• May 17, 2022

King Dunlap Arrested For Reckless Driving In Nashville

Eagles backup offensive tackle King Dunlap was arrested and charged with reckless driving and disorderly conduct in Nashville, Tennessee when he drove his Cadillac Escalade up onto the sidewalk and parked it near the front doors of the arena which was hosting the Southeastern Conference Women’s basketball tournament.

This occurred yesterday and police said Dunlap told officers that he was picking up his father, who uses a wheelchair. They asked him to move his vehicle to a nearby street and offered to help with his father, but he refused to move the vehicle. They promptly arrested him and his relative who were attending the SEC tournament moved his vehicle.

Thankfully after behaving foolishly Dunlap was cooperative after being arrested. His bond was set at $1000.


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  • “behaving foolishly” I don’t think that Dunlap was acting foolishly. He was trying to help his father who is in a wheelchair get in to his vehicle. As a cop, you are going to arrest someone for doing something kind? Driving up on sidewalks might not be the smartest thing to do, but Dunlap obviously explained to the cop we had taken his caddy up on the sidewalk. If the police ask me to move my car, I’ll say that I will immediately remove it once my father is in the vehicle.

  • If a police officer asks you to move the car, you move it. At the same time you explain to them the situation. The police are supposed to be in charge, not Dunlap. He knows better than that.

  • Life’s not fair sometimes. The first time King Dunlap ever gets in someone’s way, he gets arrested for it.

  • Probably a little over-reaction by all involved be G is right, if the Police instruct you to move the car, you move the car..

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