• May 19, 2022

Could The Eagles Be Looking For More Than Assistant Coaches?

Is it a coincidence that the Eagles who are in desperate help of some difference-makers on the defensive side of the ball, decided to pursue a couple of defensive coaches who happen to have coached two of the most talented defensive players in the NFL.

One of those defensive players is a free agent and the other one is expected to be released by his football team.

You know the story with the Eagles new defensive line coach Jim Washburn.  His prize pupil is Washington Redskins 350-pound bully Albert Haynesworth.  During part of Haynesworth’s time with Washburn, he dominated the NFL and at times was unblockable.

Mike Shanahan didn’t have as much success with Haynesworth.  The former Denver Broncos head coach wanted Fat Albert to take on double-team block at nose tackle in the 3-4 defense, but the former Tennessee Volunteer told the coach he was a 4-3 defensive tackle who majored in disrupting running plays and getting to the quarterback.

They spent the summer feuding and kept it going on and off throughout most of the season, until Shanahan said he had enough of the big fella with a few games left to go in the season.  They’re expected to either try to trade him or just release him.

It didn’t take long for Haynesworth to reach for help from his former defensive line coach.  He has already went on the record and said he would take less money to play for Washburn in Philadelphia.

Perhaps Haynesworth’s name came up in the Eagles interview of Washburn.  I can’t say that it did, but anybody who has seen a focused and motivated Haynesworth take apart a defense knows that he could take the Birds defensive line to another level just by his mere presence on the field.

I could see it now, Haynesworth and Antonio Dixon collapsing the pocket on 3rd and long.  Who could run on us with those two lined up inside?

Another defensive coach that the Birds have their eyes on is Green Bay defensive back coach Darren Perry.  It’s been reported that they’re going to request permission from the Packers to interview Perry after the Super Bowl.

Coincidentally, we see that one of Perry’s prize pupils is Oakland Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, who happens to be a free agent right now.  Perry was Asomugha’s coach in 2007 and 2008.

Could Perry’s relationship with Asomugha tip the scales for the Eagles if they pursued him?  Perhaps.  Will Asomugha’s name come up when Perry is interviewed by the Eagles?  Perhaps.

It sure wouldn’t hurt the Eagles defense to add one of the top shut down corners in the NFL to a defense which had right cornerbacks who were consistently torched a year ago.  The Birds defense surrendered 31 touchdown passes and was the worst defense in the red zone in the NFL in the last 25 years.

I can see it now.  It’s the fourth quarter of next year’s NFC Championship game and Aaron Rodgers fails to complete or throw the ball to his number one receiver Greg Jennings one time because Asomugha has erased the wide out.

Rodgers is also have a tough time stepping up in the pocket and seeing downfield because he’s under constant pressure from “Fat Albert” Haynesworth, who has sacked him twice and is caving in the Packers offensive line with his brute strength.

The Eagles number one ranked defense leads the Birds to a 31-10 victory over the defending Super Bowl champion Packers, as the Eagles head to the Super Bowl to battle Rex Ryan’s New York Jets.


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  • Hopefully this is the “method to the madness” the front office has been talking about for the past few weeks.

  • I look for next Years Super Bowls teams to be Tampa Bay Bucs vs the KC Chiefs..

  • great article g money. i hope that we get fat albert that would be huge.. to bad washburn couldnt convince jeff fisher to come be his boss as the DC nxt year.. I think that would be huge, but not ganna happen due to the fact andy would not want the pressure of fisher on the roster in case the team craps to bed and fisher gets named interm coach week 10.. Anyways not ganna happen bc we get Fat albert and a shut down corner either asomugha or champ baily.. maybe we send Kolb and our first to carolina for the first overal pick and take patrick petterson with the first overal pick. and then select casey mathews(who goes on the have 11 sacks and named D rookie of year) in the second round to give us some high energy guys on the D. GO BIRDS

  • G- I just dont see it, I cant see them bringing in Perry who’s been around nothing but 3-4 systems and have him convert everything he knows to a 4-3 which he would have to do considering Washburn is a 4-3 guy and Haynesworth did what he did in Washington because of the 3-4 system, we need a 4-3 guy, I think they should go for the D-line coach from the Packers and maybe get Perry or one of the Backs coaches from the Steelers and bump him up to ADC, I think that would work

