• July 7, 2022

Are The Steelers Really America’s Team?

I know as Philadelphia Eagles fans this isn’t going to be an easy conversation to stomach, but nevertheless we’ve got to be men enough to ask and answer the tough questions.

ESPN.com has an article up on its site which tries to prove that the Pittsburgh Steelers are really America’s Team. Years ago the Dallas Cowboys tried to give themselves that name but now this columnist on ESPN.com, Chad Millman is trying to give that name to the Steelers.

I’ve run into Steelers fans in the area who come in and start throwing the Super Bowl titles and their reputation around and it’s very difficult to argue with them, since we have no rings and no titles.

The ESPN writer cites the fact that Troy Polamalu’s jersey is the number one seller in the nation.  Normally a quarterback, or running back or wide receiver leads the way in jersey sales but Polamalu is a defensive player who leads the way.

He also cites the fact that the Steelers are the team with the highest number of Hall of Fame inductees in the modern era.

They play old-fashioned hard nose, blue collar football.  They make no apologies and they offer no mercy to their opponents.  Steeler football is based on running the football, playing a physical brand of defense and find ways to win.  They believe in toughness and they look for tough players.

Hall of Fame Steeler’s coach Chuck Noll used to let Steelers fans from around the Pittsburgh area come to practice and see the team workout.  He felt the team was partly-owned by the fans.

They own six Super Bowl titles and now they’re going for number seven.

What do you think?  Are the Steelers really American’s Team.

On another note: The Steelers need to write a letter to ESPN and demand that they take the article down.  This article is going to paint a big bright bullseye on them from now on.  I know they can protect themselves but there’s no use in provoking the rest of the league.


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  • Unfortunately, if we want to look at “America’s team” the way the Cowboys were in the 90s then I would say yes. They have just a big of a following as any team in the league and they still play the game the way it should be done. The thing that separates them from the Cowboys of the 90s is that they don’t have the flamboyant characters on their team who people just can’t stand. Many people dislike Ben but everyone else it’s kinda hard to dislike. Now as a Eagles fan, I think I envy them more than hating them. Even though they are in the same state, the dislike I have for them will never surpassed those of our division rivals.

  • I guess if you keep the OL’ American tradition you should be crowned AMERICA’s TEAM!!! And that’s what the steelers do…….. the united states has lost tradition as well…… We dont know who is who and whats what now………. This country was built on power…….. I not going to go in depth with that but I think the steelers are now america’s team……… Hard workers and dedication and reach a goal at the end twice out of three years THE RIGHT WAY……… (Talking about New England Patriots)…….. They have the crown now…….. Sorry Jerry Jones….. Just because you bought a new stadium doesn’t mean you will have your team playing in the final game there………. money doesn’t always buy you a championship……. It’s all about keeping tradition and having the right men to do there part!!!!

  • The term ‘americas team’ is frivolous, entirely subjective, and essentially bullshit

  • Agreed. Steeler’s are definitely America’s team. The only other team I can think of would be the Patriots. To me, the Patriots are a decent team that has very few stars, but they are coached well and play well together as a team. I personally can’t stand Belichick but he is a fantastic coach, whether he cheated or not. The Steeler’s, however, have been solid for as long as I can remember, but I am only 19. You have to respect a team that has been to the Super Bowl 7 times, won 6 of them, and is going for their 7th. For some Philly fans it may be difficult to admit this, but we don’t play the Steelers often so I have no reason to dislike them. The Pittsburgh Penguins on the other hand…

  • We kinda of were America’s team in 2003-2004 . i remember alot of nationwide fans for SB. then we went down hill

  • Reid inherited an awesome D and it went down hill from there what more proof do u need

  • lol they believe in LBs that sack QB and stop the run

  • Has Andy genuis reid ever think highly of Linebackers. Charles Haley,lawrence taylor,woodley,Vrabel,bruschi,and woodley ring a bell…they all had 10+ sack their SB yr..yes haley a lb was more of a factor for Cowboys and had more sacks than bruce smith in SB’s Eagles never had a QB seeking LB seth joyner was closest with 6.5 sacks a year this yr was Sims with 2

  • America’s Team = Biggest Bandwagon Team

  • anyway steelers think highly of them wish i liked them but don’t care……Bears and Eagles win against packers playoffs if they run the ball 30 times not 12 …Steelers will do it Steelers 24-13

  • btc, exactly right. And that’s the level that the Steelers are right now. They’ve been winning so much in the past few years that they have hundreds of thousands of bandwagon fans. Subsequently, wherever they go, they have a large fan base. Just like the 90s cowboys.

