• July 6, 2022

GCobb.com Mock Draft 1

The NFL Draft is more than two months away. The Senior Bowl has been played and we’ve got a week until the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. This is the year of the defensive end. There could be as many as nine defensive ends/outside linebackers who go in the first round.

Heisman Trophy winner Auburn quarterback Cam Newton has starting shooting up draft boards for some, but others weren’t that impressed with his media workout.

Here’s the way I see things working out at this point.

1. Carolina Panthers – Da’Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson

2. Denver Broncos – Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU

3. Buffalo Bills – Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn

4. Cincinnati Bengals – A.J. Green, WR, Georgia

5. Arizona Cardinals – Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M

6. Cleveland Browns – Marcell Dareus, DE, Alabama

7. San Francisco 49ers – Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri

8. Tennessee Titans – Cam Newton, QB, Auburn

9. Dallas Cowboys – Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska

10. Washington Redskins – Cameron Jordan, DE, California

11. Houston Texans – Julio Jones, WR, Alabama

12. Minnesota Vikings – Robert Quinn, DE, North Carolina

13. Detroit Lions – Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado

14. St. Louis Rams – Corey Liuget, DT, Illinois

15. Miami Dolphins – Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama

16. Jacksonville Jaguars – Aldon Smith, DE, Missouri

17, New England Patriots – J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin

18. San Diego Chargers – Nate Solder, OT, Colorado

19. New York Giants – Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue

21. Kansas City Chiefs – Akeem Ayers, OLB, UCLA

22. Indianapolis Colts – Tyron Smith, OT, USC

23. Philadelphia Eagles – Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College

24. New Orleans Saints – Phil Taylor, NT, Baylor

25. Seattle Seahawks – Mike Pouncey, G/C, Florida

26. Baltimore Ravens – Aaron Williams, CB, Texas

27. Atlanta Falcons – Cameron Heyward, DE, Ohio State

28. New England Patriots – Allen Bailey, DE, Miami

29. Chicago Bears – Ben Ijalana, OT, Villanova

30. New York Jets – Rahim Moore, S, UCLA

31. Pittsburgh Steelers – Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa

32. Green Bay Packers – Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State


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  • Not bad G!

    I think the Giants would rather have Castonzo and we would then take Carimi. I would not be surprised if we decide to fill our biggest hole (RCB) with Aaron Williams – especially if there is no CBA before the draft. We can fix the RG spot, but another season without a RCB would be a disaster.

  • I think Newton goes 3 to Buffalo.

    I also think we move back into the first round and grab Quinn at 12 for Kolb and get a 3rd rounder.

  • Looks pretty good G-Man..
    I think both Newton and Gabbert are a little high, but both the 49ers/TItans have new Coaches and need new “Faces of the Franchises” to build around so it makes sense
    I don’t see Texans grabbing WR J Jones with the #11 Pick since they have a very good WR corps already.. They need Secondary and help on Defense real bad..
    Would be great picks for both the Cowboys and Redskins..Imagine the Redsksins defensive line and pass rush with Orapko on one side and Jordan on the other…
    As far as the Eagles, I think Costanzo is a good player but hope they would chose G/C M Pouncey, who is more NFL ready and more versatile being able to play Guard and Center..
    This OT class is good and has a lot of depth, but not any real franchise types like in recent years.. I think some good potential OT’s can be selected in 3rd/4th Round that are not much of a drop off as the top 5 OT’s are

  • G Cobb. What the hell are you thinking?? I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking Andy wants to replace John Runyan. Howard Mudd will have something to say about that. He doesn’t want a seven foot four hundred pound lineman that can’t move his feet and that Vick can’t see over. You are ludicrous to think that if Pouncey is there at 23, we would take this mamoth when Pouncey is perfect for Mudd’s scheme. We don’t need to replace Runyan, we need to replace the Big Kid which we never made a solid effort to do. I’d rather have Winston Justice (and I wouldn’t count out Howard or Dunlap being coached up) with Mike Pouncey than this big stiff with ?? Who? Mike McGlynn with Fat Jack back as center. Hate that plan. We going to keep fat stiff MJG at RG. Hate that plan more. Pouncey is the clear choice. RG is much weaker than RT and Pouncey is right for the system.

  • While I’m at it, I did like G’s idea of bringing Haynesworth in here. There are several reasons that is a possibility. First, the Skins can’t keep him with all that money and all that distraction. They will look to trade. We will be cheap especially because we felt they screwed us last year with a 37 for McNabb. That happened because the Niners and Vikings are both idiots and that’s why their coaches got fired. They should have offered firsts for McNabb because the Niners should have never believed in Smith and the Vikes were short sighted with Favre. Anyway, I digress. Wash will probably insist on at least a third especially to let him go in the division. It just depends if AR will let his ego get in the way of the deal by feeling that Shanahan is getting the better of him again. Second point. If he was just cut, Haynesworth got paid so money is less an issue. He is at a point in age where he doesn’t want to go to Oakland or Jax. He would probably like a ring at some point. So scanning the 4-3 teams, Indy, Philly or NYG would be the obvious targets. Indy wouldn’t have him and NYG doesn’t need him. This is really an ideal landing spot for him. Of course if Shanahan can trade him he would probably try to get the last laugh by trading him to Oakland or somewhere else where the team sucks. And the Raiders would give him way too much in the bargain.

