• January 20, 2022

Banner: I’m confident Reid can win multiple Super Bowls

Eagles President Joe Banner must not have liked the way his Tuesday interviews with the media were being portrayed, so he’s interjected more of a positive perspective to the football team and more specifically his football coach Andy Reid. Don’t get me wrong Banner had praised Reid yesterday, but he hadn’t come across nearly as strong as he did today.

“Sometimes its baffling he hasn’t won a Super bowl, multiple Super Bowls,” Banner told Howard Eskin and Ike Reese on 610-WIP this afternoon. “I’m very confident he’s very capable of winning multiple Super Bowls. I’m shocked it hasn’t happened.”

Banner made a favorable comparison between his head coach to Washington’s head man, Mike Shanahan who just happens to have won two Super Bowl titles back in the late 1990’s.

“A year ago, everyone was saying ‘Mike Shanahan, he’s won two Super Bowls,”‘ Banner said. “Well, now he’s down in Washington. And if you could trade Andy Reid for Mike Shanahan, I don’t know anybody that wouldn’t keep Andy Reid.”

I know Shanahan won’t be thrilled to read these comments, but if the Redskins coach really wants to get mad all he has to do is look at a video of the Monday night game they played this past season against the Birds.


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  • LOL, I like that comment. I hope Shanahan takes offense to it. I wouldn’t be so sure that people on here wouldn’t do it though. There are people on here that want to get rid of Reid and get Fisher or Gruden. They are both worse than Shanahan.

  • This is nothing more than the Eagles front office once again covering up or trying to distract everyone from the truth. The closer we get to the end of AR’s contract ending the more the eagles will say they believe in AR but the truth is AR’s had 12 years to win a SB and it hasn’t happened nor will it ever happen under AR. By now, what do you expect banner to say ?? Lets see how much confidence Banner has in AR after the Eagles get knocked out of the tournament again.

  • ‘nor will it ever happen under AR’ – B U L L BULL

    You can’t back that up as anything but a guess and/or opinion.


  • schiller an opinion doesn’t need back up. It’s simply how someone views something based on what they believe. Just like it would be bull to say Andy can win one. There’s nothing to back that up either. You are too hell bent on trying to quiet a person’s opinions. If you don’t like people to express their opinions then you should problem stop coming to a site dedicated to fans expressing their opinions. And while there’s nothing to “back up” that the Eagles can’t win with Reid, there’s certainly a lot more proof that shows he can’t get it done than proof that he can…. 12 years to be exact.

  • How about 12 years of “guilty verdicts” schill is that enough or is that guess or opinion, you are the perfect sheep fan banner attempted to lure back to the Shepard of futility, haha, or more like bahaaaaaaaaaaa

  • There is no proof that he can’t get it done or that he can, so there is nothing that shows “more proof”. Unless you can predict the future than everything you say is your opinion and opinions aren’t fact.

  • Reid will win a Super Bowl in Philly……..when pigs fly. 12 years of the same act is way old. Same flaws year after year, wasted time outs, bad clock management, no ability to adapt or react to what’s happening during the game. The same story after every painful playoff loss – “I have to put the players in a better position to win”. I could go on indefinitely. If there’s a 2011 season, it’ll be the same overplayed song. BAAAAAAAAAA

  • scorp, sorry I bother you. I’m not trying to quiet people’s opinions. He didn’t state it like an opinion at all though. That’s why I called it one. When you just make a statement, it’s not an”m not trying to single out talongrip, he’s not the only one to have made that statement….

  • Sports bum, people make millions, and billion dollars are spent on predicting outcomes on empirical data of consistent patterns, whether it be the weather, outcomes on medical procedures, legal matters, whatever the endeavor, and there is ample history with Reid, banner, lurie from which a very sound, rational, believable prediction can be based that they will never win a superbowl, but you and others choose to ignore the history before you, go ahead, join Linus in the pumpkin patch, maybe next year he will really come

  • wow, total typo. It’s supposed to be

    ‘it’s not an “in my opinion”, “I think”, “I say”, “if you ask me”, “to me”, etc……

  • jakedog, interesting points. But how does a logical, sensible empirical analysis of predictability in the NFL work out? Hunh? Not too well. Disagree? Got backup?

