• December 2, 2021

Eagles Name Caldwell LB’s Coach And Zordich DB/Safeties Coach

The Philadelphia Eagles just named former Eagles linebacker Mike Caldwell the team’s linebacker coach and former Eagles safety Mike Zordich as the team’s secondary/safeties coach.  It looks like he could still bring in a coach for the cornerbacks but Andy Reid now has most of his defensive staff complete.

Caldwell played with the Birds for a number of years under the tutelage of Jimmy Johnson.  He was a very instinctive player who was considered an effort guy with his contributions on the defense and special teams.

Caldwell returned to the Nova Care Complex as a coaching intern in 2007.  In 2008 he became the quality control guy for the defense, which means he broke down video tapes of the opposing teams for the coaching staff.

He became the assistant linebacker coach a year ago, now he’s been named as the team’s linebacker’s coach and will be in charge of the backers.

Zordich was away from the game a bit longer than Caldwell.  He played for the Eagles when they were coached by Ray Rhodes before retiring in 1998.  He took a coaching position for a high school team in Ohio before rejoining the Eagles.

He spent one year as a coaching intern for the Birds, then a year as the quality control coach.  Now he’ll be in charge of the Eagles safeties including youngsters, Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman


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  • So does that mean Aaron Wilson is not coming here?

    And once again, why wait so long to hire in house guys? This could have been done weeks ago.

    They better hope for some big FA signings. I have a bad feeling about this defense. The upgrade at dline coach and then basically do nothing with the other coaches.

    Im tired of hearing that if the dline gets pressure the secondary and LBs will look good. How about you upgrade at those positions too and don’t rely on an undersized front 4 to do all the work.

  • liked them as players….with the lack of experience we have at DC I believe these are poor choices…..I wanted Bunting as LB coach and someone with has experience with the DB’s…..is this really the way that Andy wanted things to work out??

  • What is going on? I mean seriously. We have the worst secondary I can remember in my lifetime last year, we send Jauron packing, and PROMOTE Zordich? WTF does Zordich know about CB play? He was a sub par safety when playing, and he was on the staff of the worst DB season performance I have ever seen and he gets promoted.. And Caldwell, another sub par player who was coaching the 2nd weakest spot on our entire defense last year now gets PROMOTED to being head LB coach. So we have an OL coach with ZERO experience replacing defense coordinator that lost his job due to LACK OF EXPERIENCE, we have sub par former player taking over the LB coaching position which he coached last year and fielded a TERRIBLE unit, and we have a secondary coach who was a sub par player who was promoted to his position after coaching a historically bad secondary last year. WHERE IS THE EXPERIENCE? Who will be making DEFENSIVE IN GAME ADJUSTMENTS? What the EFF is going on here> IS this Andy’s way of saying “if Im on my way out, you better believe IM bringing this ship down with me”? WHY did they wait a MONTH before just promoting under achieving coaches that were already on their staff and who have NO EXPERIENCE?!

  • @jared..I couldn’t agree more.

    We have NOBODY that can coach our CBs. How are we supposed to upgrade the position if we don’t have a coach that knows the position?

    This offseason started with such promise. Now I fear the upcoming season. I admit Castillo could be good down the line, but his first year calling plays scares me. Just because he can get the guys to play hard doesn’t improve their talent. You can play as hard as you want, but if you don’t have the talent odds are it won’t work out.

  • wow, relax, the sky is not falling. The fact that Zordich and Caldwell werent superstars as players doesnt bother me in the least. Usually its these borderline starter types of player that make the best coaches, the ones with the freakish physical talents dont always have learn the game as well as these guys that need every edge they can get. All that aside though, I hope this coaching staff isnt complete, i would love to see a legit/proven CB coach come in to help with Patterson, Lindley, and whoever we draft in the first 3 rounds.

  • its obvious with all of these andy guys that andy has hand picked himself that Andy has no control of this team anymore. lol.

  • Stevo- agreed 100%! He is good as gone for certain with writing on the wall like this. Maybe even by COB today.

  • What happened to bringing in fresh faces? What happened to getting an outsiders opinion? Where is the game planning experience for this defensive unit? Dont give me the “Castillo was an offensive line coach who protected against blitzes (and did a HORRIBLE job at it) so he’s the PERFECT person to run a DEFENSE” crap. Why is he the ONLY OL coach to be moved to DC with ZERO defensive experience…..EVER?! WHY WAIT a month? Your telling me there is no better options than to have a way below avg former safety coaching our CB’s and no better option than CALDWELL to coach our LB’s who need all the coaching help they can get? Well thats EXACTLY what the Eagles are saying. I dunno whether its to save a buck, Andy’s stubborness to admit his coaching philosophy DOES NOT WORK, Andy’s way of saying he’s bringing this operation down with him, or whatever other ridiculous reason for these moves. They start with a GREAT hire of Washburn as DL coach, and follow that with not bringing in ONE new face and promoting coaches who were historically bad last year.
    WHAT IS GOING ON!?!! I am not one to complain about coaching moves, but this is absolute madness. Even if you believe they are saving their pennies to bring in some super star FA’s, chances are there wont be free agency this year. This is the first time I have ever said this, but it is time to CLEAR HOUSE. Andy needs to go. He will NEVER get over his narcissistic stubborn ways, and he is willing to make the entire organization suffer if he doesnt get his way. This was NOT a grand plan as many have suggested. This is absolute LUNACY and I HOPE they dont reach a new CBA and all the fringe fans say EFF the NFL. I’m not a fringe fan since I am freakin obsessed with the Eagles, but you better believe I will be GONE if the Eagles go into next season without doing a drastic overhaul of their defensive players. I can only take so much of the bone headed moves by Reid and co. This is MADNESS

  • if we keep going with basically the same old guys…why should we expect a different result??

    lol @ the Rev…good one

  • this is poor decision when you have better coaches out there from the 2 super bowl teams this is atrocious…

  • ive lost hope. I guess my dream is that we get lucky In FA and pull in some talent. If not…. I hope andy gets kicked to the curb next year. I hope then that they would bring in a gruden type and maybe he will get a D on the field that has some attitude. Im not seeing the plan here and so…. im nervous. Go Phillies.

  • dthman. what i was saying is that he is still in charge regardless of what anyone says. and why shouldnt he be? the man could leave today and be signed as HC by supper. I dont like the style, im not happy with this product but he IS a winner. and he shall do what he wants.