  • No way Gabbert goes that high. Otherwise, looks good.

  • well done G!
    Although I disagree on a few areas:
    —I can’t see Houston taking Jones, they need defense
    —I don’t think the Titans would take Newton, he’s an exact copy of VY, I think he goes to Minny at 12
    —I agree with Jeagle, I think we’d take Pouncey in this scenario

  • I’m gonna list my mock…… I want to hear the critiques so please let me have it.

  • I don’t agree with any of your picks..SportsBum…

  • 1.Carolina Panthers – DT, Nick Fairley, Auburn

    2.Denver Broncos – CB, Patrick Peterson, LSU

    3.Buffalo Bills – DE, Marcell Dareus, Alabama

    4.Cincinnati Bengals – WR, A.J. Green, Georgia

    5.Arizona Cardinals – CB, Prince Amukamara, Nebraska

    6.Cleveland Browns – DE, Da’Quan Bowers, Clemson

    7.San Francisco 49ers – QB, Blaine Gabbert, Missouri

    8.Tennessee Titans – QB, Cam Newton, Auburn

    9.Dallas Cowboys – OLB, Von Miller, Texas A&M

    10.Washington Redskins – WR, Julio Jones, Alabama

    11.Houston Texans – CB, Jimmy Smith, Colorado

    12.Minnesota Vikings – DT, Corey Liuget, Illinois

    13.Detroit Lions – LB, Akeem Ayers, UCLA

    14.St. Louis Rams – G/C, Mike Pouncey, Florida

    15.Miami Dolphins – RB, Mark Ingram, Alabama

    16.Jacksonville Jaguars – DE, Robert Quinn, North Carolina

    17.New England Patriots – OT, Nate Solder, Colorado

    18.San Diego Chargers – DE, Cameron Jordan, Cal

    19.New York Giants – OT, Tyron Smith, USC

    20.Tampa Bay Buccaneers – DE, Adrian Clayborn, Iowa

    21.Kansas City Chiefs – OT, Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin

    22.Indianapolis Colts – OT, Anthony Constanzo, Boston College

    23.Philadelphia Eagles – CB, Brandon Harris, Miami

    24.New Orleans – LB, Justin Houston, Georgia

    25.Seattle Seahawks – QB, Jake Locker, Washington

    26.Baltimore Ravens – CB, Aaron Williams, Texas

    27.Atlanta Falcons – DE, Aldon Smith, Missouri

    28.New England Patriots – DE, J.J. Watt, Wisconsin

    29.Chicago Bears – OT, Derek Sherrod, Miss St.

    30.New York Jets – DE, Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue

    31.Pittsburgh Steelers – OT, Ben Ijalana, Villanova

    32.Green Bay Packers – DE, Muhammad Wilkerson, Temple

  • Awesome. You must have esp because you posted that comment before my picks. LOL

  • I think everyone has Pouncey going too high. I have read several reports that say he IS NOT as good as his brother. Most have him going in round 2 while at least one draft publication has him in round 3. Remember G/C usually don’t go until round 2 with the exceptional players going in round 1.

    @ Sportsbum, I can’t imagine the eagles drafting the #3 or#4 CB over higher rated players like Aldon Smith, J.JWatt, and RYAN KERRIGAN (who looks like the proto-type Eagle DE).

  • Would be nuts not to take Pouncey if available. Sure looked like a mawler in teh games I saw. And the center is the QB of the line, and right now it is a hole that needs filling more than an OT.

  • jake, they’re not projecting him to play center in the NFL. Jury says he’s a guard. Who know’s but it seems that many think that he’s no where near the level his brother is/was.

  • Paulman’s 2011 Mock Draft (#1,048)

