• May 27, 2022

Eagles Had Wanted Asomugha A Few Years Ago, But Raiders Franchised Him

The Eagles have options when it comes to remedying their problems at the right cornerback position. They can fix it in the draft because there are a number of quality corners in the first and second round, whom they might be able to select.

If they go the draft route, they still may have to wait a half a season, a season or two season before the youngster or youngsters develop into NFL caliber players. It is cheaper but it could take longer or they could draft a guy who can’t do the job.

Another option will be developing one of last year’s third round draft picks, Trevard Lindley to step in and do the job. He’s got the raw skills, but doesn’t he have the smarts and instincts to be a star on this level. We’ll have to wait and see.

Every time the Eagles make a decision on their defense, they must take into account while making their decision that they have an offense that’s ready to go to the dance right now.

The other choice they may have depending on what happens with the CBA is the free agent market. We all know the best guy available is Nmandi Asomugha of the Raiders.

I know from an NFL source that the Eagles made a move after Asomugha before they signed Asante Samuel a few years back. He was made aware that the Eagles wanted him. Unfortunately, the Raiders slapped the franchise tag on Nmandi, so the Birds went to the next guy in line who was Samuel, but remember Asomugha was their first choice.

He is a shutdown corner and considered one of the best in the business, but he is going to cost at least $15 million dollars a year. Yesterday Eagles President Joe Banner said the Birds are capable of signing a player on his level. We’ll see.

Another guy who is a few years older and possibly headed for free agency is Champ Bailey of the Denver Broncos. Personally I think he’s too old for the Birds to make a move after him, but I brought his name up anyway. Bailey let it be known that he didn’t expect to be signed by the Broncos so he’s putting his Denver home on the market.

We heard a not so fast from Broncos team President John Elway, who tweeted this message earlier today. “We’ve been working with Champ Bailey’s representative this week on a new contract, which is an important priority for us. Our conversations have been constructive, and we’ll continue those talks in the hopes that we can reach an agreement. Champ’s an elite player who means a great deal to our entire organization and our fans. We want Champ to finish his Hall of Fame career as a Denver Bronco.”

Another guy who the Eagles could consider for their right cornerback position is Antonio Cromartie for the Jets. I know he’s got a spotty background and is one of those “Father of the Country” guys with kids all over the place, but he’s tall 6’2″ and he can run like a gazelle. The Birds must get some size at the cornerback positon because Hakeem Nicks, Miles Austin, and Dez Bryant, who play for the Giants and the Cowboys.

Cromartie is at his best when he can line up on a receiver and lock him down. He would be the answer to Giants and Cowboys big receivers. The Birds could blitz and attack the opposing offense with a guy like Cromartie on the corner.

The benefit of Cromartie over Asomugha is that he’s going to cost much less. I’m talking about a lot less. Maybe about $8 to $10 million dollars less.

Word is that the Jets are going to let Cromartie walk. This afternoon Cromartie responded to the rumor of New York let him go with a tweet.

“U know I could careless about a rumor because as of now and until me and my business partners are told otherwise I’m a JET to the end. Gang Green baby. Plus it’s just a rumor. Lol”

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  • I think they break the bank on Nmandi. You sign the best defensive CB back to sure up that secondary. Nmandi, Samuel, Allen & Mikell can hold it down most def.

    Then you draft OL, LB’s, DL & DE’s ….and you take your shot in the next 2-3 years.

  • I hadnt thought too much about Cromartie, but I like the idea.. Hope we can sure that side of the field up this coming season. I thought Dimitri Patterson was the answer for a minute until that Giant game..

  • @G
    Trevard Lindley was a FOURTH round draft pick, the only third rounder we had was Teo

  • Eagles will build thru the Draft and go after 2nd Tier Players, if any at all..
    If they make any play,it would be probably be at LB where maybe they go after a Steve Tulloch, who would be a nice fit since he’s played behind Washburn’s D/Line while at the Titans and would understand his schemes that he coaches
    and have very little learning curve…

  • Land one of these big boys and STILL draft a CB within the first 3 rds. i will keep stating this untill im blue in the face. YOU NEED 3 STARTING CB’S IN THIS LEAGUE. especially if youre the birds and you expect to be up by 21 points by the second half. Let Trevor L compete for that 3rd spot and we can be stacked in the 2ndary. Hopefully nate allen is ready for camp and we bring back q AND draft his replacement.