  • The Patriots have been “America’s Team” for the last Decade or so..
    Genius for a Head Coach in Belichek, All-World Mr Pin-Up Boy in QB Tom Brady
    and a Owner (Robert Kraft) who built a state of the art Stadium and kept Football in New England
    I can’t stand them myself but it’s hard to argue with their record over the last decade..
    It’s funny about the Steelers, one season they make the playoffs and then go on to win it all,
    the next season they finish 9-7 and don’t even make the playoffs… All I know, is you can count on
    your 1 hand the # of times that the Steelers have ever lost a meaningful game in recent years..
    when the stakes get higher, they always come to play– Steelers 26 – Packers 17 …

  • Paulman, I actually think the number of people that like NE outside of that area is very small compared to teams like the Packers, Steelers and Cowboys. I think people dislike Belichek because they think he’s a jerk and they resent Brady for being the league’s Golden child. I think they are less of what someone would consider “America’s team” because outside of NE, people hate them.

  • “I’ve always felt that the Steelers’ defense … they’re always built around the linebackers — and specifically around those two outside guys who can rush the passer and create so much havoc” Kurt Warner

  • Why did Reid never think highly of LB’s. We will never win with Reid’s philosophy for LB’s lol and many other reasons

  • The steelers are americas team because of their longevity. They are in my eyes the san antonio spurs of football. Like Paulman mentioned the steelers win it all one yr then don’t make the playoffs then they win it again the following yr. Id take this team over any other squad in the league in a big game. Even over my beloved Eagles. They have the very best GM in the league that drafts great along with great coaches and personnel. THEY RUN THE BALL AGAINST EVERYONE AND ARE SUCCESSFUL AND PLAY GREAT DEFENSE. They are Americas Team

  • @Paulman, I ll say this the media would love for the patriots to be Americas team but they r not. When was the last big game the pats have won? Back in 04′ against the birds in the SB so no I gotta give the title to the steelers

  • I agree with you Scorpoin,
    I thnik it’s more of the perception pushed by down from the NFL Elite and the National Media
    about the Patriots and the Red/White & Blue.
    Personally I do not like them and ever since the Tape-Scandal incident from a few years ago, the Patriots and Coach Belichek have taken on more of a role of a cheat and got knocked of their pedestal a few notches..
    The Packers and Steelers have a strong fan bases all across the Country as do the Cowboys,Bears
    and the Eagles.. Now it;s the Jets that seem to be the NFL’s and National Media’s darling team

  • Steeler fans are the most annoying fans of any in the NFL. Rothlisburger is one of the most hated players in the NFL. some of his teamates and many fans didnt even like the guy. Ig you are not a steelers fan than its a lock that you are pulling for Green Bay in the superbowl. So no Steelers are not Americas team. Not even close.

  • Paulman, yeah I think the media and top NFL execs want the Pats to be “America’s team”. In reality, most people outside their area love seeing them lose. People are sick of the QB preferential treatment and their “genius” coach.

  • Godson, do you think all of Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders teammates like them? Do you think all fans like their flamboyant personalities? No. That’s part of what makes a team “America’s team”. They have a strong following around the entire country and have people that just can’t stand them. You either love them or hate them. Combine that with the winning then Steelers are certainly in that conversation more than any team right now.

  • I’m sure someone could round up 10 million ppl in Ohio who’ll definitely say the Steelers are not their team.

  • “I’m sure someone could round up 10 million ppl in Ohio who’ll definitely say the Steelers are not their team.”

    Sure you can. You could probably round up 30 million but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a large following. Sure they will have more people outside their home area that dislike them but they also probably have the most COMPARED to other teams outside their area that do like them. I’d guess it’s between them and the Cowboys who have the most fans (frauds or legitimate) outside of their home areas.

  • Honestly, I wouldn’t want to be “America’s Team”. I don’t think it is something to be that proud of. “America’s Team” is usually the team that most people like to bandwagon. I don’t consider them true fans, therefor I wouldn’t want them part of my fanbase, and most bandwagon fans aren’t that knowledgeable. Plus, I like the idea of being part of a fanbase that outsiders don’t like. It isn’t as special if everyone likes your team, because they are “America’s Team”. All the great clubs are secluded. That is what makes them special. Wouldn’t be special if everyone was allowed in. That is how I view the Eagles, compared to being the Cowboys or Steelers and “America’s Team”. I am glad we aren’t. Let the Steelers or Cowboys have it.

  • America’s got team?

  • The Cowgirls were NEVER America’s team. In fact, it was the Steelers who whooped their butts in SB’s ’75 and ’79. Pittsburgh has always had tough teams. Those high schools in western PA in particular are so football focused, the region is a gold mine and “minor league” for many colleges, large and small.