  • Paulman’s Early Rankings of the NFC Top Teams for 2011

    #1) Tampa Bay Bucs
    #2) Atlanta Falcons
    #3) Green Bay Packers
    #4) NY Giants
    #5) Chicago Bears
    #6) New Orleans Saints
    #7) Seattle Seahawks
    #8) St Louis Rams
    #9) Dallas Cowboys
    #10) San Francisco 49ers
    #11) Detroit Lions
    #12) Philadephia Eagles
    #13) Minnestoa Vikings
    #14) Arizona Cardinals
    #15) Carolina Panthers
    #16) Washington Redksins

  • Paulman, Thats crazy putting the eagles at 12, 49ers dont a QB, Dallas is and has been overrated for years, Seattle went to the playoffs at 7-9, I can go on and on, If your going by potential or who they might pick up ( 49ers getting a good QB) then lets look at our Eagles, I just read Logan Mankins the all pro guard from the Pats just said he doesnt think hes gonna resign with them, Lets say we pick him up, draft one of those stud tackles in the draft and get Jackson back at center, Doing that we go from our O-Line being a liablity to a strength,imagine what Vick will do with some time, still dont know our DC yet but it has to be an upgrade, Dont sleep on us !

  • Love the closure of your article, G.

    P-man… no way Bucs vs Chiefs in SB next year; probability of that occurring is 1 in 256 considering only the mathematics. Doesn’t even take into account injuries, tougher schedule, coaching, etc.

  • I look at the Defense of the Eagles and see a complete makeover which will take more than 1
    I see the Following players off the current roster
    S – Mickell will sign a deal with the Panthers (re-unite with S McDermott the only coach he’s had)
    CB – Hobbs retires due to neck injury
    LB – S Bradley signs a deal with the Rams to reunite w/Spags after Eagles only offer a token offer
    LB – SIms,Gaither are not offered contract tenders and move on (which is a good thing)
    DE – Parker is a Salary casualty and at 33 years old, is released
    DE – Abiamri trys but cannot pass physical and is released

    DE Graham, S N Allen and DT J Owens are all out for Summer Camp due to late season Knee Injuries and Surgeries and are plrobably placed on PUP making the 2011 a lost year for them

    I See CB,S,OLB,DE all needing to be upgraded with proven NFL players.. any Draft picks at these Positions could be players down the road but would probably little impact for 2011 (as most rookies are) So 2nd year players like Lindley,Coleman,Chaney.Clayton, Teo and Sapp are critical to the EAgles success in 2011 and to be honest, I don’t see a whole lot of upside outside of Lindley/Clayton

    Now to the Offense

    FB – Weaver retires or is released due to major Knee Surgery (he has had 3 operations on that knee)
    Hopefully Eagles re-sign Schmitt
    C,RG,RT of the O/Line all need to be upgraded and again to expect a Rookie OT/OG to come right in and perform at a high level may be a stretch.. Can they sign any Free-Agents here…or will they try to promote from within with AQ Shipley, D Reynolds, F Toupo, McGlynn, Howard and Dunlap and hope that C J JAckson comes back to form after missing a lot of time the last 18 months…

    I see a lot of holes in this roster and maybe once their is a DC in place, the plan to build around that Coaches System will fall into place.. but right now, unless the Eagles go out and acquire 3-4-5 good
    solid Veteran players in Free-Agency, This team is not going anywhere but standing still while teams like the Bucs,Falcons,Seahawks,Bears,Packers/49ers all continue to improve while the the Cowboys/Vikings/Giants/Saints will most liklely be back stronger in 2011..

  • Make it so.

  • Paulman you just said it, UNLESS, you seem to think were not gonna do that, our history shows we DO that when we have to and right now we HAVE to, their are gonna be some impact free agents out there once this CBA gets resolved and guess what? theres alot of players out there that would love to play on this team and with Vick so i dont think its as bad as your making it, If we all see the weaknesses on this team so does the Eagles, I believe the blinders are finally off or they would of Never fired the whole D-Coaching Staff,

