• August 19, 2022

Michael Young To Philly Rumors Are Absurd

For those who don’t know, the Texas Rangers appear to be prepared to unload the contract of Michael Young before the season starts. Just as every team faces when planning to deal away a player, the Rangers need to find a team willing to take on his contract, which could cause for difficulties considering that many teams are content with their rosters heading into Spring Training.

ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick recently reported that the Phillies contacted the Rangers to express interest in the infielder.

Stop right there.

There’s no part of me that feels the addition of Young would help this team, and I’m sure many fans would agree with this notion.

His career .300 average looks good on paper, but there’s plenty of reasons to dismiss this subject.

First, there is no position available besides right field. Unless he would be willing to move to right field, there’s no reason he should be considered as a potential replacement for Placido Polanco, who batted .298 with 52 RBI’s in 2010.

Even if he would agree to switch positions, I still wouldn’t be sold on the move. I don’t believe his presence would drastically improve the offense, and his existence would only stunt the growth of Domonic Brown and John Mayberry Jr.

I’ve heard the idea that his advent could prove to be the spark that Jimmy Rollins needs to revert to his ’07 self. But would the addition of a 34-year old shortstop really be a cause for concern for Rollins, who has been in the Phillies’ organization since 1996?

Second, he’s not getting any younger (no pun intended). At 34 years-old, his days of batting  above .300 are long gone. In 2010, Young batted .284, which was just the fourth time in his career he batted sub-.300.

Seeing that he is 34, I can’t envision him having success making a transition to the outfield. And if he somehow would be able to make the adjustment cleanly, I don’t think he will provide any more than Brown or Ben Francisco could.

Then there’s the contract concern. He is slated to receive $48 million over the next three seasons, and his arrival would force the Phils to pay an estimated $7.5 million extra.

Personally, I don’t want the Phillies to dig deeper into their already tight pockets, especially for someone who is declining in terms of production.

And then there’s the issue of who would the Phillies deal to acquire Young. The most likely candidate would be Joe Blanton, who could be replaced by the likes of Kyle Kendrick or Vance Worley.

Losing Blanton wouldn’t destroy the Phillies, but losing him for Young wouldn’t be the smartest of moves. Keeping Blanton would be the best circumstance for the rotation because his ability to eat innings will be greatly appreciated toward the end of the season when the Philles’ aces begin to turn their attention to the playoffs.

To sum it all up, the acquisition of Young, a six-time All-Star and former Gold Glove winner, would look great on paper, but in terms of improving the team, his arrival wouldn’t signify a major upgrade, especially for the price tag that hangs over his head.

But this is just my take on it, what are your thoughts on the rumor?

Kyle Phillippi

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  • A Right-handed Batter who is a proven run producer would be a great addition
    and is in need for the Philles..I can see where a Blanton and Ibanez package for Young and a minor leauge Pitcher or Infielder would be beneficial to both squads. Put Young at 3B and move Polanco to Left Field..
    Young could also play SS or 2B on occastion to spell the often injured Rollins and Utley..
    Who else do the Phils have as a proven Right-Handed Batter that is going protect the middle of this left-handed line-up ..Ben Francisco…Mayberry Jr..

    The Phils should have pursued/signed OF Matt Diaz from the Braves who signed a 2 year $5 Million Deal with Pirates .. Phils should have gotten him
    to play RF/LF…

  • Polanco to left?

  • Yes, Polanco has played some OF in his career and actually would be an
    upgrade over R Ibanez who is very limited in his coverage and probably has one of the weakest throwing arms in MLB outside of Johnny Damon..

  • Polanco could play LF. Although he hasn’t played much there. Getting Young would be an upgrade too. The only problem I see with Paulmans theory is…… Texas doesn’t need an OFer, and he wouldn’t be much of an upgrade of who they’re planning to rotate at DH, if at all, and with Ibanez set to recieve 12 million this year. It wouldn’t be worth it to take him on for minimal upgrade at best. There would be a better chance that Texas would accept a Blanton for Young trade straight up, and that probably isn’t enough. Not to mention, where do you put him? I guess move Polanco to RF? A position he never played? Stunt Brown’s growth too? Don’t see it happening.

  • Trade Utley to Texas for Young. Move Polanco to second and Young goes to 3rd. Valdez is your utility infielder and is your best defensive player on the team. Can anyone tell me why Carlos Ruiz cant bat higher in the lineup? I think he has earned that. Piazza didnt bat 8th did he? Ruiz is arguably your best hitter and definetly you best clutch hitter the last 2 years. Bat Ruiz behind Howard.

  • I don’t anticipate Brown even being ready to make the big squad this srping and really needs a full season down at AAA .
    This Deal for Young would only work if the Phils also traded Ibanez and yes, they would probably have to eat $5 Million of his Salary to do so..

    If not, I see the Phils OF shaping up like this
    CF- Victorino
    RF- Platoon of Francisco/Gload
    LF- Ibanez/ with Mayberry & Delwyn Young fighting it out as the 5th OF
    (I Delwyn’s Young’s chances since he can play a little CF also)

    In 2012 when Ibanez is off the books, then D Brown can be ready to join the big squad as an everyday players..

  • To dag,

    Rangers have a good 2B in Adam Kinsler and don’t have anywhere to play Utley, so that won’t work..
    As far As Ruiz moving up in order..maybe, but you really would like to have
    a speed guy in front of him (Brown or a Victorino) which will make Ruiz see a lot more fastballs which is his strength as a hitter

  • It would probably be a prospect for Young. But I doubt the Phillies would have any intention of starting the guy regularly in the outfield. Young would be a pinch/substitute bat until or unless Rollins got injured (which happened A LOT last year) They want another guy they can get some at bats with especially late in the year that consistently gets on base since they have so many all or nothing sluggers. Also they’re not sure what Brown or Francisco will give them over an entire season offensively. Brown is gonna start this year…take it to the bank.

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