    As far as linbackers go we need to bring in a FA and/or trade for 1. Bradley will be back but i want him to be pushed and maybe moved outside.

    As far as the D line is concerned, its time for someone to step up. Unless they can somehow land hanesworth (not gunna happen), id leave it alone. I think they will get better with washburn.

  • Of course Nnamdi is the best available but Cromartie wouldn’t be a bad option. You need a physical CB opposite of Samuel. He has the speed to keep up with any receiver and the size to fight with the biggest of them. So definitely wouldn’t be a bad option. I don’t want to take our chances in the draft or hoping the Lindley or Patterson can play. Please no.

  • how bout nmandi and lindley as your cb’s there is no way they pay all that money for samuel and nmandi. i think samuels is starting to decline every year a new injury and a few more missed games.and a few more missed tackles.

  • Paulman, i disagree. I think they are actually stacking up to go all in (ok… half in). Its do or die time for this team and I think they know it. They are putting all their eggs in the Mike Vick basket and they know it. They have shed some huge contracts the last year or 2 and now i think they will make the move to get this thing done. Im not saying they will win it but i see them making a splash this year in FA.

    I think they land a FA corner and I think they land a FA (or via trade) Olineman for the right side of the line. I also think that Kolb will be moved for a huge pick.

  • nev, Asante was our only play maker and bigger hitter this past season. How pathethic did the secondary look when he was hurt? Maybe he wouldn’t get hurt if you had safeties and LB making hits instead of him.

  • The problem with cromartie is that when he runs he takes long strides so he is always at risk of easily falling for the double move

  • I’m with Scorpio. You can’t give the guys currently on the roster a chance to develop. Who are our four best players? Vick, Cole, Assante, Peters. They aren’t old but they all have about two years of prime left. FA moves HAVE TO be made this year. We are too far away to take a chance on draft picks. Sign a FA CB (of the three afforementioned), get Fat Albert or Ray Edwards in here, resign Bradley and draft Pouncey. I guarantee if they did all those things they would be in the SB next year. We usually only sign a blockbuster FA every four years (Watters, Runyan, Kearse, Assante) and we aren’t due until 2012 but hopefully they realize they need to do it a year early. A rookie cap would be helpful too while I’m making wishes.

  • ok… im gunna try and dive into andys head for a second. Paulman…ive tied a rope around my ankle so if i get stuck in here, pull me out ok??

    Its crystal clear that Andy was not happy 1 bit about this D. (or if you think he has no power….banner and rosy). Last year they moved up to grab a DE. That didnt really help this year did it?? Im not at all saying he’s a bust but it did not help this past year.

    SO what will andy do this year to fix it?? He gutted the D coaching staff, but if you think he’s done there… then your crazy!!

    Next up will be players. There is NO way the birds sit back and watch as all these amazing D players get grabbed by everyone around them. PLUS….. there are so many FA’s this year that the birds may let 1 or 2 of their good players walk (like maybe a bradley) instead of paying them huge money that would keep them from adding a star CB.

  • I agree with you Stevo…… The Eagles need to sign and draft a CB. They are gonna need eventual replacements for Hanson and Samuel….. They are both getting old, and Hanson just isn’t that good. Lindley can be one of their replacements, and the CB we draft can be the other.

  • Regarding a rookie cap. Why in God’s name wouldn’t the owners ask for this AND receive it??? First, it shows the players are making a concession on something that has absolutely nothing to do with them. Why the heck would they care that guys not yet in the league will be capped?? AND it opens up money to get their own demands met. This system is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous!!! It is completely arbitrary and rookies get whatever their agent is clever enough to manipulate. Meanwhile, the owners (and much more importantly THE FANS) get screwed here!! Why?? Because the youngster misses training camp and isn’t ready to play and contribute so we fans get nothing from our first round pick in year one and the owner is paying for junk for the first year! Let’s cap ’em and give the owners a bone. “Here you go. You were drafted 23rd in the first round. You get 3.0 the first year, 3.3 the second and 3.5 the third. Here’s a pen. See you at camp.” Case closed. Unless you are competing at the combine next week, no one here has any reason to dispute this whatsoever.

