• May 19, 2022

Jeff Fisher And The Titans Are Parting Ways

The first time I met Jeff Fisher he was a freshman wide receiver at USC and he played on the scout team that we would tee off on during practice.  He later was moved to defensive back and was a punt returner for the Trojans.

The next time I saw Fisher was when Buddy Ryan became my coach and Fisher became the secondary coach during the time I was playing for the Eagles.  Jeff was a defensive back and return man for the Bears then and he got hurt and put on IR, so he stayed there as an assistant to Buddy, so Buddy brought him to Philadelphia with him when he was hired to coach the Eagles.

Jeff eventually became the defensive coordinator for the Eagles, as he became more comfortable with Ryan’s system. When Norman Braman fired Buddy, he decided to make Rick Kotite the head coach, so Jeff left and got him a coordinator’s job some where else.

Fisher was a smart football player because he had to be.  He wasn’t very fast or big, but he would battle.  I remember the type of beating he took as a freshmen on those scout teams at USC.  We had “killers” on defense like Ronnie Lott, Clay Matthews, Dennis Smith, David Lewis, Rod Martin, Chip Banks, Riki Ellison, Dennis Thurman along with many others, but Fisher took a beating from all of us without crying.  He earned our respect.

Fisher, who has been the head coach of the Tennessee Titans since 1994 will be leaving the Titans in the near future.  We had thought quarterback Vince Young was going to be traded and Fisher was going to be kept in place for a few more years, but now it looks like Young may stay and Fisher will go.

Dan Banks of Sports Illustrated just made the report on NFL Network.  Banks says Fisher was disappointed in losing defensive line coach Jim Washburn to the Eagles.  He was also bothered by having to fire his good friend Chuck Cecil as the team’s defensive coordinator.

This is amazing that it would happen now because whomever they decide to hire will have to put together a staff.  It’s kind of late to put together a staff and that’s why Andy Reid is facing critcism.

Eagles head coach Andy Reid is now the longest-tenured head coach in the National Football League.  What do Reid and Fisher have in common?  They weren’t able to win the one Super Bowl which they took their teams to.

Fisher isn’t going to come here and be the team’s defensive coordinator.  He would be taking a drastic decline in pay and he’s going to be paid by Bud Adams for the next few years any way.

Adams is going to have to give Fisher millions to leave, he’s got one year left on his contract.

It also means Eagles new defensive line coach Jim Washburn sensed that something was right in the water and decided to get out of Dodge.  His Mamma didn’t raise NO FOOL”!!!


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  • Could Fisher be coming to PHilly!??!?!?!

  • I will go drive to Tenn and bring him back to Philadelphia right now!

  • Jeff Fisher will be the next DC for the Eagles and Co-Assistant HC along with MM to HC AR
    Cuck Cecil will be his assistant and Tim Hauck will be the Secondary Coach along with the already hire J Washburn as DL Coach.. They will all be in Philadlephia Sunday/Monday to make the annoucement

  • I’d love to see him come to Philly as a DC but that would probably only happen if he was going to be the next HC if Reid got canned in the future. Not really sure if I’d want him to be the next HC.

  • There’s no way in the world that Fisher would come here to be the offensive coordinator. He’ll be getting paid for not working because of his contract with the Titans. Bud Adams will have to pay him.

  • It would be a threat to Reid to have an experienced head coach whom Lurie almost hired before as an assistant on the staff. I don’t think Reid and Fisher are especially close any way.

  • GCobb, I’m assuming you meant DC there. Would the money he is owed by Bud Adams be void if he took the Eagles DC position? Or would he make double salary?

  • I know Andy must be nervous

  • Someone on another site just said this:
    “Clayton just reported don’t be surprised if he resurfaces in Philly as the Defensive Coordinator, and that Andy Ried is telling league insiders his DC position is no longer up for hire.”

    Don’t know if its true or not.

  • Coach Fisher and AR are good friends have known each other for years..
    My sources down in Antigua stated they saw Fisher,Coach ARr and their wives drinking Pina Colada’s at the Ziggie Marley Concert down on the beach last weekend
    Coach Fisher is taking the DC spot with a succession plan in place that Coach AR in 2013 will move upstairs to the Front Office with Banner/Roseman (Banner will retire in 2014) and that Fisher would become the HC afterwards
    My stars have aligned and the Eagles are finally putting a staff together to make a Super Bowl run
    This is my story and I am sticking to it…
    Plus Coach Fisher would love to stick to to Owner B Adams and get back to a Super Bowl, where the Titans know have a mess on their hands, no Coaching Staff left, a Franchise QB in V Young that most players on the team don’t want or support..who wants to take this job…

  • Paulman: If Fisher IS NOT the next DC, would you go away….now maybe Cecil could be here in 2 weeks.