  • Stevo- im agreeing with you honestly. Sarcasm missed via internet. He is a winner(more so than 80% of coaches) and he has total control- maybe he gets more suggestions than he used to with a yes man GM like Heckert, but he is the bottom line.

  • bottom line….we could have the best coaching staff in the world and it wouldn’t matter…..PLAYERS win in this league…..we get stud players (no midget fastballs) and they can make the coaches look like genuses…dog players can make a good coach look like he doesn’t know what he is doing….if we get Naumbdi (or how wver you spell it) at corner Zordich may be ok….guess Andy is more concerned with not having to pay for any relocation deals as opposed to upgrading the staff….still wonder if Washburn is regretting his move!!

  • True, bring in Nnamdi to play the other side of Samuel, and you can pull someone off of this message board to coach the CBs with success.

    It sounds as though realistically Washburn is gonna have free reign of the D-line, with no one except Big-Red able to out rule him- maybe thats part of what attracted him to this team, knowing he would be THE senior member of the D coaching staff- who knows.

  • The best case scenario is Caldwell can do for the young Linebackers what Duece did for Shady.

    And it’s my opinion that Duece was a big part of the improvement that we saw with Shady. I’m hoping Caldwell with his knowledge of the league can bring something more to this group than what Shuey did. Sometimes when it’s your unit and responsibility you add your ideas in and place your mark on the unit.

    The Zordich move is shaky though. Corners are a shaky spot on this team and this area is in need of a fresh perspective and plenty of experience.

  • @dthaman….I think it is safe to say that as of right now, the sky IS falling. You may be “ok” with the promotions of 2 coaches who were assistants to some of the worst football at their positions that most of us have ever seen in our lifetime, but more are NOT ok with it. They were still coaching these positons last year, and those specific positions were TERRIBLE. Your theory of since they were not good players, those types usually make good coaches is just ridiculous. If thats what your hanging your hat on to feel optimistic about next season, then that is the most mind blowing reason for optimism I have ever heard someone say. No matter which way you cut these coaching “moves”, it just doesnt make sense. Period. I’m SO SICK of hearing people say “well I have faith in Andy and he obv knows best and will do whats best for this organization”. Its BS! Its been 12 years now. And he’s STILL consistently making the same mistakes he was making in his first couple seasons. He cannot make adjustments during games, and now he expects his offensive line coach to be able to make some of the toughest adjustments there are to make in tinkering with your defensive game plan when things arent working during games. How ANYONE can claim they have faith in Castillo doing that is beyond me, and tells me that these people would have faith in anything anyone told them. And dont count on getting any kind of decent FA’s in here. With the Obama-obsessed De Smith running the Union show, he will almost certainly ruin this entire offseason and possibly next season as well. This entire organization has been mind numbingly dumb more and more every year. I see no other options than to clean house as far as the coaches. Well have to sit here and deal with another FAILING season, and maybe next year they will finally do what NEEDS to be done. Its just not fair to the fans who spend money, that we could be spending on much more important things, on everything Eagles. We deserve more than this. They need to at least make an ATTEMPT to upgrade their coaching staff. Only in Philly under Andy Reid would the fans get excited about getting a new upgraded DC, takin along a 3 week ride of wondering and dissecting the possible candidates, only to have our OFFENSIVE LINE coach named DC, and every other coaching position filled by promoting guys already coaching at those positions who did a HORRIBLE job as assistants at same said positions. I have had it. And i have really had it with these “fans” who are “ok” with ANY ridiculous decision the Eagles make and constantly claim they have “faith” in AR>

  • Go Phillies all I got to say because we won’t be winning the SUPER BOWL anytime soon…

  • And BTW, those clamoring for Nnamdi or whatever other FA of the day you hope to see in Eagles green, remember, there IS NO FREE AGENCY. Unless there is a miracle and they get a new CBA done, there wont be FA this year. So chances are, all these “FA’s” will have to return to whatever team they are on for another year. This is just mind boggling to me. I need a break from the Eagles. Even if we get a miracle and they come to an agreement on new CBA, I bet the Eagles do NOTHING drastic to upgrade this team. Maybe sign a Jjason Babin and act like thajt will save this defense. But I would be shocked if they actually brought in a top notch player, let alone the BEST in someone like NNamdi…

  • Jared- its feb 7th coming off a 10-6 year with more returning offensive talent than probably any Eagles team has ever had. We dont know what personel changes may come on defense, we dont know what free agency and the draft will bring, and we dont even know when the season will start next year. I bleed green like anyone else here, but im just not of the mind to have a mental breakdown the day after the superbowl due to some position coach hires as some sort of proverbial last straw. And that talk about you being “GONE without a drastic defensive overhaul”, well… the Eagles organization and fanbase will just have to find a way to move on without you if they don’t have an overhaul to your personal satisfaction.

  • @jared360, i couldnt agree more with you about the coaching changes. Ridiculous.

  • @Jared

    these coaches were not assistant position coaches this season or any other season…
    This will be their first chance at position coaching…

    I’m not looking at this from the negative perspective like most of you…I’m looking at what they could possibly bring to the table as coaches… Both these guys have many years of playing experience which is a plus…….

    We dont know the personalities of these guys, who knows what they will be preaching to their group, or what they will do…Our defense needed a fresh start, with the young guys we have….We weren’t that great on D this year….I’d be a little cautious when saying this is not an upgrade to the coaching staff! I think the chances of improving in areas are more likely than not!