    I say empirically, the NFL is for the most part, very hard for humans to predict. That’s been shown again and again.

  • Maybe tough to predict who will win next year, but not too difficult to predict who will not

  • nice mr. D, a good baaaaaaaa back to you

  • Hey Scorpiodsu thanks for having my back but I dont need any help with this schiller clown….we are all entitled to our opinions and I dont need justification from some bum…I’m not here to please you schiller and personally I dont give !@#$ what you think about my comment.

  • man, has there ever been a better propaganda machine for the eagles, Lurie, banner, than Howard eskin, pure fascist role of radio in a fascist football organization

  • It is easier to predict who won’t because the odds are that 31/32 chance of being right. That isn’t predicting, that is odds making. Odds isn’t always right. You can say the odds are that Reid won’t win a SB, and that technically can be a correct statement, but you can’t say for certain that he will never win one. You are an idiot if you think that way. Shows how simple minded you are. It also shows that you would be the fool who falls for psychics.

    By the way. Great job knowing what sound a sheep makes. Do you have your see n’ say in front of you? Can you tell me what sound a cow makes? How about a dog?

  • Although I wouldn’t expect Banner to say anything else, in fact he says they do everything possible to win ( Mark Simineau, Nate Wayne, Dehani Jones, yeah right !!), it is not shocking at all that Reid hasn’t won. He tries to defy all the proven ways to win championships,a tough physical defense with a team that can run the ball when needed, AND ACTUALLY RUNS THE BALL!! Sure anything is possible but he is obviously failing by going against what has been proven over time.

  • Hey Sportsbum are you talking to me??? If you are meet me at spruce and walnut st and we can discuss this like real men face to face you dig.

  • LOL, okay tough guy.

  • Ok, let’s play the odds, the odds are that Reid will not win a superbowl next year, what is your point, the odds are against it, history against it, rational thought against it, all of which leads a very rational person to opine that the eagles will not win a superbowl next year, and unless significant changes occur, nor will he ever win a superbowl, and I know what sound a sheep makes by reading your posts, baaaaaa

  • Well, you got the 1st part right, then decided to go downhill from there. Too bad you can’t help yourself from using absolute statements without absolute knowledge.

  • sports, let me amend my earlier post about propaganda machine, you are right up there with Howard Eskin, are you related to Lurie? Are you one of Banners’ children, do you make films with Lurie’s wife, or just victim of the brainwashing?

  • Reid doesn’t have the ability to change his scheme.

    I think this is his last year unless he wins it.

    Personally i would like a change in philosophy.

    Question is who??

  • LOL, I love how if anyone agrees with Reid or talks good about him or the FO that they are considered sheep, drinking the kool-aid, somehow related to them, brainwashed or part of the propaganda machine.

    Do you know what a propaganda is?

    News flash for ya buddy, I don’t need to influence anyone. Reid is Head Coach, the FO supports Reid, and the Eagles do sell out every game, so obviously there is enough people that support them. If anyone is part of a propaganda machine, it is you buddy.

    See, I don’t see it as that though. I see you more as a Cowboys fan, not an Eagles fan trying to persuade people to hate on the Eagles. In a sense, all of our hated rivals are part of the propaganda machine, because they are always trying to hate on the Eagles and get people to hate us. That is why I believe that you are really just a Cowboys fan. Nice job trolling a Philly/Eagles site. Go back to Cowboy land where you can talk about finishing tied with the Redskins for last place in the East.

  • Yeah and Andy Reid said…

    “McNabb will be my Quarterback next year”

    “McDermott will be back nex year”

    In the history of the NFL nothing is more dangerous than the dreaded
    “Vote of Confidence”

  • Fisher? he went longer than AR w/o a SB and has a worse winning percentage! Gruden, went his last like 3-4 years w/o making playoffs. you have to be kidding.

  • jake, you’re the one who’s brainwashed. You clearly listen to talk radio a lot – hence the brainwashing.

    And to put Sportsbum’s point in a different light, you’re probably either a republican or democrat right? So either way, if someone disagrees with you, or has a different political perspective, does that mean that they’re related to Obama or Bush (depending on which you are)? You see how ridiculous that is?