  • I know Andy must be nervous. The least nervous guy in philly is andy reid. He’s not going anywhere. The only power he lost is the power he did’nt want. Paulman you throw so much crap out there, that some of it is bound to stick. You know what they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day. I love the scouting reports on these coaches from other teams. He’s a hardworker and a real competitor, and a really good motivator, yea ok. It’s the NFL how long do you think you last if your not. If Andy is nervous it’s because the roads are icy and he’s worried the pizza delivery man is gonna be late.

  • That’s just what the Eagles need. Another guy who can’t win the big one. Guys like Andy Reid and Jeff Fisher have no sense of urgency. They have been collecting big checks for so long it does not matter whether they win the Superbowl.

    The Cowboys win Superbowls. The Yankees win championships. Their owners demand it. They will fire you with all the fixins if you don’t produce.

    No retreads. Bring somebody who is hungry. Wants to make a name for himself.

    Andy Mocks Philadelphia. How could you not use McCoy in the playoffs.

    Wait a minute, Fisher runs the football. If he can get Andy to run. And also get Andy to run the football then bring it.

  • What ever the eagles plans were…. They should change. Pay Fisher as a Head Coach and bring him in unless he just plain refuses. This team must make him an offer he will be unable to refuse. This guy would give us a championship defense within 2 years. We have young talent that will benefit greatly from a guy like fisher.

  • Paulman I am hoping you are correct. New to the site so we’ll see if I have wrongly misplaced my trust. HA just kidding.

  • Jeff Fisher just broke up with his wife and they went through an ugly divorce. Fisher is going to get a job next season if he wants one. There’s no way he’s a head coach for 16 years then he takes a major pay cut to be a defensive coordinator. He could take a job as an analyst, get paid and chill out for a year.

  • Fisher might not LIKE any of the HC jobs out there. If he can come to Philly as D Coord, revamp the defense and possibly win the Superbowl, he’ll be the HOTTEST item on the coaching market after next year!

  • Guys, listen to mr. Cobb, no way in hell he takes pay cut to become a coordinator with any team

  • He’s getting paid 8 million dollars to NOT coach the Titans. I don’t think he’s worried about money.

  • Why do people act like Fisher was such a great coach? He coached 16 years and was two games over .500 W142 to L 140. He came close be never won a Super Bowl. A couple of year ago they went 13-3 then were beaten in the 1st playoff game at home. Six winning seasons out of 16.

  • Sorry BF09
    Apparently it was my source in Antigua who was drinking heavily on the Beach while listening
    to ZIggy Marley and Not Jeff Fisher.. I apologize if I over-exaggerated and hope I don’t lose your Trust
    Birds Fan 09.. More good stuff to come…

    But Chuck Cecil as the DC with Tim Hauck as the Secondary Coach with J Washburn as the DL Coach is a pretty good Staff… Maybe G-Man can become the LB Coach for the Eagles,
    until he grooms his repalcement.. I can watch over and manage G’s Web-Site until he returns…
    What do you think G…

  • Yeah, G. I saw some people on Facebook talking about Fisher is a winner. 142-140 and 5-6 in the playoffs. I like Fisher enough, but a winner? Andy is 188-73 and 10-9 in the playoffs. 19 playoff games played in 12 years vs. Fisher’s 11 in 16 years.

    The grass really is greener I guess.

  • Think they still keep VY? Bud Adams kinda made it clear that he wouldn’t be back. Bud might just blow up the whole thing.

  • I know the thought of firing Andy crossed Lurie’s mind after he seen Bud Adams finally pull the plug on his 12 year coach. This will definitely be Andy Reids last season as our head coach if he cant win the big one, guarantee it. Its either SB or Bust for Andy this season guys BANK ON IT!

