• January 22, 2022

With This Move, Andy Has Pushed All His Chips To The Middle Of The Table

Andy Reid pushed all his chips to the middle of the table when he decided to make his offensive line coach, Juan Castillo, his new defensive coordinator.  It was a very unorthodox move and it increases the pressure on Reid and Castillo to have success immediately.

Like his decision a year ago, to bench Kevin Kolb and make Michael Vick his starting quarterback, Reid has doubled-down on his bet to prove that he knows what he’s doing and he can win it all for this hungry Philadelphia fan base.

Reid’s reputation as one of the better head coaches in the league is on the line.  Nobody is going to want to talk to Castillo if he struggles.  They are going to want to talk to Reid.

This move came out of leftfield and stunned Eagles fans and NFL fans throughout the nation.  Like Vick Castillo must win over the fans the first time his defense goes onto the field and he might not have an off-season with which to work with them.

There’s no other way to say it.  This is a huge gamble by Reid and it’s huge gamble by Castillo.  I know the long-time Eagles offensive coordinator wanted to be a coordinator, but his decision to become a defensive coordinator puts his reputation on the line.  If he had become an offensive coordinator, he would have bought himself some time to master the coordinator’s position because the success he had as an offensive line coach.

That’s not the case with him taking a defensive coordinator’s job. If he doesn’t have a great year in 2011, he could wind up in no man’s land. He’s got to know when to blitz and when not to do so.  Castillo must be on top of the substitutions and when to go with nickel and dime.  He said he hasn’t decided yet what they Birds need to do in the red zone, but he’s going to study it and figure out what to do.

He’ll have no room for error in getting the defensive calls in there.  There can be no mistakes in making the defensive calls because Reid could have hired somebody with some experience.

I heard Michael Lombardi of NFL Network say he had never seen this type of move made in his 25 years working in and around the NFL.

Personally, I think Castillo’s background as an offensive line coach will serve him well as a defensive coordinator, but it could take time and Castillo doesn’t have time.  He’s going to be under the spotlight immediately.  He can’t stumble in the first year and not expect Eagles fans to attack.

This move makes the Eagles search for a defensive coordinator look like a joke.  I have been asking a question for a while now of whether the Eagles knew what they were doing in the defensive coordinator search.

I think it’s very clear what the answer to that question is.  No, they didn’t have a clear plan of replacing their defensive coordinator.  Reid says he was looking for somebody to replace Castillo on the offensive line all this time.  It just doesn’t fit.

If Castillo was the guy all along, why did he wait until the day before the decision was made to interview him.  It seems that Reid and the Eagles were left without a good candidate so they’re asking Castillo to save them.

I do think he has a chance of being a good defensive coordinator.  I’ve always thought that defensive players could improve it they were allowed to learn what offensive teams were trying to accomplish on each play.


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  • If this doesn’t work, andy is gone. This is just my opinion but that’s what I think. Btw.. I think this shows that andy still has the control.

  • G, this move made zero sense to me but you’ve made me feel a LITTLE bit better.

    Stevo, I think Laurie wants to be the Pittsburgh of Eastern PA and let his coaches stay as long as THEY want to. Reid’s career is reminding me a lot of Cowher’s. Cowher got beat pretty good by the Cowgirls in his first SB appearance and ended up winning it a decade+ later.

  • Reid ran ball ave 12 times in his 9 playoff losses…..The winners ran ave 34

  • tydm – get over it

  • Im actually ok with this move now. We have a guy who is considered the best d-line coach in the league, and we were able to now hire someone considered one of the best o-line coaches in the league. Washburns experience will also help Castillos development. But its still an all or nothing move by Andy and with these great o-line and d-line coaches, anything short of a superbowl appearance will be an unsuccessful season which will probably get him fired.