  • There is no Spruce and Walnut street intersection, Talongrip. They run parallel to each other. LOL

  • Personally, I’m not just basing my opinion that Reid won’t win a Super Bowl next year entirely on the past 12 years (even though that has a lot to do with it). But I also consider the poor defensive drafting, all the holes on defense, inexperienced defensive coordinator, the questionable game and clock management, sketchy pass happy play calling, no consistent running game and very inconsistent offensive line. It’s not just about the 12 years. Just looking at the team right now. A lot has to be done and improved from now until the season (if there is one) to say we legitimately have a shot.

    Sure, things happen in the NFL and the teams that are supposed to be good sometimes aren’t and vice versa. It’s very unpredictable. But at the same time, I cannot ignore all the things I listed and say, “we have a real chance at winning the Super Bowl”. In the offseason everyone has a chance (some better than others) but a chance. A lot has to be done for us and every other team but I don’t care about everyone else. I’m looking at our roster, our coach and I can always see us being competitive under Reid but that’s I think for the next season. Now that’s just my opinion. No proof and none needed. Just my opinion based on the current state of the team + the past 12 years of the same thing. So you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t feel all warm and fuzzy about Andrew Reid’s chances of winning a Super Bowl.

  • Bottom line is Andy Reid is a good coach, not a great coach. There is a difference. He is good at getting us 10 wins on a consistent basis with playoff appearances but that is it. Schiller, I guess content with just getting to the playoffs almost every year and that’s it. It’s all about the bowl dude. Most coaches who win superbowls get it done within 5 years, Andy has been here going on 13 years and still no rings. It’s the same mistakes and the same flaws year in and year out with Andy whether it’s ignoring the running game, using timeouts unwisely, and not bringing in the right personnel at times. They have this obession with undersized, light, fast defensive players and it’s been proven that it’s not very effective. I’m all for speed but we need physical, intimidating players on defense (see the steelers). Who on our defense really scares you if you are an opponent? The fact is Andy Reid is good at getting the team not to ever quit and get those 10 wins per year but that’s pretty much it. All we hear from Joe Banner is how they got to 5 NFC Championship Games in 11 years….well ok….they lost 4 of them!….and we were favored in most of those games. I have my doubts Andy Reid will ever win a superbowl here. I’m hope I’m wrong but I’m just not seeing it at this point. If you need proof then see the last 12 seasons.

  • Scorp – that’s all good. You’re opinion is yours. I didn’t take issue with you, I took issue with others stating their opinions as if they are facts.

    Steve. I’m not completely content. I want a SB I do. But I DO think that SB’s are more elusive than many Eagles fans think, and they are more up to chance/complicated factors and less up to who’s the coach than many Eagles fans think. AND I think they are slightly overrated. Nobody can argue against the fact that a SB championship is the main goal for any team. BUT I think they are overrated a bit. Look at Washington, Dallas, even NY right now. All have more SBs than the Eagles. I don’t think any fans of those teams are more content with their teams right now than any Eagles fan is. I really really dont. I don’t think Steelers fans are any happier right now because they have the previous SBs. I think all that matters (SB wise), is the most recent and/or current season. Greenbay fans are happy now, and they should be. Everyone else, isn’t, except for those who see next year as an open season – like me.

  • stevennj, and the thing is Andy has coached under the same constraints as the other coaches who get it done faster. Whether they were hired into a good situation like Mike Tomlin or started out very bad like Mike McCarthy, the still won. I think Andy is a very good coach. And I’m sure many of us would say he’s better than most of the coaches in the league. But there are coaches who have won Super Bowls who we don’t think is a very good coach or better than Reid. So what does that say? You don’t necessarily have to be the greatest coach to win. So for the people who say things like “who are we going to hire that is better”. The truth is you many not need a guy that is necessarily better in the way we look at coaches. Sometimes you just need a new guy, a different mindset, a different system who can take the same players and have them perform better or differently and has a different outlook on how to win in the NFL. That guy doesn’t have to be considered a better coach than Reid but that surely doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be able to win it either.