    There is a completely new group in charge of the D, than this year…none of us are fortune tellers so lets see how it plays out…I have a feeling some of you cats may be eating your words come 2011 (if there is a season of course)

  • Well the majority of Eagles fans who arent ok with mediocrity can personally thank you for being satisfied with 10-6 and a first round playoff loss ssince you will continue to funnel your $ to an organization who laughs in the faces of its fans and promotes coaches who have failed when any other winning organization would have fired them. Keep mentioning FA and who we may bring in when there IS NO FA as of right now, and no progress being made to reach a new agreement. Its the “yes men” fans like you who blindly trust whatever decision the FO brass makes that enables them to continue making decisions based off of saving $ and sticking with their failing philosophy of how they think teams should be built to win. And if you consider being sick of being strung along by this FO and coach and NOT settling for mediocrity, and NOT doing cartwheels in the street bc we finished a whopping 10-6 as a “mental breakdown” than call me crazy.
    You must bleed a different shade of green than the fans that I know, who spend thousands of dollars a year supporting this team through merchandise and tickets and who arent “ok” with anything less than a SB, or at least when we fail to UPGRADE the areas that were a problem instead of regressing in our coaching or promoting coaches who were failures and part of the reason their positions were a problem. I may ask for my tickets refund now before the season is even cancelled and just watch the games from home. And if more people like me were “gone” after the way this organization treats its fans, then the organization WOULD have a tough time “moving on without us”.But until “fans” like you stop settling for being “better than avg” and continue feeding them while they bite your hand over and over, nothing will change. As long as Lurie’s cash flow doesnt get constipated, then we will continue to get sprayed with diarrhea year after year.

  • how you cats think we would be able to get coaches from Packers/Steelers to come coach the same position for the Eagles that they are coaching at with teams that made the SB this year, is completely assanine! They only coming if it is a promotion…

  • @Jared, you sound like you need a tissue, my friend…

    Stop crying!

  • bla bla bla their postion title wasnt “assistant” bla bla yadda yadda. I never understood people who “settled”. Dont know how they get by in life and have any success. But it obv happens bc there are so many of you out there.
    If these were such great hires, or if the Eagles thought highly enough of these NON ASSISTANT coaches, than why wait a month to hire them? Why sift through hoards of other coaches? Why not hire them as soon as they had openings at their positions? Bc they Eagles had NO PLAN, tried to find something, ANYTHING that was better than what they had. Then, suddenly, a few days before they could interview coaches from SUCCESSFUL teams in the SB, they move their OL coach to DC. Yes, that makes a TON of sense. Its amazing the way this FO has conditioned some fans over the years to just take their backs no matter how preposterous the decisions they make are. It really is unbelievable. And it is a HUGE deal what position coaches they hire when we dont have a DC with ANY experience whatsoever. So dismissing it as a meaningless position coach hire is also ridiculous and quite ignorant. Im sure you think its just so simple to come up with a defensive gameplan, and how to recognize certain things that need to be adjusted or changed defensively during the course of a game. Im sure anybody could do it. Actually I dont, that just seems to be the Eagles method of thinking this offseason.

  • Well if anyone thinks that Coach AR thougt long and hard about these
    new hires on Defense (Castillo/Caldwell & Zordich) then why not name them after the firing of McDermott & Co..

  • Only thing Im crying at is the ignorant sheeple like you who speak out of ignorance, and take the side of anything Eagles brass says. I cry bc its you who are the reason the organization doesnt change, and never will. Its easy to see why so many people hate a lot of Eagles fans. Its bc many of you speak on subjects you obviously shouldnt be, and think your right. That IS a crying shame. And THATS “Real Talk”

  • youre right man! you know me and my kind so well. I was thrilled with that first round bounce from the playoffs! I immediately was fired up and was saying great season guys, nice effort! If only we could get someone as smart and passionate like you running this organization, then the championships and perfect seasons would start rolling in im sure.

  • EXACTLY Paulman

  • dthaman
    February 7, 2011 – 3:11 pm

    Jared- its feb 7th coming off a 10-6 year with more returning offensive talent than probably any Eagles team has ever had. We dont know what personel changes may come on defense, we dont know what free agency and the draft will bring, and we dont even know when the season will start next year. I bleed green like anyone else here, but im just not of the mind to have a mental breakdown the day after the superbowl due to some position coach hires as some sort of proverbial last straw. And that talk about you being “GONE without a drastic defensive overhaul”, well… the Eagles organization and fanbase will just have to find a way to move on without you if they don’t have an overhaul to your personal satisfaction.

    ~cant blame me for YOUR comments their buddy.

  • @Paulman

    That is the problem, all the fans can do is speculate…noone knows what the hell Andy Reid was thinking…and if you do then enlighten me…

  • @Jared,

    You are probably the dumbest *bleep* I have ever come across on this site, “Real Talk”…you are complaining and complaining about things you have no control over…you are complaining about being one of the most successful organizations in the NFL over the last decade! you most be totally clueless to what it takes to build a SB caliber team and all the effort it entails…its not like you can flip a coin and win the SB, dumb *ass*….Its way more than that…If your concerned about spending your money then stop spending your money its that simple!

    People hate Eagles fans like you that complain and complain…you were probably the same type of fan that boo’d McNabb when he was selected in the draft…

    Fact of the matter is we are fans, the decisions are made, what are you gonna do, call Andy Reid? speak to him personally? your voice is not heard, so stop crying! Now its time to be a fan and either choose to support your squad or not support your squad!!!

    I am the real type of fan, not the communist brand of fan like your self! LOL….That is “Real Talk”

  • @ Jared

    There is no crying in football!

  • Yea, and i back those comments still! its suggesting this offense is something to BUILD around, and there are more reasons to think we will improve next season(whenever it starts) than reasons to think its time to go pick a new team to back like you suggest! The off season has hardly even started, and youre going off about what big moves we couldve or shouldve done by now! My whole point is some “fans” need to chill and find out what the finished product of this offseason will be before opening up the waterworks!

  • RT777- Couldnt have said it better!

  • I have projected the Eagles down for the 2011 Season from a 10-6/9-7 Record
    to now an 8-8/7-9 season.. No playoffs next year I am afraid..
    Another thing I was thinking if there was Free-Agency
    If you are a high profile DB or LB, why would you want to come to the Philadelphia Eagles and play for unproven coached like Castillo/Caldwell/Zordich.. why.. because they are nice guys and work harad..where’s the lineage to success or recognition for potential Probowl Status or Super Bowl runs… WHo knows about the CBA, but it appears the Eagles will have about the same players on this Defensive roster in 2011 as they did in 2010 which is not an upgrade any way you look at it…

  • And the “more offensive talent then the Eagles have EVER had” comment is just silly and as ignorant a comment as I’ve seen on here. Lets see, our All-Pro FB will either never play again, or will play again but wont be a shell of his former self. Our RT was abused most of the season, ESP the 2nd half. We dont even have a capable RG. Our starting C is coming off a devastating injury and either wont be back or wont be the same if he does come back. Our TE regressed more than anyone thought possible last year. The WR with “the best hands on our team” in Avant dropped more balls than he caught last year, and we dont have a BU RB right now, and Desean was rather easily taken out of games entirely last year esp in the 2nd half of the season, and Michael Vick was “figured”‘ out with relative ease after tearing up the league the first half of the season, and our overall OL play was bad to say the least, finishing the year in bottom half in entire NFL in sacks surrendered, QB hits, hurries and a ton of penalties, and our OC continues passing when its not working and abandons the running game when it IS working and we have one of the best RB’s in the NFL.
    There were many positives on the offensive side of the ball as well, but to say this is the most offensive talent the Eagles have ever had speaks VOLUMES for your understanding of the game. And before you go on about me being “negative”, I was listing all the problems with our offense to counter your ridiculous claim of having the most Offensive talent EVER. I don’t even know why I go back and forth with people who make statements like that while being serious while doing so. LOL.