  • Candidates for HC of the Titans

    #1) Eric Mangini— If he could take over the Cleveland Browns job, he can handle anything and may jus be a real good fit for his style of Coachign versus the talent on the Titans Roster, Like to run the ball, agressive Defense,etc,etc.. I could see this very easily
    #2) Brad Childress– Maybe his work with QB’s can finally bring out the best in VY.. IF Owner Bud Adms is hell bent on keeping VY, then he better have a Coach who can Coach him..
    #3) Jim Fassell — Another Offensice minded coach with successes with QB/Passing game
    #4) Mike Tice — Former Viking Coach who is an assistant with the Bears would love another opportunity to be HC again in the NFL
    #5) Jim Mora, Jr — he’s looking for another HC job opportunity…

  • Coach AR is under Contract thru the 2013 Season (for 3 more Seasons)
    He will have 2 Seasons to get to the Super Bowl or he is finished..
    Lurie will eat 1 year of his contract, but he”s not going to eat 2-3 years of it…

  • OK, idiots & GCOBB. Belicheck, Walsh, and J. Johnson all had losing records when they won their SB titles. Actually, I think Johnson was .500 when he won his first. I’m not saying Fisher will come to Philly, but we would be extremely lucky to have him. Get a clue.

  • From ESPN Clayton a few minutes ago:

    “Do not be surprised if Jeff Fisher ends up as the defensive coordinator in Philadelphia. Within the last 2 hours, Andy Reid has told 2 of the applicants for the position that the position has been filled. So do not be surprised if Fisher winds up very quickly in Philadelphia working with Andy Reid.”

  • Exactly. By the way, Andrew is not going anywhere in the next 2-3 years.

  • I thnk they sealed the deal over a trip to Antigua last week..
    There will be a major Annoucement in Philadelphia Friday Afternoon/Sat or Monday morning…
    This is fantastic news iif it occurs.. If it does, I will have 48 Hour Paualman Free Zone and not post anythign for 48 hours…
    This may be why Coach AR did not go to Mobile this week either..
    Coach AR has always stated that participating down at the Senior Bowl is something he always looks forward to and one of his best weeks of the year to spend with the upcoming Senior players before they are drafted..

  • Paulman, are you John Clayton?

  • No I am much better looking than him and still have a full head of hair..
    I do wear glasses though when Driving, Watching TV and mowing the lawn or other yard chores..

  • OK, idiots & GCOBB. Belicheck, Walsh, and J. Johnson all had losing records when they won their SB titles. Actually, I think Johnson was .500 when he won his first. I’m not saying Fisher will come to Philly, but we would be extremely lucky to have him. Get a clue.

  • All were .500 or less when they won their first SB…just clarifying.

  • Does anybody remember that Jeff Fisher was already the defensive co-ordinator of the Eagles? Fisher was a Buddy Ryan guy, so you would have to expect the D would be agressive.

    Personally, I think it would be fantastic that he would re-join the Birds as the DC….but the dude just got a $1.5 million bonus (on top of the 7 mil he;s already being paid) to step down. I don;t know…8.5 to sit around, take a year off and come back next year as a HC somewhere.

    I hope he comes to Philly, but I think its a reach.

  • Walken

    Allow me to clarify. None had been a head coach for 16 years.

  • LOL, I love how G just busted up Paulmans story about Fisher and Andy’s wives…… That was funny. I realize that Paulman says a lot of stupid sh-t, and he isn’t really being serious, but I still found that hilarious.

  • If Fisher comes to Philly that says a lot about the mans character if you ask me…After being a HC as long as he has, and taking a DC position? all pride aside, I guess…But I honestly think thats unrealistic, but who knows? But some of you cats are way, way, way to excited about adding Fisher…

  • Just to jack up the conversation to another level…
    Paulman has received some inside information from a source close to GM Roseman

    Eagles will offer free-agent deals to DE J Babin and LB S Tulloch
    Then the Eagles will also trade QB K Kolb to the Tiatans for their 2nd Rd Draft pick and
    CB C Finnegan

    Next Years Defense will look like this Coached by Fisher,Washburn,Cecil and Hauck

    DL – Cole, Dixon,Bunkley,Babin (Parker,Tapp,PAtterson,Laws,Graham and a high draft choice)

    LB – Sam- Tuloch/Fokou, Will – Bradley/Clayton Mike – Chaney/Bradley and a Draft pick as sub

    Secondary – Starting CB’s Samuel , Finnegan (Patterson/Lindley and a Draft pick as subs)
    Starting S E Weddle, Allen (Coleman/Anderson and Draft pick as subs)

    This is your Roster for the 2011 Eagles Defense (barring Injuries)

  • I could possibly see Dan Snyder firing Shanahan to bring Fisher in and negotiate something with the Titans as far as compensation. According to the sports gossip rags Snyder has gone sour on Shanahan, but is hesitant to fire him because all of the contract money that would be lost. Fisher being available could force Snyder’s hand. I just don’t see Jeff Fisher happily jumping into a broadcast booth.