    Hey, like I said, Andy is a very good coach and I appreciate everything he’s done but I’m just tired of him. I’m sorry but I think that’s feasible after 12 years (when in sports it’s very unlikely for a guy to coach as long without winning a championship) some are tired of hearing “I’ve gotta do a better job” while signing guys like Chad Hall and all the torn ACL guys to play significant role.

  • We’re cool schiller. I don’t think many people try to put their opinions as fact. I don’t think everyone has to preface their statements with “this is just my opinion” or “this is what I think” for us to know they are making an opinionated statement and nothing something to be taken as fact. But hey, that’s just me I know I never take anyone here as passing their opinions off as fact.

  • I’m confident that Reid could win multiple Wing Bowls and that Banner is a great
    BS artist.

  • BigE, would you be able to link the current Eagles coach to either the topics of food, weight, or obesity?

    I’m curious if you can do this because of 3 reasons. 1, it’s never been done before by you. 2, it’s never been done by anyone else. and 3, because it is interesting and relevant to football.

    Please get back to me on this one.


  • I still think it gets down to having playmakers and the Eagles simply don’t have enough of them on the Defensive side of the ball and especailly at the DE/LB
    positions..CB Samuel is probably the only playmaker on Eagles Defense
    Packers have Woodson,Matthews JR, AJ Hawk, both CB’s Williams & Shields,
    along the DL they have Raji and Jenkins
    Steelers have LB’s Harrison,Woodley,Safety Paloumalo
    Jet’s have LB D Harris, C Pace, CB Revis & Cromartie
    Bears have DE Peppers, LB’s Briggs, Urlacher, CB Tillman and Safety Harris
    Ravens have DT Ngata, LB’s Suggs,Lewis, Safety Reed

    Look at all the teams who are average and see how many playmakers they have on defense and similar to the Eagels, they don’t have many..
    Cowboys have DE Ware and that’s about it
    Redskins have DE Orapko, CB D Hall and Safety Landry
    Falcons have DE Abraham and that’s about it
    Saints have LB Vilma, Safety R Harper and that’s about it
    Patriots have lots of yong players on LB Mayo, CB McCourtey, Safety Chung
    Colts have DE Freeney & Mathis and thats about it since Safety Sander’s is always hurt)

    Bottom line, is to win a SUper Bowl, the Defense has to have some playmakers thought the Defense .. Along the Line at the LB level and of couse in the Secondary and simply put, the Eagles Have Samuel and that’s it and that’s not going to get it done…

  • It’s not a given that the 2011 Eagles will even make the playoffs let alone be a Super Bowl Contender..
    The Packers,Bears,Falcons,Saints,Giants will all be back and probably better
    The Tampa Bay Bucs,Vikings,Cowboys, 49ers,Seahawks will all be in the hunt,
    The Eagles will have to improve and not stay status quo if they want to make the playoffs

  • No steelers fan, nor redskins, giants, cowboys fan would trade lots with us long suffering eagles fans, and schill the steelers fans love their franchise, respect the ownership, have a quality, truthful head coach, for you to compare the steelers organization to the eagles, like that half pint Banner did, is shameful

  • This is the BOTTOM LINE, period!

    The Eagles are one of the most successful NFL organizations in the NFL over the last 12 seasons! Period!
    Yes, I’d take having successful seasons, as opposed to being a team in the cellar all day every day!
    For anyone that says different you are lying!
    There is no guarantee of who will win the next SB…People were writing the Packers off mid way thru the season…

    For those of you guys that work a nine to five…does your company have performance evaluations..(where they rate you on if you do your job) if you meet their expectations or exceed their expectations?

    What do you think Reids grade for 2010 was? This team was supposed to be in rebuilding mode remember? then over night, with just one move they become SB contenders….Reid and the Eagles exceeded expectations this season, quite simply that is Real Talk!

  • jake, I didn’t compare the organizations at all. I didn’t. I compared the current collective emotional state of the fanbases.

    See below article for just one example (and I’m not saying that this alone backs up my point at all)


  • real, rebuilding mode according to who? Not according to the Eagles. From all reports Kolb was supposed to take this offense to levels that McNabb could never do. So don’t give us that crap. And you’re right we have been one of the most successful organizations over the last 12 years but what exactly does that mean? Do you honestly think the alternative to Andy Reid means we have to be a terrible team? It’s quite possible that we can still be good with another coach especially with the offensive talent we have. So for anyone to think it’s Reid or basement of the league is ridiculous. And that’s real talk.