  • Ok let’s give “Crystal Ball” Andy the benifit of the doubt and go with all the coaches as being good picks. Even Juan”I’ve got experience coaching my son’s team” Castillio.

    Last seasons top draft picks are done for next season with knee injurys. I liked coleman better than allen anyway. Please put somebody back there that will hit you.

    Let’s say the new defensive line coach solves all of our woes at defensive line.
    (that’s thinking positive)

    Sorry I can’t do this. There is no way the Eagles are going to have a superbowl defense with a no experience DC LB and DB coach.

    Unless Aaron Rogers gets a season ending concussion Green Bay is going to get stroger. Come to think of it. The their back-up QB lit up the Patriots.

    All those home NFC championship games and they blew it. No Andy Blew it.

    Trading out of the first round…

    Drafting Torn ACL guy…

    Not drafting or trading for a center

    Starting a season with no kick returner

    Having to bring back Reno Mahe as if that was an upgrade at kick returner

    Giving a valuable roster spot to chad hall

    Hiring a offensive line coach to run your entire defense

    Being the best team in the league at finding FREE AGENT
    STARTERS that you don’t have to pay any money too.

    knowing darn well that Ellis hobbs was not a suitable replacement for sheldon brown

    And being the one team in the NFL that 3rd and 1 is a bad thing.


    This is an organization that wants to win a superbowl the cheapest most cost effective way possible when the fans give their all to sell out the stadium and buy all the merchandise and have a waiting list for season tickets that rivals any NFL Team.

    You can’t win a superbowl with this organization.

    The Biggest loser TV show – proves that anybody could lose weight with the proper motivation and training.

    The Eagles are like all the fat people who are still fat. Most of the really do want to lose weight.

    They want it. Just not bad enough.

  • Calm down people…… Zordich is only coaching our safeties. They are still expected to hire a CB coach. Stop jumping the gun. I believe that Zordich is still gonna be like an assitant to whoever they hire to coach the CBs. Caldwell will be fine as a LBs coach. Although, I did have a wish that they would hire some good, experienced veteran coaches for the remaining 2 positions…… Having Caldwell as the LBs coach isn’t too bad.

  • “Hi, Nnamdi? This is Andy Reid from the Eagles. I just wanted to see if you had any interest in playing for us in 2011. What? No no … we didn’t end up hiring Darren Perry. Our secondary coach? It’s Mike Zordich. Mike Zordich? He used to be a safety for us. No … he was a 9th round draft pick. No … he never made a Pro Bowl. No … he’s never actually coached a secondary anywhere other than here. Hello? Nnamdi? Hello?? Huh … he must have hung up. Oh well, time’s yours.”

  • FA aren’t worried about the coaches as much as you think…they are looking at the $…Not everyone is pessimistic like most of you cats…is it possible that some may be optimistic about joining the Eagles?

  • Yea, bc I said to PICK A NEW TEAM. You, are either insane, or 10 yrs old trying to create an argument. The ONLY thing I said that only a 10 yr old could misconstrue for picking another team would be when I said if they dont make drastic changes to their defense that I would be gone from spending ridiculous amnts of my $ on season tickets and merchandise. I will sit at home and watch the games if I have to. And stop feeding the beast the does the same thing over and over and expects different results. Someone like me doesnt even understand how a person can “pick a new team”. Ive stuck with the Eagles since I was old enough to watch a TV, havent won ANYTHING yet, and am not going to pick another team now. If the Eagles wnt bankrupt and ceased to exist, I wouldn’t “pick another team” I literally couldn’t. Its impossible for me to care about any other team, regardless of whats going on with the Eagles. But I CAN stop shelling out months of some peoples entire salaries to an organization that throws its stubborness in my face. Big difference there chief. Thats the difference between fans like me, and fans like you. “Picking another team” isnt an option for my kind and its silly to even suggest that.

  • LOL @ Ian. That might be a real phone call if we ever hit FA. Theres no way these defensive coaching hires will help convince anyone to come here.
    RealTalk….FA’s arent concerned about the coaches? hmmm…are you an NFL FA? Bc I recall multiple players from the Titans being upset that Washburn was let go. I remember Jason Babin saying he wants to continue playing for Washburn in Philly. I remember Haynesworth saying he would take LESS money from Philly than any other team bc Washburn is here. But hey, what do I know? You seem to be the one with all the answers and all the knowledge. Glad your here to let us know how you NFL players think! Thanks!

  • youve just proven your own lack of knowledge here buddy- for one, i dont count a FB who played all of 1 down, nor a center who barely saw the field in the preseason let alone regular season as part of any returning talent. Owen Shmitt played well in an emergency fill in at FB and the same can be said for McGlynn, though he obviously can be upgraded. the “regression” at TE is more a product of the need to stay in and block to cover up the short comings at RT. Agreed, RG sucked. Avant having more drops is based off of having more opportunity, through teams “taking djack out of the game” it repeatedly opened the slot/seam, which is where Avant excels as a route runner. The BU RB isnt a problem with 8 draft picks available. And Vick wasnt figured out so much as the right side of the O-line couldnt be hidden any longer. These are problems that can be addressed in a draft. This offense broke more scoring records, and needs an upgrade on the O-line, but to say there isnt a crazy ammount of talent there is simply ignorant. So you either know very little about this game, or just want to get other people to react to you. Either way you’re being a reactionary crybaby

  • @Ian

    do you really think that Nnamdi at his age can really learn any more than he already knows about the position from anyone? We’re not talking about a rookie or a 2year player here…

    Playing experience is much more important than you think and its not about being pro bowl level player, they both had pretty long NFL careers….which means they have an abundant amount of in game experience….They won’t be calling plays on game day…Since they have experience at the positions they are coaching, the move really isn’t as bad as you guys make it…the only argument i’m hearing is they have no experience….At some point or another every NFL coach started out with no coaching experience!