  • To SportBum..
    I didn’t want to get Coach AR in trouble with his wife
    But my Antigua source did say that Fisher and Reid were with blondes on the beach…
    I usually draw the line draggin in spouses, but this story is too big to worry about hard feelings…

  • Paulman, seriously, your “predictions” are annoying and ridiculous. I’m starting to believe you have serious problems. Give it up bro.

    As for predictions, REAL opinionated predictions — I predict Fisher in Philly baby!

  • paulman – great minds think alike. lets handle the f.o. this offseason
    lets not just jack up the convo, lets jack up the team im down with that plan
    except the finnegan only goes through if oakland doesnt resign asomugha

    all other pessimists aka realists – let us dream until reality burts our bubble
    ur all awesome, i had a terrible day but this site and the humor has picked me uo some
    thanks fellas

  • up*

  • has anyone ever noticed is that birdobeamen is quick to call someone a moron or call someone annoying but never offers his opinion on how this team can get better? I hate guys that come on this site just to take shots at ppl cause they too scared to do in in real life. this is his way to let out the fustration of his younger years

  • LOL, okay Paulman…….. With some of your predictions/sources though…… Sometimes I wish you were just telling the truth. Sometimes.

  • Okay….. I heard from a “source” that the Eagles do indeed already have someone pegged as their new D-Coordinator, and they already have an informal agreement with him…… That man is Packers DB coach Darren Perry. Not what everyone expects or even was hoping for, but I assume this is part of the plan to get Nnamdi Asomugha here. Along with the fact that Perry is just a real good coach too. Bringing in Washburn who has ties to Haynesworth, and possibly bringing in Perry who has ties to Aso…… Things will be looking good for the Eagles D for next year.

  • Jeff Fisher did get his big chance here in Philly under Buddy and I wouldn’t be surprised if he take some time off after almost 3 decades of coaching, so maybe we can get him here just as some sort of consultant which will help us philosophically and that way his pay under Titans is not threatened. Is that possible “G”? He can just advise without the everyday commitment can’t he?

  • Just in Fellas…..Jeff Fisher was bought out bt Bud Adams for a little over 7 million. Jeff is free to do whatever he want to do…..mutual consent.

  • kotite. Now there’s a name that should never be spoken on this website.

  • Difference with Fisher and Reid is this::: Fisher has played in the tougher AFC when any year the PATS,Steelers,Colts would have beaten the NFC team. Reid had a better Defense(more pro bowlers) and better Qb mcnabb, Vick versus Kerry collins,mcnair,vince …..did Reid with better teams win more Super Bowls …no Fisher almost won his SB gave his teams over the years chance by running the ball stopping the run, and using players to best potential. Reid with better QB’S, Better Defense, better 0 -line …should i keep going? had Westbrook .I BET U FISHER WOULD HAVE HAD A 1 2 Punch by getting another awesome running back not sticking with the same when u know he is injury prone i’ll stop there ..actuaaly 1 more.. Andy record has alot of wins and maybe tthat is why Lurie holds on to him and some fans like him. They dont understand that Andy was for 10 years in a weak NFC , UP for grabs efvery year. if Andy coached Eagles from 84-94 is record would suck. can u imagine him playing the Super Bowl champion Giants(2),49ers(3),redskins(2),cowboys(3),Bears(1), can u imagine Andy with his throw happy philosophy and his (no LB) TO stop the run lol do u think he would have ran Hershel Walker, or Keith Byars or drafted Seth Joyner if Andy could not win 4 NFC (MAINLY cause he ran ball 12 times) or Packers this what would have Montana,Fridge,Lawrence Taylor,Jerry rice,Skins Hogs, do to him

  • People wanting Fisher over Reid just shows how hated and stupid you are. Fisher had more years than Reid and has done less. I somewhat understand people when they say they want to get rid of Reid just because we need to switch things up, and all, but get rid of Reid for a new, young HC or a proven winning HC, not a proven loser worse than the one we are getting rid of. That is just dumb.

  • I agree 100% with BSM,
    I though all modes of communication in the greater Phialdelphia area are supposed to be a
    100% “No-Kotike Fly Zone” I believe the Statute of Limitations were to last until the year 2047.

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