  • To Stevo,
    I do not think this move that Coach AR has total control what so ever..
    I think this shows the following
    #1) That Coach AR has thru 2012 to get to a Super Bowl or his time is up
    #2) With this being said and the Defensive side of the ball being the area of concern,is that Coach AR is calling on his most trusted and loyal assistant he has, in Juan Castillo, to bail him out
    #3) With being able to hire O/L Howard Mudd out of semi-retirement to take over the OL, and
    the addition of DL J Washburn, HC AR will work with Castillo to scheme,game plan with Castillo
    in the hopes that his teachings,motivation and hard work, that they can turn around this Defense
    in a hurry, Coach AR will be extremely active on this side of th ball. This would not have happened
    with someone hired from the outside that could have wanted to change to scheme, add a bunch of new players,and have a little time on his side to implement these new changes..
    The Eagles and specifially Coach AR are not in this position and like any HC, if Coach AR is going to go down, he will want to go down with his own people doing it his own way
    I think that this shows that there was no real strgon candidate out there that Coach AR felt that
    confident or excited about in taking over the Defense, Sean MCDermott was forces out which has
    left Coach Ar with a lot of soul-searching to be done and the key was getting DL Washburn to get
    his good friend H Mudd out of semi-retirement to take over the OL Position which then allowed
    a Coach AR to move Castillo over the DC spot..
    I think many of us will look back at these moves in 2-3 years and say it was a stroke of genius,
    but I think Coach AR is doing everything in his power to build the best staff he can on people he knows nad trusts for he is defeinitely on the hot seat and needs to win and win now (just like every other HC in the NFL)

    Big risk but a big reward, and it appeard in the Press Conferences that Coach AR is not planning on any major cscheme or player changes on that side of the ball, but they still need to address the
    Def Secondary Coach and LB Coach and a strong Possibility that it will be the interns from last year being named to these official positions LB M Caldwell and DB Mike Zordich..

  • I’m all over the place about this. Key thing now is… Who’s gunna be the DB coach? Has to be a pro.. No projects. who was the safety coach from the pack? Maybe he fins away here. My gut tells me its a guy already on our staff.

  • with thsese Coaches in Place, I also can see the following Free-Agents heavily pursued
    (if the CBA gets worked out)

    on OL– Eagles will sign OT Charles Johnson from the Colts.
    He was orgianlly a RT out of College and then swtiched to LT once their Pro-Bowler Tarik Glenn Suprisingly retired after their Super Bowl win a couple of years back, which left the Colts unprepared and with no one else really ready at that all improtatn position.. (In fact, the Colts O/Line was never really the same after Glenn retired). Anyways, C Johnson did an pretty good job at LT but his real and natural position is RT/RG which I think the Eagles will sign him to compete at. Obviously, Charles Johnson knows OL Coach R Mudd schemes,practice routines,so he is a OL who could come in right away and start from Day 1. He’s 6-4 305 lbs, 26 years old, no record of any major injuries and was a 6th Rd draft pick in 2006 and won’t command the big $$$ that a L Mankins, J Gaither, S Nicks, T Clabo, D Dahl, R Kalil and others will command.

    On Defense with J Washburn,
    I really see the Eagles pursuing LB Steve Bullock and DE Jason Babin both of the Titans who have
    played for and excelled for Coach Washburn..

    I think these Line Coaches got big $$$ to coach for the Eagles so I do see them having a say-so
    in potential free-agents that are out there and obviously they would want good productive players that they are familiar with.. Maybe add a Albert Haynesworth could be a possibility, but Albert has to decide for himeslf if he wants to play football and no one can make that decision for him..
    Again with time of the essence for all these Coaches (Mudd/Washburn are probably 2-3 year Coaches and then will retire) and with Castillo & Reid now out on the hot seat, this group of Coaches will need to hit the ground running for the 2011 Season and why not do it with the players you know and trust the most..

  • Paul……WOW, ok brother I hear ya

  • To Stevo,
    No doubt they will need a proven DB Coach and maybe this D Perry from the Packers would be a good fit or the DB Coaches from the Vikings & Bears they interviewed..
    Per Coach AR comments from last evening Press Conference, I wouldn’t be surprised to see
    Mike Caldwell named as LB Coach and M Zordich as DB Coach though I am not so sure that either
    one are fully ready at this point.. I think Coach AR will be in de facto the DC and calling many of formations,coverages and blitz packages from behind the scenes come game time…

  • G, the Eagles may look like they didn’t have a plan or know what they were doing – but I’m going to challenge that. Do you really believe that they could get an NFL veteran 60 year old d-line coach, acknowledged as one of the best in the game, to sign a contract not knowing who his boss will be? Not only that, but he helped convince another top assistant and friend, Mudd, to join as well? Add to this that Andy always has a plan. Clearly, we don’t always agree and, clearly, he isn’t always right – but the man does have a plan. I think he’s been mostly interviewing for db coaches. And, he’s possibly waiting for moss as an lb coach before finalizing the staff. Just thought I’d throw this in there for comment.