  • ian,

    thats my fear as well. We have huge q’s on D AGAIN. im not saying these coaches wont be good but if im a FA stud, im not sure about coming here right now.

    Im happy about the Dline caoch but the rest is up in the air. My guess is that there will still be a CB coach coming in. I dont expect that name to be anyone that will wow us but one never knows.

  • 777,

    I hear ya but the issue is that there doesnt seem to be a plan. Players talk…. Asam will for sure tell other players exactly how he feels about all this. OUR players arent crazy about all of this….. they will spread that.

  • @Jared

    do you know how to read?

    I said “FA aren’t worried about the coaches as much as you think”
    I wasn’t dismissing the idea that they wouldnt look at the coaches, but FA are looking at the $ before anything! if you dont understand that, then you are even dumber than I previously thought!

    Hayneworth? honestly what choice does he have not to take less money after whats transpired with him this season? not all his fault, but he’s not going to have much leverage with any team! his stock is down from what it used to be!

  • getting this off my chest……..

    I wrote a blog topic thingy on here (i wont dare call my B.S. “reporting”) a few weeks back that G posted… in it I called for MCD to be let go so that we could move our D in a new direction….. to my joy, the first part of this happened. The second part… has and will not.

    I think most of us are not mad that Juan is the new DC. Were not mad about the names of the 2 new guys put into place today. What we are mad at is the same stubborness.

    It took YEARS for Andy to realize we needed actual wr’s to win. He finally grasped that.

    It took YEARS for him to stop putting players on the field that dont play the spots he asked them too….. Dan Kleco for example. He finally grasped that.

    I honestly thought that MAYBE…. just MAYBE….. a new D system was coming that valued Lb’s and size on the line. If ever there was a time that Andy was going to grasp it…. it would have been now.

    When he let go of McD i thought, we all thought, he was gunna do it. And now….. its clear everything is staying the same.

  • @Stevo

    from the outside looking in it doesnt seem to be a plan…I agree with you there! But who knows?

    Lets keep it real here fellas! We have not won a SB, even before AR became the head coach…Under AR, we have experienced some of the most successful football in our franchises history…I understand that a SB is hard to come by and I’m just as hungry as you guys are…I just dont think it benefits any of us to complain about things like this we have no control over…Most likely if this doesn’t work out, its AR on the hot seat, not us…So you have to believe that AR is doing whats best for himself and the Eagles….

  • Just to elaborate what Haynesworth or Babin said…… Does anyone think they will come here for the league minimum, just because Washburn is here? Obviously not. Money is a factor. Coaching might help to sway a players preference if the money is too close, but you better believe that if neither Aso or any other big time FA doesn’t come here……. It most likely is because the Eagles just weren’t offering them enough money. It isn’t because of the coaches we have.

  • Yo who is this dude jared360 ?
    We get it , We Get IT….you don’t like the moves Andy Reid made..LOL…

  • if the Eagles were rebuilding, this would be an ok move, but for a team that needs to win now, they continue to add inexperienced coaches to a poor defense. The exception is Washburn. Looks like Lurie is buying into Reid and doesnt want a SB ring….can the fat pig already!

  • 777

    Im not saying that i waant andy fired. Im not saying they dont have a plan.

    Im saying that its the same plan and it has not worked. Not under JJ, not under sean… and not under Juan.

    We need size and a new plan. Everyone knows we will send the house. Everyone knows we will wear down come playoffs.

  • i agree though real…. its not the end of the world. Its football. But sometimes the obvious aludes (spelling??) the big guy. This is one of those times.

  • Stevo

    True true, I understand where you are coming from…I feel the same way about our player personnel, decisions….but it is what is….I too dont have faith we’ll pick up anyone that i’d like in free agency or the draft…thats just how its always been…

    I understand where many of you are coming from…theres nothing wrong with having high hopes or hoping that AR changes his philosophy a bit…but after these many years, I’d rather not expect anything to change, this way I can’t be dissappointed.

  • The words polished turd come to mind.

  • Remember the eagles have yet to hire a Cornerbacks coach and a Special Teams quality control coach both positions need to be filled

  • Word on the street that Eagles have hired Jack Ike as CB Coach
    (he says he is unbeatable in X-Box) and Special Teamer Rheno Mahe to round
    out the Coaching Staff…. It’s Indy in 2012 or bust…

  • This is really sad, If these 2 promotions dont tell you the Eagles dont have a clue then nothing will !

  • I don’t understand one thing and it’s why have a fire power offense and not a fire power defense if you really trying to win you would do both thats my opinion…

  • I don’t think Gruden is the answer regardless.

    He juggled Qbs too much.

    Hes a good coach but Dungy handed him a team ready to win.

    They need a change in philosophy to win now.

  • Regardless we need to lure some free agents here.

    Asoshmuga would be nice.

    Maybe even Edwards from Minnesota.

    Trade Kolb to Arizona for a high 2nd and a 3rd and move up to acquire some defensive players.

    Personally i wouldn’t touch Haynesworth and Babin is on the wrong side of 30 and may be a one year wonder.

  • Bigboi- in their mind they do. They way they see it all they need to do is get to the qb with their front 4. In their minds everything else will fall into place. They use injuries to explain everything. If hobbs did not get hurt, if bradley was at 100 percent they would have been fine… Again…in their minds. It can’t be because their system is flawed. That’s the stuborness of reid.

  • Yep Agree with you Stevo but anyways just got to keep waiting for the big one to come down broad street…

  • Getting to the QB with your front four is a big deal. I believe we will do that under Washburn’s 1-Gap scheme. I also believe Trent Cole will challenge for the sack title (write it down). That said, I am completely dumbfounded on why you would not try to get experience in the other coaching positions (DC, LB, DB). I do think the lack of Trent Cole dropping into coverage and undersized DE playing DT will automatically make this D better. I would like to know how long Juan’s contract was for and would not be surprised to see Andy Reid go WITHOUT a contract extension himself. That will be the most telling aspect of how much faith Banner/Laurie have in Big Red.

