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Carimi, Pouncey, Castonzo Or Solder: Which Would Be Best For The Birds?

At this point in the lead up to the draft, I see the Philadelphia Eagles grabbing one of four players. It will be Wisconsin tackle Gabe Carimi, Florida guard Mike Pouncey, Boston College tackle Anthony Castonzo or Colorado tackle Nate Solder.

I have Carimi and Pouncey slightly ahead of the other two and I think the Birds will have a great shot at them.

The Birds are in the #23 spot, so that means waiting to see who the Patriots, Giants and Colts will grab because they could use help on their offensive lines as well.

All of these guys is ready to step in and play right now, and that’s what the Birds need. They’re probably more desperate at the right guard position, but they would probably love to grab somebody who can play both of those positions.

Offensive tackle Tyron Smith of USC will become a part of this group if he recovers well from the arthroscopic surgery he had on his knee. If he works out well at his Pro Day, he could become the number one tackle and be selected first amongst this group. If there continues to be a problem with his knee, he may fall out of the first round.

If he works out well and the knee checks out fine then the Eagles will assured of getting Carimi or Pouncey.

This isn’t a bad bunch to choose from even though there isn’t a stand out tackle who towers over the rest of the group. Carimi, Pouncey, Castonzo and Solder are amongst a batch of solid offensive linemen who should all be able to play for a good number of years in the NFL.

Carimi strikes me as a pounder who might want to mix it up more than the other two tackles. I see him developing into the best run blocker of the group, but that’s not so important around here for obvious reasons. The Wisconsin Badger played some guard at the Senior Bowl which is a plus because the Birds want versatility.

With his size, arm length and athleticism he would have no problem moving into guard. He’s got the strength to take on the bull rushes, that are prevalent inside. I think he would love it inside, but he will eventually play the tackle position.

He would alleviate some of the problems on the right side of the offensive line and add immediate depth at right guard and tackle. They would probably start him out at guard and keep him there depending on how Winston Justice was playing at tackle.

Pouncey is a tremendous athlete, who has good quick feet, excellent body control and he can run. He’s a very good pass blocker with solid technique and he can get physical when he needs to. I love his quickness and aggressiveness in both the running and passing game.

I could see him out in front of LeSean McCoy on the screens the Eagles love to run. Pouncey is also very good on those quick hitters up the middle because he gets on a lineman quickly with power. He’ll get bigger as he ages, but he’s already 300 plus pounds so I don’t see him having any trouble strength-wise when dealing with defensive tackles.

The Florida Gator can play center or guard, so he’s got some versatility. He’s a bright young man who will pick up the blocking scheme quickly, so he’ll add depth immediately by being able to play center or guard.

Castonzo is a tremendous technician, who is very consistent as a pass blocker. I like his technique and use of his hands. He is quick to get his hands on the pass rusher, so he can use those long arms to keep under control.

The former Boston College standout does a good job of moving his feet and staying in good position. He’s patient and doesn’t try to kill the pass rusher, which is a vulnerability of young offensive tackles.

He’s got to get lower and do a better job of staying under control as a run blocker. I don’t see him finishing blocks. The youngster has trouble blocking quick linebackers who are lined up off the ball, which isn’t a surprise.

Solder is a very good athelte, but he’s going to need to be when he has to block some of these ends who rush the passer an inch off of the ground. At 6’8″ he will need to bend while moving his feet to stay in front of all Dwight Freeney-style pass rushers in the league. He seems to be natural as a knee-bender, but I saw him have some trouble on the tape with those low to the ground pass rushers.

He doesn’t finish blocks like Carimi, but I do some some aggressiveness in him that I like. I like his solid techniques and his ability to move his feet and use his long arms, still the bending could be a problem.

I feel the Birds will be fortunate to get either Carimi or Pouncey. They’re virtually can’t miss guys who each could play two positions. I would probably give the edge to Pouncey, not because of the two as players, but the Eagles could use Carimi’s ability to be a dominating run blockers isn’t going to be maximized here, whereas Pouncey’s athletic ability will be utilized here with the way they love to run screens.