  • Now a Paulman plan of Action would be this…
    Free-Agency Signings
    CB – Sign 1 of the following players – Ike Taylor, C Rogers, R Marshall
    DE – Sign 1 of the following players – Cullen Jenkins, or Ray Edwards, or a Steve Bowen
    DT- Sign either Mebane or a B Coefield
    OLB – Sign 1 of the following – S Tulloch, B Leber, J Anderson , K Burnett
    Safety – Sign 1 of the following – D Landry, E Weddle or M Bullitt
    OL – Sign either OT Clabo, or OG Mankins,Nicks,Dahl or C/G Kalil

    If they can get at least 4 postions filled with quality Free-Agents who are still in their primes (under 28) who are not going to cost them a arm & leg like a Asmogoah,Haynesworth,Ngata,Cromartie,Woodly, Harris or a Greenway will, then I would concentrate first 4-5 Draft Selections to be along the OL/DL/LB Positions which is where the depth and strength is for this Draft Class, then they can be legitimate and Super Bowl Contendors next Season.. But if they are going to rely on undrafted Free-Anges and practice squad quality type of players to fill these needs, then they are going nowhere fast..

  • I think if the Eagels hire this young fella (D Perry) as their DC, then that will be a sign to me that they are deciding to stay with the young players they already have like Allen/Coleman/Lindley/Patterson/Chaney/Clayton/Teo/Sapp/Dixon,Laws/Graham and build around that…as opposed to going out and acquiring experienced Free-Agents and spending big $$$ to do so..

  • Seriously Paulman? The 5th worst team in the NFC? Not that rankings right now matter anyway with the draft, free agency (hopefully) and trades still to come. But even prior to all that I would have us behind Packers, Bears, Saints. Just because Bucs beat the Saints at the end of the year does not make them a good team. Remember their 10-6 record only had 1 win against a team above .500. Lions still don’t have franchise QB that can stay healthy, and Minny and SF don’t have a QB at all.

  • Paulman – Do you any idea of the talent which the Packers will be getting back off the IR list. They also have a very young team which will probably only get better. The Falcons are overrated and we saw that in the game against Green Bay.

  • To Randall,
    If the Eagles don’t upgrade the Positions I listed in above plan, they will be about 10-12th in the NFC
    next season..
    They play the Packers,Seahawks,Falcons,Bears,Rams and Cardinals and the AFC East (Patriots,Jets,Dolphins & Bills) and their 6 Divsional Games versus the Redskins,Cowboys & Giants…
    Seahawks,Rams & Falcons are all on the Road which doesn’t bode well for them
    I see CArdinals,Bills,Redskins as teams they match up well with.. the rest I don’tm as their Roster sits today

  • Again, I dont see them bringing in Perry and having to change the whole system, if thats the case then why did they bring in Washburn who has taught nothing but 4-3 the last 12yrs and talk about Haynesworth as a possiblity when we all know what happen in Washington with him and the 3-4, G, What do you think ?

  • Paulman – not even close…
    The Vikings and Eagles will be back to top 10 status….the Seahawks and Bucs will be in the 10-15 range…Tampa had a very good year but has a lot of holes to fill this off-season with free agents leaving.

  • Yes G, I am awre of the talen that is presently on this PAcker team,
    They also have lots of Free-agents in DE C Jenkins, WR James Jones, TE D Lee,
    CB T Williams, MLB N Barnett, Safety Bigby, Safety Peprah, and others.. All they going to be able to sign all of these players..
    They will lose some talent and possibly some Coaches from that Staff and we all know how difficult it is for a team to get back to the Super Bowl (just ask the Saints,Colts,Patriots,Colts,Giants, etc,etc)_..
    The Falcons have a good offense but need 3-4 players needed to that Defense just like the Eagles do
    I admit the TB Bucs may be a stretch, but their Offensive skill players rival any teams in the NFL with
    Freeman, Blouns, and Wr’s WIlliams,Benn, and still a young TE in Winslow Jr, They have solid young players on DL and need to address their back 7 ..

  • They’re going to talk to other guys along with Perry. I think he’s going to be in charge of the secondary for the most part. He might have the coordinator’s tag, but he’ll be only running the secondary. The linebacker coach will be a 4-3 run defense expert.

