• August 14, 2022

Jason Peters’ Condo Is Burglarized For $60,000 Worth Of Items

A couple of days ago, Eagles Pro Bowl left tackle Jason Peters returned home to find a big surprise waiting for him.

Peters had been out of town for over a month and somebody took advantage of the situation and burglarized his condominium which is located near Lincoln Financial Field. This isn’t the first time, this type of burglary has occurred in this condo and it’s also not the first one involving an Eagles football player.

It sounds like a pattern because Peters’ teammate Brodrick Bunkley who lives in the same condo was ripped off previously when he was out of town for an extended period of time.

According to police the burglars stole an estimated $60,000 worth of designer watches, high-end diamond jewelry, and camera equipment from Peters.

The big fella had been out of town since the season-ended in early January, so there’s no telling when thieves broke in and cleaned him out.

The good thing about this situation with Peters is that he won’t even miss the $60,000 worht of equipment because he’s making so much money.


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  • G, I dont care how much money someone has, $60,000 is still $60,000 but the real damage was his privacy being invaded, Thats terrible to walk in your home and see your house ransacked. Peters, Your the second person who got robbed there, I think its time to move !

  • Sorry to hear about and sounds like and inside job from someone who knows
    the schedules of the players..
    On a side note, a source down in DC told me that former QB D McNabb really liked some of the Watches that Peters owned and said that McNabb wished that he had one,to help him improve with his clock-management skills improve.. Let’s see what McNabb’s wearing at Redskin Camp ..

  • Where is the security alarm system and cameras to catch these swine. With
    their money and valuables, not to mentions their lives and those of any friends or relatives, they should have something tied into the police.

  • First, I’m sure he has insurance on his condo, so he will recoup what he lost… Second if you’ve ever been violated, house broken in, car stolen, identity theft, you would not joke around with a thing like this. This is serious business when someone breaks into your home, and you almost can never feel comfortable in there again. I mean keeping it real it’s just not funny. Not even the McNabb comment.

  • Might be the mafia

  • Update:

    After further investigation, the burglary in progress was in fact a “false start.” As it comes to pass, the burglars “stood up” at the hard count announcement when there was a knock at the door…they immediately made them start their ransacking back in the kitchen, rather in the living room, hence severely hampering their progress….OK, just kidding…this sucks

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