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March 15, 2011 12:04 pm

All good solid players G
In order of Preference I would see the Eagles grabbing one of the Top #5
listed due to their versatility in the 1st or 2nd Round

#1) M Pouncey (Florida) to play RG and Center (1st Round)
#2) G Carimi to Play (Wisconsin) to play RG and or RT (1st Round)
#3) Danny Watkins (Baylor) to Play RG and or RT (2nd Round)
#4) R Hudson (Fla State) to play RG or Center (2nd Round)
#5) K O’Dowd (USC) to play RG or Center (2nd Round)

Players like Constanzo,Solder, Sherrod are strictly OT players and don’t have the athleticism or agility to be able to play the Guard position in the NFL anytime soon. I think Eagles address in the Interior Positions first
and then I think Eagles will pursue an OT later in the Draft since they like where they are with Peters,Justice,Dunalp and Howard

March 15, 2011 7:39 pm

i read the steelers are very interested in this pouncey also . let the chess match begin .

March 15, 2011 7:45 pm

I am not a fan of the Eagles going OL in round #1…. there are some very good players they can get in round #3 for the O-line. I really like Clint Boling and Joe Barksdale.

March 15, 2011 8:51 pm

I rather them get CB-Jimmy Smith, but if they were to go this route, my order or preference would be……

OT-Nate Solder
OG/C-Mike Pouncey
OT-Anthony Castonzo
OT-Gabe Carimi

Carimi is not a good fit for us at RT (our blind side).

March 15, 2011 9:49 pm

To Sports Bum,
Apparently CB Jimmy Smith (who I liked a real lot too) has some real character flaws and issues with Coaches,Authority and then some off the field issues concerning Marijuana & Guns.. He is most likley off the Eagles list entirely..

I really don’t see them drafting a OT with their 1st RD pick–
they are 4 Deep at that position right now (Peters,Justice,Dunlap & Howard)
There biggest need is the interior at RG for 2011 and at Center for the future
There are lots of good Guards/Centers that can be selected in the 2nd/3rd Round (Hudson,Cannon,O’Dowd,Rackley.Moffitt.Schilling,etc,etc) so I would not be suprised to see the Eagles grab a DT/DE at #23

DT M WIlkerson from Temple
DT P Taylor from Baylor
DT C Liguet from Illinois
DT S Paea from Oregon

A surprise pick could be OLB/DE Justin Houston from Georgia
I am not so sure he’s an everydown OLB at the NFL Level but he’s a a tough SOB when playing at the line of Scrimmage and could probably play in a 3 point stance on occasion…
Another DE I like a lot is Ryan Kerrigen from Purdue who may still be on the board.. He’s reminds me of a Jared Allen.. He does one thing really well,and that’s get to the QB.. .

March 16, 2011 1:32 am

Who knows I don’t watch linemen play. Paulman does though. When he sits down on a saturday he pops some popcorn and sits down to watch every position and makes notes and cross references them with their highschool tapes. He’s basically the greatest observer of all time.

I’ll take anybody over Winston Justice and Jason Peters though. Those two are borderline retards. Makes you appreciate Tra and Runyan that much more. I think QB, Middle linebacker, and O linemen are the only positions you really need intelligence. All the other positions you could make a case for as just pure athleticism.

March 16, 2011 7:40 am

– Smith has been dropped from many draft boards because he came off arrogant and an idiot in his interviews at the combine….they said he turned many people off.
@paulman – I could see Justin Houston an Eagle… he is a ridiculous pass rusher who is only getting better… I like him better than Brandon Graham. I am still bothered that the Eagles selected Graham and not Earl Thomas.

March 16, 2011 7:42 am

on another note, I saw that former PSU QB, now Delaware QB Pat Devlin showed up 30min late for his own pro day yesterday and looked awful…he was innacurate and rumors are he was hungover for his pro day… the guy went from a 6th-7th round pick to undrafted and going nowhere….hope he got his degree

March 16, 2011 4:27 pm

solder is a white King Dunlap…Costanzo is Justice when he came out…can’t go wrong with Carimi or Pouncey..Stay away from the other 2 overhyped stiffs

March 16, 2011 6:41 pm

– agree with the Solder comparison.. he is weak and wont last in the NFL.

March 16, 2011 7:25 pm

I heard the Eagles wanted to try to groom N Solder to as a long-snapper anyways.. (with those long arms) …

March 16, 2011 7:30 pm

Smith has tremendous talent. Someone will overlook his “character issues” and still grab him in the first if not early in the first. And I wouldn’t be so sure that the Eagles won’t grab him. They have shown that they are willing to take a chance if they think they can guide the person the right way.

March 16, 2011 7:32 pm

I also don’t see the Eagles being 4 deep at the OT position, at least not good 4 deep. I mean, you can say they are 4,5…etc deep at every position, it doesn’t mean they are good deep there or that they are satisfied. If they are satisfied with who they have at tackle, they are idiots.

