• January 20, 2022

Michael Vick Shouldn’t Say The Word Party Much Less Host One

If you want to talk about a great idea, somebody came up with a brilliant one when they decided to have Michael Vick host a party at the Super Bowl this year.  Vick doesn’t need to come within 50 miles of a party.

Of all the famous players at the Super Bowl, why is it a good idea to have Vick be the host of the party.   The only way that’s good idea is if you were stuck in a coal mine for the last few years, or you were lost at sea or in a coma for a decade.

I know about all the security which is supposed to be on the premises from the Eagles and the NFL, but what if somebody comes to the party with goal of creating a disturbance and getting Vick involved with it.  It’s not worth the trouble. Somethings you just can’t prevent.

When the sun goes down in Dallas, Vick should go out to a nice restaurant get himself something to eat then head back to the hotel.  Everything is going great in his life and we don’t need any setbacks.

Vick needs to be hosting a party about as much as Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger should be hanging out at the strip joints or throwing a get together at an all girls high school or college down in Dallas.

I hear Vick is hosting an alcohol-free party on Saturday for 14-17 year olds.  It’s supposed to exhibit “positive role models and messages”.  The Eagles quarterback should take “Big Ben” along with him.  Whoever it was that had the idea to have Vick host the Friday night party would think it was appropriate to have Roethlisberger at the teen party on Saturday.  It would be a great news making event.

When they have the party tomorrow night they should invite both Roethlisberger and Inez Sainz and tell her to wear some of those “You can’t breath in them” jeans.  I know the Steelers won’t be very happy that we set up this party and invited Big Ben but like I said before,  it will be a great news making event.

I think the Packers will try to have Inez standing on the Steelers sideline during the Super bowl to keep Big Ben. They told her to wear those same jeans that she wore to the Jets practice. LOL


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  • As long as Vick isnt in the 757 area code…….. On Laskin Rd., Or in Chesapeake VA hanging out in Blakely’s…….. Party it up Vick……. But stay out of Virginia Beach………. I moved from Virginia Beach for a reason……… I’m far from Mike Vicks status…. And I know the troubles back home trust me……. V-HATERS are all through Virginia……… I love my home but will not rest my head there any longer…….. Vick keep doing your positive thing…… And stay focused….. You got my wishes bro…..

  • Vick will be at Club Deux, and not only is he bringing his own personal security guards, the NFL will provide security, as well as the Club outsourcing I think 3 off-duty Dallas area SWAT Team members aside from their own in-house staff. pat downs at the door people! Quanis will not be a problem. And he’s not going to be the only NFL player at this invite only party..prolly be the safest place in Texas that night.

  • TMZ has video of Ruthlessburger out getting drunk and the Vick party security details.

    As I said yesterday. Everybody has money problems. Most not enough and for some too much.

    I expected this after the new contract was signed.

    The NFL and the Eagles must be behind it since both are sending their own security.

    The NFL exploided Vick and the Eagles by moving that game to tuesday. Possibly costing the Eagles that game.

    Maybe this is a PR test to see how far they(NFL) can push the envelope and redo Vick’s image for endorsements that benefit Vick and the NFL.

    Their Eagle ratings went through the roof last year.

    Or maybe Andy is going to change Vick’s position to DE and take advantage of Vicks Speed off the Edge. He will be a bit undersized and does not have any NFL experience playing DE but hay, if it works for defensive coordinators then it could work for defensive ends.

    After all Andy is smarter than everybody.

  • Alcohol free pary for 14-17 year olds? Wow, what a great humanitarian. Is Mark Chimura having the official NFL alcohol party for underage kids.

  • When Banner made his statement about insanity. I think it was clear he wanted Andy Reid gone.

    But Andy had been too successful to just fire. Plus Jeffrie Lurie was making too much money to let the playoff coach just walk. So they restrict his power, but give him a contract extension.

    The little weasle Banner has won a battle but lost the war. Andy is still here. So Banner must figure out a way to get Andy to leave on his own. He’s got it. He’ll use Andy’s loyalty to his players against him.

    Banner – “Andy we appreciate all that you have done for the organization. But we are going to have to let McNabb go. Now it’s no sense in arguing. We heard what you said at the end of season press conference. McNabb will be back. We understand your loyalty so…

    Andy – “I’ll trade McNabb”

    Banner – Whaaatttt?

    Andy – “You heard me. I’ll trade my francise QB”

    Banner – But, but your loyalty? What about what you said at the press conference?

