

Yes, he sounds like a front-office suit talking about a petulant player. He has learned to appreciate what it is like to be Phillies president David Montgomery.

“Yeah, I’m on the other side, now,” Rollins said. “You learn how an owner thinks.”


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  • I hope all his yapping this off-season means he is ready to play at a high-level from the get-go..
    Another down season for him and this will be his final Season for the Phils…

  • He does make runs happen when he gets on base, but .250 average for the last 2 seasons is tough for the leadoff spot. Course Victorino only hit .260 last year. Neither of these guys walk nearly enough.

  • The don’t walk, don’t bunt and both strike out too much and pop up a lot and fail to put the ball into play.
    Guys their size and with their speed should ckoke up on the bat and hit down on the ball to put more
    balls into play.. If they learned this when they were younger, they both could have been .280-.290 Hitters with and OBP average of .400 which is where the top leadoff hitters are…..
    Phils hitting Line-up will be a work in progress, all season long, I am afraid…

  • good victorino sucked it up in the one hole

  • With these goofy hip flexor, olblique muscle pulls by these Phillies
    (Ibanez, Utley, Rollins, JC Romero)
    I wonder if they were taking some enhancements like what Romero got suspended for..but it seems
    like since ROmero was suspended in SPrings of 2009, all 4 of these players havge underperfroemd and seemd to get these nagging injuries which seems to happen to players when the stop using these..

  • After looking at this J Ro picture and the picture from the article on former DL Coach R Segrest,
    I have come to the conclusion that they have the same barber…

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