  • I hear you Paulman IF they don’t address positions of need. We actually don’t play the Pack next season. Either way, I don’t think Seahawks or Rams will be tough on the road. Two 7-9 teams that played very weak schedules and weren’t that good to begin with. Falcons are a good team but we seem to match well up against them the past few years. At least next year we play Chicago at home so they won’t have that crappy muddy field to slow our speed. For AFC East, at least we play the two crappy teams on the road and the two good teams at home. Personally even if we don’t make any splashes I still expect us to finish similiar to this year. maybe 10-6 or 9-7 with a playoff win or two but no SB. NFC just doesnt have any GREAT teams right now. But if we do make some big CB, O-Line and DE FA signings, trades or drafts we could step right up to be on the level with the Packers. Just wish the stupid CBA would get agreed upon so there wouldnt be so much speculation.

  • Hell yeah, G!!!

    But $23+ million in the CB position alone??? You think a 30-year-old Asomugha would take 8 or 9 mil?

  • If I remember correctly, and I might be wrong because I stopped even coming to this site for a while, but last year Paulman, I think you had the Eagles in last in the East? I know you had them missing the playoffs, with a losing record, I believe. Besides, Tampa Bay? LMAO…… They were lucky to finish with a winning record. They barely finished with a differential in the plus. If it wasn’t for that Seattle game in week 16, they would have been in the negative. When they won, they barely won, but when they lost, they got blown out. It is good that they won a lot of close games, but what that tells me is that they had a lot fall in place for them, go right for them…… I don’t see it happening next year. Also, if you look at their schedule, they had a weak schedule, something they won’t benefit from next year, and they lost to every good team besides the last Saints game. They were a fluke. The Saints and Falcons are still way better than them.

  • By the way, in response to the article…… This is what I think they are trying to do. Sign them coaches, then sign them players too.

  • I think we can all agree that the Eagles are a 3-4 players away on Defense no mater who the DC will
    be or what Scheme they use.. The key is what type of talent do the Eagles fill these needs with
    #1) Is it older veterans,more expensive players to fill a position for 1-2 years (like a Haynesworth,C Bailey,Asmogaoh,etc,etc) which I think is very unlikley and unwise.
    #2) Do they fill the postions with 2nd Tier Free-Agents who are younger and possibly still have some upside (Marshall,Edwards,Coefiled, Tulloch,Leber,Dwan Landry) which I think they should do
    #3) Or do they stay on the Cheap and just build thru the Draft and add young talent to the mix of their existing Defensive Roster and re-sign a Mikell,Bradley,Sims,Parker,and hope that a new Coaching Stafff brings out a better performance which is what I hope they do not do, but feel they probably will ..

  • In response to the actual article, if we were bringing in coaches that had relationships with the players in order to get the players, that works for me. Let’s say we sign Trgovac as DC Perry as assistant and secondary coach. Use relationships to woo Nnamdi, Fat Albert and Cullen Jenkins. Sign Seth Joyner as assistant LB coach or LB coach. Whole lot of speculation here but it sure would be exciting. Draft o line and safety depth. Boom.

  • But if that’s their plan they better be damn sure these coaches have as good of a relationship as they think.

  • paulman – a lot of thought, but very off-base
    sometimes you gotta keep it simple. were always up there in the league, let alone nfc. keep it real

  • Then there are the Offensive Line issues to address, the FB position which could very well be wide open again if they don’t resign O Schmitt.and TE position needs to be addressed and more athletic
    than Celek and possibly the back-up QB spot if Kold Is traded and then more productive 4th/5th WR’s to updgrade over Cooper & Hall and back-up RB’s sinec Harrison will go elsewhere were he’s utilized and Buckley is not really a #2 back-up RB .. Lot’s holes to address ..
    Ooh, I almost forget about the Kicker Position.. (Akers will sign a big $$ deal with Saints and kick effectively for the next 3-4 years kicking indoors) while the Eagles probably end-up using 4-5 different Kickers during this time… and the return game on Kicks… who is going to do…No J Colvin (Neck Injury and his career may be over, No Hobbs who will retire.. D-Jax/Maclin are a no go due to exposure to injuries… C Hall wouldn’t make an active Roster on any of the other 31 NFL teams..
    QUestions all over the 3 Areas of the team in my opinion.. Defense, Offense & Special Teams
    A very dynamic QB in Vick, explosive WR in D-Jax and A good all-around RB in MCcoy who is under-utilized.. Defense I see an aging/slowing CB Samuel, and aging/worn down every December in Cole and not a whole lot more on this roster

  • Your right Wmonell and I do need to do a better job of keeping things simple
    How about this, No matter who the next DC and other Coaches are and what schemes they will have.
    This Eagles roster needs a lot of Upgrading if they are going to seriously compete for a Super Bowl
    next Season … Can we agree on this…

  • Agreed. 3-4 players on D and 1 or 2 Olinemen. Doesn’t sound like much but in reality it is.