    Andy – “Why do you think I signed Vick? A younger faster version. And Vick will still run if he has to. And he’ll have to, with our offensive line.”

    One Year Later

    Banner – “Andy I know your loyalty to your coaches is unquestioned, but we are going to have to let McDermott go..Now I know you won’t stand for it. After all I heard what you said at the end of season press conference…McDermott stays. Look we’ll make it look like you resigned and…

    Andy – “Fire McDermott”

    Banner – Dooh!

    (Andy Reid leaves Banner’s office. Banner just looks at Andy’s contract extension and realizes Andy is just too smart for him to outwit. He just wishes Andy would do something dumb. Something so stupid that even the most hard core Eagle fans would wonder if Andy had finally lost his mind. Something so unpresidented that Jeffie Lurie would have to wonder if the eagles would become the laughing stock of the NFL. Oh well that would never happen.)

    Before Andy gets too far down the hallway Banner opens the door and says…

    “By the way how’s the search for a Defensive Coordinator coming?”

    Andy ” I’m thinking about hiring Juan… Cas”

    Banner “Done!” “here’s the contract, just fill in his name” “good luck next season!”

    Cut to Banner in his office talking on the phone with the biggest smile on his face..

    “Yes so expect to get the job buy the middle of next season. Yeah he should be gone by then. Nice talking to you Mr. Cowher. It will be a pleasure working with you.”

  • thank you G for the Inez picture….keep ’em comin’

  • To BSM,
    The Eagle Players and Coaches collectively blew that Vikings game at home all by themselves..
    The NFL could have said we want you to play a 9am Wednesday morning and the Eagles should have been ready.. That entire Fiasco cost the Eagles a great chance to get a #2 Seed and maybe, just maybe they would still be playing football .. And also they would not have fired Sean McDermott..
    This team and its HC Coach blew that game all the way around..

  • Man she is tight…..jphalines…Mark Chumura….im crying!!!

  • Sainz is in her 30s so I doubt that would work to entice Roethlisberger….. GB better roll out Miley Cyrus instead.

    I think Vick going to the party isn’t an issue. As long as he checks in with his “dad” Andy every hour, and is home by curfew.

    At least he’s changed.

  • According to ESPN writers NFL teams say they figured out Vick especially with the blitz. How can we improve. IT seems like Vick,Andy,morty,and new DC coach should have figured it out for Vikings,Giants,Bears,and Packer games this year…..what will one yr really make

  • i can see a blitz and sack later in the game but not the first play u have a whole week to come up with a perfect first play call….just my opinion

  • I, for one, would like to suggest to Mr. Cobb that you do a piece on Sainz at least every week, with photos please..maybe even some guest spot video of Eagles mini/training camp coverage?

  • Post some video’s of here and get those damn DIesel and whatever the heck out of here please..

  • Does the fact that this article was written not make anyone nervous?

    Micheal Vick is an incredible athlete. He can take over a game. That is all awsome stuff but…

    One wrong move even being associted with someone elses wrong move could flush all the plans for a Superbowl down the crapper. I am not saying he will mess up and I hope he doesn’t but it is a huge huge risk to hand this guy the keys to the franchize.

    The problem is that I don’t believe the FO feels they could get other talent signed with out him. If you want Namdi or some other free agent to come you have to have 7 on board. If you want 10 to sign an extension 7 has to be the guy. 7 has this team by the soft and squishies.

    I think the eagles must sell out in FA this year (if we have it) and be in position to take a shot at a true superbowl run or…

    They should trade Vick and Kolb for picks this year AND next year. Trade down in the draft to get more high picks for next year. Bring in a veteran (maybe Vince Young) to back up Kafka or even start. Fire Reid and company and leave a new HC in the position to create with multiple 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounders next offseason.

  • You lost me at “bring Vince Young in to even start.” Shudder. Even I would take Vick over that guy.

    Is it wrong that I’m hoping something bad happens at the party?

  • Trade Kolb and Vick for 2 LB that sack QB,run stopping DT, DE,CB, S

  • Just for the record, she never complained about the Jets. Some Jealous ugly female reporter did.

    That photograph should be enlarged, framed and put in the NFL hall of fame.

  • If you think tydm is a sexually frustrated homo with half a brain…….. Post after me.

  • Vinne- On Vince Young- I just picked a name and I should have said MAYBE. Besides if you are going to tank a season handing the rock to VY is a solid college try at 1-15, and less obvious than brining in a guy like Todd Collins to start.

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