  • Stevo you are absolutely right. Guys will be shown the door. But not Bradley. He’s too smart and had an ACL and played special football before that. Q?? Ah…NO! He’s 30, he’s made the PB twice because other guys didn’t go and will expect way more than the Eagles would dream of giving him. And he’s not special difference maker. All those tackles just verifies that the front seven sucks. I’ll take Coleman and Nnamdi over Q and some rookie (or Lindley/Patterson.) We need that money for other more imprtant things. Thanks for the memories Q!. Like Sheldon you played hard but you didn’t play great.

  • In this league today it seems you need 3 starting caliber CBs where at least 1 of them is a playmaker. With all the pass happy offenses and spread formations with 4 and 5 WRs you need guys that can cover. So I definitely agree with the people that say we should sign a FA CB and also draft one in the early rounds. You can never have enough good CB. Having very good cover CBs was the reason Green Bay could let Woodson freestyle and chase the QB often. Many good teams have the 3rd CB who can start on many teams. We use to be like that with Tayler, Vincent, and Harris and then Brown, Sheppard, and Hood. But now we have 1 legitimate CB and the rest are all sketchy.

  • yea… i dont think Bradley will leave either… im just saying that the birds will not overpay for a player on their roster just because they are ALREADY on the roster.

  • JEAGLE- “Why the heck would they care that guys not yet in the league will be capped”??

    they dont care AS LONG AS THE SAME MONEY GETS SPENT ON THE VETS! and thats the point. They dont want the owners to just put it back in their own pockets.

  • I agree Stevo. And if you want to extend the season by 12.5% that will be a mandatory 12.5% pay raise across the board for every single man in the league. That’s ONLY FAIR. I wasn’t suggesting the owners keep the money. Trust me when I see a guy who was in debt up to his bunghole in 1994 become a billionaire by 2008 I know they are making money. I have no sympathy for the owners at all especially when I have one that has all this money and still doesn’t treat our team like more of a toy to show off and less like a business. Don’t you want to brag to your buddies at the country club how great it is to be a champion Jeffrey?? You can take a ten million dollar pay cut for two years and make that happen can’t you? It seems to be working across the street! Stevo I really want the cap from a selfish perspective. I want my top picks to play and contribute from the door so no more of this hocus pocus agent B.S. Take it out of their hands and get my young guys on the field to help us out.

  • I’m counting on player development…with the CBA, who knows what is going to happen…may not be able to get a FA or at least the FA we want…

    Of course Nmandi is the obvious pick…he is a lock down corner, but I’m a little hesitant about the type of money he is going to get…he had no INT”s this season, which could be attributed to many variables…not being thrown at often, breaking the play up instead of getting the INT, etc….

    Cromartie is a solid corner, but he struggles in zone coverage, when he plays off coverage and has to adjust to the receivers routes…He also is not that physical, we need a physical corner, that is going to come up on the receiver and put that quick hit on them, interrupt the routes….

    The rookie Lindley, is a physical corner, helikes to hit! Depending on how his development, he may very well be the CB starting along side Samuel…I still haven’t quite given up on Patterson, though, he showed some very bright spots at times last year, maybe he works the kinks out…

  • Stevo and others,
    If this was a regular off-season, I think the Eagles would pursue some top
    Free-Agents but heres the problem for them and all the other teams..
    If no CBA in place by March 4th, then it’s very likely that holdout/lockout lasts until the SUmmer, meanwhile there is the Draft which will go on as scheduled. If the Eagles go ahead and address the Needs at CB/DL/LB/OL
    with early picks in the Draft, do you then think they will turn around and pursue some Top available Free-agents afterwards… I don’t… I think they will do what most teams will do is to move ahead and address their needs thru the Draft, then once Free-agency hits, concentrate on re-signing their own players (who already know their system) since it appears it will be no OTA’s and possibly a short SUmmer Camp if any… I think 90% of the teams will approach this Off-Season unless a CBA is in place by March 3rd or at least a couple of weeks before the Draft in late April..
    2 Eagle Free-Agents I do see leaving
    Safety Q Mickell will entertain offers from Panthers (McDermott Connection)
    Saints (he’s from Lousiana) and the Cowboys (who desperately need a Safety
    and Mickell’s familiarity with the NFC East is a plus)
    LB S Bradley will entertain offers from the Rams (Spags connection) and the Chiefs who have a need for LB and Bradley is from the Mid-West..

  • Paulman I hope they do work it out because if we have to build through the draft, we’re screwed. Right back where we were at the end of last year. There are no answers on this team on DL, RG, or RCB and a rookie won’t help right away except maybe Pouncey.