    #1) Carolina Panthers – DT Nick Fairley from Auburn
    #2) Denver Bronocs – CB Patrick Peterson from LSU
    #3) Buffalo BIlls – DE De’Quan Bowers from Clemson
    #4) Cincinnati Bengals – WR AJ Green from Georgia
    #5) Arizona Cardinals – DE/OLB Von Miller from Texas A&M
    #6) Cleveland Browns – DT Marcel Dareus from Alabama
    #7) San Fran 49ers – QB Blaine Gabbert from Missouri
    #8) Tennessee Titans – DE/OLB Aldon Smith from Missouri
    #9) Dallas Cowboys – CB Prince Amakurama from Nebraska
    #10) Wash Redskins – QB Cam Newton from Auburn
    #11) Houston Texans – CB Jimmy Smith from Colorado
    #12) Minnesota Vikins – DT Corey Liguet from Illinois
    #13) Detroit Lions – OLB Akeem Ayers from UCLA
    #14) St Louis Rams – DE Robert Quinn from UNC
    #15) Miami Dolphins – RB Mark Ingram from Alabama
    #16) Jacksonville Jags – DE Ryan Kerrigan from Purdue
    #17) New England Pats – DE Cameron Jordan from Cal
    #18) S.D. Chargers – OT Derrick Sherrod from Miss State
    #19) New York Giants – OT Tryon Smith from Southern Cal
    #20) Tampa Bay Bucs – DE JJ Watt from Wisconsin
    #21) KC Chiefs – OT Gabe Carimi from Wisconsin
    #22) Indianapolis Colts – WR Julius Jones from Alabama
    #23) EAGLES – C/G Mike Pouncey from Florida
    #24) NO Saints – DE Adrian Claybourn from Iowa
    #25) Seattle Seahawks – OT Nate Solder from Colorado
    #26) Baltimore Ravens – CB Brandon Harris from U of Miami
    #27) Atlanta Falcons – OLB Justin Houston from U of Georgia
    #28) NE Pats – OT Anthony Constonzo from BC
    #29) Chicago Bears – OG Rodney Hudson from Florida State
    #30) NY Jets – DT Muhammed Wilkerson from Temple
    #31) Pittsburgh Steelers – CB Aaron WIlliams from Texas
    #32) GB Packers – OT DeMarcus Love from Arkansas

    That’s it as of now

  • Paulman’s Scouting Reports on the Pouncey Brothers
    Maurkice would make a better NFL Center
    Mike would make a better NFL Guard (he played Guard when his Maurkice
    was playing Center and only took over Center his Senior year because Florida needed him to, he’s a Natural Guard)

    Mike probably has quicker feet and is more athletic whlie Maurkice is probably a little bit stronger but both will likely be 10 year NFL players with multiple Pro-Bowl trips if with the right teams…

  • not this crap again, this is worse than fantasy football.

    1) Carolina Panthers – Brian Osterson
    #2) Denver Bronocs – Jameel Lapeel
    #3) Buffalo BIlls – Eric Bogard
    #4) Cincinnati Bengals – Jason Watson
    #5) Arizona Cardinals – Perry Jorgenson
    #6) Cleveland Browns – Michael Huchinson
    #7) San Fran 49ers – Danny Woodbung

  • Here comes paulman the talent evaluator for ESPPN

  • What’s with these Sweedish names RTB….. (Osterson and JOrgenson)
    These guys don’t play football, maybe a log-sawing contest, C’ Mon Man..

  • I love seeing G, Paulman having Quinn go between the 10-15 range…… I posted this somewhere else and that is the thing that most harped on me about saying that he won’t make it out of the top 10.

  • Quinn at #14 and Jones at #22 would be the steals of the Draft…
    I think the Titans could select Quinn at #8, but the Top 7 teams have other needs or are teams that may not want to take a chance with his suspension and cloud hanging over him and the fact that he hasn’t played a down of Football in over a year now.. by the time he’s drafted and Summer camp comes, it’s almost 18-20 months of inactivity…

  • To Sports Bum
    I liked your selections but think you have Pouncey,Clayborn too high,
    I don’t think anyone Selects Locker in the 1st Round
    and I also believe that DE’s A Smith, R Kerrigan and JJ Watt are all rising up the charts and will go higher and in the mid-1st Round with some of the OL going later in the 1st

  • I’ve had WR Jones going to the Redskins initially at #14 since they are desperate for a big WR’s .. but I know Shanahan likes his QB’s too and I can’t believe he is going to try to rebuild that franchise around Rex Grossman..
    So I think they almost have to take a QB and Redksins would probably prefer Gabbert but I think the 49ers grab him first…

  • Yeah, I heard that too Paulman. Apparently I have all my DEs going too low.

  • Bowers at 6 is another that people kept saying.

  • Marcel Dareus is a DT by the way. G had him listed as a DE
    The DE’s/DT’s,the 2 CB’s & AJ Green are the cream of the crop in this Draft
    There are a good 12-14 DL who can all make an impact in 2011 if they get good coaching and on the right team and in the right system,etc,etc..
    The CB’s are good after the top 2, then the next 5-6 or so are all good with some high side and then there are a lot of average to solid CB’s after that but pretty deep in quantity
    I think the QB/RB are lacking and the OL as a group is average,
    There are probably better Interior O/Lineman than OT this year..
    The TE’s/Safeties are not deep at all and their are some good kickers in the Draft availalbe to grab with a 7th Round pick or as an undrafted free-agent after the draft

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