• July 3, 2022

The Eagles Who Should Stay And The Eagles Who Should Go

Eagles Head coach and Directors of Football Operations Andy Reid and Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman will continue their rebuilding of this football team this offseason. They must continue to make tough decisions about the personnel and that means giving some players a chance to be full-time starters; relegating others to a backup role and saying good-bye to others.

Backup safety Kurt Coleman, who was drafted in the seventh round showed us that he can be a starter for this franchise. The tackles he made on Pro Bowl running back Adrian Peterson just wowed me and he’s a guy who can put fear into opposing players. We need physical safety back there to play along side Nate Allen because the second round pick is more of a ballhawk.

Coleman reminds me of J.R. Reed when he was healthy. After J.R.’s foot injury a number of years back over a freak accident he suffered while jumping over a fence, he wasn’t the same player. Coleman is surprisingly quick to the ball despite not running a fast time at the combine.

Middle linebacker Jamar Chaney could be headed to stardom. Next to Michael Vick’s return to Superstardom, Chaney was the best thing that happened to this ballclub. Need I say more about him.

He’s a ball hawk and can be the key to this Eagles defense to make things happen. The rookie made big plays to force turnovers in the New York Giants comeback win and the Green Bay Packers playoff game. You can’t emphasize enough a player making big time plays with everything on the line.

If we get Stewart Bradley back to 100% this season and put him at Sam linebacker. We would have Chaney in the middle and either Moise Fouku or Keenan Clayton at the other outside linebacker spot, and I believe the linebacker question which has haunted us for many years will finally be answered.

Defensive tackle Antonio Dixon should be the starter at one of the defensive tackle positions and that’s a fact. He’s too good and much better than the other two guys we drafted in the 1st round. Unfortunately, Brodrick Bunkley and Mike Patterson are average but not dominant defensive tackles like B.J. Raji and Ndamukung Suh.

We need a dominant guy in the middle like Albert Haynesworth or a real bowling ball type guy who could get penetration into the backfield on running and passing plays. Maybe the injury-prone Kris Jenkins, who was released by the Jets could be someone the Birds might be interested in. You know how they love getting players who are coming off of injuries!!!!!

Trevard Lindley has great upside with great speed and good size but he needs time to learn to play the NFL game. He’s physical and can hopefully learn from a coach like new cornerback coach Johnnie Lynn. We need him to be a major contributor this season, which means he’s got to learn the system.

Now, these are the guys who I think that will get released, or should get released!!!!!

– Nick Cole…… He’s been in and out of the lineup for the last few years. The Bears are very interested in him and he’s been up and down in his performances through the years in Philly but his knee problems has been a great issue as of late and he should go elsewhere…….

– Max Jean Gilles…… He’s average at best because he feet are slow. He’s not a good pass blocker and this team loves to pass. He doesn’t fit here. I think Philly can get someone else who can replace him and he will not be missed. He’s like Artis Hicks. Did we miss him when he left???????

– Fonoki Tutupi……. He’s never played and there’s obviously a reason why. A guy can’t sit on the shelf forever. Good-bye.

– Akeem Jordan…… He’s a solid guy who is physical at times and a contributor on special teams but his playing time fell off after an injury and Moises Fokou had a decent season. It’s times to say good-bye. He’ll be somewhere else next season!!!

– Omar Gaither…….. He’s a player who is smart but just not athletic enough to play against faster tight ends and running backs…….He will not be missed in Midnight Green…

– King Dunlap…… He did okay when got opportunities. I know guys are going to say ”he did better”, but he’s just too tall and lanky. Guys like Julius Peppers or Dwight Freeney will just eat him for breakfast, then get a free shot at Michael Vick. We’ve worked with him long enough. The arrest for reckless driving and disorderly conduct won’t sit well with Andy Reid. Good-bye

– Jorrick Calvin……. He’s a young kid but I don’t see the Eagles keeping him around this season. The Birds will draft a guy who can do a better job of returning kickoffs and punts. I could see them drafting a guy like Noel Devine in the late rounds. Who knows they may grab him as early as the 4th round.

– Chad Hall…… He was okay this year but he doesn’t have a speed of a guy like Danny Woodhead of New England. Hall is versatile in that he can run with the ball like a halfback but also run routes and catch the ball like a wide receiver. He’ll fit in a system that will make him successful like in Miami with wildcat schemes that will better suit him!!!

– Juqua Parker….. Yeah I said it. He’s a good player and for him to be 33 years old and the second best defensive end on this team is quite an accomplishment. I think the city is ready to see if Brandon Graham can be that additional dominant pass rusher we need this season. They can let Darryl Tapp take over for Graham until he returns. When the number one pick returns, Tapp will slide back into the third defensive end role. I also see us drafting another defensive end who can be the 4th defensive end for this team……

There’s more but we’ll see how they’ll pan out……..

jasper McKorkle

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  • I have np problem with Allen and Coleman as the 2 safeties as long a the corner opposite samuel is above average and dependable. The money is available for Nnamdi, but it’s hard to imagine almost $20M tied up in 2 cornerbacks. Prince A. would be great (Peterson is a dream) opposite Samuel with Lindley to be the talented third corner. I think Minnesota is willing to us their 12 pick to get a qb. If the Vikings pick a cb on draft day I think Reid and Frazier worked out a trade even without a CBA. The Eagles can get some good starters with over $25M to work with.

  • At the very top of the list should be Mr. Reid.