  • We are the Utah Jazz of the NFL and Reid is Sloan. Except the Jazz have tougher athletes than what we have.

  • @Scorp, LOL – being the Utah Jazz aint that bad….lets not forget that Jerry Sloan made it to the big show two seasons, and had to go against who? the best ball player to lace up the kicks? both seasons….I dont care if you were Phil Jackson or Red Aurbach coaching the Jazz, you weren’t winning that championship…

    The fact is we are one of the most succesful teams in the NFL under Reid…for anyone to think that without Reid we win a SB, that is ridicolous as well? right or wrong? whats not fact is how we’d be in this time without him…

  • Reid and eagles got extended pass on wining super bowl because fo a long time they were the only ticket in town to give us hope for a championship but

    We now have one in baseball, been back again to a championship series, almost went back last year and the baseball team is poised for more runs at championships so

    Real, it is no longer sufficient to be good every year, to compete without the demand, an expectation for a championship, it is time to move on, give someone else the chance, Reid had his chance, time is up

  • Lets get rid of Reid for the same type of success we’ve enjoyed for the last 12 seasons….what would be the point of that?

    obviously those that want Reid gone, expect to win the SB that year or shortly after….correct? if not then why let go of Reid?
    There is way to many of you cats saying you’re tired of Reid, this and that….ok, so who do you want to take over for him? that is the question?

  • Real, ha, and if you’re going to point out that Sloan lost the titles to Jordan, I think it’s necessary (ONCE AGAIN) to point out that Reid lost the SB to a cheating team. Donovan’s performance or lack there of aside, the pats were prepared everytime our D blitzed, and that’s precisely what they were accused of doing – knowing the other team’s D signals from taping them.

  • It’s funny to me that if Coach AR/MM are such great QB Coaches and Offensive geniuses, then how could they have missed so bad on naming
    Kolb as the # Starter when the had Vick sitting on the SIdelines..
    This entire team and in particular Coach AR & MM simply lucked out and caught lightning in a bottle with Vick.. If not, they would have been looking
    at 5-6-7 Wins at most with Kolb as the #1.. What I am concerned about now is that I don’t think VIck can duplicate what he did mid-season for any long periods of time and will play more like he did at the end of the season which was great at times,good on others and sometimes not good.. The last month of the Season as the rest of the League & Defensive Coordinators caught up with him and the lousy predicatable play-calling of the Eagles really showed what this Eagle team is.Which is a little better than average, it’s what they are in my opinion..

  • “The fact is we are one of the most succesful teams in the NFL under Reid…for anyone to think that without Reid we win a SB, that is ridicolous as well? right or wrong?”

    No that’s not ridiculous. To me it’s just doesn’t make sense to act like there could never be any success after Andy Reid. That’s just dumb. Just like some will point out that we don’t know if we can win one with Reid we don’t know if we can win one without him either. But many are willing to find out and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with feeling like that just like it’s nothing wrong with feeling that we should keep him around as long as possible. Both feelings are valid and possess good arguments. Doesn’t make either right nor wrong.

  • Realtalk yeah they lost to the Bulls twice. Out of 22 years he only made it there twice. So you can think that’s good but I certainly don’t and I’m sure many Utah fans felt the same way about him as many feel like Reid. Some probably wanted him gone a while ago and other keep hanging on to playoff appearances as a reason to keep him.

  • Real do you really think that just because Reid has had marginal success of the last 12 years that all fans should automatically want him as the coach for the next 12 years? Seriously? Do you really think that when Andy Reid is gone that will be the demise of the Eagles forever? Come on now. That’s not talking like a fan that’s talking like an Andy Reid fan. Anyone that thinks winning stops with Andy Reid is being ridiculous. We’ve seen Super Bowl coaches get fired. Surely you can’t fire a super bowl coach and expect to win. So why to owners do it then? Because it doesn’t make sense. It’s not about what you did for me 5 years ago. What can you do for me now. Period.

