• July 4, 2022

Phillies Fans Named “Worst In America”

GQ magazine, a fashion magazine that decided to dabble into the sports world, has released their list of “Worst Sports Fans in America”, and guess who finished on top?

That’s right, Philadelphia Phillies fans.

Topping the list of 14 fan bases, the Phillies made the list for having “the most monstrous collection of humanity outside of the federal penal system.”

GQ brings up everything from snowballs to cheering Michael Irvin’s injury. They call the incident last season when a fan intentionally threw up on a child the most “heinous incident in the history of sports.” The final blow is laid when they say not only would the Phillies boo the liberty (quoting Pete Rose), but “these savages would have thrown the battery that cracked it.”

GQ fails to mention the fact the Phillies have sold out over 100 straight games, and the fans were a major factor in Cliff Lee coming back to the Phillies. Over 10,000 Phillies fans showed up to the Phillies Spring Training home opener this season. The Phillies were second in the league in attendance last season, second only to the New York Yankees, whose stadium is more of a destination for tourists then fans.

There is a little reason to go further in defending Phillies fans, as the fact they are on the top of this list is a complete joke- it is more of a PR ploy then an attempt at an actual list.

The joke only gets funnier as they list the fans of the Los Angeles Lakers, multiple colleges, and yes, even the Dallas Cowboys ahead of the Phillies.

And don’t worry Eagles fans you made the list to- as number 2.

Here is the complete list below:

1. Philadelphia Phillies

2. Philadelphia Eagles

3. West Virginia University Mountaineers

4. Oakland Raiders

5. University of Maryland Basketball

6. Boston Red Sox

7. Penn State University Football

8. Duke University Basketball

9. New York Yankees

10. Louisiana State University Football

11. Montreal Canadiens

12. Dallas Cowboys

13. University of Wisconsin Football

14. University of Oregon Basketball

15. Los Angeles Lakers

What do you guys think of the list? Who would you put on top of your list of worst sports fans in America?

Eliot Shorr-Parks

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  • “New York Yankees, whose stadium is more of a destination for tourists then fans.” Nice, no wonder why Philadelphia made the list as one and two….

  • Badge of honor.

  • GQ- Who reads that publication and who cares what those idiots think. They are irrelevant.

  • 2 sides to this story

    1st. Ive been to the stadium and Ive seen the fake tough guys, drunk outta their minds trying to start trouble with out of towners and other folks they think they can pick on..The truth is we have a large population ‘meatheads’ (nicest term I can use to describe them) in Philadelphia… these people take pride in being clowns and we all have been rewarded with this rep thanks to them…

    2nd. The media can be very lazy. The incidents they bring up are the same old incidents since time began and they havent updated their list since the 60’s.. The kid who threw up on the little girl was from Jersey and one kid shouldnt be able to stain the whole group…

    I think we have more than share of drunk losers as fans, but I also think the news media oversimplifies the situation and they put out this verdict with Philly at the top when other cities do alot more then they get attention for..

  • i understand y we as eagle fans make this list
    we r bitter for not winning the big 1
    no idea y we as phillees fans r up here
    in all we r the greatest fans clearly we r number 1 in that category as well

  • Florida Gator fans are the absolute worst. Terrible. Can’t stand them.

  • i cheered that Irving injury, f him, i knew he would be fine, talked so much crap that week, and they won, and f gifford too, or anyone eles that comes to my town (the toughest town in America) we never get calls at any sport, we have to play twice as hard to win any sports games cuz they all hate Philly. f them

    run the ball. your damm right, badge of honor

    im out here in Hollywood ca, but i left my balls in Philadelphia, just so other teams and officials could suck em

  • oh and GQ suckssssssssssssssssssss im on my way to the news stand now to spit into every copy i can, thats right , …hahahaa
    boycott that fg rag, and let the spit campaign begin.. what will they do, call us the worst again, boo hoo fakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk who cares, were the city that gave the world freedom, so again, suck it ….

  • that list is crap, Philly fans best in the world, end of story

  • as a die hard eagles fan and long time ticket holder , i am pissed off we are not #1.

  • While I personally find it offensive how many of the Phillies & Eagles fans act, I couldn’t care less what any magazine, paper, website, sports network etc. think of us. Especially knowing that they always exclude the fact that no other fans are more passionate or heartfelt than we are.

  • Philly fans are awesome and #1 in my book as I have lived in other Cities
    over the years (Indianapolis & Charlotte) which couldn’t hold a candle to Philly with the Passion, Knowledege, Loyalty that Philly fans have demonstrated over the years..
    The only negative I see is that Philly Fans sometimes have a tendancy to overrate certain Players or Teams because of their likeability as opposed to the Players or Teams performance on the Field/Ice/Court but I guess my fans across the Nation do the same thing…
    I moved away from Philly over 20 years ago and still follow all the Philly teams closely (except the Sixers and the NBA which I don’t follow or like),
    but I also keep up with the entire NFL/MLB Teams and players so I can see and learn what the Philly teams have to compete with as far as being Championship contendors..

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