  • Somewhere AR is thinking he could win the SB without a running game like the Packers just did Sunday.He’ll soon realize he already lost one without a groundgame.The Packers were different in there approach too making it and winning it. Just flat out drafted better and hung there hats on there talent evaluation. Had we had even gotten close to them on any level of talent evaluation we may of been able too stop one of those touchdown passes or tackle a rookie RB.

    Early prediction…Lindley takes the right corner position next year. Gritty SEC corner…get em on the field.

  • Agreed erock. I see them draft an o lineman and a cb and they’ll try the 2nd year cb as starter. They’ll find a few high energy DE’s and an lb and tell us they’ll be amazing. Also expect a knee blown fs or 2.

  • On the 610 afternoon show with Gargano a guy called in and said he was trying to figure out a comparison to hiring an offensive line coach to be a defensive coordinator. His comparison said it’s like a man who has a prostate problem and goes to a gynecologist instead of a urologist.

  • Erock – I couldn’t agree more with Lindley. He should have been playing this year in place of Dmitri. I hear it was McDermott’s system that kept him off the field.

  • If they dont score Nmandi the human comforter then go with Lindley ?

    Big E….was it one of those moments in your car were your saying too yourself….what afuggin re#ard…who let this a@@hole on?

  • One thing I want to point out……. If Mudd is allowed to use his style for the O-line that he was in the past….. We will have a much better O-line, because Mudd always used a zone-blocking scheme, and our players are a better fit for this scheme. Our O-line will be much improved even if we add no one to the unit. Given that Mudd is allowed to run this style too.

  • Glad to see the vast majority of people commenting here actually understand what they are talking about and dont just fall in line with whatever the “company line” is from the Eagles brass. I knew there would be true Eagles fans on here that actually have legit concerns that they arent afraid to state. The reason you dont see me commenting much is bc I dont feel the need to do so unless there is something serious to address. I was wishing it would be something positive, but how anyone can take the recent hires/promotions as positive news just shows their lack of understanding of the game to an alarming level.
    I see that now on this site, if you point out an area of concern, or dont praise EVERY got damn move the FO makes, your considered a crybaby. Thank God its only a few ignorant morons on this site who would rather call me names than say anything of intelligence or substance, or actually try to debate my points using FACTS or at least some form of an intelligent opinion, but I obviously had too much faith in the handful of geniuses who type a lot, but dont say anything.
    But by all means, if your truly happy and satisfied with what the Eagles have done so far this offseason, and are happy bc the Eagles have a winning record and make the playoffs most of the time, then please enjoy urself and continue to bask in your happiness. But as I said, I am not worried about the Eagles playoff appearances and their regular season records of past. I care about SUPER BOWL victories, or at least giving 100% all out effort in attempting to do so such as; Hiring top coaches, bringing in top talent, changing or at least reassessing and adjusting a philosophy that has failed for over a decade now, not firing coaches before you have some sort of plan in place, not disrespecting fans, addressing areas of need and not ignoring others, holding coaches or FO types accountable for their mistakes, not promoting coaches who fail at their previous jobs, etc. Call me an effing crybaby. SORRY I DONT SETTLE FOR MEDIOCRITY. That’s not something I’m willing to compromise on. And I truly feel sorry for you that you are able to do so. But hey, whatever makes you happy. This whole “having standards” and “not settling” thing is soooo overrated. Huh?

  • Jared, complete the following sentence: I know that mike caldwell and mike zordich will proove to be bad position coaches due to the facts that_____.

    Otherwise, you are nothing but full of crap.

  • We can all argue all we want but the bottom line is did we get better and this is the question. Have we upgraded the defensive staff from last year? Besides a d line coach the answer is no. As of right now we arent any better. Every offseason we talk about what can we do to get better, bring in coaches and FA’s. Well as far as coaching changes the only place we got better as of right now is d-line. There is a reason why where the only team in the history of the nfl to promote an offensive line coach of 12 to 13 years to a head dc. So i dont know how all of you think this is going to work so well. Again i have nothing against the guy but as of right now you can NOT say we are better. The only thing you can say is well lets wate and see. And those of you that are saying that are the same ones who thought it was ok to go into a season with out a fullback and a kick returner lol hahha. I dont see much difference in a DT playing fullback and the eagles hiring a guy who ran offensive line coaching for 13 seasons and making him a head DC. To me these moves are dumb and one in the same. But maybe im wrong, maybe it pans out. But ask yourself this everytime the eagles think they are smarter has it ever panned out. To me….. the answer is no. Becuase i dont see a superbowl……… And dont gimme that packers won the superbowl without running the ball. Every game before that there pass run ratio was good. You can win one game without running the ball much but you cant go all season like that. Big difference. And considering the steelers defense had one of the best run defenses in the history of the nfl, it makes sense!! I have faith i will be rooting and glued to every game, but a guy like jared360 is not far off by any means. I think what bothers me most is andy just hires his minions. The guys that listen to whatever he says. I want a dc thats going to come in and look at him and say No this is how we do it. Like JJ used to do.

  • Dawk, do we know that we didn’t get better? No. We don’t. The superbowl wasn’t even a half a week ago, and you are already impatient about this offseason. This isn’t even a regular offseason! Most people, especially inside the league, would be delighted and shocked if this wasn’t a proplonged offseason with disruptions to how any team can improve.

    But seriously, the d and the oline sucked last year. None of the coaches for those spots are the same, and two aspects are considered some of the best.

    If anxiety about september is too hard for you to handle in february, go see your dr.