  • paulman you have said a lot of stupid things on this site, but i have to say eagles being 12th in the nfc is probably takes the cake. The eagles are not going to sit around free agency not doing anything to improve their team. At the end of 2003 the eagles felt like they were on the brink of winning a super bowl so they went out and singed to two biggest free agents in TO and Kerse. Two years ago we had clear holes at RT and LT, we went out got Peters, and got stacy andrew (granted he was a bust but we still payed money for him.)

    Your telling me With Vick and the weapons we have offensive were not going to go hard at offensive linemen. The eagles will pay big money for a rt or rg in free agency, and draft the other one.

    And don’t be shocked if we do get hainsworth and nnamdi. We are right there,

    random though: this team has a knack for drafting stars in the 5th round, casey mathews is projected to be a 5th rounder. He is the hole we are looking for on sims side

  • Ignore Paulman………you’ll get dumb just reasoning with his madness

    Anyway….We get that corner from the Raiders and Haynesworth, we will be the 1st seed in the playoffs. Watch

  • I’m unsure of how the Birds’ previous big splash into free-agency should be interpreted. Did they land Kearse and T.O. because they thought they were a player or two away from competing for the big prize or were those signings brought about because they wanted to prove, or give the appearance, that they weren’t cheap?

    If it’s the latter, do they now view themselves as being close again? If they feel they’re close and are positioning themselves to grab Haynesworth and Asomugha, it could prove to be a brilliant move. Not only would it help to have the coaches who have gotten the best out of these players on the field, but it could also be beneficial to have someone who understood these guys’ psyche.

    It’s possible that the situation with T.O. would have turned out differently if he had come aboard with a coach who understood him and went to bat to get him more money.

  • Good research Paulman!! i am not a bog Fisher fan but he is better than Reid. HE GIVES his team a chance by running the ball. We beat Packers this yr and Patriots in Super Bowl if we run the ball more than 12 times. Fisher had to play 5 tough teams every year probally more and Reid had 1

  • To Drummer,
    In the 10-15 Years plus of Free-Agency, the Eagles have splurged a few times on big name players like -R Waters, J Kerse, TO, A Samuel, J Runyan but there have been other years where they have been relatively quiet when all they obtained were a Chris Clemons, a Kris Wilson, a Sean Jones and then some flat out misses like Stacey Andrews which was a bad fit from day 1 in which they way overpaid for a player coming off a knee injury who was not even in demand at the time,which tells me they took a risk of getting him to get his brother Shawn Andrews back on track which ended up being a failure ..
    With the current CBA cloud hanging over teams, I don’t expect many fiscally prudent teams like the Eagles to sign any outside Free-Agents until they know what the Salary Cap umiplciations are and what the new rules of a new CBA would be…(if there are any)
    Most teams will concentrate on their own roster and I see a lot of 1 year deals being offered to keep some players (for continuity sake, if nothing else) I think there will be many veteran players not happy with these 1 offers and will be willing to reject and decide to wait on what happens with a new
    CBA in place (players like Q Mikell, S Bradley,D Akers,J Harrison,N Cole, O Gaither for example)
    Younger players with time on their side or players coming off injuries may not have that flexibility to sit out and wait for a new CBA to be in place so players like J Jackson, MJG, A Jordan may go ahead and take the 1 year offers so they can plan their future and prepare for next season knowing
    the organization,coaches,teammates,system,etc,etc…
    All teams will be facing these decisions, EAgles have like 19 Players who contract is up..
    Chance are, the Eagles will target 5-6 they definitely want back, 5-6 they don’t want back and some they are still 50/50 on…
    Injuries and players coming off injuries will play a part too.. if players undere rehab missed too much time away from the NovaCare complex once the Current CBA expires, than it may mean the team has to pursue other players at that postion just to cover themselves in case of slow progree,no progress or player is keeping up with his rehab routine while on his own..