  • I wish we could trade Reid and Kolb as a package deal.

  • I think Dunlap, Jordan, and Cole or Jean-Gilles should stay. Are they capable starters? Not particularly. But injuries can add up, so having these guys around for sub work and spot starts would be great.

    And @jphalines
    I agree. I’d be more than fine with Coleman as SS if it means we can get Nmandi

  • Why is Victor Abiamiri still on this roster? I agree with what is being said about Coleman. I think he can be a real player..I remember watching that dreadful Vikings game and it seemed like he was the only player that was playing with a must win game mentality. And if they would be able to land Nnamdi it wouldn’t matter too much who are safeties were. If Nnamdi and Samuel were our corners, Coleman and Allen would prolly go to the probowl

  • the fact the bears are very interestd in cole , makes me wonder . i think mudd should have the last say. you got to have some backups . giles , cole and dunlap fit that role. i would be more concerned about justice.i do not think he is a starter and doubt he wants to back up. is coleman a little undersized for the long haul? and til you get someone better i would keep parker. esp if grahm is not ready.

  • @Act the Fool: You state that they are not capable starters, which they aren’t. You also note injuries pile up, yet both Cole and J-G have consistently been hurt!! Jordan is really the only one who should remain as back-up. Austin Howard is at least as good as Dunlap and should remain under Mudd’s tutelage. Draft healthy new big bodies. McGlynn is more aggressive than Justice so he is capable of filling in at center and right side as insurance. I’d like to see 2 guys drafted who can start on right side of line, one immediately and the other in 2nd year… guys with good feet and a nasty streak. I think Mudd & Washburn should have MAJOR input as to evaluation of raw talent to draft for lines and those on PS or IR from last year. They know a lot more than fans do.

  • I dont understand the thougt behind Coleman being an NFL starter at SS and Chaney being a future star? There is a reason these guys went in the 7th round. Coleman is a backup S and not a starter. He struggles in coverage and misses as many tackles as he makes. So what that he made some good tackles on Peterson, he also whiffed on a few and took some really bad angles. In college, Coleman was a mediocre safety on a very good defense. He is a hard worker and can improve, however, he is NOT a starter for a franchise a few games from the Super Bowl. He would be good for the Lions or Panthers, not not a SB team! As for Chaney, he is fast and will learn and get better, but he has a new coordinator and needs to hit the weight room and get stronger. He struggled with his stamina and also in coverage. This team needs more talent at SS, LB and the DL to get to the big show.

  • To ignore that this team has many holes and needs more talent on offense and defense is ignorance. The players mentioned above wouldnt be playing on half the teams in the NFL. The linebackers SUCK ….Gaither and Fokou are not good. Gilles is a fat pig, Colvin and Hall are not NFL caliber players and Dunlap isnt a starter. This is why they need to replace Reid and get a fresh set of eyes on this organization. Reid is too loyal to some of his players and keeps them around for now good reason.

  • Jott, I would not be too quick to judge just because of draft position. Seth Joyner and Clyde Simmons were 7th and 8th round draft picks while Bunkley, Patterson, and Mcdougle were 1st round draft picks. Overall, the Eagles need to be bigger and more physical on defense.

  • Should be and will be goners (if I was GM)
    LB S Sims, LB O Gaither, DE V Abiamri , CB/S M Jackson, CB E Hobbs, CB J Calvin OG R Wells, OG Nick Cole WR C Hall RB E Buckley

    I would offer 1 Year Deals to keep Q Mikell, S Bradley and A Jordan,
    But would not offer any signifficant Salaray increase or anything long term and if any of them want to pursue other deals and teams then so be it.
    I would sign and plan of keeping D Patterson, S Rocca, J Harrison, MGJ,
    Dunlap as depth but would look to Draft a CB/OL/LB/DL to upgrade these positions and also look to bring in a Kicker or 2 to compete for the Kickers spot sinec it doesn’t appear that Akers is going to sign the 1 Yea Tender and I don’t see the Eagles offering him a long term deal after he turned down their multi-year offer back in December and now wants to refuse a 1 Year Tender with a 30% Raise making his 2011 Salary close to $3 Million .. The Eagles will not tolerate this and will move on and find another kicker..

  • @paulman…. Your right about abiamiri….. He’s been on on the shelf longer longer than a can of murry’s grease……. I think A Jordan will not sign a 1yr. deal and display his skills elsewhere…… He’s young and I believe the bears will love a guy like him to play the weak-side position……. Or strong-side…….

    @Paulman….. Look at the NFL teams that had a franchise kicker and moved on without them……. N.Folk for Bucheler, Veniteri for S. Gostkowski, who’s done an excellent job on being a good kicker for the Pats. Akers doesn’t kick as many acres like he once did……. Your right the Eagles may move on and perhaps can get josh Jasper from Lsu who is a real athlete and can tackle on special teams…….. Hopefully he’s on the board for the eagles to select him…..

  • The eagles have been money with drafting good players in the late rounds and they show up more than our early picks….. I think that drafting a solid core of players who play within a NFL system in college can grasp easily to what the NFL has to offer…… Teams such as Boston College, Pitt., Alabama etc…. We must draft big this season….. maybe a change this season picking power over speed!!!!

  • There are 3-4 Good College Kickers coming out that could be had in the 7th Round. Kickers from Nebraska,LSU,UCLA have all performed well in College
    I think David Akers is as good as gone as far as the Eagles FO/Coach AR are concerned…

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