  • I am more worried about the CBA not getting worked out because then we might get stuck with Kolb when we could possibly trade him for a 1st round pick and maybe more. I ain’t worried about FA. There will be a FA when the CBA gets worked out. It might be later than normal, but if you think that is gonna effect the way teams operate during FA, you are mistaken. Players like Aso and other top FAs don’t need much practice time with their new team, they are natural athletes.

  • Here’s last year’s scouting report from ESPN on Cromartie for those that actually think they know what kind of player he is.

    Cromartie is an excellent athlete who was hindered by a hip injury for a good portion of the 2008 season. He has the size and speed to be a shut down CB in the league and can make plays on the ball like few other players in the league.

    He is very fluid through hips. He can turn and run with good burst and acceleration. He has exceptional recovery skills when healthy and he uses his long arms well to intercept or break up plays. When he gets his hands on the ball he can make big plays happen in the opposite direction due to his experience as punt returner.

    He has enough size and strength to match up well with big and physical receivers, but he is also quick enough mirror routes of quick players. If he stays healthy, Cromartie has Pro Bowl ability and will be considered one of the leagues elite cover men for years to come.

    At 6-2 and 203 lbs. he’s just the kind of corner the Jets have been looking for since adding Revis in 2007, a larger player who can muscle up with some big talent … but also play with a smaller guy should teams try to mismatch him. It’s not to say that Darrelle can’t play those big guys too, he did it well in 2009, but it’s more about being ready for any given receiving corps and how opponents match that second corner. Cromartie allows them to add some beef and versatility to their secondary.

    Size is something that the Jets have coveted for a few years now out of their secondary, but had a tough time finding. During the 2008 Draft, the Jets were close on Tyvon Branch and Justin King, both six footers, and missed out by one pick. With no corner of interest on the board right there, they moved back a few slots and then took Dwight Lowery. It’s not to say that Lowery was a guy they didn’t like, I just think they liked other guys out there better for their needs.

    Cromartie’s physical abilities are limitless, but it’s going to come down to his focus. Rex will tell him what’s expected and it’s up to Cromartie to focus and deliver.

    I rather believe their scouting report than those here who barely seem him play.

  • @Scorp

    being Ilve in Jersey, I’m able to watch all of the Jets games as well..I’ve seen Cromartie play and I’ve seen him get aten up on occasions!
    Also the scouting report you posted is nothing but the postives in the mans game…nowhere does it say anything about his weaknesses…a true scouting report would contain this information,,,

    google Antonio Cromartie weaknesses, and you’ll see that he struggles in areas not mentioned in the above post

  • here’s more on Cromartie from an article I found

    He finished the season with 42 tackles and three interceptions, one of his better years statistically, but those numbers do not tell the whole story. It’s never easy being the complement to Revis Island, as the opposite corner immediately becomes a significant target of opposing offenses due to Revis’s shutdown ability. But at the same time, Cromartie’s true weaknesses were exposed throughout the year, particularly his difficulties covering receivers on the inside and over the middle of the field.

    Perhaps even Cromartie would admit that he is a big risk-taker, trying to go for the pick rather than making the safe play and making sure his receiver doesn’t run for too many yards after the catch. With Revis regularly taking the opposing team’s receiver out of the equation week in and week out, wouldn’t it make more sense to field a guy who keeps his receivers in check, rather than giving them the chance to break off big plays?

    Don’t get me wrong, Cromartie did have a good year, but his erratic play can’t go unnoticed. This was certainly on display in New York’s playoff matchup in Indianapolis, as Cromartie surrendered five catches for 112 yards

  • Here is Paulman’s Scouting Report on CB Cromartie
    Great athlete, his strength is when he’s faces up in man coverage to about 15 yards down the field ..on any deeper routes, post moves, double moves,
    he gets in trouble and loses sight of the ball quite easily
    I give him an overall B Rating a great return man is a plus, his attitude and
    maturity is a minus.. In the final analysis, I stay away from him…

  • Bailey would be a nice fit for a pro rated price.

    Cromartie is my 2nd choice behind Asoshmuga.

    I think based on the conversation with Banner that they think their close.

    Also they are feeling pressure from the Phillies so they have to get some p.r and will sign Asoshmuga or maybe Bailey.

  • My crystal balls say the Eagles will prep Lindley, name him the starter, acquire Asomugha as a back-up, name him the starter by Game 3, then trade Lindley at the end of next season.