  • yeah schiller we probably did get screwed in the Super Bowl but we kept throwing the ball when Donovan was getting killed when you have Westbrook and one of the best offensive lines in their prime. Of course Donovan made a bunch of bad decisions but we all can go back and look at that game and see the Patriots running the ball with Corey Dillon, throwing short passes to Deion Branch and playing great defense while we are doing everything we can to lose the game. Even with the great Tom Brady, their coach knew it wasn’t wise to have him slinging the ball all over the field because our defense would have killed him. But he protect his QBs while Andy puts ours in harms way.

  • Exactly Paulman. They got lucky. The best thing that happened to us last year was Clay Matthews driving Kolb into the ground. If he hadn’t we surely would not have made the playoffs because Reid would not have benched Kolb so quicky. Probably would have gave him at least 4 games where he probably would have lost 3 of them and we’re out of the playoffs come the end of the year. They did a good job with Vick. I’ll give them that but if anyone thinks they didn’t lucky this past year because NO ONE, NOT EVEN KING ANDY knew Vick was that good. And we wasting 1 game by making that scrub the starter and the entire preseason where Vick could have been working with the starters from day 1.

  • And Marty is no genius. When he was coaching the Lions that dude decided to kickoff in an OT game because he thought his team would get the ball back like college rules. Sometimes Andy is great other times it’s like dumb and dumber on the sidelines between he and Marty. Last year McDermott was Dumberer. This year our offensive line coach, uh I mean defensive coordinator will be playing that role.

  • The bottom line is this…

    If you are one who says “we will never win a SB with Andy Reid” then your opinion is based on nothing more than your growing hatred towards the head coach not being able to hoist the Lombardi trophy. It isn’t because Reid is a bad coach because frankly he’s not. The opinion is generated from 12 years of watching this team come damn close but not getting it done. It comes from watching the same coach do the same thing for more than a decade. It is understandable that you may feel that way but it doesn’t justify the opinion that “we will never win a SB with Andy Reid” because as stated, no one really knows that. But as a fan, you have the right to be pissed of at Reid for not bringing home the Lombardi.

    If you are a fan who thinks that “Andy Reid is a good coach, brought this franchise to where it is today & one day he will win a superbowl” well you opinion is based off of some fact but it doesn’t justify your wishful thinking of SB success. Yes, Reid has been a great coach. Yes this team has done some amazing things under him (9 out of 12 years in playoffs, division titles, nfc championship games etc.). In all reality, it is prob. the most successful NFC team over the past decade. However, to a fan base who has never won a superbowl….all of that takes a backseat. Until Philadelphia wins a superbowl it will not fully appreciate the value of having a coach like Reid. Now, for the wishful thinking part of that opinion. Prior success means nothing when it comes to next year and the superbowl. Every year is different & unique….and it is the coaches job to steer his team down the long long path of an NFL schedule to have a chance to be SB winners. It also takes a bit of luck….Reid may very well go his entire career without winning a superbowl…much like one of the greatest QB’s to ever win the game did.

    Bottom line is….no matter what your opinion is….there is good and bad. But the fact remains, until ANY coach wins Philadelphia a superbowl….any prior success will not be fully appreciated….because to this day…the end does not justify the means.

  • **to ever play the game cause Marino never won

  • hey scrop….i don’t disagree with your post but you are forgetting that Kevin Kolb won 2 games for us….and we wouldn’t of made the playoffs without those 2 wins.

  • EB, I agree but I think he would have lost more than he would have won had he not been injured. He’s been good in spot duty when he had to come in to replace the injured starter. No doubt about that. Just my thought.

  • EB, you summed it up great. Both sides have very valid points and I think we can all agree with that. But like you said, past success and shortcomings does not mean he can or cannot win one in the future. Some people are just tired of seeing this team fall short under him and other say “well we wouldn’t have been there without Andy”. I get that but not my view. Believe a couple years ago, I would be with those people but I’m not anymore. I’ve grown tired of him. And many haven’t. Neither is right nor wrong and both are justifiable.

  • Hey I don’t disagree at all….i’m not sure he would of been able to handle the entire season at all. I agree he’s been good when coming in for an injured starter…and I think that is one reason the Eagles will think long and hard before moving him. In the end, I have nothing against Kolb….but I also don’t have much to say supporting him other than good luck

  • Scop….exactly. And there is no “right” or “wrong”. It is understandable for a majority of the fan base to be tired of coming close but never winning. Hell, it f**king sucks. The “philly has never won a superbowl” thing is getting soooo old that it just makes you hate Reid more and more.