  • I don’t think many teams will be offering even their own players anything until a new CBA is reached. The Jets have already come out and said they won’t be signing anyone, even their own, until a CBA is reached. Too much uncertainty to even offer a 1 year deal.

    Fisher is NOT better than Reid. Don’t know why some of you keep saying this. You must not watch many games.

    If the Eagles don’t upgrade the roster, I agree that they won’t make it to the SB, unless these new D coaches can really get the best out of our D players. They will be much better than 12th in the NFC though. That is just ret@rded. They will be contending for the playoffs, so I don’t see them being any worse than maybe 8th.

    Perry still has a year left on his contract, so they can’t hire him as our D-backs coach, unless that is somehow an upgrade over Safties coach, which I don’t think it is. I don’t think Trgovac is the guy anymore.

    As for getting older players like Aso and Haynesworth for 1-2 years….. If you really think that Reid has til his contract is up to make something happen….. Then it isn’t out of the realm of possibility to think that Reid is looking to upgrade his D fast. Also, I don’t think it is unwise. Aso is 29, soon to be 30, but he is still a top corner, if not the best, and it really doesn’t look like he is slowing down anytime soon. Haynesworth is another question though.

  • Paulman

    KC chiefs in the Superbowl?

    Where you hanging with Charlie Sheen this week? He did have a whole suitcase of the stuff.

  • Fisher is 3-0 against Reid. Reid went up against weak teams in NFC Played maybe 1 tough team a year. Fisher played Steelers twice and Ravens twice then later Colts twice . Think about it….if they switched last 10 years Fisher would run the ball and stop the run. i bet u we win Super Bowl against Patriots by running Westbrook(averaging 5.1 a carry) more than 13 times and beat Packers this yr running McCoy(averaging 5.2)more than12 times. it is a total different game when u run 30 times compared to 12

  • if we got hanesworth and Emmit Smith’s O-LINE we still lose cause Reid does not run or stop the run with good LB’s

  • We were a great team in 2004 and Reid blew it by having Mcnabb throw 51 times and even Bill Walsh did not have Montana throw that much he had Joe throw about 24 times and run the ball 29. I like Reid as a person and he does some good things but never gonna win Super Bowl with him

  • Paulman, TO wasn’t a free agent and there is no way you should have the Eagles ranked 12th in the NFC. That is just ridiculous. Eagles in my opinion can only get better, barring any injuries. We are a few players away.

  • Also Paulman, we don’t play the Packers next year.

  • Listen to yourself….. You say that the reason for the Titans/Fisher having a bad record because they played all these tough teams in the regular season, yet you think if he was on the Eagles, that we would beat the same tough teams to win the SB. LOL, do you think before you post? Reid has a winning record in the playoffs even after the last 2 years and the 1st round exits. That is Reid beating good teams. Fisher can’t make the playoffs because he can’t beat the good teams in the regular season, so he wouldn’t win in the playoffs in the AFC or the NFC. He is 5-6 lifetime in the postseason.

    You are so hated towards Andy Reid that you are blinded, and actually think Fisher is better. Get off it. Reid isn’t going anywhere, at least not this year, and Fisher isn’t coming here.

  • your wrong….evidence is Reid played Steelers and Ravens in same yr a yr or 2 ago . We lost to Ravens and barely beat Steelers 15-13 that’s 1-1 what Titans have to play all the time while we get our 2-0 playing losey Redskins. If Reid was in AFC he would of not survived. I WOULd have loved to play against the Cutler led Bears over Patriot,Steelers all the time….oh that’s right we lost to Bears this year. Plus Reid has more control who is on his team than F

  • i was a Reid fan until he did not run Westbrook in Super Bowl and Belichick said he had no idea what Reid logic was during the game…it was kinda of embarrassing who remember

  • your right, let’s keep the genius where your running back McCOY is ave 5.2 and your other one Harrison is ave 6.0 a carry and run in Packers game(who do not stop the run well) a measely 12 times……Super Bowl teams run and stop the run ..when did Reid have this here …he had 12 yrs and lots of wins in a weak conference to show for it

