• July 4, 2022

Jerry Jones Needs An “Entertainer & Icon” Like Cam Newton To Fill His Stadium

When Cam Newton made those statements a couple of weeks ago about being an “entertainer and an icon” 31 General Managers in the National Football League, said “Oh No”, but one said “Oh Yes”. Only one of the NFL’s General Managers is also the team’s owner and that is Dallas Cowboys head man, Jerry Jones and I think he’s probably going to be the guy who drafts Newton.

Only one team in the league has to fill up a more than 100,000 seat stadium, as well as induce another 20,000 dopes to come to the stadium and pay to watch the games on big screens in the parking lot and buy more beer and liquor from Jones. He doesn’t just need a good quarterback like Tony Romo, he needs a personality a charismatic figure who will dominate the national headlines like Newton.

You know Jones was angered when Michael Vick came to his new stadium and led the Eagles to victory while dominating the headlines in the league. Vick had owned the headlines all season long because he like Newton is a walking-talking controversy that gets the attention of everyone each time he walks into a room.

Jones will keep Romo around and give Newton some time to learn the pro game, then turn him loose on the NFL.

Newton met with numerous teams over the weekend, but there was one team which made it a point to let everybody know they were meeting with him and that was the Dallas Cowboys. The other teams were meeting with him, but the Cowboys wanted everybody to know that they were meeting with him.

Jones’ head coach is a quarterback coach, Jason Garrett, so you know he will have no problem giving him the responsibility of developing Newton.

Newton had a terrible day trying complete balls to receivers at the NFL Combine, but so what. The kid made a mistake by deciding to throw there because he didn’t know the speed of the receivers because he had never thrown to those guys. It was understandable that he overthrew them, but so what. Jones was cheering after every throw that hit the ground.

He tested well by running the 40 yard dash in 4.59 seconds. He tied for which tied for the best broad jump at 10 feet, 6 inches and had a 35-inch vertical jump. The guy is 6’5″ and weighs 250 pounds. He’s got great feet, leadership skills and desire to be the very best.

Remember you heard it here first.


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  • Lets hope it does happen, It would be great for the Cowboys to draft him and set the team back 5yrs, Your looking at Ja Marcus Russell #2 !

  • LOOK……. Jerry Jones isn’t and i REPEAT isn’t going with a QB like Newton……. As a matter of fact I got two words…… Quincy Carter……. Yea I said it Quicy Carter……… Jones is a sucker and I think he learned his lesson with all this TMZ football in Dallas with ROMO and Miles Austin non-sense bringing there girlfriends at practice……….. Newton is a star already…… Hasn’t even snapped a NFL pass and he’s getting a big hype……

    Akili Smith+Jamarcus Russell= Cam Newton………!!!!!!! I DID THE MATH!!!!!

  • The only reason this faggot team ever won anything was because of the Herschel Walker trade. I hate the Cowboys, I hope they do blow their draft on this flash in the pan.

  • I gotta agree with run and andyP, let’s hope the boys take the foolish bait once again. I see Vince Young with MORE ego problems.

    jroc- so you agree it would be a bad move, you just think Jerry Jones is the wiser? Really? What has he shown to prove that he’s learned anything from anything?

  • I’m Curios as to What makes everyone think this kid won’t become a good NFL QB ?

  • I think he will be a very good NFL QB among the the likes of D Culpepper & D McNabb and is much more polished than those 2 were coming out of College..
    I think Newton is light years ahead of where VY/J Russell were when they were coming out due to his strong work ethic and strong desire to be th best and to compete which VY/Jemarcus Russell never seemed to have
    Will he have his ups and downs and inconsistencies, absolutely, but this Kid has a catageous positice energy about him and real leadership skills
    that I think will make him into a big-time NFL QB in about 2-3 years time but he needs to get to the right team with good coaches likes all the young players need..

  • gotta luv it – I can’t answer for everyone, only myself. But I think that although he is a great athelete and has a lot of potential, that his ego has far surpassed his true developmental stage, and that his ‘posse’ – suppossedly a huge one – has given him the idea that he’s the next Mike Vick (level of stardom pre-legal issues), Vince Young, Tim Tebow, Jamarcus Russell etc…. – players that were GREAT in college, have potential, and then act like they make Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Peyton Manning (etc. etc. etc.) look like scrubs BEFORE THEY EVEN TAKE A SNAP in the NFL.

    He just has over rated ego inflated bust written all over him. Not to mention that he blew both his workouts and media interview at the combine….