    I too am growing tired….but i’m giving the franchise the benefit of the doubt until 2013. If no ring, then he is officially getting run out of town. That is why I believe this front office is going to go out and spend money….because this is there 2-3 year window…and it’s gonna close damn fast if this fan base doesn’t get a trophy in that time period.

  • Marty Shottenheimer – 13 playoff appearance and 3 conference championship appearances
    Dan Reeves – 4 Super Bowl appearances with 2 different teams
    Marv Levy – 4 consecutive Super Bowl appearances
    Bud Grant – 12 playoff appearances and 4 conference title games

    All very good coaches and there’s no disputing that. But they weren’t able to coach a team to the championship. I’m not saying Andy Reid would end up like these guys but it isn’t unprecedented and could very well happen. of course we won’t know until it’s all said and done but don’t be shocked if it doesn’t happen here or anywhere else.

  • I wouldn’t be shocked at all….it’s hard to win a superbowl….but sometimes you forget that because some shitty coaches win or some coaches make it look so damn easy.

    But since they gave the red headed man his extension….he’s got till it runs out…and then he’s done. And I think banner/lurie want to see Reid win…that’s why they will let him make these coaching decisions…and that’s why I believe they will break the bank a bit in FA.

  • scorp and EB – good stuff. FYI, i’m not even giving them the benefit of the doubt. All I know is that I enjoy the ride every year regardless, and when they lose the last game of the season (or until they DONT), I get upset. But the ride starts again. I personally AM over this past season and the others. I’m excited for next year (we’ll see when that is).

  • EB, I do hope they come out the pockets this year to show some urgency. That’s the thing a lot of people get tired of too. Sometimes they portray themselves as if they have won something and that pisses people off even more. After the Green Bay game Andy said the year was successful because we won 10 games and the division and no one said anything. Last year, when McNabb said we won 11 games after the Dallas loss he got roasted because people took that as him saying that winning a championship isn’t everything. So it’s ok to feel that way towards Andy as long as we make the playoffs? This is the attitude that people are getting tired of.

    I have no ill will towards Andy. A very good coach and a very noble man but I’m ready to move on definitely if we have the same result next year. Just how I feel right now. And it’s not just Andy, it’s the team. We have a lot of work to do and I don’t have the same confidence that we can accomplish it right now.

  • schiller, I’m with you. I am over this past season as well but I’m not as excited right now until we are able to make some moves and the draft comes. CBA is messing everything up. But I can’t get excited just yet because I need to see where/if we improve in the weak areas. I’m sure Andy will attempt because he always does. No one will ever hear me say Andy doesn’t address the teams needs. I believe he does, it’s how he addresses them that is questionable. But we will see. I enjoy the ride as well but I’m not going to be as excited each time I get on. The first couple times the roller coaster is fun. After a while it gets stale and boring and time for a change.

  • @Scorp – lol you are cracking me up! me and you agree on many topics, this just happens to be one that we dont…

    I dont think that all fans should want him…some of us like oranges some of us like apples…thats life, we are all different…I totally understand where the fans that want Reid out is coming from…I just dont agree…I honestly believe Reid is one of the best head coaches currently in the NFL…replacing him with a coach that won a SB, doesn’t guarantee that the SB will come the Philly…you have your reasons for wanting Reid out, and I understand those points…but lets remember its the personnel around the coach, this is the deciding factor of how well the team does…I know AR hand picked a lot of these guys since he’s been the head coach…but now things are beginning to change a bit, maybe Reid can now focus on coaching and not coaching and personnel decisons….I dont know, but if you dont want Reid, who do you want? Gruden? Dungy? Cowher? unknown? These coaches have won SB’s but does this mean they will be able to get the Eagles over the hump? If AR was no longer the head coach of the Eagles, I wouldnt cry about it..I just think AR doesn’t deserve to be let go at this moment…SB coaches were let go after one or a few horrid seasons…This has yet to happen to AR…AR has only had 3 seasons of .500…none of those came in back to back years…he has always bounced back after a down year…

    @Paulman, you’ve been pretty on point as of late too! keep it up!