  • its been 12 years and we still can’t stop a 3 stringer rb like Starks. Is that our D’s fault or the coach with all the power that has all the time in the world to put some run stoppers in there. Wake up!! Reid should be Fired just for not having players,he should be fired for not stopping the run which Super Bowl champions do, and he should be fired just on the simple fact he does not run more than 13 times a game.Remember Super Bowl teams ave 28 carries a game. Paulman is right we will never win one with Andy Reid. it is sad

  • FIRST – SONGS – great post about Pualman. It’s true. The guy posts some good things on the rare occasion, but he throws out BS for the hell of it – WAY more than anyone. He get’s a kick out of ridiculous statements and people’s reactions. Some may make a silly prediction/statement/rumor for fun, once in a while for shits and giggles. But for Paulman – that’s his MO. And when most people make predictions, it’s cause they mean that’s actually what they think. Paulman just throws silly BS out there because he like to hear himself type and get reactions. Anyone taking him seriously is either having a slip in judgement or just doesn’t get it.

  • Now for some substance –

    On Hanesworth/Namdi – hey, great players and I would LOVE to get either and/or better yet both. THat said, have any of you knuckleheads considered that besides being huge free agency signings/’big splashes’…… that they would have to happen either IN ADDITION TO or COINCIDING with giving Desean more money, Mike Vick at least the franchise tag, and giving a new contract to a new D coordinator in the SAME offseason!?

    You can look at Washburn and Hanesworth situation and say – yeah, wouldn’t it be nice.

    Same with Perry and Namdi.

    Same with giving DJax more $.

    Same with locking up Vick.

    BUT FOR ALL THAT? In THIS offseason with the CBA bs/chaos?

    How likely is that? Honestly? Reasonably?

    And we don’t even know if there’s going to be football next year.

  • So you point out all these things about the Eagles and Reid, but somehow ignore that when it comes to Fisher and the Titans. In 2000, Jeff Fisher/Titans went 13-3 and went 1 and done in the playoffs. Andy Reid has been to 1 SB in 12 years, but Fisher has been to only 1 (and lost) in 17 years. You keep using the fact that he is playing the Pats or Steelers etc., but aren’t good teams and good coaches supposed to win. What makes you think that he would beat the Pats in the SB in 04 when he can’t beat them in the regular season ever. You logic is greatly flawed. What you are really saying is…… You would be happy with Fisher being in our “weak conference” and making it to the SB every year but never winning it, because you have nothing to justify that he would win it on the Eagles team. And there are lots of bad teams in the AFC too. You keep saying that Fisher has a bad record playing against all these top teams, but they are not playing the Steelers or Pats for 16 games. You also keep saying that Fisher knows how to run a team with a good run offense and good run defense, yet he still hasn’t won a SB. Your logic is so flawed, it isn’t even funny.

    You don’t have to make up stuff to say that Fisher would be better just to say you want Reid gone. Just admit you want Reid gone and that you don’t think he will ever win a SB, and stop with the all the bs about Fisher winning won, with your unproven hypothetical theories, when everything he has done suggest otherwise.

  • Trust me, I’m not saying crazy shit doesn’t happen in the NFL or w/ the Eagles. Mike Vick, Donovan trade, Kolb’s drafting and career so far….etc…. PLENTY of unexpected crazy stuff that couldn’t be predicted. But still – you gotta think CONTEXT when thinking about adding the top corner and (sometimes) top DT in the league…..

  • Schiller,

    If a CBA isn’t reached, none of them things will happen. If it is though and assuming that the/a salary cap is what it should be if there was a cap last year and raised about what it usually is raised annually…….. Then the Eagles should be well below it from all the salary they purged last year. I would think they have more than enough to give DeSean his money, Vick his money, sign Haynesworth and sign Aso. My guess based on what I read about the Eagles team salary in 2010, and what I think the projected cap would be for 2011…… I would say that the Eagles would have around 40 million in cap space. I would be almost willing to say that they would at least have that.

  • Actually just saw something…… Looks pretty accurate. It has the projected cap number (Assuming there is one) of what I figured. I was just way off on what I thought the current Eagles salary was. Then again, I was going off of a site that had the 2010 Eagles salary. So, either a lot of money comes off the books, or maybe one of these sites are wrong….. Either way, since this site goes through a moderation thing when you try posting links to sites, I will try this so everyone can check it out……

    The site is Eaglescap dot com / current. No spaces obviously, and don’t spell dot, obviously.