    I say he has the potential (technically) to become a good NFL player, but he also has many red flags that are the the type of red flags that have been proven to derail a young player’s progress in the NFL.

  • I’m sorry, but in my book ‘icon’s and entertainers’ don’t have practice, learning, and development high up on their list of priorities….

  • @Shiller…….. Dallas had if not there worse season last year…….. I think he hasn’t learn at all to tell you the truth……… But with all this Roy Williams at camp telling Dez bryant to carry the teams pads and all the other non-sense this past season MEDIA WISE…… And them not playing at home in the S.B. perhaps was a big smack in the face to Jones in which he deserves it……… I cant stand the guy trust me……… But with Rob Ryan as defensive coordinator this year could make there defense a bit more better……..

    We beat a dallas team without Romo……. excuse me HOMO!!!!…….. Homo has killed us as of late and with Garrett front in center as HC i’m pretty much sure if we dont learn from the pump fake draw play this season they will be a problem for us……… I dont see them making it this year…… But we know rivalry games and Dallas gives us tough games……. I think that Jones will not reach for star players and get some role players to help them this season!!!

  • @Shiller I think Jones will be more disciplinary towards his players with the number of penalties they had last season………..

  • jroc – I hear you. I just think (and I read this somewhere, most likely on profootballtalk.com in the past few days) that the stadium factor is huge. Jones built a ginormous stadium and he has to fill it every game to make money back – not just fill the stadium, but he’s so desparate that he has screens in the parking lot that he charges tickets for – so he needs ‘star power’ ‘media attractions’ to keep reeling in the $ to recoup stadium costs.

    I’m not saying he’s GOING to draft Newton (I’m not one to make predictions, if you haven’t already learned that from my billions of posts on here).

    But I say that Jerry’s even MORE likely to take the bait for a player to fill his seats.

    I agree their D may improve, but as long as they have guys who think they are Deon Sanders on every play, worrying about their images and egos before success on the field, I think we stand a good chance of beating them.

  • @Shiller…….. I wish nothing but down fall for dallas trust and believe…….. LOL!!!! And yea jones may bite the bullet and try to get Newton……. But Dallas in the past have made terrible decisions with giving a ton of players for a average Roy Williams…….. There getting older on defense and there secondary is trash……. I wouldnt be shocked if he made another bone headed draft to get Newton…….

  • jroc – yeah, but wouldn’t it be fun if they did!? We’ll see. All I remember last year is the buzz that Dallas wanted Dez Bryant – early and often buzz. Well…. it’s already started on Newton. Doesn’t mean they’ll get him, but it certainily could happen.

  • I go off of what I see and that is a kid with all of the physical tools required to dominate at the next level. A polished throwing motion and above average accuracy. All he did was lead his school/team to a 13-0 record pick up every award possible and win a national championship. Amidst controversy and scrutiny for 2 months Oh yeah and made Urban Meyer retire in the process. I think a coach should be able to work with that. The negatives people are talking about have nothing to do with his play. “Is he smart enough can he lead?” VY is 30-17 as a starter couldn’t lead a group of toddlers and scored a 6 on wonderlic. The “character issues” which are bogus he purchased a stolen laptop. He didn’t steal it. His Dad tried to get some money. These are the character issues everyone is worried about. Give me a break those two issues were just eliminated last week when he received a $1M contract from Under Armour. People want to compare him to VY and JaMarcus but those guys never wanted to play football. JaMarcus was drafted by Raiders #1 so can we actually take the fact that he was a bust all that serious. VY was like Matt Leinart all he wanted to do was enjoy the college life. If Mathew Stafford was a number 1 pick. I think Cam is too.

  • gotta – I hear ya. We’ll see. You know, Ryan Leaf was a beast in college too…..

  • For 1 Season against as So-So conference back then in the PAc-10
    Cam Newtone playing tough games week in and week out in the SEC and played and beat Alabama twice, LSU, Florida, Georgaa, Tennessee and Arkansas all in the same year is pretty impressive..

  • Maybe Vince Young could be a back-up in dallas???? I could see Jerry doing this to bring a lot of VY heads to dallas games……… He’s a real Jerk off who will pull something like that to fill seats up in the stadium……

  • jroc – makes some sense. But VY would have to agree to be the backup to sign a contract – doubt it. With Newton, he’d be drafted, hence no decision on his part.

  • I hope the cowboys get fooled into picking this bust instead of a stud D-lineman or CB that we will have to play against for the next 8 years

  • Maybe we’ll get lucky and trade Kolb to Dallas.

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