  • The BS with this team never ends….WTF????? If anyone doesn’t believe AR should be gone now…something has to be wrong with you. this is the type of ignorance that keeps this team from ever winning a SB. C’MON MAN!!!!!!

  • I’m also all over the place on this one. As a former (OK… only a high school) coach, one could argue that a good coach is a good coach. And Castillo was/is a good coach, or was with the OL. So knowing the players, if he has a good head for the game, it might be possible for him to excel on the other side. I hope so, and have to believe that it can’t be worse. And wings – I think that at 60, it is time to go for the coin, and the Birds offered more than the Titans as I understand it. Yet again… I’m saying give Big Red the benefit of the doubt, assuming it was he that made the call.

  • For once Mr Cobb, I agree with you–he’s not only put all of his chips to the middle, but his rep and his job is on the line. And Paulman, I agree with you–Reid maybe didn’t see anyone out there that was that impressive other than maybe Fisher–and Fisher said he was going to relax this next year. Also, as you said, Reid’s going to win or lose with his guys. I think the most important hires are yet to come–LBs coach and DBs coach–I think, although it was said that they were iinterviewing for the DC post, they could have been interviewing for the DBs coach; Hoke’s contract expired and Woods is one of two DB coaches for the Vikes.

    But two things:

    1. I think more than anything, this might have been driven by the CBA talks. You bring in a different DC who knows no one, he’s got to get familiar with the players, which is going to take weeks, and then make recommendations to Reid–they might even have to change the scheme. With the clock ticking to March 4, they might not have a chance to implement a stranger’s schemes. Castillo is already in the buildiing and he’s probably already started evaluating the players on the defense–they all know him. Anything he can get out to them and have them practice it if there is a lockout will be a bonus.

    2. It is only logical, in a funny sort of way that you have a guy that spent 13 years scheming AGAINST defenses, now scheming against the offensive side of the ball. He can know what areas along the opposing OLs to attack.

    I know a lot of people think Reid has lost his mind, but I’ll wait to judge it next season.

  • You are Damn right….I am one of them this move makes absoulutely no sense at all if you were going to do this why not just keep McDermott????? Again this is the BS that we as eagles have has to endure for too Damn long WTF??????

  • Paul – not sure if Tulloch would be pursued He’s a MLB. I see Zordich and Caldwell getting promoted. I’m not hitching my offensive line wagon to Charlie Johnson who only beat out Tony Ugoh (Unemployed) and by all accounts was an average player. I’d rather they drafted a 1st or 2nd rd lineman for Mudd to develop Pouncey or Carimi will satisfy. I only see a minimal chance they go after Haynesworth should he be released b/c this organizations rides with it’s players I’m not sure they know what they have in their D lineman b/c they have been in the hands of Segrest for the last few years. Most of them are 1st rd for the exception of Cole who Kiper says should have been the 4th overall pick. They clearly are putting their focus and attention on the O and D lines so i’m not sure how much they value paying big money to another CB (Asomough) What they need to do is trade Kolb so they can get an addition pick in the top 2 Rds go Gabe Carimi 1st, Brandon Harris 2nd, Bruce Carter 2nd , DeAndre McDaniel 3rd (Baby Dawk) Although I have a feeling they will wait to the later rounds to draft a RT. I think they will roll with J. Jackson C, McGlynn RG, whoever they draft to compete at RT. I do agree they need to find some veteran leadership so maybe they will look at Asomough but I wouldn’t hold my breathe.

  • This is certainly an interesting move but in all fairness I am somewhat intrigued by watching an offensive line coach calling the defense in the sense that he knows and understands what O lines do after studying them and coaching them for 13 years. So in a twisted way perhaps he has an advantage. It’s obvious the Eagles focus is dominating the trenches so what better way to do that than to hire 2 of the very best position coaches on either side of the ball while retaining another line coach also widely considered one of the best. To have an offensive guy attacking opposing offense could prove to be a stroke of genius. Where would we be in the world without people that take risks? Gutsy Andy but I’m curious to see how this will play out.

    Howard Mudd dulls the shock of the move and it is somewhat comforting that former eagles defensive coaches now head coaches are giving their stamp of approval. Not to mention it is rather fascinating for a guy that was a defensive coach was switched to the offensive side of the ball and became widely regarded as one of the best offensive coaches in the business. What does one attribute that to besides hard work?