  • I would not count on the EAgles bring in many Free-Agents if any..
    With CBA about to expire in March, I expect very little player movement
    if any.. Once an aggreement is in place, I expect a lot of 1 year deals offered so I rellay expect most of these availalbe players to end up with their current teams all depending when a agreement is reached on a new CBA..
    If one is in play by March/April (Before the draft) then we’ll see some movement, if a new CBA is not completed to June/July SUmmer camp,
    then you forget about teams adding new players for there just isn’t the time
    to work these guys in and especially with 7 Teams having new Coaching Staffs.. they will most likley go with who they have…

  • The NFC East for 2011
    #1) Giants 11-5
    #2) Cowboys 10-6
    #3) Eagles 8-8
    #4) Redkins 7-9

  • Pman – you cut and paste that from last year – and before one more dolt pontificates on next season and all the internal hiring the eagles are doing (listen up Jared this is directed to you) due to CBA issue, the teams may not have a lot of time to do off season practices – therefore it behoves teams to obtain the services of coaches that are familiar already with the system, the scheme, and the players, as well as how the organization runs –

    secondly – take a look at the playoff stats – our ‘miserable’ secondary gave up 180 yards passing to Rodger – the mighty steelers gave up 304, the mighty bears D gave up 244, and the #1 seed falcons (a team we beat) gave up 366. The Pack scored 21 against Philly and 31 against the mighty Steelers

  • @shriller well then what your basically saying is every offseason debate means nothing and we have to wate for the season. We can say that every year for that matter. Thats like saying “well we dont know if the cleveland cavilers are gonna be worse without lebron james till the season starts”. Its common sense! I dont need to see my doctor lol, your funny. Maybe i need some zanex hahah. But truth be told i dont feel we are better and sure we have time and i am patient. I am only commenting on what they have done thus far. And in my OPINION not much………And if everyone thinks the eagles are gonna bring in all these FAs or 1 or 2 good ones. I dont see it happening. Namdi is 30 and haynesworth has allegations against right now. We all know the eagles and they dont touch things of that sort. But well see how the rest goes.

  • @navyeagles what you say makes sense

  • No Dave but it’s pretty close to what I thought for last year too,
    I just look at the Eagles Roster and I see a very average team with some very good players in QB Vick, WR D-JAx, RB McCoy and CB Samuel… and thats about it.. They have lots of Issues along the OL, DE, LB and Def Secondary at this time to be addressed before I can think of them in terms of being a Playoff/Super Bowl Contendor for 2011.. They had a lot of majic happen in the middle of the Season last year which will be difficult to duplicate and everyone in the NFL has plenty of tape to watch how to best defend Vick and that’s to keep him in the pocket, and make him beat you with his arm.. He was able to do it versus average to poor defenses like the Redskins,Texans,Colts,but really struggled versus better defenses like the Bears,Vikings and Packers..

  • The biggest thing that concerns me Dave about the Defense is that
    there is very little that appears that will be changed
    Both Coach AR/Castillo in their Press Conferences re-iterated that the scheme’s and players will basivally be the same and they are counting on
    new DL coach Washburn and Casitillo attention to detail and stressing fundamentals to be a big difference.. .While I do think the fundamentals need to improve, I think the Defense needs some new schemes. and better players..
    I look at the DE position and count 3 healthty proven players who can contribute in 2011 (T Cole, J Parker who is now 33 years old & D Tapp)
    I see nothing but ???? on Graham’s recovery from late season knee surgery so I think he will be back in 2012, but very limited for 2011
    I really don’t see where a Teo Neisham or R Sapp are big and strong enough to play Pro NFL at the DE position outside of a few snaps a game to be pass rushers and also I am not counting on the return of DE V Abiamri at all for he’s been an injury problem his entire career..
    So bottom line to me, is that the most critical postion that creates the pressure on opposing QB is your weak link on your Defense, then your whole Defense will struggle and I really think in a nutshell, that this is the biggest probles with this Eagles Defense lies with the DE Positon for it’s probably one of the weakest position on the team and in the bottom third in the NFL as far as talent and depth… once after T Cole, the covered is pretty bare.. Parker is now 33, how much can you expect from him foing forward..
    Parker and Tapp are solid rotational 4th/5th type of DE’s

  • Speculation, thats all it is!

    Paulman, your speculating that Vick won’t get better and games Vick struggled the Eagles still had a shot to win the game! I’m sure protection has nothing to do with a QB struggles at times???

    you’re speculating that the O line won’t get better in protection (Mudd who is considered a HOF caliber coach), as well as the D line (Washburn will improve our D line) LB position (fact that Bradley and Chaney will most likely be starting, together improves the LB group) Who knows where we’ll go with the cornerback’s coach position…So I think the Eagles are progressing in all the areas that you’ve mentioned.
    There is no proof to anything you guys are spewing at this point….The 2011 Eagles have yet to take the damn field!

    The Eagles defense played poorly some games and some games they played solid…That is expected with a young group, considering all of this I dont see why everyone is acting like dumb asses.

  • Dawk, yeah, no hate. I just don’t believe in ‘common sense’ with predicting the nfl. Often what is ‘commonly’ thought around philly is spoon fed by the agenda driven ‘media’, or passively absorbed from social interactions with negadelphians…common sense said the eagles wouldn’t win the division or make the playoffs this year. Common sense says trading donovan within the division would hurt the eagles. Common sense would say that the enormously injured packers who needed a desean jackson fumble-turned punt return touchdown to get into the playoffs, wouldn’t win the superbowl. And common sense said they couldn’t win it with only 13 running plays. Common sense hd the vikings, adding randy moss, not being a crappy crappy team.

    Common sense should say ‘nobody know crap about next year in the nfl in early february.

    But, I do agree with you about the free agents. It would be nice, but I think vick and djax are more important priorities!

  • Schiller
    The Problem with the Vikes was QB Farve was a turnover machine
    and they had a lousy HC in Childress. They have as much talent as any team. The VIkings will bounce back to be a playoff caliber team in 2012 just by the removal of those 2 people.
    Do I think QB Vick can improve, sure I do, but will it happen, probably not,
    I think he peaked and had his shining moment during that 4-5 week stretch where he was playing unbelievable .. Then teams started to pound on him,
    starting blitzing, etc,etc.. He was not very good the last couple of games
    and I don’t see him lasting a season playing in Coach AR pass happy offense..Vick won’t make it to week #10

  • meant to address RT777

  • “Hearing strong unconfirmed rumors that former Ravens secondary coach Johnny Lynn could be heading to Philadelphia to coach defensive backs.” twitter

    rumor out there…..the guy has 17 years of NFL coaching experience

  • and most recently the former San Francisco 49ers DB Coach for the last few seasons befor getting fired by HC Singletary..
    The 49ers Secondary underperformed big time during Lynn’s tenure there..

  • @schiller…….i know what you mean man….its been a long fustrating road for all us fans.

  • Dawk – I try to keep it simple and unemotional.

