• August 8, 2022

Bailey signs four-year deal to stay in Denver

We all know that the Philadelphia Eagles are going to have to address the cornerback position this offseason so that Asante Samuel isn’t the only guy out in the secondary that is good at football. Well, fans can scratch one name off of that wishlist.

The Denver Broncos have announced (via John Elway’s Twitter account) that the team has resigned cornerback Champ Bailey.

“We are thrilled to announce that the Broncos have agreed to terms on a new four-year contract with cornerback Champ Bailey,” Elway tweets.

Most of the talk and speculation here in Philly has centered on 1. Nnamdi Asomugha and, 2. Antonio Cromartie. But, Bailey could have been a good fit as well. Although he turns 33 in June, he can still play and it would have been worth seeing what he commanded on the open market.

As of now, I still haven’t seen the numbers that kept him in Denver. I thought for sure he was done with the Broncos when he put his house up for sale. It wasn’t just that, but all signs pointed towards a Broncos defense that wasn’t going to get good enough in time for Bailey to still be playing at a high level. Did I word that right?

Bailey also supposedly wanted to play for a contender at the end of his career. Money must have talked then, because the Broncos aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

Micah Warren

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  • Another reason why the Eagles are a average franchise compared to others…… Every other team is going out and signing big name players are we are stuck with the Jeantys and Hunts.

  • sports, I’ll dismiss the obviously not serious ‘every other team’ reference, but really, who else signed a big name. Where are the examples?

  • Obviously I was being sarcastic about the whole thing…… I was just generalizing how people act on here.

    Colts claimed DeMario Pressley though…… That is a big signing, right?

  • Pressmen was a 5th rd pick in 08 and has played for 2 teams since then. The saints and texans. How is that a big signing?

  • Pressley was a 5th rd pick in 08

  • Who need Bailey anyway?

    When into the season with Ellis Hobbs and Dimitri Patterson. Like Andy said last year…”We’re fine there”, and don’t forget the new coaches in the secondary, so we can expect Champ Bailey type play opposite Asante once our guys get coached up and add a few more “fastballs” through the draft to round off our inactive list weekly.


  • HMMMMMMMMM….How could the Denver Broncos sign a player to a mutiyear deal with the CBA settled?

    That excuse is starting to wear thin for the Eagles brass…They can sign other’s teams garbage to beef up special teams yet refuse to resign DJax to a deal.


  • unsettled?

  • Go look at the rules and you will see why the Eagles can’t give D-Jax an extension, but Denver can give the Broncos one. Stop being a hated moron.

  • I meant Bailey, not Broncos

  • It would have been a good signing, but I don’t see the Eagles signing a 33 year old corner (it’s the rigid attitude that holds this team back from winning a Championship and has them delusional in thinking they are as good an organization as Pittsburgh…would be laughable is I wasn’t an Eagles fan.) Since it looks like they aren’t really aggressively getting after Mikell it would be nice if they would sign Atogwe. You don’t necessarily have to get another shutdown corner the defense can be corrected by rebuilding the D-Line with effective pass rushers and you can probably pay the guys what they are worth versus overpaying in a bidding war because every team wants a shutdown corner. Ray Edwards, Haloti Ngata and Haynesworth (I don’t care about the assault charges).

  • The Ravens franchised Ngata…so what give up the draft picks. It will probably be 3rd and a 6th. Have the Eagles drafted ANY good defensive players after the second round in YEARS?

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