    Castillo does not seem to realize what he got himself into yesterday when the Eagles named him their defensive coordinator. It isn’t that he doesn’t understand the skepticism, at least a little bit, because he does. He knows it isn’t every day – or every decade, for that matter – that an NFL offensive line coach is given a job as the team’s defensive coordinator.

    What he doesn’t understand is the rest of it. Because Castillo, whether he wants to be or not, is a symbol of everything that some people can’t stand about Andy Reid and the Eagles’ front office.

    He has become the walking, talking, blitz-calling manifestation of the insularity of this team, and of the Eagles’ refusal to make the conventional move, and of their belief that they are smarter than everyone else. After firing Sean McDermott, they interviewed a bunch of people around the NFL and finally seemed to be embracing the notion of an outside set of eyes for the first time in a very long time – and then they pulled an in-house switcheroo that nobody (and I mean nobody) saw coming.


    Smarter than everybody in the NFL. ZERO superbowls. Smug Fat Moron. No Respect for the Eagle Fan base. Never has and never will. Can’t wait to see you Gone.


    This is what we get? All the Defensive coaching talent in Division I football. All the talent on the Steelers and Green Bay. And this is what we get? This is the ULTIMATE F – you to the Fans.

    I thought trading out of the FIRST round was the ULTIMATE FU. Now this.

    Damn! That Fat Red Head Just sits up at night thinking of ways to screw the Eagle fans.

  • Only the Eagles would make this type of decision…..G I totally agree with you when you stated this make the Eagles search of a DC look like a joke because that is exactly what this mess looks like A JOKE. you are telling me with all the potential position coaches on the defensive side of the ball available this is the best the Eagles could come up with?? I bet players on the Eagles Defense right now are like WTF??? Do you really think they will respect this guy??? The bottom line here is this will only get worse until they fire AR.

  • BSM — I’m glad the smug fat moron doesn’t care what you think. If he did, he’d be sitting with you in the stands.

    Really people? Are we going to continue to question Andy and his personnel decisions? How many times does he have to prove everyone wrong? Don’t mix up Andy’s personnel decisions with his gametime adjustments — he knows what hes doing in this regard.

  • The Offensive line STUNK last year. I’ve got an Idea. I’ll PROMOTE the Offensive line coach. And I’ll give him a job he has never had before. He should be great at it. After all we had the best offensive line in the NFL for some time now. Oh wait, we were not good on the line, but I can see things others can’t.

    I draft players with torn acls because I know things about healing that others don’t.

    I give away my first round draft picks to my competition because I want to stockpile for the future that never comes.

    . I trade up for bums because I am so smart.

    I need a center but I trade for a guard and draft defensive linemen instead. After all I am soooo smart.

    Next I draft or trade for “out of position guy.” I am so smart I see a position he can play that nobody else has seen his entire career. After all I am soooo smart.

    My team in located in the cold eastern part of the country, but I will load it up with tiny fastballs, because I am soooo smart.

    I won’t comitt to the run even if I am playing the worst run defense in the playoffs. I only am I so smart but I believe in the Frank Sinatra hit ” I did it my way”

    I have not won a superbowl in 12 years. No other coach in NFL history has taken more time(tom landry took 12 but he started with an expantion team).

    Philadelphia fans, you are the customer, but I don’t care what you think.

    I am Andy Reid. I am Sooo much smarter than all of you.

  • The decision making here is flawed and and has been for a long time….I with you bsmvideos I too may have to jump ship because year after year the ignorance continues. All the front office has to do is give AR his pink slip and get a HC in here with a run the football first mentality and play tough physical defense like the Steelers. It is a sad day for Philadelphia Eagles football when these type of decisions keep happening and they (front Office & AR) thinks they are the right decisions. I guarantee this Castillo wouldnt be DC with any other team…hell he wouldnt even be considered !!!!

  • This is another example of Reid thinking he’s the smartest guy in the room. It’s time for a new direction!

  • I only go to Eagles training camp 1 day per summer for the last 6 or 7 years. The 1 coach I have spent the most time watching has been Juan Castillo. He runs his practice and drills more precise and efficently than any other coach by far. I watch the logistics of his drills (the engineer in me is speaking) and try to get ideas for my coaching of my young kids teams. The other position coaches are mostly upbeat, but Castillo’s practices just stand out. The man has his players working at 8:30 for the 9:00 morning practices. He obviously has a creative mind and great work ethic. I like the idea of a offensive line coach going to the defensive side.
    This move would have been hailed by all 5 or 6 years ago when Andy’s power was supreme. It just seems like Andy is throwing a great guy hungry for an opportunity out in the deep end. Castillo must be surrounded by some great coaches for this to work(especially in the secondary). It just looks like another time Andy Reid is trying to show his genius by taking the unconventional route. There is a case to be made for being a trailblazer, but straying too far off the trail often leads to the bottom of a cliff.

