• July 6, 2022

Aaron Rodgers Wins MVP Award While Leading Packers To Super Bowl Title

The Pittsburgh Steelers had grabbed the momentum in the second half of yesterday’s Super Bowl.  The Packers had the ball and were clinging to a three-point lead late in the fourth quarter.  It was third down and long.

Aaron Rodgers dropped into the pocket and threw a strike on a seam route to wide receiver Greg Jennings.  The throw had to be perfect and perfect it was as Jennings turned to find the ball coming directly into his hands.

This was the type of game which, Rodgers the former number one draft pick from the University of California played in front of a huge national television audience.  He had five or six passes dropped yet still managed to complete 24 of 39 throws for 304 yards and 3 touchdowns for a 111.5 quarterback rating.

The biggest achievement by Rodgers during the contest against an outstanding Steelers defense may have been what he didn’t do.  The very athletic quarterback didn’t even come close to turning the ball over and when you compare it Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers offense’s three turnovers, you see why Green Bay is celebrating it’s fouth Super Bowl title.

You can legitimately say that Rodgers, who was the Super Bowl MVP, is the league’s best quarterback.  He eliminated any talk of the Packers having made a mistake by letting Brett Favre go.  He has matched Favre in Super Bowl titles and did something the veteran gunslinger never did, he won the MVP award in the Super Bowl.

“Fun night,” said Rodgers after the game. “It is a dream come true. It’s what I dreamt about as a little kid, watching Joe Montana and Steve Young, and we just won the Super Bowl.”

He made a great throw to wide receiver Jordy Nelson on a fade route over Pittsburgh cornerback William Gay down the right sideline.  Nelson who had dropped a pass on the same route on the first series which the Packers had the football, was able to go up and pull the throw in on a nice catch.

Rodgers went to Nelson more than any other receiver.  He targeted him 15 times and Nelson finished the game with 9 catches for 140 yards and one touchdown.  On the final drive for a score by the Packers, Rodgers put the ball right on the money to Nelson as he ran a crossing route, but the wideout dropped the ball.

The talented quarterback showed tremendous confidence in Nelson because on third down with the game on the line, he came right back to him versus a zone blitz and the wide receiver was again running a crossing route.  This time he held onto it and took the pass all the way down to the Steelers eight yard line.

It set up a field goal and put the Packers ahead by six points with just two minutes to go in the game.

All year long, Rodgers number one receiver was Jennings and again he made some big catches for Green Bay.  In the second quarter, the talented signal caller made a pinpoint throw to Jennings into the weakness of the Steelers pass coverage which was down the middle of the defense in back of Pittsburgh middle linebacker James Farrior and in front Steelers safety Troy Polamalu.

Jennings came off the ball, avoided Farrior before heading down the seam and pulling down the pass before getting popped by Polamalu.  Rodgers had no room for error and he didn’t need any with the throw to Jennings.  The throw resulted in a 21-yard touchdown pass play which gave the Packers a 21-3 lead with a few minutes left to go in the first half.


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  • I guess passing teams can win the Superbowl. GB had no intention on running the ball. Rodgers was good, but Pittsburgh gave them the game. So no, I’m not ready to annoint him the best Qb in the league. But, you know watching this game makes me think that the way those defenses play physical and have an identity, is most what the Eagles lack. I hope that Castillo can get an identity on this Defense, and get some players with an edge to them. B Dawk, where are you… Trotter, where are you…

  • TYDM, packer only had 13 rushing attempts, there goes your theory.

  • Aikman even mentioned that the Packers had given up on the run completely in the 2nd half….the amazing thing about Rogers is that he did all of that and had all of those dropped passes….imagine if Jermichael Finley had been healthy to play, that offense would have been even more difficult to stop. The Packers are set up to be a force in the NFC for a number of years that the birds will need to go through to reach the SB.

  • I still believe that running the ball more would have put the Packers in a better position to win because they almost lost that game despite causing 3 turnovers and not having any. They would have won more comfortably if they had kept more balance with the running game.

  • No one said you can’t win one game. You can not win 3 games in a row against playoff teams not running the football.