    Pman – we will win or typical 11 plus or minus one games and advance to the playoffs per normal if there is a next year.

    Need a couple pieces to the puzzle – a kick off returner – keep Akers and Rocco, a much, much better WLB, a second CB, and a better RG (I’ll take a RT and move Justice to RG) – I would like another big’ish’ WR to compliement Cooper, how about Schmitt at FB and keep McCoy, HArrisison and Possibly Weaver at RBs.

    Lets hope Mudd and Wasburn can get the Lines better (maybe another DT)

    and some balance on the run to pass. I don’t have a problem passing 75% of the time, but when you are gaining 5 a pop on the run, why stop?

  • and how is the weather – I’ll be in Hickory next weekend

  • Here’s your weather report Dave for Weekend in Hickory
    Sunny all weekend a little breezy Fri/Sat with Hi Tems approaching 50 degrees. Sunday it warms up to approx 60 degrees… so it looks like a nice weekend for your visit.. I guess your son is getting excited..

  • Eagles have just signed Johnny Lynch as DB coach

  • P man – thanks, don’t know if he is, I am. Be nice to have food in the house again.

    Johnny Lynch – should I go sarcastic – Oh – we got the Super Bowl now and Rieds fat – its all over, should I go caustic, this guy sucks, worst ever, and Rieds fat, should I go same old same old, Banner is cheap, organization doesn’t care, and Rieds fat, or go my normal route, -ho-hum, glad they got the staff rounded out, and Ried is not skinny.

  • Philly just signed potential HOF offensive line and Dline coaches. The offense is there at QB, RB, FB, TE, WR’S. Just touch up that Oline and were gonna be okay. I think Waashburn is gonna make them better regardless. I think Owen Shchmitt took over the FB position beautifully for the short amount of time he had to learn to offense, and Brent Celek is a beast..idc what anyone says. Get this CBA done and lets sign some FA’S..Nhamdi, and Haynesworth…Yes I said it…Albert..we need you.

  • Lets pray Weaver AKA Bishop comes back to us..say some prayers this offseason. He would help the FB position tremendously. Signing Johnny L was a good hiringing in my opinion. He has a ton of EXP at DC and DB coach. He coached Ed Reed a couple of years while he was in Baltimore..AR it’s all on you fat boy (:

  • I think Mudd is gonna make them better regardless..my bad

  • Funny Dave..
    I think CB Coach J Lynne is going to make ALl-Pro players out of D Paterson and T LIndley and Safeties Coleman and Anderson,,,

  • BREAKING NEWS…….just saw on eagles live that they signed that db coach i guess the guy has 17 years experience. my concern is the last team he came from was the niners. he had been there for 6 years i believe.

  • The team also moved a number of other pieces around on the staff promoting Duce Staley to special teams quality control coach, promoting James Urban to assistant offensive coordinator, David Culley to senior offensive assistant/WR coach, Doug Pederson was hired as QB coach and Bobby April Jr. was hired as a defensive quality control coach…..confidence anyone?

  • Schiller: to answer your question (just copied and pasted didnt feel like cleaning up your spelling so just let it be)

    “Jared, complete the following sentence: I know that mike caldwell and mike zordich will proove to be bad position coaches due to the facts that_____.”

    My answer is I don’t KNOW anything, but my reason to BELIEVE they will not excel as coaches(and the reason I am not happy about the promotions when there are absolute STUDS from SB winning franchises available) is that they were coaching LAST YEAR on SAME staff and the positions they were apart of coaching were the 2 WORST positions on our poor defense. I know, I know its quantum physics to figure that out but I’m just talented like that what can I say? But is that really that hard to comprehend/understand? Jesus, if you don’t praise the team on this site you get attacked. Unreal. And I see there is a “pack mentality” with a handful of you guys who when you see one person catching sh!t from one of the pack members, the others have to jump into the party. Didn’t even know it was possible to feel insecure on the damn internet let alone a sports comment board lmao.
    And to NAVYEAGLE who suggested that the reason the Eagles are promoting their own underperforming assistants is bc of a POTENTIAL shortened offseason and not enough time for players to get used to new coaches/system…I really hope your not being serious. But I will assume you are and I will address that statement since you told me by name to “pay attention”. You are suggesting that bc of the POSSIBILITY that this will be a shorter than normal offseason, that the Eagles will just make bunk internal hires so the players don’t have to learn anything new this year and in doing so set their organizations back at least a year with temporary one year patch jobs all bc they felt they had to hire familiar guys from within IN CASE the offseason is shortened… That’s beyond ridiculous. And if the Eagles really DID do that, than this organization is run far worse than I ever could have imagined.
    I will say that I am pleased that the Eagles actually hired a CB coach who has experience designing pass coverages, and even some DC experience. BUT, the guy was most recently fired from the 49ers bc of how poor his secondary was playing, so thats not very encouraging….at all. But with the gambit of ridiculous coaching hires the Eagles have made so far, those hires make the Lynn hiring look like a genius move. Talk about setting the bar low.
    Out of all of this, my biggest concern is the Castillo hiring. I still cant believe that people are believing the company line that Castillo will make a great DC bc he has so much experience designing protections against them. And protections that almost got our QB killed last year at that. Seems to be a recurring theme around here to promote coaches who were doing a poor job at their former positions. Sounds genius to me. I believe this is just ANOTHER example of Andy thinking too much and trying to outsmart everyone and mark his territory with his own homegrown players that I am afraid will blow up in his face just like the rest of his out of the box ideas.

  • Points well-taken Jared
    I guess the bottom line for all of us here is that no matter who is on the Coaching Staff, the Eagles need better players and more playmakers on Defense.. All the Coaching in the world is not going to change this fact..
    It’s time to get some better talent on Defense

  • Jared, you need to pair down the posts to a length sufficient to maintain our short interest span, we get the point, move on

  • lol jake

  • Jared, just asking, how do we know those SB coaches are ‘available’. Just based off of media speculation? We don’t know that the Packers or Steelers would be willing to part ways with them and/or that they’d want to come to Philly. And/or they’d be good here. And if being on a superbowl losing team qualifies you to be a stud (but your definition), then Juan Castillo is a stud coach because he coached for the Eagles when we lost a SB.

    Hey, we’re all eagles fans. No hate here. I just think you get WAY too wrapped up in what the media feeds you, and you take it for ‘the word’.

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