• January 17, 2022

Ben Roethlisberger Was Flat Out Terrible In The Super Bowl

There’s no other way to say it, Ben Roethlisberger was terrible last night.  He made costly mistakes which became turnovers and he missed open receivers, who were in position to make big plays.

He took too long to get rid of the ball on the pass which was picked off and returned for a touchdown by Packers Pro Bowl safety Nick Collins.  Roethlisberger made the mistake of pumping the ball to the side of the field which he ended up throwing the ball to.  The fake pulled Collins into the area and he was in position to make the play, when Packers defensive tackle Howard Green hit Roethlisberger’s arm it caused the ball to float in the air.

Collins was patting his glove like he was playing centerfield for a baseball team.  He caught the football then wound through a bunch of slow offensive linemen and dove into the end zone.

On the interception by Jared Bush, Roethlsberger stared down wide receiver Mike Wallace all the way from his left outside position in the formation. Bush from free in the middle waiting on him, so he simply came up and picked the ball of when “Big Ben” let  the throw go.

The Pittsburgh signal caller also missed Wallace when he ran a deep crossing route in the fourth quarter.  Wallace who might be the fastest player in the NFL was blazing across the field toward the opposite flag.  It could have been a touchdown, but Roethlisberger threw the ball too deep in the end zone.

Steelers tight end Heath Miller shouldn’t have had anything to say to Roethlisberger after the game.  He missed him a number of times.  On the first drive he threw the ball high to him.  He was open in the fourth quarter and his knee gave out and he threw the ball into the ground.

He was terrible on the last drive.  The last throw to Wallace was high and very difficult to catch.  Ben shouldn’t have been throwing the ball to Wallace on that last throw any way.  He should have been going to veteran wide receiver Hines Ward who is sure handed and very adept at getting open on inside routes, but instead he went to the relatively inexperienced Wallace.

Many will say that Ben didn’t play well because of the Piano Bar he went to earlier in the week, but I don’t think that had anything to do with it.


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  • On that final play to Wallace,
    TE Heather Miller was running a shorter-crossing route and was wide open
    with no Packer Defenders within 5-10 yards of him and could have crawled for a 1st DOwn.. Big Ben was shaky all night.. As the Steeler Secondary and how Safety T Palomula wins the Defensive Player of the Year award over
    OLB C Matthews JR is a flat out joke,
    Palomula missed 3-4 games,has not been the same reckless players since returning from injury and has basically lost a step and has become horrible in pass coverage..

  • Who cares. Big Ben stinks and has 2 super bowls because of that great defense he has every year. He can win 10 super bowls and he will never be on a Brady or Manning level as a qb in my eyes. He just isn’t that good and is over rated.

  • Who has the better QB – Eagles or Steelers? Who has the better coach – Eagles or Steelers? Who has the better Defensive Coordinator? Michael Vick is better than Ben, so maybe, just maybe a better head coach and a better defensive coordinator will get the Eagles to the promised land. Gold Standard, huh? Eagles aren’t even the best team in the state. We better get some better defenders because the Packers look like they might be good for a long time.

  • GCOBB do you think it has anything to do with who was more hungry? Big BEn already has 2 rings just sayin..it just seemed to me that the Packers were more focused for the past 2 weeks esp Rodgers..I know its the Superbowl and every player wants to win no matter how much rings you have but I still think it can make a difference. Big Ben had 2 rings so he was at piano bars getting drunk all week…Rodgers had 0 and im pretty sure he was doing nothin but getting focused for this game.

  • @pheags88 WHY DOES EVERYONE KEEP DEFENDING THE RAPIST? Ben is an average QB at best. His first 2 superbowls he done nothing. His first SB, he was horrible. He threw no TD pass. HIs second superbowl he wasnt good either. People seem to forget Jerome Harrisons 92 interception and return for a TD in the game against Arizona. This is the first SB Ben has had to play against a Great Defense equivaLent to his a sb and WE SAW THE RESULTS and they werent good

    Everybody defends Ben in whatever he does and its irritating. He was accused of rape twice in the same year, yet everybody cries and says he wasnt charged tho. Everyone knows he did it. His people threatened the witness. The video of Ben and the gal goin to the bathroom magically dissapeared. The cops didnt take his DNA. O and did i mention the cop involved in Bens case was fired for trying to help cover up for him.

    Its funny how everyone painted Vick out to be a monster, before he was even indicted, but the excuse for Ben is “The girls is lying and just wants $$”

    I guess it pays off to be the right skin color.

  • worked for Kobe

  • Big Ben doesn’t usually have great overall games in the SB he’s good on late drives in the game but the packs wouldn’t let him get it done last night

    If you notice the last drive ended the same way our season ended a late game INT and Tramon Williams was involved, we need better pressure upfront and better skilled cornerbacks and safeties

  • So many arm chair QBs so little time. It’s amazing what we see watching the game on TV. Big Ben played with it looked like a cast on his right foot, hurt his knee, I for one like the guy, he plays hard. Pittsburgh has a lot of youth at receiver, as we do in Philly. Absolutely turnovers lost the game, but they were in it until the end. How many thought Big Ben was going to be magical at the end, I did.

  • i hate to say it fellas but I told everyone that Rothlisberger was way overrated and also picked the packers to win by 13 which would of happened if their recievers didnt drop so many passes for TD’s. Look at article below and it explains why Big Ben is so overrated. He is really not that good of a QB, he benefits from a great D and a good run game.


