• August 12, 2022

The Basketball Education Of Sixers Point Guard Jrue Holiday

Sixers point guard Jrue Holiday and his teammates made quite a statement last night as they beat the Eastern Conference-leading Chicago Bulls on their home court. Holiday battled against the guy, Derrick Rose, who most NBA onlookers believe will be the league MVP this year.

Rose outplayed him, by outscoring him 31 points to 12, but Holiday did help force Rose into 10 turnovers, which was a season high for him. The battle against Rose was another opportunity for Holiday to learn.

With the win, Holiday and the 76ers are by far one of the most surprising teams this season. They are 11-7 since the All-Star break despite losing five of their last nine games.

They’re currently in a battle for the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference playoff race with the New York Knicks, and have an outside chance at passing the Atlanta Hawks for the fifth spot.

To think that the 76ers have a chance at winning a championship this season is beyond zany, so the main goal for the Sixers is to make the playoffs and allow the young players on the team to experience what an NBA playoff series is all about.

Holiday is one their players who will definitely benefit from playing in the post season. His season has been filled with ups and downs, and gaining playoff experience would be a huge learning opportunity for him.

“I’m really just excited to be in the Playoffs. Excited to get this chance to go there. It’ll be my first time in the playoffs, and I’m happy to help bring that back to the city and make the city proud,” said Holiday.

If this season is any indication what can happen when Holiday is given the chance to learn through experiencing what it’s like, only good will come from this.

Last season he played in 73 of the 82 games, and started 51 times (he’s started every game this season). He averaged around 24 minutes per games as opposed to over 35 this year. His production wasn’t the greatest either.

He only averaged 8 points, 2.6 rebounds, and 3.8 assist per game. This season is way different, his points (13.8), rebounds (4.1) and assist (6.2) are all up.
“Even though I played last year, it wasn’t competitive. It really didn’t matter if we won or lost by the time I started playing…I don’t really remember much from last year.”

How far the Sixers go this year and in the future depends a lot on how much Holiday develops. He’s one of the bright young point guards in the NBA, and has a gigantic ceiling above his potential.

He’s improved a lot by actually getting a chance to play and being able to learn from his mistakes. So although making a serious run at a championship isn’t a possibility this year for the Sixers, the post season knowledge and experience Holiday will gain by making the playoffs is priceless.


John Jervay

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  • JRUE the Damager

  • Huge huge win lastnite, I hate to say I told you so but I believe I was the only one on this site that said the 6ers match up best against the bulls, now we probably won’t see them in the 1st round but it would bew a good series for us

    Im Beginning to feel also that the only team we cant hang with in the east are the miami heat.

  • EaglesBirdGang — shutup. The Sixers will make noise in the playoffs but thats about it. Don’t get caught up in the hype.

  • I wonder if any of the other “writers” are going to say something nice. They went totally overboard over the last loss to a 19 win team and now that the sixers beat the bulls, what now? This is the NBA. Good teams lose to poor teams (see Lakers vs Cleveland) all the time. So don’t exaggerate one loss and then have nothing to say when they beat the best team in the conference.

  • A fun team to watch and Coach D COllins has done a great job of getting them to play as a team and accept their roles for what’s best for everyone..
    Some games Thaddeus Young simply looks unstoppable a nd is a tough matchip for any tea, with his quickness and elevation..
    I think this Sixer team can match up and hold their own in a 1st Round match-up and make it interesting. At least they are fun to watch and if they can get a 2-3 more players next year (A Center or Power Forward, a 3-Point Shooting Specialist) they can be Top 4 in the Eastern Conference next Season

  • Birdo, you said they’d make noise in the playoffs and that’s it? Idk where your from but when you say a team will make noise where I’m from it means they’ll do damage even win a series. This is why I know you have not a clue about what you speak. Your the type of person with a lot to say when they lose but nothing but stupidity when they win esp against a contender. Just study up on basketball and then come try talking to me bc its plain to see that your brainless

  • EBG, in my view it’s brainless to say you know what’s going to happen months ahead of time. Long shot? Yes. But to chide someone for predicting a vague statement about moderate success in the future is ridiculous. Get a life, The man didn’t say they’re going to win the championship. He didn’t even say a series. Get over yourself

  • Schiller, if your going to quote me quote me correctly. I said “I’m beginning to feel” that the sixers match up well against everyone in the east besides the heat. A matter of opinion not a guarantee in the bag there going all the way prediction. So before you jump to someones defense acting like superman know the facts

    Though what I have been saying about this team has been all true.

  • Paulman’s sources confirms and he goes on to report, that everyone has their own unique understanding of the term. “make some noise” when it comes in relation to sports…. Details at 11pm…

  • How long is everyone one to be hard on this team when they lose but after a big win act like they didn’t do anything? They’re in the 6th spot in the east and may climb up one spot, that’s 5th, we should be happy for this team

    Paulman good points this is a exciting team. What I like the most about them is that they get production not only from thad young but from just about everyone they put in the game. The question I have is can Mo Speights rebound the ball? He rarely comes up with any key boards he’s always getting muscled, what’s his problem? All he does is jack up jumpers. He’s been the only disappointment for me, I didn’t expect greatness from e turner esp being that he’s a rookie learning the nba game so whatever he adds is a bonus, hoping for the best with this team we just need guys to stay healthy

  • Paulman, you said make “some” noise that kid birdo said make noise. Its a difference. Make noise is to do damage to even win some series. To make some noise is to just win a few games and then be eliminated. There is a difference

  • Either way you look at it your saying there going to be winning#

  • The team is too young, lacks a consistent go-to scorer, and compared to the four powerhouses in the East, has an extremely lackluster front court. Elton Brand and Spencer Hawes are going to get obliterated in the playoffs.

    Is the team fun to watch? Yes. Is that enough to feel good about them going into the playoffs? No.

    The fact is, we’re on the wrong side (bottom half) of the playoff bracket. If we win a series, I’ll be shocked and it will be good enough for me.

    The good thing about all this is that I feel the same for this Sixers team as I did for the Phils back in 05 — we’re getting there.

    EBG — choke on it slapnuts.

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