  • 3 seasons of .500 or less – I meant (2 years were losing seasons one was .500)

  • real, we are cool bro. Just have different opinions on this. Cool with me. I have as much hope as you do but confidence…. that’s a different story LOL.

  • “I dont know, but if you dont want Reid, who do you want? Gruden? Dungy? Cowher? unknown? These coaches have won SB’s but does this mean they will be able to get the Eagles over the hump?”

    Read my earlier post when I said the coach to replace Reid doesn’t necessarily have to be what people consider a better coach. Sometimes just a new everything changes the team for the better. Does it mean they can get the Eagles over the hump? No. But we don’t know if they can’t either. We have 12 years of Andy trying thought. Point blank, at some point enough is enough.

  • I’m done talking about it for today. Not going to keep saying the same thing. Some feel one way and others feel differently. Fine with me. But if anyone think we should somehow feel lucky or worship Andy Reid for past success is being ridiculous. Past success/failures mean nothing for the next couple years. 12 year of marginal success does not translate to 12 more years of marginal success. If we look at the 12 years, after the Super Bowl year this team has been very inconsistent. Either missing the playoffs, barely making it or getting knocked out in the first weekend. That’s actually a regression from earlier in his tenure. So again, forgive me if I don’t feel like this team is heading in the right direction with Andy.

  • @Scorp

    You are right about that, a fresh start new beginning does do great things, especially for organizations that are struggling..but to replace Reid now, would be just shaking the tree and seeing what falls out…To me the only way you get rid of AR is if you know the person is replacing him gets you over the hump…I know, none of us can see the future so that statement is a little drastic…but that would be the whole point of letting AR go, to win the SB….

    There is a split in opinion on this topc….but we all have one common goal and thats for our squad to win a SB…I understand that and respect it!

  • “To me the only way you get rid of AR is if you know the person is replacing him gets you over the hump…I know, none of us can see the future so that statement is a little drastic…but that would be the whole point of letting AR go, to win the SB”

    Do you honestly think owners and general managers fire a coach because they KNOW the next guy can win a Super Bowl? No. They hope just like we do because no one knows. But just to say we need to keep Andy because I’m not sure about the next coach is not the same as saying we’re keeping Andy because we believe in him. I fully believe they think Andy can put us over the top not because they are scared of the uncertainty. If you have that mindset then that just mean you rather be comfortable than take a risk. And that could very well be the problem which is why Andy hires a defensive coordinator from within who has no experience instead of going OUTSIDE the organization and getting someone who knows what they hell they are doing. So you maybe right about one thing. Above all they probably rather be comfortable than anything. That’s both good and bad in my eyes. But I am tired. You don’t have to understand that. But it is what it is. my feelings won’t change because people keep throwing up 9 playoffs appearances and the championship games. That has nothing to do with right now. Period.

  • man, i am getting tired just reading how tired scorp is, you need to give it a rest man, go on vacation from gcobb for a week, when you come back nothing will be different

  • Can someone tell Scorp that Paulman can see into the Future please…thnx

  • jake, I’ve been away for a while and now I’m back. Tired of reading my posts, don’t. No? Me and Real were having a convo so if you don’t like it I’m sure you know what you can do with your thoughts

  • Oh yeah I forgot the Great PaulMancini can see the future. My bad.

  • Thanks RealTalk777
    It must be my new medication… or the fact that Scorpion is finally coming around… ha ha

  • “I am confident that reid can win multiple superbowls” …Banner

    “I am comfortable with the wide receivers we have” …Crystal Ball Andy

    Alls Banners statement proves is that he can go toe to toe with Crystal Ball Andy when it comes to flat out lying.

  • nice mr. Bsm, and as usual dead on correct, you are a true eagles fan, we need more like you in the city, then Lurie, banner, Reid, and howie nerd couldn’t get away with their propaganda machine, keep it up, something good will happen as a result of the unfiltered voices of discontent, not bought in to twelve years of same old, same old, like the herded masses, some of these mindless sheep unfortunately congregating right here on Mr. Cobb’s website

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