  • Birdobeamen —-

    There is an excellent video on youtube.

    “Harry Belafonte on the Obama Presidency: Interviewed at the Sundance Film Festival”

    “I think [Obama] plays the game that he plays because he sees no threat from evidencing concerns for the poor,” Belafonte says. “He sees no threat from evidencing a deeper concern for the needs of black people, as such. He feels no great threat from evidencing a greater policy towards the international community, for expressing thoughts that criticize the American position on things and turns that around. Until we do that, I think we will be forever disappointed in what that administration will deliver.”

    He supported Obama as I have supported the Eagles for almost 50 years. My support is not blind.
    This organization sees no threat from the fan base. Boycott one game and this crap would be over.

    Andy Reid has proved no one wrong. He as accomplished what every other Eagles coach has accomplished. NO Superbowl.

    If you are happy with that, then that is your choice. It’s not mine. If Tampa Bay can win one and the Saints can win one and the Other Penns team can win 6 then there is no excuse for a city that supports the Eagles like they do, SHOULD have at least one Superbow

  • Beautiful – Jphalines.

  • I think Juan is a great coach and I am willing to give the guy a shot.
    I want this team to succeed ,but unfortunately as long as Reid is coaching this team and calling the shots it will be the same results next year.
    I hope the “Gold Standard” proves me wrong.
    Now let’s watch them draft in April undersized D lineman and inadequate Linebackers….
    But they know better than all of us…that is why they have so many Super Bowl Trophies….oh wait…wrong team..

  • BSM, your posting of Rich Hoffman’s article and comments after are right on point. I have EXACTLY the same feelings.

    I have believed for the past (4) seasons that Reid needed to go, but he is like a problem gambler who is running out of money. He is depsreate to regain his former power within the organization, but also paranoid enough that he will not bring in the type of experienced defensive coordinator because he would be a threat to AR as Head Coach, and he might bring an outside perspective that would start the owner questioning his longtime coach.

    Castillo has had a long reputation as a hard-working coach. The offensive line has not preformed well the past few seasons after the exit of Rynun & Thomas. The coach always got good performances out of the line when he had excellent players…which brings me to our defense. This defense needs an upgrade in players…defensive backs & safeties…linebackers & d-line…basically the whole defense can use an upgrade in talent. If we are to go on past performance, Castillo has not demonstrated lately that he can get production out of low talent players.

    The press conference last night was a joke. To make a move like this and be successful we must install experienced LB & defensive backs position coaches. From what they were saying, it sounds like Mike Caldwell & Mike Zordich are going to be the new coaches. Neither fits the experience that we currently need….great guys…liked them as players and believe that at some point they will be good coaches, but they are not what we need NOW to make this work.

    Reid has the paranoid need to promote from within the organization….he fears any credible opinion that might question his philosphy or tactics. We let Dick Jaron walk and installed our offensive line coach as defensive coordinator?? That was the plan?? Come on.

    Just as Andy has shown a love of taking a player who played his entire career at one position and move him into another postion, he is now doing the same thing with his coaches. When will we quit trying to show everyone that we are smarter than every other team, and just look at the successful teams and institute their model for success…..frankly if this doesn’t work the entire FO and coaches should be gone….but we all know that they will stick with the mess they have created and explain to everyone they do not understand the genius plan that they have developed…it is too high level for a common fan to understand.

  • @bsmvideos, great post regarding the article by Rich Hoffman from the Daily News. As stunned and upset as I am about this move, can we really be that surprised? What’s funny about the move is that it happened on Ground Hog’s Day. I think we were all really excited after the Jim Washburn hiring and the potential candidates out there in Winston Moss, Darren Perry, and even Trgovac. I think we all thought that the Eagles were FINALLY starting to “get it.” Hell, even yesterday, Winston Moss came on the Fanatic and was basically saying “I love Philadelphia and will bring a fire to that town and defense.” I think I speak for all of us when I say that we were ready to embrace a guy like Winston Moss. Sure he might not have the longest resume but ihe seemed like just what the doctor ordered; a change of scheme and an intensity that has eluded this defense for the past several years. Like Banner said a few years ago; “When you keep doing the same thing and expecting different results, it’s just foolish.” We are all foolish for thinking the Eagles would do the right thing during this coordinator search. History has a funny way of repeating itself and taking into account the “I’m smarter than you” philosophy that the Eagles’ front office portrays, this move makes PERFECT sense. And can we please stop with the “high risk, high reward.” That saying makes no sense in this situation. What’s the high reward in Castillo? I think if he does a decent job, it will be a huge success but there’s no way he becomes the next Dick Labueau. Signing Albert Haynesworth is a high risk, high reward.