March 16, 2011 7:34 pm

My grammar sounds retarded with that last post…… It doesn’t mean they have good depth at the tackle position. They might have depth but not good depth.

March 16, 2011 7:39 pm

jott, 85% of america was taking thomas , but not your eagles brass, they had far more better plans. if pouncey is on the board ,when they select just freakin take him . the time on that pick should be less than one minute .

March 16, 2011 7:55 pm

I think the EAgles feel pretty good at the Tackle Position, with New Coach Mudd on board, I think you will see improvements with players like Justice,Dunlap and Howard.. the weak link is at the RG position..
If they can add a top flight Guard who can start from Day 1 (like Pouncey.Watkins,Hudson) and Center J Jackson comes back to near 90% of what he used to be, then this OL can be much improved but they also need to draft a future Center.. which can be had in the 4th/5th Rounds
Looking back at last years performance, I still say Justice was playign pretty well until he got injured around week #10-#11 and then was out for a coupld of games and was never the same afterwards. but before hyperextending his knee, I though he held his own and actually was playing pretty well..
Look around the NFL all teams are hurting for quality back-up OL..
Look no further than the Cowboys, Redskins, Giants, Bears,& Steelers who all had issues with Starters went down..

March 16, 2011 8:02 pm

If Pouncey and Carimi are off the Draft Board by the Eagles Selection at #board at #23, I look for them to go after a DT (Wilkerson or Taylor) or possibly even trade down/back a few slots and pick-up another Draft pick in the 2nd or 3rd Rounds..
The Patriots have 2 Selections in each of the 1st 4 Rounds and may want to move up to the Eagles spot if they see that special player thay want..

When you get after the Top 3 CB’s (Peterson,Prince & J Smith)
the next group are 2nd Round Grades and not worthy of being selected #23
B Harris, A Williams, C Brown, R Dowling all project in the 30th-50th range

March 16, 2011 8:23 pm

Patriots have the following selections
1st Rd #17 Overall (from Raiders in the Richard Seymour trade)
1st Rd #28 Overall (their own pick)
2nd Rd #33 Overall (From trade with Panthers last Draft day which was a steal)
2nd Rd #51 Overall (their own pick)
3rd Rd #74 Overall (From Trade with VIkings in the R Moss heist)
3rd Rd #92 Overall (their own pick)

Lots of possible trade picks to trade with

March 16, 2011 8:38 pm


Your theory of how they could be happy with their tackles because of Mudd could be right, but then you say that they would go DT in the draft even though they went out and got a top DLine coach in Washburn…… Your logic seems just a but hypocritical.

You got to remember that they drafted lots of DLinemen in the past couple years in early and late rounds. I believe Washburn was brought in because they want him to get the productivity out of them they expected. Mudd could have been brought in the same way, but it almost seem like they reached out for Mudd after they decided that they were gonna give the D-Coordinator job to Castillo. Maybe they are happy with their tackles, but if that is the case……

All the more reason to draft CB Jimmy Smith with that 1st pick, if he is there.

March 16, 2011 11:42 pm

About the DT position Sports Bum
I really think that Dixon,Bunkley & Laws will thrive under Washburn..
I do not with Patterson who I see getting traded for a 3rd/4th Round Draft pick or perhaps packaged in a deal to maybe move up in the Draft..I don’t think he’s body type, his short stature and his lack of penerating ability will suit this scheme well at all.. I really see him being traded to the Seahawks to reunite with Pete Carroll or to the Panthers who need DT’s and he would reunite with DC McDermott. I could easily see the Eagles trading him to the pAnthers for their 4th Rd pick (#97 Overall which is the 1st Selection in the 4th Round if there is a CBa in place to allow Trades which may not be in place by draft time) but I really think M Patterson is not in the long-range plas of remaining with the Eagles.. Washburn likes his DL long,lean with quick explosive 1st Step with the ability to penetrate which Patterson is short,stout and a hold his ground type of DT..
The Eagles don’t make the move with Castillo to DC unless they had Mudd on board to take over the OL . I think the top 3 OT’s are the Eagles Peters,Justice,Dunlap are a pretty good group to work with and again I ask you go across the NFL and their Depth at OT, and you will see most teams really lack quality Depth at at that position and I bet many teams would love to have a Justice or even a Dunlap at RT on their Rosters..
I think there is almost a “Zero Chance” that the Eagles consider CB J Smith as their 1st Selection, they just stay away from players with those type of issues (or at least have in the past minus M Vick that is)
I think the will target a CB in the 3rd/4th Round ( Buster Skrine,Cortez Allen are shooting up the charts and others like Brandon Burton,Korey Lindsay,Curtis Marsh and Jalil Brown) all look to be good picks and value in these rounds and similar to Trevard Lindley from last years Draft will need a season or 2 to get up to speed before seriously competing for a Starters spot
down the road
Some team will get a steal on J Smith if he falls in the late 2st Round, I see him falling to the RAvens who would be a good fit for him and a tight locker room and leadership from R Lewis/T Suggs/E Reed to keep Smith in line..