  • Eagles Fans! Go figure. I agree if you want Reid gone becasue he has not won the big game, or you believe he won’t win it, just say so. His not running the ball drives me insane also, but lets not sit here and make him out to be some scrub coach. Reid’s inability to adjust during the game is his weakest flaw thus he gets beat during the Conf champs. Otherwise his way of playing has been a winner.

    However you feel good or bad about Reid he is a good and wining coach and has been great for us fans. Some of you guys are just nasty and not honest.

    Just a little devil’s advocate thinking to balance out the crap storm….on topic I hope we can land one or both of the big names above. More importantly I hope that the new coaches can man up our young guns into studs and a unified defensive entity.

  • Good post Monolith. Agree about Reid.

    Also, there is no reason the Eagles can’t go hard for Aso, if that site I posted is right about their cap figure. They would be about 60 million under the cap. That is some major cheddar. I think right now they would be below the floor, so they are gonna have to spend big somewhere.

  • Eagle Fan perceptions:
    Two Eagles fans went to the second Ali vs Frasier fight, after the fight the two Eagles fans said “that bum Frazier got his arse beat, and Ali had it easy.” Going negative on philly’s fight champion.

    Lighten up fellas just a post season poke at the best damn fans in the NFL (yeah that would be us). Smile the team loves ya, and we are goiong to get a title sooner than later.

  • Be back later I have some Funkadelics, prince, Korn, Linkin park, The Roots and Mos Def loaded up, its time to get my music on.


  • Bum, great posts, thanks. Hey it would be awesome, so I hope you are correct.

    Monothekissingdisease, you are right but a bit over the top…

  • Thanks Schiller for keepingme honest, hey like i said just kidding with the Eagle brothers, you guys know I love this fan base, top five in the league at worst. Eagle fans travel well and occupy oppossing team stadiums like no other fan base. Though in truth we do have a rep for being a little nasty at times (But I can’t blame us).

    Here is good news for our Eagle Organization: Eagles website tops in the NFL, Eagles cheerleaders ranked 4 or 5 in popularity and monetary production, Eagles organization ranked in the top 20 in world sports franchise. Now doen’t that just make you feel a little better uh? That should hold you over until the FA’s, draft and our SB win next season, you eard it here first.

    Oh yeah Schiller…Monothekissingdi…… whats up? I am mortally wounded my friend….. Haaa nice one dude you are too funny 🙂 🙂

  • Hey that yardbark in the right hand column about why Reid hasn’t won a superbowl is interesting, any comments check it out.

  • What’s missing on Eagles most are LB’s that sack QB and stop the run . Has not happened during Reid tenure but Patriots,Steelers,49ers,Cowboys,Broncos,Giants had those LB’s

  • tydm your right. We can look at the two teams in the SB right now… both squads are LB strong. The eagles havent taken that position seriously in a long time. They feel they can plug anyone in there and be successful. When you think about it thats how they feel about every position lol but theyre the only team with that mentality.

  • All 4 teams that played in the Championship Round were very strong at the LB position
    (Jets,Bears,Packers and Steelers are probably the top 4-5 in the NFL with quality and depth at
    the LB Postion) .. maybe add in the Ravens and Viking too as being one of the top teams at LB….

  • Although I would like to see Haynesworth on the team, I feel like that move won’t be made because of his reputation as a nuisance in the locker room and Reid’s passiveness. We couldn’t handle T.O. Haynesworth is not T.O., he’s more of a scumbag than a showoff. The addition of Washburn should take care of our defensive line ‘problems’, which I think is the least of our worries on the defensive side of the ball. Signing Asomugha would be like Christmas day for me. I love his aggressiveness and the way that he’s always one step behind the receiver. I just don’t know if Reid would go for a top 3 highest paid cornerback. If Reid doesn’t have a Defensive Coordinator that he really likes, then maybe Asomugha IS the way to go. As for linebackers, I can’t see much changing from this year. All the linebackers are young and just need to toughen up and learn more. I do agree with tydm, but I think Chaney, Clayton, Bradley, Sims, Fokou, Jordan, and Gaither can be those types of linebackers.

  • Nice view point Colahead regard the latter part. I don’t know if Haynesworth would be a nuisance or not, but like someone said on this site some time ago clause the heck out of his attitude.

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