  • this unorthodox move could be accepted, like the other non-traditional policies of the regime, as mr. bsm has pointed out, if the organization with this innovative approach actually won championships,

    eagles are like the kremlin, keep the people in the dark, tell them how great and powerful you are, but ultimately, the people, the fans, have much less than other people, see steelers, et. al, but as long as pacifistic, sheep minded people still keep waiting and following, nothing will change

  • Hate to throw water on everyones belief that if Andy’s crazy action fails he will be FIRED. Last time I checked, Lurie is the only one who can fire REID. Nine playoffs in twelve years has made Lurie millions of dollars. Unless this franchise has several loosing seasons in a row, Andy will stay! Reid will be HC as long as he wants to be HC. Best to get use to it!

  • will this push them to get better players on the defense? more established free-agents?

    or will we continue to operate outside the box? you know…when you think about it, it makes sense that we operate “outside of the box” so often…because the guys who tend to operate “inside the box” are the ones who have won superbowls

  • Mr Lurie, tear down this regime…

  • Expect more of the same this offseason and draft, picking up and drafting players with prior ACL injuries. Can get them cheap so they’re considered “steals/bargains.” Plus, it lets Reid and Co show everyone how much smarter they are than everyone else.

  • People crack me up by qualifying him by saying he spent a lot of time with Jim Johnson. Well I’m pretty sure McDermott did also. It’s one thing to watch someone do it and an entirely different thing to do it yourself. All we can do now is wait and see what happens. But right now, at this point in time it’s a very questionable move.

    And Birdo, I commend your allegiance to Andy’s personnel decision making, but obviously if he cleaned how on the defensive coaching side, those weren’t the right decisions, no? He can’t fire people but at the same time say hiring them was the right decision especially in a short period of time.

  • @btc…good point on the ACL bargins…..sometimes when every other team passes on a player there is a good reason….27 other teams don’t always make a mistake at the same time…but that isn’t what we are continuously fed….our guys are smarter than everyone else, even though everyone else typically has personel people with greater experience then our “Team-Howie” front office….but tose guys don’t know what we know

  • This is what it all boils down to……………..

    Andy Reid is such a control freak that he made Castillio defensive coordinator……. He just wanted another way to have his personal Whipping BOY!!!!! To over-run Castillio’s play calling so he can run the show!!!!! Rory Seagrest said that he didnt have the freedom to do things differently…….. Andy didnt want an outsider to be hired who would possibly REBEL against Andy’s decision on certain calls……….

    AR is the Suge Knight of this organization……… He likes to smack around other people’s opinions on how to do things differently but he isnt open for any suggestions…….. Well we all saw what happen to DEATH ROW RECORDS when there organization started crumbling down……. AR produced a lot of hits but never made that classic master-piece to make himself a mogul……… He’ll make it to the hall of fame……. But he’ll never ever ever win the big one with stupid decisions like this one…….. SMH!!!!

  • J-Roc — your first paragraph is exactly correct. I believe Andy is going to let Marty run the show on offense and shift his total attention to the defensive side of the ball. — There’s nothing wrong with that.

  • I do not believe this was the plan. And if so it goes to show how far the Eagles “braintrust” will go to prove they are smarter than everyone else in the league. I think that most of the candidates they interviewed didn’t gel with their current philosophy and instead of taking that chance, they again played it safe by keeping it all within the organization.