March 16, 2011 11:51 pm

I still say when you go back and watch fottage of most of the Eagle Games
The problems with teh OL was right up the gut at CEnter and RG for most of the Season.. McGlynn was thrown right in after Jackson was hurt and N Cole came to camp out of shpae and then injured his knee leaving the Eagles with no proven Center, so I can’t get too down on McGlynn and he did imprve as the Season went on.. But the play at RG was the weak link all season which even put more pressure on RT Justice and once Justice hyperextended his knee, he wasn;t the same, he couldn’t plant his left leg down as solidly as before and lost his strength, his leverge and ultyimately his confidence by Seasons end.. If his Knee is right and after working with Mudd I think Justice will bounce back and play well at RT.. Its the Center and RG positions that are unsettled.. Drafting a Pouncey,Carimi,Hudson,Watkins, Cannon who could come in Day 1 and Soldify that position would help tremendously ..

March 17, 2011 12:48 pm

I agree the RG was terrible. It caused the line to collapse at times and get Vick hit. If Pouncy is available I think they take him because of his quickness and strength. I’de compare his play similiar to a young Shawn Andrews. The line was great when Andrews was in motion. I think the go defence if Pouncy is gone. He is just that much better than the other guys for what the Eagles need most.

March 17, 2011 1:03 pm

The biggest mistake for last season (besides not having an open competition between Kolb and VICk) was the supidity of Coach AR suiting up and activating
Center Jamall Jackson 1 week before the Season started after having
Knee Surgery 9 months before.. Center Jackson should have been on the PUP
list to start the 2010 Season then would have been much closer to 100% when retuning in Ocvtober and be ready and fresh for the Stretch Run..Jackson was not ready, was not in football shpae and being the tropper that he is,gave it a try and it end up costign him the 2011 Season and then the domino’s started with the problems at C & RG for the remainder of the Season..
I called out Coach AR last Summer when they activated Jackson too soon
The other big reason for OL Woes was the poor shape that Nick Cole came to camp in.. He has prepped all last off-season to be the Center and put on about 20 lbs and became soft and then once Summer Camp started, he hurt his knee
(which I am sure the extra lbs didn’t help) and he wasn’t the same all year..
Nick COle had a starting Position that if he came into camp seriously in shape and ready to go, probably would have become the Eagles Starting Center for the next few years, not only did he hurt his team, he hurt himself and end up wasting a good part of the 2010 Season and now will not be given a long-term deal by the Eagles..
These 2 misfortunes last year really cost this OL from doing good things last year. I think the lesson to be learned is to not bring back injured players off Knee-surgeries too soon and demand your players come into camp in shape and fi to play. .

March 17, 2011 2:38 pm

pman, I thought you weren’t the type to say ‘i told you so’?

March 17, 2011 2:38 pm

Peters was great after his knee procedure. I hope Justice comes back to normal from his. I don’t have a huge problem with the line if they address RG. Now I believe they should get a stud like Pouncy, turn your weakest link into the strongest. The weak RG play hampered the screens, inside runs and got killed by the twists and stunts of the defenses. It was a major hole that brought down the entire line. Pouncy would fill the gap.

March 17, 2011 3:32 pm

Easy Schill,
It’s St Pattys Day and I get a Free-Pass on anything I have ever posted due to my Irish Heritage… (My mom’s Maiden name is McLaughlin)
Thanx for checking ..

March 17, 2011 3:34 pm

Spot On Jphalines..
If Pouncey is on the Board at #23 and they don’t take him, they are making another blunder with a 1st Rd Draft …

March 17, 2011 3:38 pm

paul, i’m 1/4 irish too. That’s irrelevant. Happy St. Ps day nonetheless, cheers