  • Steeler football is the way the game should be played, and that’s why the Buddy Ryan teams were so loved, but he had to deal with that jerk owner Norman Braman. Though I like our players, who are genuinely “nice” guys, I’d rather have some Andre Waters, Hopkins, Dawkins types who’d knock your block off and some killer LB’s as we used to have until Reid brought in ballerinas. Ernie Sims is a perfect example of talk, and no walk! If it weren’t for fact of being born/raised in Philly area, I’d be a Steeler fan to core. So, I hope they beat on the Packers and win their 7th SB… I’d rather it be in Pennsy than anywhere else. Get Reid out of here; send him back to BYU.

  • I agree with that observation scorpiodsu. I don’t dislike them but I greatly envy them for what they have accomplished. Two teams in Pennsylvania and they couldn’t be more different in philosophies. What a shame. All I can do is shake my head. We (the Eagles) always seem to come up on the short end of the stick whether it be in owners, Head Coaches, players, or systems. There always seem to be something lacking. I think we all know what that is by now.

  • If by “Americas Team” you mean biggest bunch of bandwagon jumpers in which half the fan population has never even been to the city of Pittsburgh — then yes, Steelers are Americas Team.

  • Steelers in the 70’s were a STEROID team………like the Raiders.
    In the 90’s no one went to the games. NO One !……..like 9,000 fans.
    Last superbowl parade………50,000 fans. PATHETIC !!!!!!!!!!!

  • @ Paulman – I hate NE and the cheatin’ SOB Belichik for the tape scandal and the, I believe reasonably well squashed, issue of NE using players from IR in daily practices. I love seeing them lose almost as much the Cowboys. All that said and being a hater, I still have to admit that Belichik is one heck of a planner and an amazing game-day coach the JO.

  • All the teams in 70’s had steroid users! And those users were doing it before they got to NFL.

  • No!!!!!!!!!!!!!Not even close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steeleers are not americas team people hate them and connot relate. Rothlisberger is a rapist and he was not liked in Pittsburgh before the season started, I know that for a fact, Winning has made the pitt fans blind to who he still is. polomalu is overated……he is real good but still overrated. Watch the Superbowl and see for yourself how Rodgers abuses him on pump fakes and double moves. Dont just believe what the media tries to imply. they show Polomalu on plays where is is running around with his hair in the wind close to a play and fans say wow look @ Troy he is a beast! Stop it he is good, yes he is….. but Mathews is the best defensive player on the field EASY! Rothisburger is a playground QB with a great D and a great run game. Lets be real 15 Qbs in the NFL would be in superbowl with this team and philosphy/ Put Rothlisberger on Eagles maybe we go 8-8 if we are Lucky. Real Talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Maybe Kolb and Bunkley to San Fran for V. Davis and a 1st!!!!!!!!!! I would do it and its fair right?

  • Also a sleeper FA is CB Carlos Rodgers, we would upgrade with him 3rd best CB in FA

  • The Steelers are the model NFL franchise. As for Americas team. It’s usually the team that just won the Superbowl.

    They are amazing. It in age when everybody keeps saying it’s a passing league the Steelers, Jets and Ravens still win with old fashion football. Bone Crushing defense and ball control offense. Man’s football.

    Hope the Eagles defensive coordinator signals a chance in defensive personnel and attack. They should hire Buddy Ryan as a consultant. That guy could pick defensive talent in his sleep.

  • To Godson,

    Kolb and Bunkley to the 49ers for their 1st pick (7th Overall) and All Pro TE V Davis.. C’mon Man…
    Be a little realistic.. Now if the Eagles threw in WR D-Jax, then maybe you have something..

  • To Godson,
    I do like CB Carlos Rodgers as a FA pick-up for a couple of reasons
    #1) He will be much cheaper that Asmogaoh, & Cromartie and can free up $ to get other players
    #2) He’s a bigger and much more physical CB which the Eagles desperately need to play opposite Samuel and to match up with the bigger WR’s that teams have now
    #3) Playing with the Redskins, He knows the NFC East Dvision teams and other NFC Teams well since he’s played against them his entire career..

    The only downside I see if that Rodgers has poor hands and misses on many Int Opportunities,
    If he were to improve is ball catching skills, this guy could be a Pro-Bowl type of Player and get
    you 5-6-7 Int’s a season..

  • All teams in the 70’s had Steroid users. Not all teams served them around like they were Candy though. Some teams the problem was much more prevelent…..

  • To Can’t Climb
    Except for the Eagles.. They tried to win in the 70’s with the pure athleticism of players like
    Mel Tom, Norm Bulaich,Mike Reeves, Stan Boryla, Bill Bradley,Ben Hawkins Leroy Keys,
    Frank LeMaster, John Bunting,Joe Lavender,Cliff Young,Bill Bergey,Jerry Sisemore,Guy Morris,
    ans many others

  • @bsmvideos,
    Great idea about bringing in Buddy Ryan.
    I feel kind of neutral as far as this superbowl goes. I don’t really like either of the teams. But if I had to chose, I guess I would like to keep the momentum going and say lets keep the Championship in the NFC.

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