• July 4, 2022

Will You Come Back To The NFL If They Don’t Play In 2011?

There’s no question that some of the most successful business people in the country are NFL owners. They and the NFL players have seen the game continually increase in its popularity and enjoy tremendous growth in the midst of a recession which has pummeled other industries.

The recent Super Bowl was the most watched television program in history. The ratings for the Sunday and Monday night games have been through the roof, but the NFL owners want more.

They seem willing to gamble their $9 billion dollar-a-year-business that NFL fans won’t turn against the league if they have a long and protracted work stoppage. As I said in the previous post, the revenues for the league are expected to grow exponentially in the next decade through expansion to foreign countries and advancements in technology with cellphones becoming another huge source of income.

They’re risking their $9 billion dollar-year-business, in order that they can make a higher percentage of revenue that could grow to $50 billion in the next ten-fifteen years. Clearly they have thought this through and seem to feel it’s worth the risk. Guys like Jerry Jones didn’t become a billionaire by playing it safe, but is this a wise move.

If they incur a long work stoppage will the fans sour to the league. It happened in baseball which had long been considered America’s number one past time. Major League Baseball didn’t come back to popularity until two steroid juiced up sluggers, Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa had a season-long home run battle. It still is no where near the popularity of the NFL.

I’m throwing it out there to you NFL fans. Will you stay with the game if they were to be a shut down in 2011 or will you lose interest and refuse to return?


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  • Without a doubt. What are the American people gonna switch to? Baseball? Hockey? or Soccer? Lmao. Football is Americas sport and will be with a lockout or not. A lockout has happened before, and the sport just got bigger. I think a deal will be made. A deadline will be extended as well. I just want games. I don’t care if we have 18, 16 or 8. Just get on with it. The same thing is about to happen to the NBA with the CBA.

  • I love football…….. It is something that can never be tarnished but the owners/people of power are just freakin greedy and never came up from nothing…….. It’s like explaining color to a man that was born blind…….. The owners themselves know that a millions of people spend the little money they have just to enjoy there love for this sport…… Nfl isn’t something you can download and watch like the music industry…… People pay for the sunday ticket just to watch football or go to bars on sunday just so they can see there team play…….. NFL is something like a religion to some folks…… A whole town will shutdown on a sunday just to enjoy the love for this sport…….. It’s going to be a long winter without football……. My mother always told me “If a man works with his hands, and came up from the bottom”, “he will respect the bottom while he’s in a position on top”!!! But the owners have never been there before……. SO they’ll never understand…….. My love is still football…….. NFL!!!

  • Does a crackhead return after choking on the smoke?

  • I love football! One thing that I think that the owners have underestimated is the wealth of this country. The Mark Cubans of the world could form another USFL! Maybe they could get another league together and challenge the NFL! This time maybe they will be more successful. With the wealth of some of these former and present football players. Why not go for it? Any blow to that 9 billion dollar pot will get some owners attention! Just a thought.

  • I’d never abandon football,
    plus at least there’s still the draft and I doubt this lockout will last all season, I can see the new CBA coming out in June-July

  • I was a hockey nut back growing up and loved watching the Flyers…. once the NFL had their lockout, I lost interest and only will watch playoff games….I have no interest in going to games anymore… Football is #1 in my house and I think I might lost interest if they didnt play in 2011…..I would find something to keep me busy during the season.

  • Drummer, well put. We are all ABSOLUTELY addicted to it.

  • They can all eat a dick

  • I will always be an eagles fan, but I swear, I will never pay to go to a game or buy another NFL product if the owners force a lockout, If the game is not on TV to hell with it.

  • Maybe. The issue is salary period….. Every league needs to come up with a payscale contingent on performance.

    There should be a retirement pension for players who sustain career ending injuries and they should get rid of the no trade clause. Its a priviledge but its still a game. If the season is canceled it could destroy a few teams.

  • Robert Gallery anybody? Let’s just stick with Raiders FA’s this year if you know what I’m saying….

  • Gallery has played pretty well the last couple of years at Guard after being a flop at Tackle when he first came out of college. I don’t think he will be worth
    the $$$ that he will probalby be seeking, but they should talk to him and his agents to see where is $$$ wise

  • EAGLE Co 32

    I’m all for another run at the NFL. The competition certainly couldn’t hurt. If the AFL did it once, it can be done again.

  • Shill

    I was just thinking the same thing. Known commodity and better than anything we have. I would take him. Plus he really looks mean which i love in a OL.

  • Lose interest? This isn’t hockey that no one cared about in the first place. Pretty obvious answer to this.

  • Hey drug dealers don’t take their customers to rehab. Baseball dominated the hearts and imagination of this nation and the world, and then they got arrogant and self important.

    The NFL is not to popular to slide down. If you let people discover new things to do with the lost footbal time they might not come back. You guys are die hards but the more casual fan just could be lost.

    Hell guys could get more Church in get commited and become casual fans, I have seen that happen with some friends, they get more into church and football is just not that big anymore.

    There was something about baseball that made me drop off for like 10 years before I came back. And Basketball! please.

    I will be here waiting for football I love it, but I can’t guarantee my atitude in the future if something else steals football time away.

  • I’ll watch because I love the game, always have always will. I dont buy tickets but I watch on TV every week. The fact is I haven’t been to a game since they played at the vet. Now with HD tv’s I have no need to deal with beligerent drunks every week. But yes I will turn on my 50 inch hd and watch.

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