    We as fans are expected to just click our heels three times and hope we will return to a Super Bowl. Well, I say it’s time to “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

  • Yeah Jroc…you got it right

  • I have a personal friend who is a cop……. He’s a great person but doesn’t have any control at home……. When he’s on his job as a police officer……. People would say he’s a real D$#%……. But I see him as a cool person when we hang out………

    The moral of this story is that people with power on the job tend to be real pricks while at work to ease the pain in there personal lives……… (Behind closed doors)!!!! I see this in AR…… He’s a guy who tends to work in this manner to not only defend his players but belittles at the same time in his own personal way……… This guy has just lost his mind…… SMH!! Whats next his son might be our starting LB once the season starts to give him a big WHOOOO RAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! SMH

  • ******NewsFlash******

    Howie Roseman has just promoted the guy who handles the expense reports to the position of Director of Player Personel….his name is Bob (he originally came from Account-Temps)…he is a tireless worker who is well liked within the organization. He repeatedly told Howie about how he wished he could work in the front office…about how in high school he was the manager of the football team and that experience should count for something….the Eagles are excited about this move and believe that with the guidence of Bob, we will be making the to multiple SB championships within the next year.

  • So what does this move make out for free-agent players on the defensive side of things who would possibly look elsewhere because of this move?????? ASMOUGA???? (I know I spelled it wrong) possibly Haynesworth…….. IDK……. MAN this sucks…… Nobody in there right mind would have never thought this????? ONLY ANDY!

  • @Greenfan thanks for the post bro……. I sure do hope so!!!! SMH……..

  • Yeah I’m sure the free agents are drooling all over themselves at the opportunity to play for another completely inexperienced defensive coordinator.

  • haha, great post greenfan.

  • Risk versus Reward….. The thing I asked myself with this move was “Is This Move Gonna bring my Eagles closer to the Super Bowl”? I just dont think so, and I expect we will be starting over with a new head coach,/ VP of Football Operations after this season ……. Bring on Cowher who at least will built a team in the image of the city; tough, hard-nosed, and smart; enough of arrogant andy! ENOUGH!


    Juan Castillio knows the strengths and weaknesses of other offensive linemen on the opposite team……. So him as an defensive coordinator he can see the BIG mismatch and scheme on how to become successful on the defensive side………… WOW andy you really did it……….. Thats what I’m talking about……… Nice way to play Checkers instead of Chess……….. I’m just trying to make light of the situation!!!!! SMH

  • ****************************************BREAKING NEWS********************************************

    Eagles Hire Reno Mahe as Special teams coach and promote Bobby April as Defensive backs coach…..
    Also part of the deal they get Todd Pinkston to be the Eagles Lb’s coach…….. I’ll have more later!!!! SMH!!!!!!

  • Eagles took a play out of the Obama administrations handbook. Straw-man are being made.

  • Just for the record,
    I applied for the DC position and was told I was “over qualified” but that they would keep my resume/video/references on file for 6 years..

  • I played WR/TE in Highschool…can I be the DB coach?

  • Sorry, Being Head coach does not make u know more than fans…Some HC make dumb decisions all the time and i think even some on here could run a team better….All of us have worked places that Supervisor,Manager, or owner did not have a clue and a few people at the bottom totem pole could do a better job and actually 1 place i worked the manager ran it into the ground and one employee was hired as GM and place is rocking…Well it’s no diff in NFL.

  • to WWW,
    I have a challenge for you for the DB position
    I think I should be hired since I am 5’7″ and can teach this Small Secondary how to play big and
    match with Today’s big NFL WR’s
    What’s your special skills that will make an improvement for the Secondary and then we will let
    the posters vote…

  • Andy is a winner, i don’t care if it weak NFC, he always makes the right decision!!! When we needed a Wr we got thrash,when we needed LB Harrison,Woodley,and Mathews(all playing Sunday) we got Earnie Sims, Dt to stop the run we got bunkley,Babins sack total was not enough we got rid of the slacker(the jerk only got 12.5 sacks this yr)when we go to battle in war they send the airforce and the army,we just send airforce why risk the army,brilliant, this is the game of inches,when u need a great clock management,Andy is our MAN!! when it is 3rd and 2 or 4th and 1 u have complete faith in andy reid cause u know he will pass and we always get the first down cause our RB only ave 5.2 yds a carry,save the army,but at the end of the day i can go to sleep knowing andy reid is our coach

  • @Tydm…… Im with you bro……. The only CHIPS that andy puts on the table is Ruffles or Lays because he’s not putting a CHIP in this franchise with his STUPID WAYS………. I just dont get it….. This is just AR getting his payback towards Roseman about the whole Sean Mcdermott is coming back next season talk…….. Which he was denied when his sausage fingers went in the air and he say YA…… When every one else voted NA………

  • If you think tydm is a sexually frustrated homo with half a brain…….. Post after me.

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