    If that was the case then Hall of Fame coach Don Shula would have won with Dan Mario.

    The Steelers committed 3 turnovers. Any NFL coach can win passing if the other team spots you 3 possessions.

    The Packers coaching staff adjusted their gameplan to each opponent. Not a cookie cutter bombs away game plan.

    For most of “Crystal Ball” Andys stay in Philadelphia he did not have the WR core that the Packers had last night. The Eagles offensive line did not protect like the Packers did last night. And the pinpoint passing has not been a hall mark of the Eagles QB Donavan McNabb.

    It would also help if the Eagles defense could create turnovers in the championship games. The lack of which Mr. Cobb has documented before.

    In this Playoff run Greenbay Ran when they had to. They had a 21-3 lead and the Steelers got the ball back with plenty of time on the clock. If they had run more in the 2nd half they would not have had to sweat it out at the end of the game.

    If Andy could win the Superbowl passing 70% of the time he would have done it in 12 years. Losing at home in the NFC championship to Tampa Bay? Yeah he’s the guy to get it done. To Carolina? Yeah they have history.

    Offensive Line coach as defensive coordinator? Crystal Ball Andy see’s things the rest of us just don’t see.

    Come the think of it. There’s a Superbowl Throphy sitting in the Case down at the NovaCare complex. We can’t see it. But Crystal Ball Andy can.

  • And the Eagles were within one play of defeating the Packers in the playoff game despite all the Eagle injuries

    The injury that hurt them the most was long forgotten and not even mentioned in discussions
    “Leonard Weaver ” at FB
    His running the draw and running after catching outlet passes was really missed

  • Yo G, If you want people to read your articles get rid of the Kim Kardashian video. I’m on my 3rd time watching and haven’t read a word you wrote 😛

  • To RCP,
    Weaver’s injury happend 4 months ago, you can’t go by coulda,woulda,shoulda at this point.. The PAckers can lament on losing TE J Finely who probably was on pace for a All-Pro type of year, or their #1 RB in R Grant,etc,etc,
    The Eagles finished 10-7 and were above average mostly by Vick’s heroics alone. and just not a real contendr’s for a Super Bowl run in 2010..

  • More Inez Sainz please.

  • Packers rewarded for the patience they showed with their 4th year player who inherited the starting QB job. ALlowed him to work through a 4-12 season and now reaping rewards.

    Contrast to Birds who abandon promising player in same position for the sizzle, no steak, Vick.

    Too bad.

  • Paulman
    That is right Weaver’s injury occurred right at the beginning of the season and affected the entire season
    Vick wouldn’t have needed those heroics if Weaver was still there

    Vick won’t last a whole season and I think they should trade him
    He was really beat up the last couple of games
    Teams have learned how to defend him

  • Sorry, packers ran 20+ against Eagles,Falcons and Bears thanks to Big ben they didn’t have to lol

  • Steelers are a running team and they did not do that..it surprises me.. at the near the 50 and Steelers pass on 3 rd and 2…drive OVER.. why not run could have been points there…Rodgers,Brees,Manning,Brady can get away with just throwing sometimes but not Big Ben…he threw 40 times and they rushed mendanhall 14 that’s horrible and not what they usually do….Credit to Packers it shows QB play is big Rodgers was close to 70 passing % and Packers have a great blitzing LB so most of the theories are correct…Packers were basically 3 out 3 what most SB teams do to get there and win 1) 2 players with 10+ sacks usually 1 a LB 2)runs about 28+ times 3) has pocket passer with 65 passing % WELL Rodgers for season and SB has over 65%,Packers have awesome blitzing LB(10+sacks) did not run alot in SB(DID not have to thnx to Big Ben) but did run Starks 23+ against Eagles,Falcons, and Bears so 3 out 4 games they ran ball alot unlike Andy Reid

  • Remember Steelers ran 30 times against RAVENS and Jets and won and did not do that SB and lost

  • now Andy will think he can always pass now even though he is all 9 playoff losses he never ran more than 16 times and 9 of 10 playoff wins he ran 23 or more

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