    I dare someone to say it can’t happen!

  • I can look in to the future Drummer, but unfortunately only up to Week #2,
    but my gut tells me this is not so…

  • Okay, Paul. Remember you heard it hear first.

  • some of the above quotes refer to eagles having plenty of money , and going for it while you have vick. nfl network says steve smith wants out of carolina he has 2 years left on his contract , paulman , would you ?

  • I would not pursue Steve Smith If I am the Eagles,
    They have D-Jax/Maclin already.. If they wanted to add a big,strong tall target, I would be up for that, but Smith is getting older, he’s very small and not effective once inside the 20-30 Yard line/Red Zone (like D-Jax is)
    I do see S Smith moving from Carolina and probably to a team like the Redskins, Raiders, and possibly even to a team like the Patriots who have no real deep threat on their Roster..
    Now if the Eagles were to trade D-Jax while his value is at an all-time high,
    then pursue Smith, then it would make sense but I don’t forsee that happening..

  • nev,

    I know you didn’t ask me, you are asking Paulman, but if the Eagles were to chase after a WR…… I think they need to get a big WR, not Smith.

  • drummer, it can’t happen.

    Nev, I am fairly confident that the Eagles have as much interest in signing steve smith as desean jackson does in taking a pay cut. They love Jason Avant, and if you’re telling me that they’d play Smith above Maclin or Djax, I say you’re crazy. And Smith would not sign a contract here because he knows he wouldn’t get the ball nearly as much as he wants. I think the Eagles have a better chance of going out and getting Peyton Manning than Steve Smith. (yes, I’m trying to make a point, not saying they willl)

  • Wow… I waswondering when we’d go back to talking about wr’s. Lol.. Its a strength girls… Let’s move on.

  • Joe Banner sure loves his pocket book… The era of shoulda coulda woulda… WE NEED A NEW OWNER

  • runthe, what the f are you talking about? Joe Banner doesn’t keep any money that they don’t spend on players, if you think otherwise, you REALLY don’t get how a business, especially NFL team is ran. And if you are saying they should have spent money before and are cheap, then look at the facts and learn something. AND if that’s your take that the Eagles are cheap, then don’t tell anyone that you want them to lock up Vick. Or extend Djax, or sign Asomguah or Hanesworth or anyone else. They knew this year was coming and they positioned themselves well to have money to spend.

  • Schiller what the f are you talking about? Who decides where we spend our money? I don’t think you understand how the eagles run there business. The pocket book reference is an analogy moron! Man you’re a twat

  • now go back to bed with spadaro and eskin!

  • Schiller, WTF are you talking about you jackass, banner and eagles under the cap, didn’t sign anyone you mentioned, didn’t lock up Vick, just franchised him,

  • Eagles WR Corps could use 1 more big target to replace C Hall who really has no business taking a roster spot from anyone else…
    I would love to see a 6-4 225lbs bruiser who could catch in traffic, run the slants and be effective in the red-zone (I was hoping they use R Cooper in this role) but the genius Coaches have him running 40-50 yard fly patterns instead to outsmart the opponents when they have are 2-3 faster receivers on the team… but that’s just me being negative again…

  • I wanted that too, Paulman. I like Cooper a lot. He could be that guy, but the Eagles don’t want to seem to use him like that.

  • Cooper could be a great slot guy with those drag routes,crossing routes,
    I really think he can be utilized like the PAckers utilize WR J Nelson..
    in between the numbers and down in the red-zone.. I am not coach, but it seems opretty obvious to me that’s where you want your bigger,stronger receivers to be to make plays for you.. What’s happened is that D-Jax/MAcling saty outside the #’s towards the sidelines so often and at the same time, theat the eagles don’t exlpoit the middle of the field enough and to be honest, WR J Avant is not that man for he is too slow and can’t run by anyone down the seams, also TE Celek is not that athletic either and unelss there is a blown coverage, is usually not going to be very open beyond 15 yards.. I thnik both Vooper and TE Harbor can fill in this void very well and would actually end up opening the entire field up more for D-Jax/Maclin..
    See teams klnow that D-JAx/Maclin are not coming across the middle too often, so play them between the Numbers and the sideline and they are not goign to have too much room to maneuver…..

  • @ Drummer,,Sign the best CB and make him a backup to a 4th rounder? Are you on crack? Not to worry, Asomugha will probably sign with the Jets.

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