  • Supabad..i don’t think you even read what I said. I like how you brought Vick in and started crying bout race this race that? give me a break..its pathetic on how people bring race into a convo that had nothing to do with it. I dont care about the color a qb skin..sorry if that devastates you. I look at Ben and I see that he has 2 rings and almost had a 3rd and isnt evn 30 yet. If he was average he wouldn’t have a ring at all..I have stated before that I dont think Ben is the most talented QB time and time again but he is Clutch. And that Clutchness is something we always lacked in all of our qbs period.

    “His first 2 superbowls he done nothing” I guess you didn’t see the second Superbowl he played in when he brought his team back at the end of the game and threw maybe the most clutch throw to ever win the game…But I guess that is nothing right?

  • Big Ben missed Santonio Holmes big time, holmes woulda made that catch

  • Also take a look at Pittsburgh roster. They are very old at key positions, they did not prepare for the future this was their last chance for a ring for a while. That is the Truth!

  • Pittsburgh rarely start and play there rookies the first yr in, the steelers have a good squad they just need better depth at cornerback… we can say that the steelers had a tough road to the SB Its just that the packs had a tougher one

  • The guy has brought his team back in numerous games and and in the biggest game you can play in. That is something none of our Qbs have done. I would rather have a clutch QB than one with the best QB skills that crumbles at the end of games

  • AND if you actually read my post or understood it before you started crying I basically bashed Ben by saying since he has 2 rings already he didn’t focus as much as he should of because he was going into bars during the week whle Rodgers who looked completely more prepared prolly studied his ass off all night. To me that was all about Rodgers being more hungry cuz he never won and wanted to get out of Favre shadow. But yet I defended a rapist somehow…

  • Vick tried exactly what Ben did lastnight the late game hurry up offense and Ben has history in winning late but that’s playing right in the hands of the packers defense, they pretty much sit in a prevent defense and keep everything in front of them nothing ever get past them

  • 1 good SB 2 bad ones

  • first D bailed him out on and this one too big of hole

  • Shows that D don’t always the main factor 1)ben threw 2 costly int Mendanhall fumbles for most games that the game right there 2)Rodgers great field position with the turnovers but still 67 passing%

  • Top 10 teams in the NFC for 2011 as they are right now.

    #1) Packers
    #2) Falcons
    #3) Bears
    #4) Saints
    #5) NY Giants
    #6) TB Bucs
    #7) Eagles
    #8) Seahawks
    #9) Vikings
    #10) Cowboys/49ers

    Eagles most likley will not even make the Playoffs next year unless they
    make upgrades at DE,CB,OLB,Safety and RG or RT and I am not talking about Draft picks either.. Then needs to add 4-5 NFL proven, ready players who can come in from day 1 and start or at least compete to start and make an impact.. They don’t have 2-3 years to groom draft picks to take over..
    If the add 1 of the following to each position needed, they will be good
    if not, they will not be good and will be a .500 team

    #1) DE – R Edwards, C Jenkins, or C Johnson
    #2) CB – Cromartie, Taylor, C Rodgers, or R Marshall
    #3) OL – Mankins, Light, Gaither,Clabo, Dahl, Nicks, or Kalil
    #4) S – D Landry, E Weddle, M Pollard, or M Bullitt
    #5) OLB – S Tulloch, B Leber, J Anderson or K Burnett

    I am sure there are others as well, but I am toalking about obtaining players who just finished their Rookie year deals and are 25-26-27 yeaars old and still have a lot of football left, not a 1 year job interview..

  • Steelers were having success with the run but they got in a hole and had to throw throw throw and Ben isn’t great if he has to do that all game long, he needs balance on offense so he can be great late,

    The steelers never had control of the game

  • Steelers fit the bill better(i think if they would have played their game which is more balanced) then Packers but Packers still 1) ran 3 out 4 playoff games 23+ runs 2)have a LB with 10+ sacks(most SB teams also have another 10+ player 3)most SB teams have a pocket passer with 65 passing % or higher in season and SB…main thing Andy has none of this lol

  • I don’t see the birds having an interest in any of those guys in all honesty, they’re happy with there players, that’s why they have new coaches in place… they don’t think its the players they believe it was the coaching… look at all the defensive players they drafted last yr…

  • back of their own endzone they did not have to throw it they could have took there time ran mendallhall it was not Steeler ball at all ,still in game Steeler near the 50 3rd and two and pass who does that remind u of drive over they would have gotten the first with the run there

  • Big Ben has more Super Bowl comebacks than the Eagles have Lombardi trophies.

    Vick isnt even close to the caliber of QB that Ben is.

    As for defense, the Steelers had not won a SB since 1979 prior to Roethlisberger’s arrival. He carried them to the Super Bowl in 2005 and led the game winning drive in 08.

    He was injured for most of this season and it showed.

    He has proven that he can throw for over 4,000 yards and 30 td’s. He has done it. He has won titles too.

  • Doesn’t Harrison have a ton more tackles over mathews maybe he should have gotten it too

  • I can’t believe a guy who can’t read defenses could be consider an elite QB. It’s a complete joke. Ben is not a field general. He was badly outclassed by Rodgers. There’s a reason this guy never won the SB MVP. Because he’s not the Steeler’s most valuable player. He can’t make pre-snap reads the way Brady, Peyton, Brees, Rodgers and Eli can. All deserving SB MVP’s in their respective games in terms of how they command their offenses. The Steelers went 3-1 during his suspension for alleged rape. Ben is not indispensable to The Steelers.

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